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One Screaming Orgasm

Sarah and Jade waited by the entrance to the exclusive club with devious grins.

The hidden doorway was a few paces down an alleyway. My nerves tingled as our heels clicked against the asphalt. Kitty took my hand and quickened her pace.

Fluorescent lights flashed around the edges of the door. In the center there was a small window covered by a wooden panel. After a few moments spent shifting on my heels, the panel slid open. A rough voice questioned our presence.

“Name?” The cold voice made entering against my better judgement. I sucked in a breath and zipped my lips.

The sparkling Pixie in front of us spoke up, “Sarah James plus guests.” Her golden eyeliner glittered underneath the lights.

The dark eyes scanned over us, “What’s the password?”

As kids my brother and I would build forts and hide from our parents. Our passwords were never something they could guess.

My head spun at Sarah’s seductive response, “Please, mistress let me come,” She pouted her pink lips, “In.”

My eyes widened at the response. If that was the password than we were begging to enter a dominatrix dungeon.

I caught Jade’s eye and she winked, confirming my fears. The door creaked open and the group ushered me inside.

The dimmed lights set a aura of mystery. I struggled to see my surroundings. Pillars came down in the corners of the room and obedient subs decorated them. Several masters tied down and tormented by their slaves.

A rather large cage waited on a pedestal at the front of the room. At the moment the steel bars were empty but I assumed I would witness the show.

I pulled Kitty to my side. I struggled to form a sentence, “What the ever living fuck.”

Kitty laughed, “Don’t worry, no one is going to paddle your ass unless you ask them to,”

An evil gleam stared back at me, “Unless you’re a bad girl.”

I knew I shouldn’t be so stunned by large erotic buildings with low morals, after all, I worked in one. Yet, something about the club made my mouth dry and stomach churn.

My focus shifted to the chains and leather collars. “I thought men would be men here.” It would be challenging to get drunk and have a one-night stand without any guy to drool over my chest.

Unless I got trashed and fingered myself at the bar.

“There are men here,” Kitty pointed to the men crawling beside their mistresses. “Kinky people are still people. Discriminating isn’t nice, Tara.” She winked at my open mouth.

I was sick of getting winked at.

“Why are we here?” I asked with as much patience I could muster. After leaving the security of my couch, I didn’t expect to get carted off to a dungeon.

“It’s a nice place to relax and not get hit on by every sleaze that walks in. We scoped it out a few days ago,”

“I thought this place just opened,”

“Yeah, a few weeks ago.” Kitty sensed my frustration and ordered two drinks. I hoped one of the shots would take the edge off.

By the time we escaped the crowd around the bar, Sarah and Jade were already perched at a high-top table.

“Hey Virgin Mary,” Jade teased as I claimed a seat between Sarah and Kitty.

A almost buzzed Sarah cooed before taking another sip of her Martini, “We should buy her an hour with Anna.”

That name peaked my curiosity.

Kitty savored her drink, “Anna was in the hospital today. I doubt she’s back at work so soon,”

A familiar gnawing feeling climbed up my neck. What were the odds that this was the same Anna?

I forced down the heat swelling inside of me.

“Who is she?” I cleared my voice and hoped there was no bite left.

“She’s a sexy dominatrix. Kitty and her are super close.” Sarah grinned and whispered something to a giggling Jade.

I shifted my attention to Kitty.

“We went to high school together,” She rolled her eyes, “Our families got close.”

I bit back the urge to ask about Jason and Anna’s relationship. Any question would give away that I was the girl in the room with him.

“So what happened?” Jade asked while taking a handful of nuts from the center of the table. I ignored the irony.

“Car accident. She’s going to be alright, though.”

I nodded as if I didn’t have dozens of questions running through my mind.

I listened as the girls laughed about their days. I shifted when the conversation switched Kitty and Jason’s morning confrontation.

“No way!” Jade almost fell off her stool from laughing.

“I can’t believe you busted him,” Sarah chuckled between sips of her drink, “Lucky bitch.”

My cheeks burned as they painted an explicit image of Jason’s morning. They snickered and started guessing which Cherry caved into his charms.

By the end of their descriptions I chugged my drink. I found myself needing at least three more to stay sane.

I excused myself from the giggling girls and made my way through the room.

Club crawlers swarmed the crowded bar and made it almost impossible to squeeze to the front.

I leaned over the onyx counter and waved my hand as the bartender approached my side of the bar. His eyes glanced over me before walking the other way.

“Hey, eyeliner,” His black vest and tie was no doubt a strategic way of showing off his biceps. More drooling ladies at the bar meant more tips. “I know you saw me.”

He took his sweet time getting back over to the tiny space I wedged myself into, “What do you want, darling?” Venom dripped off of his tongue.

I rolled my eyes, “A Screaming Orgasm,” The drink list was full of snicker inducing drink names.

He chuckled, “Sure, if you beg.”

I pulled a crinkled five out of my bra and slid it across the sleek counter.

“I had no idea you had it in you,” A familiar voice said behind me.

Jason pressed his body into mine. “I’ll have a Deep Throat.” He motioned to the snarky bartender before turning his attention to me, “Since I didn’t get one earlier.”

“You’re the one that left,” A tight grin spread across my face.

Jason’s green eyes gleamed, “Right, about that,” He leaned down so his breath trailed down my bare neck.

“I’m sorry I disappeared,” I tried to swallow the moan climbing up my throat. His hand traveled underneath my dress and between my thighs.

I glanced at our table. The girls paid no attention to what was happening at the bar. Less than fifty feet away Jason was finishing what he started.

“There was an emergency.” His fingers danced past the waist of my underwear. My breath hitched as I realized that he didn’t plan on stopping because of the crowd. “I promise to make it up to you,”

“Kitty is here,” I calm down before I soaked my panties, “She’ll see us.”

He snickered, “Let her.”


“I could always throw you onto this counter and fuck you until your legs are shaking,”

The words trailed off his teasing lips, “No one here would mind,”

He slipped a finger inside of me and I bit back a moan. My pussy still ached from Jason fucking me all morning. The smirk on his lips told me that he was aware of that.

His soft thrusting sent sparks down my limbs.

“One Screaming Orgasm for the-” The bartender’s eyes darted to the hand invading my pussy.

He shook his head and laughed his way to the next desperate Customer. I learned that getting fingered in plain sight was acceptable behavior for a dungeon.

Jason’s lips glided over my neck, “Come with me.”

He slipped his fingers out of me and I groaned at the sudden emptiness.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be for long,” He led my around the tables and into a dark corridor.

I held back all the questions flying through my mind. As we walked further down the hall, the screams of pleasure and pain grew louder.

Jason gave me a reassuring grin as he placed his hand at the bottom of my back. Fingering me was only the beginning.

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