The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Fitting Room Fun

I was on my knees over the stool, my ass facing towards the door, and waiting for my punishment. Jason stood behind me, eyeing every part of my exposed body. My cunt was already dripping onto the faux wood floors.

I saw him getting hard through his jeans and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back much longer.

“You’re really a piece of work, you know that?”

As soon as I started to reply, there were two fingers buried inside my pussy. He immediately started stroking my G-spot nearly making me moan, but I wasn’t ready to give up control.

However, it’s hard to have the upper hand when someone else’s hand is stroking the most sensitive part of your body.

Jason stuck in another finger and sped up his assault, “Don’t hold back your moan. I want the whole store to hear you beg for my cock.” He forced my body against the stool, his grip snug around my neck.

The idea of being caught in such a provocative position made me shiver with pleasure. Jason was clearly determined to make me moan before he fucked me against the wall; His tongue toyed with my clit, circling slow enough to make me push my hips further onto his face.

My actions earned me a smack to my ass; The stinging only adding to the pleasure. I couldn’t fight my moans any longer and suddenly the fitting room was playing the sounds of my defeat back to me.

I watched the pornographic scene unfold in the mirror; Jason taking me anyway he wanted to, giving me exactly what I wanted.

It wasn’t long until the horny helper appeared in the reflection. Her eyes wide with awe as Jason dropped his pants; His throbbing cock was all the invitation I need to start taking it into my mouth.

I sucked him off while she watched me worship him on my knees. His groans encouraged me to keep forcing his member to the back of my throat.

After a few minutes he pulled me back by my hair, I cried out in surprise when he forced me against the mirror.

“Looks like we have an audience,” He whispered, “I wonder how she’ll react to seeing my cock pounding into your cunt.”

My nipples rubbed against the glass with every movement; His breath on my neck nearly sent me over the edge.

“Maybe I should just fuck her and let you watch.”

I whimpered at the idea of seeing him dominate another woman in front of me.

“What’s that?” He teased.

“Fuck me not her.” I saw her body tense at my proclamation.

“You want my dick all to yourself?” He held my arms above my head and pressed his body against mine.

“Yes,” I gasped at the sudden pressure, “I want your dick.”

He picked me up and slammed me against the wall as I wrapped my legs around his torso. “Is this what you want?” I nodded desperately before he finally gave my body what it had been aching for.

I drug my nails along his back; Marking him for the girl to see while he nearly broke me in half. His lips sucked and bit the skin on my chest, no doubt leaving a trail of hickies.

I rubbed my clit against his body, chasing my orgasm, until he forbid me from coming on his cock.

“You should be grateful that I’m screwing you after the stunt you pulled.” Desperation clambered up my throat as I took my punishment. I fought to keep my climax at bay when I made eye contact with the nosy bitch.

Her jaw was practically swinging at her feet when Jason came inside my quivering pussy. I whimpered as he pulled out and smirked at my defeated glance, “Such a needy whore.”

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