The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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His Best Toy

The waiting was the worst part; Jason’s eyes drank in every insignificant move I made. The only sound to distract me from my bittersweet position was the jingling of keys.

Jason dangled them off his fingers and hypnotize me with their swinging. My imagination ran wild with possibilities. I fought to stay calm.

I must have been a sight to behold, completely immobile, and left at the mercy of a man I worked for. As if on cue, Jason walked back over to the shaky mess of a girl across the room and unhooked the chain from the pipes.

He led me to the table and cleared everything with one motion. “Bend over,”

No please or thank you. His mother must be so proud.

Manners were the furthest thing from my mind when his eyes assessed my hesitation.

“Are you disobeying?”

A wicked grin spread across my face.

The temptation to mess with him begged to take over. I promised to be his Sub but not to make it easy for him.

Before he could catch on I pushed my body against his. The confused look on his face felt electrifying.

For a moment Jason seemed stunned by my boldness. As I rolled my hips up and down on his shaft the pit of desire grew.

It wasn’t long before he snapped out of his trance and yanked me off by my hair.

My yelp echoed through the room. Jason used my hair as a leash and pushed me down on the table. The cool steel stung my bare skin while he fastened my chains so I wouldn’t have any chance of getting away.

I stared at the wall in front of me, unable to see what he was doing to my backside. “Tell me,” Jason’s grip tightened around my hips, “Did you think I’d let you get away with that?”

I shook my head. My lip ached from where I bit at it.

“Answer me,”

“No, Sir.”

His fingers released my hips. He tapped my bottom and caused anticipation to swirl in my stomach. “Then you disobeyed so I’d fuck you until you’re begging for mercy?”

I could hear the smirk in his voice.

He rubbed my bottom and let his touch wander over my pussy. Jason removed the vibe and thrust it in and out tantalizing slow until I begged for him to go faster.

“I was going to be gentle with you tonight,”

My legs almost gave out when his hand came down on my ass. The sensation of made my thighs slicker with arousal.

“You’re going to count to twenty,” He commanded, “Keep your legs spread so I can see that cunt.” My breath hitch at the control in his voice.

Another hit, “One.”



By the time I reached eighteen my lip quivered. Staying in position was almost impossible as the stinging climbed up my spine.

“Why am I punishing you?”

I forced my voice not to shake, “I used your cock to please myself without permission,”

His hand stung more each time it met my skin, “Nineteen.”

“And who am I?”

“My Dom.”

“And you are?”

“Your Sub.”

The final number came out as a whimper.

Jason leaned over to my ear. His cock teasing my pussy as he rubbed up against me.

“I’m going to fuck you but I promise you won’t enjoy it. I’m going to bury myself so far inside of your cunt that you’ll scream. Tears are going to stream down your face and it’ll almost be as wet as your pussy.”

Jason spun my body around so he could watch as he broke me. He tightened the nipple clamps until they were unbearable. He smirked at the moans leaving my lips.

The roughness of his motions intensified by need for him.

He forced himself into me without warning. Jason didn’t wait for me to adjust to his length before thrusting in again.

He knocked the breath from my lungs each time his hips collided with mine. My pussy throbbed as I withered underneath him.

When our eyes met all I saw was the chilling determination to own me and control every move or sound I made.

His fingers laced through the hair by my scalp. He yanked my head backward and bit the crook of my neck.

The pain mingled with the sensation of becoming his sent me spiraling into a hypnotic trance.

By the time Jason finished and started to lead me out of the secluded basement, I didn’t protest.

The flashing lights woke me up and snapped everything back into place. All at once I became aware of my surroundings and tried to hide my naked body behind Jason.

My legs wobbled as I followed him.

“We can’t go out there,” I hissed. “The girls from work will see me.”

Jason continued to tug me along by my leash. The techno music got louder and my stomach crawled into my throat.

“Jason, please don’t.”

Before I could move he pinned me against the wall. His hand pressed down on my shoulder and his lips were too close to mine.

“What did you call me?” Chills ran up my spine at the sound of his voice.

“I-I-Uh-” Words refused to form as I stare into his eyes.

“Answer me,”

“Your name.”

His hands pressed harder against me and almost caused me to cry out. “Do you think it’s appropriate for my Sub to say my name?”

My gaze fell while I tried to ignore the feeling of his hard-on threatening to punish me again. “No Sir.”

He nodded, “From now on you will do what I say, when I say. We already discussed your limits and I will never break that trust. If you want to go over everything we can but not in the hall. And as for your friends,”

“I hope they see you.” His eyes darkened and I swallowed down the argument in the back of my throat.

“I want them to see you led out by a chain, your skin completely bare except for where I taught you how to be a good slut. I want everyone in the room to turn and stare at the best toy I’ve ever created; You.”

I opened my mouth to respond but he cut me off, “If you don’t shut those pretty lips of yours I’ll give you something to suck on.”

With that threat, he continued down the hallway until stopping at the last door.

He pushed a key into the lock and yanked me in behind him. When the lights came on, a startled gasp threatened to give away my shock.

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