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Jason's Whore

“Green.” That was his answer. The only word I could make out before my heartbeat drowned out everything else.

He had green eyes; A shade I had never seen in another person before. And they were both focused on me.

I wiggled under the sheets and tried to play off my nerves. He already had a smirk on his lips that told me what I already knew; He wasn’t buying it.

Jason jumped out of bed and looked over my body. I swallowed down the urge to lung and demand I be fucked against the wall as fast and hard as possible.

It was clear he was trying to drive me up the very same wall I wanted to be pinned against when he smacked his lips and went back to his desk.

I waited for him to say something. The fan groaned with each turn and the more I watched it the more I felt like I had made a terrible mistake.

Before I could gather my thoughts and come to my senses he finally spoke, “Breakfast?”


“Do you want breakfast?” Jason’s back was turned as he fiddled with another gadget.

“Sure,” I hesitated, “That’d be nice.”

Jason ordered the food and refused to say another word until it arrived. Once I had cleared a space on an extra table and laid out the feast he strolled over and started in on his bagel.

Just before I could sit down he told me to stop. The smell of my cheesy omelet wafted to my nose. He had reached a new level of low.

I waited for him to explain his torment but he just dug in to his breakfast and left me to suffer.

“Can I eat now?”


I was seconds away from stomping my foot like a child, “Why not?”

Jason rehinged his jaw and turned to look at me too slowly for me not to get a chill up my spine, “We’re not equal.”

I thought we abolished this shit in 1920, “Excuse me?”

He wasn’t fazed by the growing rage in the pit of my stomach. There was always a grin on his face to tease me.

“Not like that,” Against all odds his bed-head only made him cuter, “when we’re in this room or whenever you’re with me you’re not my equal.”

He wasn’t doing much better with the explanation, that’s why the next word out of his mouth caught me even more off gaurd.


I narrowed my eyebrows and debated whether he was actually serious.

His eyes pieced my thoughts, “I said strip. Now.”

I lifted my shirt off my shoulders and tried to read what was going through his mind; unfortunately my telepathic abilities were on the fritz.

Another second went by and I kicked my shorts onto the floor. Jason motioned for me to continue.

He continued eating his bagel as I unclasped my bra. I couldn’t figure out why I was nervous;He had already seen me exposed in a dozen different ways.

When I was completely naked he nodded, “Good but next time I tell you to strip you’ll have to be faster. This isn’t a fucking strip tease.”

“Whatever.” Maybe I shouldn’t have smarted off but in my defense he neglected to feed me.

One word was all it took to get all his attention on me. Jason got up and stared me down.

“If you ever speak to me like that I won’t hesitate to bend you over that desk and smack your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week.”

His threat should have sent me running, would have made any smart girl head for the hills, but I could already feel myself getting wet.

His lips grazed over the tip of my ear as he leaned closer, “And I’d enjoy making you scream.”

I could hear the blood rushing through my veins and in seconds I knew I would be a dripping mess.

“I know you want that,” He nipped his teeth over the skin of my neck, “You want me to fuck you so hard that you forget your name.”

My name was Tara Holloway and as long as I kept repeating it in a continuous cycle then I could stand my ground.

He pushed my butt against the side of the desk and sandwiched me with his body. The bulge in his pants pressed against my stomach and I was left holding back a moan.

I tried to focus on my name as his hand traveled down my abdomen and cupped my mound. His breath rolled off my shoulder as he explored my folds.

My breathing hitched as he pushed a finger inside me, “You must really need to be fucked,” I bit back a whimper.

“I should take you right now.”

My name was Tara Holloway. He slipped two more fingers into my aching hole and rythmically stroked my g-spot.

His other hand worked on my nipples and built on the sensation growing in my core. It still wasn’t enough; We both knew what I needed.

Jason forced a moan off my lips and my pride came unraveling with it, “Please just fuck me.” I found myself begging a lot more than I ever had in my entire life.

Somehow the sound of my own pleading voice only made my juices drip down my thighs; My legs were pried open by Jason’s hand and spread for his amusement.

“Look at yourself,” He teased, “You’re begging for me to use you like a whore.”

He was right; There was nothing I wanted more.

My mind was overrun with need and the only think I was sure of was that he was going slow to drive me to the brink of insanity.

I kept begging at the top of my lungs until he smirked, “Admit it.”

“What?” I asked while trying to catch my breath.

“Say you’re my whore.”

My name was Tara.

All he wanted was a simple confession; Something I had known all along.

“I’m your whore.” I choked out. The electricity sparking up and down my spine left little room for other thoughts.

He pinched my clit,“That didn’t sound very convincing.”

The pain fused with the waves of pleasure crashing in my body; I couldn’t wait any longer.

“I’m you’re little whore,” The words tumbled off my lips and I knew who I was,“I’ll do anything just please screw me like the dirty slut I am.”

Jason’s eyes gleamed with excitement before he bent me over the desk and I felt his cock probing my eager pussy.

I squirmed against the tip until he forced me down on the table. “Lay still while I fuck you, Slut.” I could only whimper in response as he thrust his cock inside of me.

I was Jason’s Whore and all I wanted was to be owned by him.

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