The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Tied and True Tales of a Tipsy Whore

As I followed Jason down the hall different erotic scenes caught my attention. The open doors displayed slaves as their owners tied and caned them.

A woman strapped to a table whimpered while a dominatrix tortured her with orgasms. The Dom pressed a Hitachi wand between her shaking legs and grinned.

I averted my eyes and swallowed down the anticipation in my throat. By the end of the night I hoped to be swallowing something much different.

“Mistress, Mercy!” A man wearing a dark mask cried out as a whip came down on his back.

I glanced over at Jason. His smug expression eased my nerves and set them on fire at the same time.

The closed doors we passed left too much room for my imagination to run wild. Do not disturb signs hung beside each one.

Dommes walked down the hall with their leashed submissives. The sounds of pain and ecstasy cascaded over the techno music.

Once the hallway dead-ended, I followed Jason down a flight of wooden stairs. After I reached the bottom I scanned my surroundings.

The bare brick walls and concrete floor made me hesitate to join him. The dark ceiling added to the dangerous atmosphere and the smell of sex lingered in the air.

A wooden table waited in the farthest corner with toys on it. On the left wall chains hung off a large metal pipe.

I knew I should have been hesitant but something inside of me propelled my forward steps. I signed on to belong to him and I didn’t plan on backing out

Jason gave me a soft smile, “Don’t worry we’ll take it slow,” A sadistic gleam appeared in his eye and sent my mind whirring. “At first.”

He ordered me to strip so I stepped out of the dress and kicked it to the side. I stood in front of him in my lace bra and panties. I covered my chest with my arms.

“Arms at your sides,”

I dropped them before I could earn a punishment. In a dungeon there was no telling what could happen.

My nipples hardened as his eyes wandered over my body. His gaze made me ache for something more, something physical. “Good girl,” He nodded before walking over to the corner table and picking up a small knife.

I opened my mouth to protest but his knowing gaze shut it.

“You won’t be needing this anymore,” He pressed the knife against my chest and cut off my bra. The cold steel sparked something inside of me. Clouds of desire derailed my train of thought.

His wicked fingers traveled down my bare skin and my cheeks burned. Jason rubbed me through my drenched panties. I bit my lip and savored the tough.

Jason cut off the rest of my clothing and let the cool air continue teasing me. His infamous smirk appeared, “We haven’t even started and you’re already so wet,”

I swallowed down a moan as he slid his hand over my pussy, making sure to put pressure on my clit. “And you’re so sensitive,” He chuckled when I flinched.

Jason led me underneath the metal pipe and gave me a safe word. I prepared myself for what came next.

Jason walked over to the table and brought back a silver bullet vibe “I want you to slide this inside of you. If it falls out I’ll punish you for not following directions.” He placed the toy in my hand and watched as I pressed it against my entrance.

The vibrations started as soon as it disappeared inside of me.

Before I adjusted to the strong buzzing, Jason pushed me to my knees. He chained my hands behind my back so my chest was on display. My fastened ankles made it impossible to get out of my restraints.

After he secured me to the wall, Jason pulled off his shirt. The sight made it harder to control the pleasure swelling inside of me.

Next he dropped his pants and his obvious erection a shiver climbed up my spine. When his cock sprang free inches from my face I whimpered.

He grabbed my hair and guided me towards his throbbing dick. “We have some unfinished business,” Before I could respond he pushed the tip up to my mouth and commanded me to open. “If you cum without permission you will regret it,”

The threat only added to the cum dripping down my thighs.

For ten minutes I gagged on Jason’s cock and forced myself to take more of his length into my mouth. I choked as he fuck my throat with his hand guiding my face.

Every time he penetrated my mouth it became harder to hold back the orgasm growing between my legs. Moments before I could explode, Jason pulled out and a string of drool dangled off my lips.

He smirked, “You did well,”

I sucked in a deep breath as he wandered back to the table with his cock still dripping with saliva. “We need a bit more excitement, don’t you think?”

I nodded in response. Jason chuckled and told me to speak.

“Yes,” The vibrations increased and a moan filled the room.

“Yes what?” I was so busy trying to hold back the waves of pleasure I didn’t even see what he had in his hands.

“Yes, Sir.” His cock twitched as the words left my lips.

He tugged on my nipples and the stinging of clamps brought me closer to my release. My determination not to beg decreased every time his fingers touched me. A spark shocked me underneath my skin as he watched.

I writhed in pleasure and pulled against my restraints as he stroked my clit. He brought me to the edge of an orgasm before stopping all sensation.

The door at the top of the stairs opened and a Dom walked in on the erotic scene.

Her corset pushed her boobs up to her chin and fishnet stockings wrapped around her long legs. “I didn’t know someone had this room.”

Jason shook his head and left me by the wall. He met the Dom by the bottom of the stairs. They talked low enough that I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

When they finished the Dom handed Jason a key and stared at me from across the room. She scoffed, “Try not to get your tears on my equipment, slut.”

The door shut behind her and Jason glanced over my naked body.

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