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Crap Weasel

My mother used to tell me that a watched pot never boils but if you were half as stubborn as I was you would know that it eventually does boil, so slowly that it’s almost painful.

I was experiencing the same phenomena with inevitable frustration taking over my thoughts; Having the undivided attention of an Adonis being ripped away from you twice in one day would make anyone lose their cool.

By the time I grabbed my clothes and made it to my apartment across town I was steaming out of both ears. It wasn’t until I made it to the door that I realized that I left my phone and purse with Kitty before I was hijacked by Captain Cruel.

I knocked on the door, “Mom!” Hopefully, she didn’t have her ocean waves sound maker on to drown out the ‘ghetto’ city noises.

When no one came to the door I twisted the knob and was surprised to find it open. My heels clicked on the wooden floor as I crept inside.

“Mom?” I whispered before flicking the light switch. The living room was exactly as I left it; I looked at the clock hanging beside the T.V, it seemed much later than midnight.

I took note of the closed guest-room door and came to the conclusion that she had already smeared on her night cream and didn’t bother waiting up.

I made it to the bed just before my legs gave out. Everything ached as I kicked off my heels and stripped off the dress.

The next five minutes consisted of me mentally writing out the speech that would set Jason’s ears on fire.

I fell asleep with the promise of addressing his less than amusing habit face to face.


The alarm clock disturbed my shallow sleep. The cold air nipped at my bare limbs, forcing me to stumble into the bathroom. I took a few minutes to wash my face and pull on the clothes closest to me.

There was no time to be picky so I scooped out a handful of cereal on my way out the apartment and hopped down the stairs while trying to put on shoes with one hand. The weeks of training that went into PinkCherry productions always left me dragging my feet on the way to work but I was on a mission.

Ditch me once shame on you; ditch me twice and you’re dead, bitch. My mother always said I needed to address my abandonment issues otherwise it would eat away my common sense. Maybe that’s why I was ready to barge into the building half-cocked with guns blazing.

I didn’t get far before being intercepted by the zombie Latina manning the front desk. “Morning, Whore.”

Her announcement made Sarah appear from under the desk with wild eyes and hair sticking up in a hundred directions; I didn’t plan on asking what she was doing under there.

“Hey guys,” Their makeup was smudged and telling of yet another wild night. “I take it you had a good time.”

“We didn’t ride random cock if that’s what you mean,” Jade glanced at Sarah and rolled her eyes, “Well I didn’t.” The argument from Sarah consisted of a moan and a slur that wasn’t audible.

I realized that someone was missing from the room, “Is Kitty hiding under that desk too?”

Apparently I said something funny because Jade looked as if she would burst into laughter if it wouldn’t be painful, “Last time we saw her she was swinging from the rooftops, Creamy Pussy really goes to her head.” I really hoped she was talking about a drink.

“So she could be roaming the streets right now?”

“Nah, we called the ghostbuster on her.” Before I could ask her anything else she began to reverse the line of questioning. “Besides I’m more interested in who your little ass got off with.”

I never realized how intimidating her muddy eyes could be when they are focused on prying out secrets. “I didn’t fuck anyone.”

Jade continued to stare me into the ground, “Where were you then?”

“Emergency,” I said, “My mom, she fell off the, uh toilet. Nearly broke her stapes.”

“Isn’t that in the ear?”

“Exactly why it was so crucial that I left immediately.” I could tell her bullshit radar was flying off the charts but eventually, she shrugged and excepted my poorly constructed lie.

“Clearly he didn’t screw the stupid out of you.” She murmured as I walked past; If I didn’t have bigger fish to fry then I would have made a zinger about her torn dress and tangled hair.

I knocked on Jason’s door and waited until I heard someone moving on the other side. Hushed whispers piqued my interest and I tried to hear what they were saying. Before I could make anything out the door opened and I was caught with my ear in a highly suspicious place.

I straightened out and tried to regain some of the confidence I had mustered up. Jason’s eyes peered down at me and suddenly I felt little.

“It’s early, Tara.”

I fidgeted with my sleeve and tried to remember my opening line, “Listen Crap-weasel,” Definitely not what I had planned but I would have to roll with it, “You can’t just tie a girl up with the promise of an orgasm that would make porn stars jealous and then just skip out the fucking room-”

“Tara,” Jason tried to cut me off but I refused to back down.

“Oh shut up for a minute, would you? That kind of torture is rude on so many levels and I don’t know how you were raised or if it’s another one of your sadistic games but-” That’s all I could get out before his hand came over my mouth.

Jason yanked his hand away and glared at me, “Did you really just fucking lick me?”

“You put a snack in between my breasts.”

He pulled the door shut and joined me in the narrow hallway; Our bodies were only inches away from each other but I tried not to notice. “You’re a childish piece of work, you know that?”

“Well, you’re a crafty son of a bitch.” I began another rant that had no foreseeable end before Jason slammed his hand back over my mouth.

“Lick me all you want but that won’t change the fact that if you keep being so fucking loud I will throw you over my shoulder, drag you out this building in front of everyone, take you back to the dungeon and whip your clenched ass until you won’t be able to do anything but beg for me to stop, is that what you want?”

I glared at him and tried to plan out the perfect murder.

“I’m going to move my hand but if you don’t keep your mouth shut you will be sorry,” he said before removing his hand.

He then went on to explain why he had to leave, both explanations were pitiful. “My mom isn’t very understanding when it comes to my sister and if she found out what happened then I would be the one that would pay for it.”

“And the girl?” I asked

Jason sighed, “Anna is a family friend.”

“Not her,” I frowned, “The one in your room.”

His gaze quickly drifted back to the door, “I had to bring my sister here last night.” My eyes fell on his sculpted chest and low cut pajama pants. “I take it by your eye-fucking that you’re not going to verbally attack me again.”

The day was still early; I tried to pry my attention away from his body. “Fine.” I conceded to his pathetic reasoning for selfish purposes.

“Good because you’ve been a very bad girl,” He smirked and slowly backed me further down the hall, “I want you to face the wall and raise your skirt.”

My eyes widened at the sudden command, “For what?”

“For one, you called me a crap-weasel,” He chuckled, “But you also spoke when I told you not to.”

He was right of course and I wasn’t willing to argue and risk being paraded in front of Jade and Sarah. I swallowed down my pride and turned my back to him before lifting my skirt over my ass.

“Hands on the wall, Tara.” He said with amusement in his voice. My heart threatened to jump out my chest when he pulled my thong out of its place.

“Don’t forget what will happen if you’re too loud.”

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