The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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All Tied Up with No Place to Go

Most of PinkCherry’s customers already purchased their naughty toys and left by the time I arrived. As always, the door chimed as I entered and alerted Kitty of my entrance.

“Welcome home,” Kitty greeted me from behind the desk.

I shook my head, “You really know how to make a girl feel special,”

Kitty’s bangs fell over her face as she laughed, “All night long, darlin.”

The sunset painted the sky with hues of blue and pink while I looked through the pile of new toys by the desk. “You’re not scheduled to work today.” Kitty looked away from the computer and watched me shrug.

“Yeah,” I met her curious gaze, “I figured I should see what Jason wanted last night. I blew him off right before I left, ”

She raised her eyebrows, “Yeah, I’m sure he didn’t like that,”

“He didn’t look too happy,” I confessed, “but I’m here now.”

“Let’s see if that makes a difference,” She winked and went back to crunching numbers while chewing on a pen. I thought back to Ethan’s question and wondered how Kitty ended up working at Pink Cherry. I opened my mouth to ask but Jason cut me off.

“Tara,” His voice echoed through the room, “I need to speak to you,”

Jason strolled over to me with no recognition of Kitty watching from her corner of the room.

She whistled, “You’re gonna get a spanking.” Am I?

The closer he came the more I believed Kitty’s prediction.

“I need to see you in my workroom,” He said a little louder so I couldn’t pretend to not hear him.

“What’s the magic word?” I turned to face his pale green eyes and challenge his commands.

Kitty stifled a laugh while Jason rolled his eyes, “Now,”

Someone must have skipped kindergarten.

I sighed and followed his majesty back to his dominion. The door creaked shut behind us and I stayed alert of my surroundings.

Jason took a seat in the office chair by his desk. While the workshop resembled the aftermath of a hurricane, his living space was painfully tidy.

“What did you want to talk about?” I tried to speed up our meeting. Being in a secluded room with his wandering eyes did nothing to prevent the naughty scenarios threatening to pollute my mind

His eyes met mine, “There’s another toy I want you to test,”

“That’s all?”

“What were you expecting?” A firm smack to the ass.

“An apology,” I knew if I kept lying I would give Pinocchio a run for his money.

“For what?”

I couldn’t help but scoff, “Forget it,” Jason held back a chuckle and caused frustration to boil inside of me. My overactive childhood temper bubbled and twisted into an ugly shape.

In High School, I was known for my overzealous revenge attempts. When Wendy lied to Aaron, my crush, and said I had herpes in the twelfth grade I told everyone that she was hermaphrodite. My mother never failed to chastise me for it during the holidays.

Instead of plotting my inevitable revenge, I swiveled on my heel and headed for the exit. Three seconds into my departure and Jason grabbed my elbow and spun me back around.

“I’m sorry, ” I froze as the words left his mouth.

Suspicion crept in, “For what?”

“For going overboard with the demonstration,” The sudden softness in his eyes almost convinced me, “I went too far,” He let go of my arm and watched as I processed his apology.

I avoided looking directly at him, “It’s fine,”

“Good,” His voice remained smooth and calm, “So, are you interested in testing another toy?”

My head swirled with all the possible responses.

“What would I have to do?”

“Similar to last time,” He said, “I’ll pay you your hourly wage plus overtime,”

“Per hour?” Jason’s nod secured my answer. “Hell no,”

“Why not?”

“I’m not subjecting myself to another hour of that,”

He raised an eyebrow, “What if I gave you a hundred dollars an hour?”

I opened my mouth to shoot down his offer but I shut it just as quickly. I remembered my bills and my father’s request for money. Although he wasn’t worth it, my younger siblings were.

I agreed before common sense could get the better of me. If all it took were a few awkward test runs of the toys to get out of debt and help my siblings have a more secure childhood than mine it was worth it.

I hoped.

After two weeks of testing Jason’s prototypes, any time I could spare was spent with him. Most days I would sneak past Kitty when she was sorting the shelves and head straight to his workshop.

My days off were spent on his table and at night the thought of our tests invaded my dreams. He never touched me, not even when I moaned or begged him to turn up the toy, and despite declaring that he would fuck me after the demonstration, he never made another advance.

At first, I was relieved but after consecutive wet dreams, which led to many late nights with my hands down my panties, I began to wonder why.

When I mustered up the courage to ask he smiled without looking away from his newest project and said that he wouldn’t touch me until I asked.

I didn’t bring it up after that.

A few days later I decided to bury the dirty thoughts running rampant through my brain and end the tests.

My typical walk to Pink Cherry resulted in numerous run-ins with loyal customers and Cherries who were heading home. I made polite conversation and hurried inside before I could be detained from my mission again.

The vanilla-scented air engulfed me as soon as I stepped foot in the door. The store’s aggressively sexual interior no longer surprised me as I became familiar with the hedonistic environment.

Instead of waiting for Kitty to appear from behind the shelves or out of the backroom, I headed towards Jason’s lair. The Cherries in the store paid no attention to me as I hurried across the room and disappeared into the back hall.

Every time I faced the door my heart climbed into my throat; I knocked and ignored the hesitation pooling in my mind. After a few moments of second guessing my decision to show up, the door opened.

“You don’t have to knock anymore you know,” Jason said as he returned to his project waiting on the table. “I knew you were coming.”

“Noted,” I glanced around the room and waited for an opening.

Jason smiled and raised an eyebrow at my behavior, “Something on your mind?”

I groaned internally, the perfect opening, “Actually,” I forced myself to make eye contact; The gentle curiosity in his pale green eyes almost stopped my sentence in its infancy. “I don’t think I can test any more toys,”

I let the statement hang in the air between us.

“Can I ask why?” He watched the expression twist on my face despite my best efforts to remain neutral.

“I just don’t think it’s for the best,” I struggled to find a reasonable excuse that couldn’t lead to more questioning, “I’m having a hard time hiding it from the other cherries.” It wasn’t a complete lie; Kitty had nearly seen me on my way to the workshop several times. She was bound to find out sooner or later.

Jason nodded, “I understand,”

“Good,” I tried not to show my disappointment in his acceptance. Our arrangement, after all, was only a business deal.

“Do you think you can test one more toy for me today?” He asked before I could muster up the strength to walk out, “Since you’re already here.”

I clutched the fabric of my sleeve inside a fist, “Yeah, that should be fine,” Why wouldn’t it be? He thinks hiding it is the issue. “What toy is it today?”

He grinned, “It’s a surprise but I think you’ll enjoy it,” I bit my lip while he explained the mechanics behind the toy. The gleam in his eyes rooted my feet in place. Ending our arrangement was the last thing I wanted.

He led me to the back room where I spent most of my time since the toy unveiling. I peeled off my coat and laid it over the chair by the door while Jason set up the toy that was meant to be my undoing.

“So,” Jason started a sentence that I knew I wouldn’t like the end of, “What’s the real reason that you want to stop?”

“I told you,”

“You told me a part of the reason,” He watched panic set into my eyes, “but you didn’t tell me all of it.”

I opened my mouth but then shut it back- tight.

“I’d appreciate it if you were just honest with me,” The softness in his tone made me wonder if I could actually be honest. The thought alone was enough to unzip my lips and force out the truth.

“I don’t think I can keep doing...what we’re doing and stay professional,”

“Who said we have to stay professional?”


“I never said that, did you?”

I opened my mouth but only a strained noise came out. Jason took the panicked sound as the answer he was looking for but still wasn’t done questioning my logic, “Why can’t you stay professional?”

My head hurt; He knew damn well why I couldn’t. My resounding silence gave him the opportunity to voice his own opinion.

“Is it because of what I said at the toy unveiling?” He stepped a few feet closer to me and tried to meet my shifting gaze. “Or because you can’t stop thinking about how you want it to be true?”

“I,” My voice trailed off as Jason glanced down at my lips and then back to my eyes. My thoughts unraveled before they could even be fully formed and fell at my feet. His silence that pulled the answer out of me, “Yes,”

He positioned himself behind me but stopped before his body could press against mine, “Good,” His warm breath trailed down my neck and elicited chills all over my body.

“Jason,” I said between the rapid beats of my heart,


I sucked in a final shallow breath before giving in, “Touch me,”

“Are you sure?” He asked with a hand already hovering over my hip. Agreeing meant falling for those final words he said at the unveiling, falling for the idea that he wouldn’t rely on a toy to make me scream.

I nodded and restated my answer.

Without hesitation, Jason lowered my jeans over my hips and let them drop to the floor; His soft lips pressed against my leg as he moved back up which earned a slight jump. I stifled a moan when his hand cupped the most sensitive region of my body.

The feeling of his fingers teasing me while I stood with my back against him set my nerves on fire; The pressure on my lower back proved he enjoyed the sensation as much as I did.

I mustered up the strength to pull away from his hypnotic touch and crawled onto the table. I locked my eyes on his and lifted my hands above my head to be tied.

He smirked at my bold behavior, “This is your opportunity to back out,” I doubted he would have given the opportunity if he knew I would take it but something in the way he looked at me said that I could walk out right then.

I nodded again and lifted my shirt off before laying back down; The cold air nipped at my skin as I waited for Jason’s next move.

The wait came to a screeching halt when Jason placed a vibrator between my thighs and started to tease me with the tip. Reality slipped away as I moved my hips to meet the vibrator and force it in. The movement prompted him to restrain me.

His soft expression faded into something more demanding and I wondered what that would mean for me.

“Please,” I bent to his will after minutes of his teasing. With a flick of a switch, my whole world shook.

The vibrations enveloped me in a familiar bliss as I simultaneously realized that Jason didn’t want me to take another toy prototype for a spin; I was the toy.

His tongue flicked over my nipples and earned a soft moan. My thighs were soaked and shaking from the growing sensation between my legs. As I opened my legs to ask for more, Jason backed away from the table with the vibrator still against my most sensitive area.

“What are you doing?”

“Watching you squirm,” His answer sent shivers down my spine. My body throbbed as I suppressed the orgasm clawing it’s way to the surface.

I shut my eyes as the heat built up inside of me and threatened to burst. Sparks shot through me and ignited a need for more. I thrashed my hips against the taunting device resting at my entrance.

The restraints held my back firmly against the mattress and tightened as I moved. My thighs shook from the torment I endured. The deliberately slow pace of the vibrations almost coerced a frustrated scream out of me.

“Keep your eyes open,” His voice dripped with the amount of desire that pulsated at the tip of the toy. Jason’s sultry gaze wandered over my wiggling body as I bit back a whimper. Proof of my arousal dripped down my thighs and onto the silky sheets.

“God,” My voice shook and I saw Jason smirk, “Turn it up.”

“Looks like you’re enjoying it plenty now,” He mocked me with a gleam in his eye.

My chest rose and fell as I grasped for a response, “It isn’t enough,”

He raised an eyebrow, “I wouldn’t want to be too unprofessional too soon,” The tip of his finger circled my erect nipples, teasing me and eliciting a moan.

“Tell me what you want and I’ll do it,” His words cued a relieved sigh, “but there’s a condition,” His words trailed off and let my imagination run wild while I waited for an explanation.

Jason leaned down to where my head rested against the pillow and let his warm breath wash over my neck. My body ached for his touch, for something to scratch the itch teasing me just below the skin.

“For two months, you’re mine,” I stared up at him before he could continue, “We’ll keep testing toys but it’ll be more than that sometimes,”

I swallowed down the hesitation in my throat, “Like?”

“I want you to be my submissive,”

My eyes widened at the thought. Two months of his teasing for one night of satisfaction seemed foolish; The devil on my shoulder reminded me how it would be multiple nights of pleasure.

Still, I shook my head and the rejection caused Jason to laugh. “Suit yourself, baby.” Baby?

“Don’t call me that,” I growled in frustration.

A smirk stretched across his arrogant face, “I think you should reconsider,” He knew he held all the cards in the negotiation. His fingers brushed over my throbbing clit and sent another wave of electricity down my spine. “I would do more than satisfy you,”

I bit back another whimper or growl; I wasn’t sure which would come out first, “What else?”

“We’d be together a lot,” His lips brushed over my neck.

“That sounds more like a reason not to take your offer,” I feigned anger in hopes it would replace the desperation coursing through me.

He rolled his eyes, “So we’ll have a lot of time to discover what makes you weak at the knees,” He leaned closer, “What makes you beg,”

I squirmed underneath the sudden shift in his tone.

“Have you ever been so sore from being fucked that you can’t help but moan every time you move?” My silence only gave him a reason to continue.

“I want to do that to you, every day. I want to make you beg underneath me and shiver as I eat you out,” I looked away and tried to ignore the images forming in my mind.

“I can leave you breathless and aching. Every step you take will remind you of me,” He pulled the vibrator away and gave me a moment of relief before sliding his fingers inside of me.

The introduction of his touch sucked the air from my lungs, “I’ll think about it,” My resistance eroded away a little more with each deliberate movement of his fingers inside of me.

Jason knew I was on the edge of ecstasy and backed off just enough to keep me from any release. His fingers pumped into me slowly. The tips of his finger rhythmically pressed against my g-spot. “You sure, baby?”

I locked my jaw to keep from screaming in frustration. “I’m sure.”

He withdrew his fingers immediately, “Have it your way.” My stomach dropped at the realization that there would be no ecstasy until I got home.

My body ached as he released my restraints, “Thank you for helping tonight.” Jason gave me a sincere smile that froze the rapid thoughts running through my brain.

Once I put my clothes on and grabbed my coat Jason spoke up again, “If you happen to reconsider just stop by later,”

He walked closer and handed me a card with a phone number on it. When I furrowed my eyebrows he spoke, “It’s my cellphone number. Feel free to drunk dial me anytime,” His wink signaled my immediate exit; His offer echoed in my head as I walked home.

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