The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Inspector Gadget

Anyone who has chugged rum straight from a bottle could relate to the searing pain inside of my skull when I woke up.

“Keep going at it like this and your stomach will need to be pumped,” Jason’s smooth voice filled the room. A faint shiver cascaded over my body.

I shushed him and groaned at the sound of my own voice.

He chuckled, “I hate to break it to you but you might have a drinking problem.”

“I don’t drink often,” Disbelief radiated off him, “I only started drinking more when I got this job,”


“Shut up,” I grumbled. I could only handle so much in a day and he pushed the limit as if it was his sole purpose.

The bed creaked under the weight of another body, “I would if you let me go,”

My eyes snapped open in shock; I released my grip on his dress shirt. “How long hav-”

Jason sighed, “Almost three hours. You sobbed if I tried to leave you.”

“Oh,” My cheeks burned at the image, “Sorry.”

Jason left me on the bed and sat on his workbench, “It is what it is,” He watched me shift underneath the sheets, “Why did you freak out?”

The complete lack of saliva in my throat made it incredibly difficult to swallow. He didn’t wait for my response.

“Did someone ditch you and not come back? A boyfriend or some unrequited crush?” After asking insensitive questions, Jason started playing with a bunch of gizmos on the table. The piles of tools reminded me of Inspector Gadget.

“It’s none of your business,” The door muffled the party music coming from outside, “You should go back to your party,”

“And miss this lovely side of you?” Sarcasm dripped off his tongue.



“Ugh,” I covered my ears with the pillow, “Why are you so-so-”

“Care to finish that sentence?”

I glared at him before tossing the covers aside. I attempted to lift myself off the bed, “Fine, if you won’t leave then I will,”

My stomach churned with each movement but staying meant an inevitable brain implosion.

Jason watched as I struggled to get onto my feet.

“Okay, okay,” He held up his hands, “Don’t hurt yourself.”

I pushed myself to take a step forward but the room began to spin.

“I don’t want you to puke everywhere.”

“I’m fine,” I snapped.

Jason furrowed his eyebrows, “No, you’re stubborn and up to your ears in alcohol,”

I scoffed, “I can handle it.”

“Okay, you can handle it,” He watched me as if I could fall at any moment, “but rest a little before trying to walk home.”

His concern paused my latest and greatest escape attempt. I shook my head and lowered myself back onto the bed, “Fine,”

As soon as my head touched the pillow the darkness pulled me back into its grasp. I fell asleep to Jason’s soft humming as he worked on the newest PinkCherry Gadget.

I dreamt about testing it.


The second time I woke up my head still ached as if I slammed it against a wall. I opened my eyes to search for the smug toymaker but his chair sat empty.

I groaned as I forced myself out of bed and into the showroom. Decorations laid everywhere and faux blood poured out of the tipped over fountain. Red puddles stained the white marble floors.

With each step, I became more uncomfortable in my shorts. I glanced down in wonder. My costume was missing and the track shorts were backward.

As I got closer to the main floor I got the impression that Ethan and Jason knew each other a lot better than I imagined. Their once-friendly body language morphed into a standoffish stare down.

Ethan tried to place his hand on Jason’s shoulder but he shrugged it off without a second thought. Ethan shook his head and tried to resume the conversation until he saw me.

Jason’s locked jaw and piercing eyes followed Ethan’s line of sight. I froze underneath the weight of two aggravated glares.

Ethan snapped out of it first and rushed to my side, “Are you feeling better?”

The tenderness blindsided me, “About as good as this room looks,”

Ethan wrapped his arm around my waist for support and I accepted the warm body to lean on.

I started to reconsider using Ethan as a human crutch when I saw Jason out of the corner of my eye.

His crossed arms and pinched lips told me all I needed to know about how he felt at that moment. The green eyes I found myself staring at all the time burned a hole in Ethan’s arm where it touched me.

Jason’s annoyed stance became a stroll towards us. He contained most of the unpleasant emotions on his face as announced that it was getting late.

The snappiness in his tone echoed in my ears moments after he disappeared into his lair.

A winced at Ethan’s whistle, “He is not a happy camper,” A soft laugh managed to escape me. “Want help getting home?”

I considered the offer and dreamt of climbing into my own bed but ruled it out when I remembered Jason's wounded expression.

I promised Ethan I would be fine and wobbled to the back.

The door creaked open and I took a few steps before seeing a version of Jason that only appeared in my dreams.

He whipped his shirt off the chair nearby. Jason covered his entirely-too-visible boxers, “Don’t you knock?”

I forced my eyes to focus on his upper half, “Thanks for letting me rest in here,”

“I wasn’t given a choice,” He scoffed.

I hesitated because of his annoyed tone, “Thanks anyway,”

Jason nodded and maintained the same irritated expression. I swallowed and bent over to gather my things beside his bed. On my way up I noticed the V- indention on his hips; I knew it pointed to my undoing.

Averting my gave became far more than I could handle, “Goodnight,”

Dread washed over me as I thought about the lonesome three blocks to my apartment. I cringed at the idea of walking beside the noisy traffic and ignoring cat-callers.

Jason saw the apprehension on my face, “You can stay here for the night,” The tin man does have a heart. “But if you roll to my side you will spend the rest of the night on the floor.” Never mind.

I sighed in response to his threat and eyeballed the bed.


I felt the heat of his stare on the back of my neck. I knew being in his bed would lead to trouble. Although I reasoned with myself, I had been in his bed before and nothing bad happened.

“Nothing,” I said and climbed onto the empty bed. Jason rolled his eyes and slid underneath the covers beside me. His leg pressed against mine but he shifted until even that was separate.

“Do you have enough room?” He asked as I sunk down beneath the bedsheets. I nodded and savored the sensation of my head hitting the pillow.

Something was missing, “Can you hum again?”

“Go to sleep.” Jason groaned.

The blankets rustled and warmth enveloped me. Despite sleeping through most of the night, my eyelids began to shut within minutes. I drifted off to the sound of Jason’s breathing.


When I woke up my muddled thoughts became singular and clear.

“Jason,” The rise and fall of his chest was the only movement on his side of the bed, “Wake up.” I shook him until he began to stir.

“What do you want?”

I hesitated and thought about what I wanted to say next. Once the words left my lips there would be no going back. I didn’t know much about the man lying next to me but the need to be his burned through my excuses. “I want you,”

His eyes snapped open and stared at me, “You know how to get me.” We waited in silence as the ceiling fan creaked.

“I’ll be yours,” I swallowed, “You can use me,”

Jason flipped us so he was on top and trailed his lips over the nape of my neck, “Are you sure?”

I moaned my answer as his hand traveled between my thighs. Anticipation built inside me until stopping myself from humping his hand became impossible.

“Good answer,” His smirk made me shudder in desire.

“Stop teasing me,” His attempts to render me desperate after weeks without his touch worked.

Jason stopped the deliberate movements. He met my lustful gaze, “If you submit yourself to me then something needs to be clear,”

His lips grazed against mine. I lifted my head off the pillow in hopes of deepening the kiss. Jason chuckled at my eagerness before pulling away, “I’m in charge,”

His statement would have lit a fire in my brain if it wasn’t for the burning desire already there. I pressed my hips against his to ease the heat between my legs.

Before I realized what I did, Jason pinned my arms above my head and glared at me.

His lipped overtook mine in a fervent kiss. He moved against me and I knew he was holding back.

“Is this what you want?” He managed to free my chest from the t-shirt I wore. His tongue danced across my nipples, “Answer me.”

I swallowed down another moan and mustered out a strained word of agreement. My brain marinated in a cocktail of hormones and desire.

Jason’s dick sprung from his boxers and my eyes widened at the sight. I throbbed in anticipation while he stroked himself in front of me.

Drool formed on the corner of my mouth while I watched. “Please,” My almost inaudible plea left before I could hold it back.

The familiar evil gleam returned to Jason’s eyes when he pushed himself against me. I whimpered underneath the pressure.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” The way he swore sent shivers down my spine; I nodded and prayed my legs would stop shaking once satisfied. “Then beg,”

The teasing continued. He thrust in the tip and watched my face twist in lust. His playful game increased my need to get fucked-hard.

The whimper fell off my lips before any other part of me could protest, “Please, Jason,”

My breathing accelerated as I lowered my pride, “I want you,”

His lips curled into another pleased smirk as I continued, “I need your cock buried inside me,”

He inside me but stopped again. His motions were maddening, “I can’t take it anymore. Please, fuck me until I can’t move. I need you to claim what’s yours,” I glanced up at him before whispering another plea into his ear.

He slammed the rest of his length inside me and didn’t wait for me to catch my breath before thrusting again. Holding back moans became impossible when pressed his lips against my neck.

His teeth sunk into my skin and sent me skyrocketing to the edge of an orgasm.

“I’m close,” The pleasure built with each of his deep thrusts.

The moment slowed around me.

“Be quiet,” Jason groaned.

I met his gaze in confusion. His blank expression sent me reeling.

“Why are you being so loud,”

His question replaced my climax with wonder, “I don’t underst-”

“Hey, wake up,”

My eyes snapped open and I landed where I started, horny and confused.

“Finally.” Jason buried his head further into the pillow. He shut his eyes tight and resumed his interrupted sleep.

“Sorry,” I tried to push down the lingering thoughts about riding him, “I was having a dream.”

“I noticed,” He grumbled.

Soft beams of the morning sunlight brightened the room as I watched Jason drift off.

Flashes of the subconscious fucking plagued my mind. “I’ll do it,”

“Be quiet? Fantastic.”

“No,” I swallowed all the reasons why agreeing would end in disaster, “I’ll be yours for two months,”

He stared into my wandering eyes.

“On one condition,” A curious expression covered his face. I continued, “Tell me what color your eyes are.”

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