The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Squeezing a Turkey Through a Paper Towel Roll

The oxygen was sucked from my lungs each time Jason thrust himself deeper inside of me. My body was being stretched and abused; I’d never been more turned on.

“Holy shit,” My moans bounced off the walls and filled my ears. Without warning, Jason’s hand smacked my ass and I cried out. He was determined to mold me into his personal slut and I wasn’t willing to put up a fight.

The only thing on my mind was his cock beating me into submission. He flipped me onto my back and gave me no time to adjust before lifting my leg to his side and continuing with his mission.

He yanked my tangled hair and sent a jolt of pain down my spine as his teeth bit into my hardened nipple.

His hand smacked my sensitive clit and earned a throaty moan.

My fingers twisted into his hair as he used me as his personal sex doll. I couldn’t fight off the swelling itch teasing me just under my skin. My back arched and I was on the edge of massive release. Jason read my mind, “Don’t come.”

I nearly screamed in frustration. That would be like holding back a swarm of Beliebers at a Bieber concert.

“Jason!” I could only form his name as the rush of adrenaline and pure bliss swept through my limbs. My screams mingled with the sound of the creaking fan and suddenly it was over just as soon as it began.

Jason slowed down and stared into my exhausted eyes. Being relentlessly fucked really takes it out of a girl.

His jaw was locked, “I told you not to come.”

“I-uh,” No playful rebuttal was going to get me out of what was coming my way but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying. Jason released my hair and backed away from where my body laid on the desk.

“On your knees,” I swallowed at the sight of his erect cock dripping with the proof of my disobedience. “Now. Or I’ll drag you myself.”

I shakily took my place in front of him; A shiver ran through me as my thighs rubbed together. His fingers traced the outline of my jaw, playfully leaving me on edge for my punishment.

“Open your mouth.” I hesitated which earned another death glare from Jason’s laser eyes.

Once I had opened wide he smirked at my obedience, “I’m going to fuck your dirty little mouth, Tara.” My jaw already ached in anticipation. I could taste the tip of his cock on my lips when someone knocked on the door.

He ignored the knocking and pushed himself further into my mouth.

“Jason this is an emergency!” It was Kitty interrupting my lesson in all things slutty.

I fought the urge to take him all the way into my throat. “This isn’t the time for the silent treatment!”

Curiousity began to build in my mind. Why would he be giving her the silent treatment?

Once her yelling had become too much of a distraction Jason postponed the claiming of my mouth. “Dammit,” He swore under his breath. I almost laughed at the look of disappointment on his face. “What do you want?”

“Open the damn door,” Kitty banged on the door even harder knowing she had his attention. They fought like an old married couple.

“I’m busy.”

“Oh yeah, Doing what?” Me. I wondered how Kitty would react if he opened the door for her to see me in all my submissive glory.

“None of your fucking business.”

“Seriously, this is important!” What did a shipment of dicks end up in China instead of Japan?

“It can wait.”

“Anna is in the hospital.”

Jason’s face fell. He grabbed his jeans tossed over a chair and yanked them on.

Kitty was silent for a second. No doubt she was listening through the door, “You’re fucking someone aren’t you?”

My knees were already hurting from kneeling on the cement floor without a distraction.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” Jason growled.

“Whatever,” Kitty said. “Tell the whore I said hi.”

Too many questions flooded in at once and I knew Jason would just brush them all off.

He didn’t bother grabbing a shirt before storming to the door, “I have to take care of something. I’ll be back later.”

Before I could ask what I was supposed to be doing while he was away the door slammed. I sighed and let the reality of my morning wash over me.

I gathered myself and pulled on whatever pieces of my clothing I could find. After searching for my thong for a solid five minutes I decided to call it a loss.

The clock mocked me with each tick. Jason hadn’t come back for over an hour and it became evident that he wasn’t in a hurry to finish what he started.

I cracked open the door and tried to determine if the coast was clear. The plan was to bolt out of the building faster than a Nigerian at the Olympics.

Jade’s voice was loud and clear, “He’s great mom.” I could feel her eye roll from behind the wall that separated us, “No this one’s not married.” I listened to her banter back and forth until she began ranting in Spanish.

I shut the door as quietly as possible and looked for another way out. All of the backrooms were locked and greatly limited my choices.

My attention quickly fell on the window I had shimmied through while filled with Tequila. I groaned at the idea of sneaking out like a cheap one night stand.

The table scratched against the floor as I aligned it to the window. If I did it once drunk it had to be easier to do sober, right?

I pushed the glass out and said my prayers. The next few minutes were similar to squeezing a turkey through a paper towel roll. Ironically how my mother described giving birth to me.

My arms were barely strong enough to hoist me to the opening. The only thing left was to wiggle my way to freedom. The image of Jason walking in to see my ass squeezing out his window drove me to speed up.

The process took all the words my mother forbid me to use and all my Shakira moves but finally, I was free. I pushed myself off the alley floor and made a bee-line to my apartment.

There were probably a million other solutions to my predicament that were far more sane but I was a bit too neurotic to listen to reason.

I sucked in a deep breath as my door slammed behind me; I didn’t remember breathing at all the entire trip.

My mind was racing with what I had spent my day doing. Who was Anna? Why was Kitty so cavalier around Jason? And why could I still feel his grip around my throat as mercilessly fucked me.

The memory made my pussy throb and I opted for a cold shower.

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