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Your Move

My body betrayed me each time his hand came down on my bare ass.

“Twenty-nine.” I bit my lip to hold back the moan climbing up my throat. Jason was completely invested in breaking me so he could parade me around as his conquest; I was determined to disappoint him.

I dragged in a deep breath before he landed another blow. “Thirty.”

That was the last one; Relief and anticipation swirled in my gut as his hand rubbed against the inside of my thigh.

His fingers lightly tapped against my lips and I was wet from the anticipation. Maybe he would finally finish what he started.

I should have known better than to get my hopes up; She came clicking over with freshly styled hair and a latte. I saw her stomach before I saw the witch attached to it but by then it was too late.

“Oh my god,” Her eyes widened in delight as I hurried to get my skirt back in place, “This is too good.”

Jason was no help as I floundered for an explanation, “I was just tying my shoe and then-”

Amy wasn’t buying it, “I always knew you had to be sleeping with the boss. I thought it was just Kitty.”

I heard Jason chuckle at my predicament and developed a sudden urge to elbow him in the stomach. Her smug grin told me what she was already planning to do.

I’d be known as the slut of all the sluts, queen slut, but not in a flattering way. “You can’t tell anyone.”

“Oh,” I could practically see the flames of hell reflecting in her eyes, “I really can and I think I’ll do it right now. Starting with your little friends.”

She turned to spread her web of gossip when Jason finally spoke up,

“If you tell anyone about this I will not hesitate to kick your nosy ass out of my business.”

Amy’s jaw fell to the floor, “You can’t talk to me that way, I’m pregnant.”

“Unfortunately you are.” This time my mouth fell open, “And if losing your job isn’t consequence enough, if I hear you blabbed even the tiniest bit I will tell everyone who the father of the baby really is.”

“Fine,” She tried to regain her composure but it was clear she was visibly shaken up, “No one would believe you two are together anyways.”

After one last condescending glare, she sashayed back the way she came.

“How’d you know she was lying?” I asked after a moment had gone by.

“I didn’t.”

Once the wicked witch had left us I felt Jason’s hand on the base of my back.

“Come on,” He led me down the hallway until we arrived at an exit.


I was cut off, “Field trip.” The sun bounced off Jason’s naked chest and wiped any protest from my mind. At that moment he could have persuaded me to follow him off a cliff.

After walking to the back of the building and discovering a hidden garage with Jason’s lavish car, we drove until our destination came into view.

“The mall?” I asked as he pulled into the only vacant parking space in a ten-mile radius.

“We’re gonna do some shopping,” He replied before leaving me in the car and walking towards Macy’s.

I struggled to catch up before the doors shut behind him and his unnaturally swift pace.

He finally explained as we fast-walked through the men’s, juniors, and fitness departments, “From now on you will dress for my convenience unless I say otherwise. That means skirts, loose tops, lingerie, or no underwear at all.”

Part of me wanted to fight for the use of my sweatpants, the other was intrigued.

“So we’re here to buy clothes?”


“Hate to break it to you but my salary doesn’t really cover sexy merchandise.” Maybe if I played my cards right I would get a raise.

Jason rolled his eyes with a hint of a smile teasing his lips, “I’ll take care of it.”

I nearly pinched myself to confirm the reality of the situation. He navigated his way to the aisles until we arrived in the lingerie section; he seemed to know exactly where he was going.

Bras were suddenly being tossed my way and I began to realize how Orlando Bloom feels on a daily basis. My arms were full of naughty little outfits that would put the cherry outfits to shame; I tried not to pass out when I saw the price tags.

Once Jason was done flinging underwear at me I shoved the pile into his arms and snatched a burgundy corset off the rack. “I’ve been dressing myself since I was five.”

He raised his eyebrow as I made my way to the changing rooms. The lady manning the desk looked at us in awe.

I didn’t like how her gaze lingered on Jason’s firm body. I coughed, hoping to snap her out of whatever fantasy she was having, and showed her my item. She quickly waved me in but stopped Jason as he started to follow.

“Sorry,” She gushed, “No men are allowed in the dressing rooms.”

He seemed unfazed by this revelation, “I’ll wait here then.” I looked between the two of them and wondered if I could strangle her with a bra strap before Jason could pull me away.

The dressing rooms were completely vacant; I slipped into the one closest to the exit and started undressing. For some reason, the stores always use disgusting lighting to shame hopeful women so I refrained from looking into the mirror until the last piece of the ensemble was on.

I sucked in a deep breath when I saw my average body tucked into a stunning outfit. The burgundy top was embellished with black lace that matched the thigh-high stockings. My small waist was accentuated by the garter-belt holding everything together.

Thinking of the horny helper waiting outside with Jason sent my jealousy into overdrive; I grabbed my phone and took a picture of my new look.

It’s common sense that sending risqué pictures to a practical stranger is a bad idea but I figured that since his cock had been inside me not even a day before I would make an exception.

He responded quickly, ‘I believe we found a winner. Now come back out here so I can properly enjoy the view.’

Now my mother taught me that teasing someone wasn’t the way a lady should act; I never cared much for rules.

‘I don’t know... I think I’m going to sightsee a little on my own...’ I swallowed down the anticipation gathering in my throat.

‘Don’t you dare touch yourself.’ I could practically see his nostrils flaring at my disobedience. Of course, I knew that my actions would come with repercussions.

I sat on the plush ottoman in the corner and let my hand drift in between my thighs, making sure to send another photo to Jason. ‘It just feels so nice...’

‘Tara, do not tempt me. Get out here so I can bend you over my knee.’

Tempting, and he knew it. His threats only put gasoline on the fire; Now I was flaming with passion.

I responded with a snapshot of my naked body, thighs stretched wide enough to show my fingers playing with my clit. ‘Your move.’

My phone went silent as I rubbed myself to the edge of my long awaited orgasm but there were loud footsteps approaching.

Suddenly Jason was at the door and I desperately let him in.

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