The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Inspector Gadget

Anyone who’s ever tossed caution to the wind and chugged down two bottles of vodka like water can imagine how shitty I felt when I woke up.

There are no fancy metaphors or pictures I could paint; I just felt really fucking shitty.

“Keep going at it like this and you’re going to have to have your stomach pumped.”

“Shh,” I hissed and ached at the sound of my own voice.

Jason chuckled, “I hate to break it to you but you might have a drinking problem.”

“I don’t drink often.” I could feel the disbelief radiating off him. “I only started drinking more when I got this job.”

“Interesting.” What was he a therapist now?

“Just shut up.” I grumbled. There was only so much I could take in a day and he was pushing the limit.

The bed creaked under the weight of another body, “It would be nice if you’d let go of me then.”

My eyes snapped open; I was snuggled into his torso and clinging to his dress shirt. “How long hav-”

“Three hours. You sobbed if I tried to leave you.”

I suddenly felt very sheepish on top of shitty. “Oh,” My cheeks burned at the image. “Sorry.”

Jason climbed off the bed and went to his work bench. “You going to tell me why you lost it?”

There was no saliva in my throat which made it incredibly hard to swallow. He didn’t wait for me to answer.

“I’m guessing that someone ditched you and didn’t come back. Boyfriend? Crush?” What was he, Inspector Gadget? He started playing with a bunch of gizmos on the table.

“It’s none of your business.” The sound of music was muffled by the door. “You should go back to the party.” Maybe then I could get some sleep.

“And miss this lovely side of you?” The sarcasm practically dripped off his tongue.



“Fuck,” I covered my ears with the pillow. “What do I have to do to get you to leave me alone?” He was loud and obnoxious and never stopped finding a way into my thoughts.

His silence told me the answer.

“No.” I growled.

“Suit yourself.” I finally had a moment of silence before he began hammering a piece of metal.

“Oh my god, Do you not have a fucking soul?” I tossed the pillow at his head but he ducked.

The hammering continued with fervor. “You’re an asshole!” The banging rang in my ears and nearly made me throw up.

“And you’re stubborn, what else is new?”

“Stop.” I was too weak to fight his sick sense of humor. I tried to gather the blankets around me and stand but I kept falling back down.

After a while, Jason stopped trying to send me to an early grave and worked quietly. I fell asleep to his soft humming.

Waking up the second time was barely better than the first. Except for the fact that Jason was nowhere to be found.

I groaned as I forced myself out of bed and into the showroom. Decorations were strewn everywhere and the fountain was tipped over on its side.

The further I walked the more I noticed the uncomfortable feeling caused by my shorts. I furrowed my eyebrows. I hadn’t changed out of my costume so who dressed me and why did they put my shorts on backward?

I got the feeling that I intruded on a heated conversation between Ethan and Jason. Ethan tried to place his hand on Jason’s shoulder but he shrugged it off.

When they finally saw me their jaws were still locked and I became the victim of two angry glares.

Ethan quickly snapped out of it and rushed to my side, “You feeling better?”

The tenderness caught me off guard, ” I feel as good as this room looks.” Ethan wrapped his arm around my waist for support and since I was in no position to turn away help I leaned into him.

I began to reconsider my actions when I caught the image of Jason out of the corner of my eye.

His arms were crossed and had his lips pulled into a tight line; The message written on his face was one that would be rated R. We watched him storm past us and slam the door to his lair.

Ethan whistled causing me to wince, “That is not a happy camper.” I giggled, at least Ethan was always cheerful. “Want help getting home?”

The offer was sweet but what I had to do was painfully clear. I assured Ethan that I would be fine and made my way to the back.

I pushed the door open and was met with a version of Jason that I had only seen in my dreams.

“Don’t you knock?” He didn’t even try to cover himself and continued to strut around in his boxers.

I tried no to let my eyes wander, “Thanks for letting me rest in here.”

“I had no other Choice.”

“Thanks anyways.” Jason finally glanced over at me and nodded. His expression hadn’t changed and I was smart enough to know when to hit the road. The V- indention on his hips pointed to my undoing. Averting my gaze had become far more challenging than I could handle. “Goodnight.”

Dread washed over me as I thought about the three blocks to my house. I cringed at the idea of walking beside the noisy traffic and fending off persistent catcallers.

Jason must have seen the apprehension on my face, “You can stay here for the night.” Maybe the tin man did have a heart. “But if you roll to my side you will spend the rest of the night on the floor.” Nevermind, Cold hard metal. I sighed at his threat and climbed beside him.

Something was missing, “Can you hum again?”

“Shut up and go to sleep.”

The blankets rustled around me and suddenly I was enveloped in warmth. Despite already sleeping through most of the night my eyelids were beginning to feel heavy; I lost myself to the sound of Jason’s breathing.

When I woke up my thoughts were singular and clear.

“Jason,” His only movement was the gentle rise and fall of his chest. “Wake up.” I shook him until he began to stir.

“What do you want?” Someone was a grumpy sleeper.

I hesitated and thought about what I was about to say. Once the words left my lips there would be no going back. I didn’t know anything about the man lying next to me and yet somehow I was ready to give myself away to him. “I want you.”

His eyes snapped open and stared into mine, “You know how to get me.” The ceiling fan creaked as we waited in silence.

“You can have me.” I swallowed, “Any way you want me.”

Jason positioned himself on top of me and let his lips trail over the nape of my neck. “You sure?”

I could only moan out my answer as his hand traveled down to my thighs. The anticipation built inside me until I could barely stop myself from attempting to hump his hand.

“Good answer.” The hauntingly sexy smirk of his was enough to drive me to the edge of desperation.

“Stop playing around.” He was clearly trying to drive me insane. Unfortunately, it was working.

Jason stopped touching me in any way that could create pleasure. “First rule, I’m the boss,” His lips grazed against mine. I tried to deepen the kiss but he chuckled at my eagerness and pulled away. “And you’re just my slut.”

That would have stung if I didn’t desperately want his dick. I grinded my hips against his for any semblance of stimulation.

Before I could realize what I’d done my arms were already pinned above my head and Jason was glaring at me.

My brain barely had time to process what was happening before Jason’s lips crashed into mine. He rubbed his crotch against me and it was became clear that I wasn’t the only one having a hard time.

“Is this what you want?” He already managed to free my boobs from the t-shirt I was wearing. His tongue danced across my pebbled nipples. “Answer me.”

I swallowed down another moan and croaked out the best yes I could muster. My mind consisted of a cocktail of hormones and needs.

My eyes grew as Jason’s dick sprung out of his boxers. My pussy throbbed in anticipation while he stroked himself in front of me.

Drool practically formed on the corner of my mouth while I watched eagerly. “Please.” My words were practically inaudible.

The evil gleam returned to Jason’s eyes before pushing the tip of his cock against my dripping lips.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” The way he swore sent shivers down my spine; I had no choice but to nod. “Then you better fucking beg.”

The teasing continued; He pushed in only far enough for me to have a taste of what he’d feel like inside of me. There was only one thing I was sure of in that moment; I needed to be fucked, hard.

The whimper fell off my lips before any part of me could protest, “Please, Jason.”

My breathing accelerated as I lowered my pride and began to beg, “I need you,” His lips curled into another sadistic smirk, “I need your cock buried inside my pussy.”

He pushed in a little further only to stop, “Jason please, I can’t take it anymore, I want you to fuck me until I can barely move! I need to feel you stretch my pussy and claim it, please!”

He slammed into me and didn’t wait before thrusting into me again. It was impossible to hold back the moans while his tongue ran over my neck.

His teeth sunk into my skin and sent me skyrocketing to the brink of release.

“I’m so close!” My orgasm built with each of his rapid thrusts.

The moment slowed around me.

“Shut up.” Jason groaned.

My eyes met his; the expression on his face was blank.

“You’re too fucking loud.”

The growing pleasure was replaced by confusion. “I don’t underst-”

“Wake the hell up!”

My eyes snapped open and I was back to where I started, horny and confused.

“Finally.” Jason buried his head further into the pillow. His eyes were shut tight and clearly he was annoyed.

“Sorry,” I tried to push down the lingering thoughts about riding him, “I was having a dream.”

“Clearly.” He grumbled.

Soft beams of the morning sunlight brightened the room as I watched Jason drift off.

Flashes of the subconscious fucking plagued my mind. “I’ll do it.”

“Shut up? Good. ”

“No,” I swallowed down any logical reason why I was making a big mistake, ” I’ll be your slut.” Suddenly I was staring into icey blue eyes that could have frozen time.

“On one condition,” Curiosity covered his face before he told me to continue, “Tell me what color your eyes really are.”

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