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One Screaming Orgasm

Jade and Sarah met us at the entrance. The door was hidden in an alleyway that was making my pervert senses tingle.

Fluorescent lights flashed around the edges of a door and a small window was in the middle. It wasn’t long before it slid open and we were being questioned.

“Name.” The voice was cold and my better judgment screamed that going in was a bad idea.

“Sarah James plus guests.”

The eyes scanned us over, “What’s the password?”

When my brother and I were little we always use to build forts and hide from the other kids in the neighborhood. Our favorite password was Sonic; Not that anyone actually wanted to join us.

What Sarah said next sent my head spinning, “Please, mistress let me come,” Her lip was pouted to its full extent. “In.”

Was that the password or was she just being cheeky? I could never tell with Sarah but on the off chance, that response was a requirement than my friends were marching me into a dominatrix dungeon.

I caught Jade’s eye and she winked, confirming my fears. The door creaked open and I was ushered inside.

The lights were only bright enough for me to see what was in the room. Pillars came down in the corners of the room and were decorated with subs who were tied down and tormented by their masters.

A rather large cage was on a pedestal to the front of the room; no one was in it but I had a feeling I’d get to witness that show.

I pulled Kitty back to my side. The only words I could make out were, “What the ever living fuck.”

Lucky for me all the Cherries share a language. Kitty laughed at my expression, “Don’t worry, no one is going to paddle your ass unless you ask them too,” The evil gleam was back in her eye and for a second I swore I was staring at a different person, “Unless you’re a bad girl.”

I should have been accustomed to big erotic buildings with low morals, after all, I worked in one. But something about this place made my mouth dry and my stomach churn.

Maybe it was the chains or the leather collars? “I was under the impression there’d be men here.” It’s really challenging to get drunk and have a one-night stand without any guy to drool over my chest. Unless I just got trashed and fingered myself at the bar.

“There are men here,” Kitty pointed to the guys crawling on all fours beside their mistresses. “Just because the have a kink doesn’t mean they aren’t people. Discriminating isn’t nice, Tara.” She winked.

I was sick of being winked at and at that point and demanded to know why I was brought to the dungeon.

“We’ve been here a few times. It’s a good place to relax and not get hit on by every sleaze that walks in.”

“I thought this place just opened.”

“Yeah, a few weeks ago.” Kitty quickly ordered two drinks, one of which I hoped was for me.

Sarah and Jade had already claimed a table by the time we joined them.

“Hey Virgin Mary,” Jade teased as I took a seat. I wasn’t a virgin, especially not after that morning.

Sarah was already a bit buzzed, “We should buy her an hour with Anna.”

My curiosity peaked at that name.

Kitty took a sip of her drink, “Anna was in the hospital today. I doubt she’s back at work.”

There it was, the same gnawing feeling from that morning when Jason left.

“Who is she?” I asked.

“She’s this sexy dom that Kitty is super tight with.” Sarah slurred. My attention shifted to Kitty.

“We went to high school together and our families were really close.”

I wanted to ask her about Jason. Why did he leave for a girl that was Kitty’s friend? Were they an item?

“What happened?” Jade asked while taking a handful of nuts from the center of the table.

“Car accident, she’s gonna be alright, though. It just scared everyone.”

I nodded like I didn’t have a thousand questions running through my mind. I listened to the girls laugh about their days and suddenly the conversation was directed to a subject I’d hoped wouldn’t come up.

“No way!” Jade nearly fell off her stool.

“I can’t believe you busted him doing some hoe.” Sarah giggled, “Lucky bitch.”

My cheeks burned as my friends painted the image of how the hoe was fucked. By the end of their descriptions I had chugged down my drink and needed three more.

The bar was crowded with club crawlers making it nearly impossible to squeeze to the front.

I waved my hand desperately infront of the bartender. His eyes only briefly met mine before pretending not to see me.

“Hey, eyeliner,” I called out. He was dressed in a black vest and tie, no doubt to show of his biceps to the ladies drooling at the bar. “Get back here.”

He took his sweet time getting back over to the small space I was wedged in, “What do you want, little miss priss?”

“A Screaming Orgasm.”

He chuckled, “Maybe if you beg.”

I pulled a crinkled five from my bra and slid it across the counter. I’d always wanted to bribe someone with money that once touch my boobs.

“I bet that left less of a mess than the cheeto.”

The voice washed over me and I felt his body pressed up against mine. “I’ll have a Deep Throat.” He said to the bartender before his breath cascaded down my neck. “Since I didn’t get one earlier.”

“You’re the one that left.” I tried to swallow the moan in my throat as his hand traveled up my thigh and under the dress.

I glanced over to the girls who were happily slurring the words to Single Ladies. Little did they know the hoe was getting felt up by the big bad dick less than fifty feet away.

“I had an emergency.” His fingers danced past the waist of my underwear. My breath hitched as I realized that he was going to take me right there.

“Kitty is here,” I tried to contain the excitement soaking my panties, “She’ll see us.”

“Let her.”


“If you don’t shut up, I will throw you on this counter and fuck you until your legs are shaking.”

“One Screaming Orgasm for the-” The bartender’s eyes darted to the hand invading my pussy.

He shook his head and laughed his way to the next Customer. Apparently this was acceptable behavior for a dungeon.

His lips glided over my neck, “Come with me.” Just like that his fingers slipped from my folds and I was being led passed my friends and into a dark corridor.

I didn’t bother asking any of the questions flying through my mind. As we went further down the hall, the screams of pleasure and pain got louder.

Jason didn’t plan on fingering me beneath the bleachers; He was going to dominate me until I became his perfect little slut.

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