The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Tied and True Tales of a Tipsy Whore

As I followed Jason down the hall my attention was captured by the erotic scenes playing out in each room. My eyes widened at the sight of a woman wrapped tightly in plastic wrap with a dom pressing a Hitachi wand in between her shaking legs. I swallowed down the anticipation in my throat knowing that by the end of the night I would swallowing something much different.

“Mistress, Mercy!” A man wearing a dark mask cried out as a whip came down on his back.

The closed doors left room for my imagination to run wild; Ironically a small cross was pinned each one. Dommes walked past me with their submissives on leashes and the sounds of agony and ecstasy could be heard over the techno-music.

Once we reached the end of the hallway, I followed Jason down a flight of wooden stairs which led to the basement. As I reached the bottom I took in my surroundings. The walls were bare bricks, the ground was concrete and the ceiling was black. It was dank and dark and a smell of sex lingered in the air. To the right was a wooden table in the corner with tools on it. On the left wall was a large metal pipe with chains attached.

I began to think I shouldn’t have followed so eagerly but the darkest parts of me were already excited. One of my most twisted fantasies included being used and abused. Jason sensed my doubts, “Don’t worry I’ll be gentle,” The sadistic gleam in his eye sent my mind whirling. “At first.”

He ordered me to take my clothes off so I slipped out of the dress that I was sure would get me laid. I stood in front of him, shivering in just my lace bra and panties. My nipples became erect quickly as his eyes wandered over my body. I would never get use to the the feeling that his attention had on me. “Good girl” he said before walking over to the table and picking up a small knife.

An episode of criminal minds flashed into my mind. “You won’t be needing this anymore,” he carefully pressed the knife up against my chest and started to cut off my bra. The cold steel instantly turned me on. If my head wasn’t clouded with desire I would have mourned the loss of a sixty dollar bra.

His fingers traveled down my bare skin and I couldn’t keep the heat from rising to my cheeks. I knew my panties would be drenched by now and Jason would feel them. He cut off them off me and the cool air hit my lips. His infamous smirk teased me, “I’ve barely even touched you and you’re already soaking wet.”

I bit my lip as he slid his finger over my pussy, making sure to put pressure on my clit. He chuckled, “This is going to be fun.” He led me over to the pipe and gave me a safe word. I tried to prepare myself for what came next.

Jason walked over to the table and picked out a silver bullet vibe to torment me. “I want you to slide this inside of your eager pussy. If it falls out then you will be punished.” He handed me my undoing and I pressed it against my entrance. As soon as the cylinder was buried inside me the vibrations began.

Before I could register what was happening, I was pushed to my knees and chained to the pipe with my hands behind my back. My ankles were fastened next and it became very clear that Jason had no intention of letting me go anytime soon.

After I was secured Jason pulled off his shirt and I was on the brink of ecstasy. Next he dropped his pants and his obvious erection sent a shiver up my spine. When his dick sprang up infront of me I nearly combusted.

He suddenly grabbed me by my head and pulled my face towards his throbbing cock. “We have some unfinished business,” before I could respond he pushed the tip up to my mouth and commanded me to open. “If you come without permission you will regret it.”

The next ten minutes included me having my throat fucked and gagging on Jason’s cock. I kept choking on him and every time he penetrated my mouth it became harder to hold back the orgasm growing in between my legs. Just before I couldn’t take anymore Jason pulled out and a string of drool dangled off my lips. He smirked, “Such a good whore.”

I took the first deep breath I’d had in a while as he wandered back to the table with his cock still dripping with my saliva. “I think we need to add a bit more excitement, don’t you think?” I nodded and Jason told me to use my words.

“Yes.” I moaned as the vibrations increased.

“Yes what?” I was so busy trying to hold back the waves of pleasure I didn’t even see what he had in his hands.

“Yes, Sir.” His cock twitched as the words left my lips.

He tugged on my nipples and the stinging of the clamps brought me closer to my release. I was determined not to beg but every time his fingers touched me a spark shocked me underneath my skin.

I writhed in pleasure and pulled against my restraints as he stroked my clit methodically, bringing me to the edge of my orgasm before stopping completely. The door opened and one of the doms walked in on Jason using me as a personal fuck-toy.

Her corset pushed her boobs up to her chin and her long legs were wrapped in fishnet stockings. “I wasn’t aware that this room was taken.”

Jason went over to the woman and had a conversation that I couldn’t hear. When they were done the dom handed him a key and looked at me from across the room and scoffed, “Try not to get your tears on my equipment, slut.”

The door shut behind her and I was left at Jason’s mercy.

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