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You Say Slut Like It's a Bad Thing

“So," Ethan sipped his steaming latte carefully, "How did you end up being a Cherry?”

“I enjoy having a roof over my head, ” A small laugh accompanied my response. Ethan returned my grin and chuckled.

"That's a pretty big motivator,"

I nodded, "My choices were to be a Cherry or move home,"

His laughter increased.

“What’s so funny?”

The city lights twinkled above us as we strolled down the street. Pink Cherry's stream of clientele had settled inside the massive brick building and left the sidewalk open for coffee chats on the wrong side of town.

“That’s why I started stripping in college.”

I choked on my coffee and struggled to speak through the coughing, “You were a stripper?” I struggled to push away the image forming in my mind. His eyes reflected the neon lights illuminating the city and for a moment, I paused to watch them.

“No,” He teased me for the shocked expression on my face, “But you definitely pictured me as Magic Mike.”

My cheeks burned, "Whatever you say," I tried to avoid his knowing gaze and change the subject.

"So," I fidgeted with the bracelet on my wrist, "Why did you come to Pink Cherry tonight?"

Ethan sighed and stuffed his free hand into his pocket, "Curiosity."

"That's it?"

"Is there a better reason?"

The corners of my mouth lifted, "I suppose not,"

We took a few more steps before Ethan spoke up again, "Actually, I came because a friend recommended it. He said I needed to relax and blow off some steam,"

"Interesting friend,"

Ethan sucked in a breath, "Yeah, he's something."

We rounded a corner and faced the entrance to Pink Cherry; I tugged on the hem of my jacket and waited tilted my head up. The memory of Jason's breath rolling down my neck sparked something inside of me-something I wasn't sure I wanted.

“Well, I suppose my two hours are up.” Ethan's wistful goodbye made me hope that I would see him again, just not under the same circumstances.

“Thanks for the coffee break,” I lifted my half-empty cup and watched his eyes gleam underneath the neon lights one last time.


I opened the door and braced myself for the swarm of questions waiting inside for me, “See you next month?”

“If you’re lucky,” Ethan's teasing wink put another smile on my face before he walked into the crowd of people trickling out of bars and other adult establishments.

I sucked in a deep breath and entered the building. When I saw Sarah on the floor with a collar around her neck, I froze.

She stood when she reached the front desk and shook the hand of the customer trailing behind her. Once he left her focus shifted to me.

“Tara,” She ran over and wrapped her arms around me. Her naked body pressed into me, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” The owner of the store only tormented me in front of a crowd of horny people and my friends. Everything is just peachy.

Sarah crinkled her nose, “I’m sorry about Jason.”

“I’ll live," I sighed and returned the hug before Jade and Kitty wandered into the conversation.

“Okay, hear me out, we really should put a mandatory multiple orgasm clause on our contracts,” Jade pulled her dark hair down and started the long process of pulling out a dozen bobby pins.

“It wasn't that bad,” I lied as my body ached for Jason to finish what he started. His last words to me flashed in my mind; they were highlighted in red with a giant circle around the first word. When he fucks me, not if.

“Well, I think he should have asked the Cherries before putting our names into the bowl, ” Kitty said with her clipboard still in hand, "That way no one is pressured to participate unless the volunteered,"

We agreed that the system was flawed.

"At least it's over," I tugged off my coat and revealed the sparkling lingerie underneath.

"Yeah," Jade laughed, "and at least you got a hot date out of it,"

I frowned, "It wasn't a date,"

They brushed off my objection and Sarah continued, "I saw how he was holding you,"

"And I saw how hard it was for him not to finish what Jason started," Jade snickered at her word choice.

“He's just nice,"

"Just nice?" Sarah feigned offense, "That man is gorgeous,"

I struggled to disagree and they laughed.

Sarah wrapped her pale arm around me; Her chest bounced with every movement she made. “And it looked like he has a nice..." The wiggle of her eyebrows made me roll my eyes.

"He's a customer," I glanced to Kitty for the proper reaction, "There's got to be a rule against it,"

Kitty chuckled, "Not really,"

"So we can go out with the customers?"

"It probably isn't the smartest choice but it's allowed,"

I shook off the new information, "He's still just a customer."

“That took you out for coffee,” Jade added,

“He also left you a pretty large tip.” Kitty glanced at the list on her clipboard.


“It’s not the kind of tip she wanted,” Sarah teased with encouragement from Jade.

Kitty went behind the desk and called me to the computer, “See, he paid his bill and then left you a hundred dollars.” Plus free coffee.

I blinked at the numbers in front of me. I needed the money but everything inside of me screamed that it was too much for so little return. Unless he wants something else.

Kitty's bright pink phone vibrated against the glass countertop, "Jason wants to talk to you," She said before typing a message and sending it back.

My stomach flipped; I had enough of him for one night but the memory of his stunt sparked my imagination. The thoughts were dirty-too dirty.

If I went back to his lair again I knew I might give in to his deal; I needed to stay away from him. “He can wait,”

“Bold move,” Jade said before leaning in, “For a desperate slut,"

I laughed, "I'm off the clock and he has done nothing but stress me out,"

The girls exchanged confused glances.

I corrected myself, "Like when he acted unhappy with my initiation,"

Jade nodded, "Well, we'd hate to have you frustrated,"

I held my middle finger up for her to see.

A sarcastic smirk formed on her face, "Go for it,” Jade let out a low porn star moan while dragging her fingers over her crotch. I rolled my eyes at her show.

Sarah smacked her ass, “C’mon, I’ll play with you.”

"Finally," Jade winked in my direction and flew off into the backroom with Sarah close behind.

Kitty excused herself and headed to Jason's lair, not that I noticed for any particular reason.

I stood alone on the showroom floor with toys scattered around me and wet from thirty eager Cherries.

Before I could change my mind, I gathered my things from the backroom and settled for some solo time with myself in the shower. I wrapped myself up in the over-sized coat and left the building.

The stale city air blew into my face and numbed my cheeks. I reached for my phone but it wasn't in my pocket where I left it. A swear left me as I realized I needed to go back.

Pink Cherry waited for my return with my phone on it's floor. The bells above the door chimed as I entered to retrieve what belonged to me. A pair of wandering eyes caught my attention.

Jason leaned against the entrance to his lair and watched me grab my phone off the floor. His arrogant stance only made me more secure in my decision to leave.

I waved and ventured back into the cold.

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