The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Squeezing a Turkey Through a Paper Towel Roll

With each thrust, I gasped for air. Jason forced my hips to meet his as he plunged into me. The soft kisses he teased me with were long since forgotten.

My pussy ached from his need to claim me as his own. Cum leaked down my legs and covered us both in desire.

Our moans formed an erotic melody that sent shivers down my spine.

His grip tightened as he buried himself deep inside me. He reached around and pinched my exposed nipples. I whimpered at the sensation.

My cry earned a seductive growl and Jason spun me around by my waist. Jason’s face was flush with lust. My chest rose and fell against him.

His arms tightened before pushing me back onto the table. The cool surface eased the throbbing between my legs.

He refused to let me adjust and lifted my leg to his side. His striking green eyes met mine before continuing his mission. My hands slid into his dark hair and tugged.

He winked and leaned down to my chest. A shock traveled down my spine when he started sucking on my sensitive nipples. Before I could recover he smacked my aroused clit; A moan fell off my lips.

My orgasm swelled inside of me. My back arched as I approached the edge and my nails dug into his back. Jason read the signs and smirked, “Don’t cum,”

I groaned as he pushed me closer to the edge without giving me what I desired most. My eyes rolled back as he stroked my throbbing clit.

“Jason,” His name flowed off my lips as the wave of pleasure crashed over me. I tightened my legs around his waist and pulled him into me.

He moaned as my pussy clenched around him.

After I released my grip, Jason slowed down. He stared into my exhausted eyes with an amused grin on his face.

“I told you not to cum,”

“I-uh,” No playful rebuttal would get me out of the punishment heading my way. Jason backed away with the same pleased smirk.

“On your knees,”

I swallowed at the sight of his cock dripping with the proof of my disobedience.

“Now,” Jason commanded, “Or I’ll drag you myself.”

I swallowed my fear and dropped to my knees. I bit back a moan when my slick thighs rubbed together. My clit pulsed and begged for more attention.

Jason tilted my head up so I was staring up at him. He traced my bottom lip with his thumb before pushing it inside my mouth. Heat rose to my cheeks as he watched me suck.

He removed his thumb and replaced it with three fingers. I fought back a moan and clenched my thighs together. He was leaving me in suspense on purpose.

I could still taste myself on him.

“You can do better than that,” Jason said. I licked the length of his fingers and took his fingers into the back of my throat. I suppressed the urge to gag with tears stinging in my eyes.

Jason gave me a soft smile.

“Open your mouth.”

I hesitated which earned another rough stare.

Once I complied he nodded, “I’m going to fuck your mouth, Tara.”

My jaw ached in anticipation. I could taste the tip of his cock on my lips when someone knocked on the door.

At first, he ignored the knocking and pushed his cock between my lips. I flicked my tongue over the head and he groaned. My cum dripped down my thighs and started forming a puddle underneath me.

“It’s an emergency!” Kitty’s panicked voice interrupted my first lesson in submission.

I fought the urge to take him into my throat.

“This isn’t the time for the silent treatment,”

I wondered why Kitty would assume Jason was giving her the silent treatment.

Jason put a finger up to his lips and smiled before continuing to defile me. I held back a whimper as his length pressed against the back of my throat, I wanted more.

Kitty continued banging on the door until it became too much of a distraction.

“Dammit,” He mouthed so she couldn’t hear his frustration. I tried not to laugh at the disappointed expression on his face.

“What do you want?”

“Open the door,” Kitty knocked on the door louder after getting his attention.

“I’m busy,” He looked at me and winked. My heart fluttered at the sight.

“Doing what?” Me. I imagined the door opening and Kitty seeing me on my knees with cum running down my legs.

“None of your business,”

“This is important,”

I wondered if a shipment of dildos ended up in Japan instead of Ireland.

Jason shook his head, “It can wait,” His eyes followed the curves of my lips.

Kitty sighed in defeat, “Anna is in the hospital,”

Jason’s grin fell and panic flashed through his eyes. He rushed over to his jeans and yanked them on. I watched as he gathered his things.

Kitty paused to listen through the door, “Is someone else in there?”

My knees ached from kneeling on the cement floor without a cock to distract me.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” Jason said as he grabbed a button-up shirt from the closet.

“Whatever,” Kitty scoffed, “Tell her I said hi.”

Too many questions flooded in at once but Jason was too distracted to answer them. The worried expression on his face meant Annie meant something to him.

“I’m sorry,” Jason gave me an apologetic smile as he buttoned his shirt. I swooned at the image. “I have to take care of something,” He headed to the door, “I’ll be back later.”

Before I could ask if he wanted me to wait for him to get back the door shut behind him.

I sighed and processed his speedy exit. With no instructions to keep me busy, I gathered my clothing from the floor. After searching for my thong for a solid five minutes I decided to call it a loss.


Time ticked by as I waited on the bed. After an hour of impatient waiting, Jason still hadn’t come back to finish what he started.

I cracked the door open to check if I could escape without another Cherry spotting me. The plan was to bolt out of the building faster than an Olympic gold medalist.

Jade’s voice interrupted my train of thought, “He’s great, mom.” I could feel her eyes rolling from behind the wall, “No, this one’s not married.”

I listened to her defend her dating choices until she started ranting in Spanish.

I shut the door with as little noise as possible. Time for Plan B. I scanned the abandoned room for another way out. The locked door to the hallway limited my choices.

My focus shifted onto the window I shimmied through while filled up to my ears with Tequila. I groaned at the idea of sneaking out like a cheap one nightstand. Beggars can’t be choosers.

The table scratched the floor as I aligned it underneath the window. Never once did I hoped that if I could do it drunk it would be easier sober.

I pushed the glass up and said a prayer.

The next few minutes went as easy as squeezing a turkey through a paper towel roll. Which was how my mother described giving birth to me.

My arms shook as I lifted myself to the opening. I cursed myself for not being more consistent at the gym and swore I would never skip arm day again.

I imagined Jason walking in and seeing me attempting to squeeze my ass out his window. I sped up.

After I using every swear word in the book and utilizing all my Shakira moves, I escaped unscathed.

I lifted myself off the alley floor and headed toward my apartment.


I sucked in a deep breath as my door slammed behind me. I couldn’t remember breathing during the whole walk home.

My mind raced with a cocktail of questions. I wondered who Anna could be and why I felt sick remembering how Jason jumped to her aid.

Kitty’s treatment of him didn’t scream business relationship either. She didn’t sound afraid or intimidated by the reclusive owner.

I shook off my concerns.

Even still,

The memory of his hands roaming over my body made my pussy throb. I opted for a cold shower before I could start digging through my purse for his card.

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