The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Kinky Fuckery

“This is seriously fucked up.” I snapped at the smug man sitting on my couch. With a full view of my ass and other parts, he was getting quite the show.

He was flipping through channels mindlessly while watching me begrudgingly pet myself. “If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime.”

I scoffed, “Sick bastard.”

“That’s not your safe word.” I rolled my eyes and tried to imagine his hand in the place of mine- rhythmically stroking my clit until I was humming out my approval and leaning against him in an attempt to get more.

But no, that’s not what would happen, His fingers would pinch and tease me before taking their sweet time stretching me- pumping in and out until my legs shook from the pleasure. Only then would he be satisfied enough to fuck me back into my place.

My eyes shut tight and I let the dirty thoughts run wild; The TV became white noise as I grinded against what I could only pretend was his dick. A soft moan fell from my lips and begged me to continue my great work.

I pushed a single finger into my desperate hole before Jason forbid any penetration. “Please,” I begged. The fantasy of his touch was falling apart at the seams.

“No,” I could practically hear the smirk in his voice, “But I do love the fact that you get so hot and bothered from thinking about me.”

“I’m not thinking about you,” Lying twat.

“So this has no effect on you?” His hands groped my exposed ass and pulled me closer to him; I let out a squeal of surprise when his fingers zeroed in on my throbbing clit. He rubbed slowly at first, bringing me to the edge of ecstasy before stopping abruptly.

“Please,” I said while failing to hide the desperation in my voice. “Keep going.”

He took mercy on me and continued exploring the crevices of my body, filling me with two fingers.

I waited for the sweet ecstasy of him stroking me but similar to me, it never came.

I wiggled against him but he only laughed at my attempt. He grabbed my hips with his free hand, “Fuck my fingers, Tara.”

That was all the permission I needed; I rocked back and forth on his fingers while pretending it was his stiff cock being buried inside me.

A whimper left my lips as I became more and more unsatisfied with only two fingers. The need for something more, something bigger, was insatiable.

I shivered with anticipation of my building climax. Thinking maybe he would be merciful but being let down.

He removed his fingers, “Such a hungry cunt.”

“Please,” I breathed out in a flurry of desperation, “Just fuck me.”

There was silence. My arms threatened to give out under the weight of my body.

“Alright,” My heart leaped as the words left his mouth, “On one condition.” There it was, the ultimatum.

I swallowed, “Yes, sir?”

“Prove how much you want my cock.”

I immediately left my position in front of the TV and turned to face him. He was stroking himself while devouring every ounce of desperation that seeped out of me.

My breathing was ragged as I watched him please himself. I wondered if I had I made him feel even half as tempted as he was making me.

The stand-off was brought to an abrupt end when he pulled me closer to his lap. His fingers pinched my nipples as I shuffled on my knees.

The moan that escaped my lips only made him smirk. It was painfully obvious that if he so much as licked my collarbone I would combust into a pile of ash.

Jason took a fistful of my hair and guided my face down to his hard cock, “Suck.”

I obediently ran my tongue over the ridges of his member; Circling my tongue over the tip before taking him into my mouth.

He sucked in his breath as I pushed myself further down. I gagged on his cock and briefly came up for air before his hand forced me back down.

“Good girl,” He said as I bobbed my head up and down.

I hummed as his fingers tweaked and pinched at my sensitive nipples. Everything in my body screamed to please him and be pleasured.

I wept in between my legs for his touch. Proving that I was worthy of being filled was the only thing racing through my mind; That and when my next pay check was coming in.

His cock twitched in my mouth as I buried it in my throat. “Holy fuck,” He groaned and bucked his hips.

He was under my control and for a second I understood how intoxicating the power was. That’s why I stopped just before he came.

His eyes were wild while trying to decipher what had just happened. He gave me eight inches and I had taken a mile.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.”

I grinned and watched him as the thoughts all fell into place.

“Over my knee,” He growled at the smug submissive resting in front of him. “Now.”

I obliged and poked my ass up just high enough to drive him insane. I braced myself for impact and in a matter of seconds, I was swatted with the spatula.

The stinging only excited me further.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Jason teased before smacking my ass again. This time I winced. “Naughty slut.”

I tried not to moan as my pussy rubbed against his jeans but Jason was doing everything to break me.

His hand cupped my dripping sex and chuckled as I tried to grind against it. I was back where I started- dangerously horny and pathetic.

He stuck his finger up to my lips and I deliriously began to suck. The feeling of my back hole being probed snapped me out of my trance.

I squirmed under his grip as he stretched me. “I told you I was going to fuck you,” He said, “but I didn’t say where.”

I whimpered at his touch, “Jason I-ah,” He pushed two fingers inside me and pumped them in and out. Cum dripped down my thigh as I writhed in ecstasy.

I gasped as he lifted me off of him and threw me onto the couch. He grabbed my hips and angled himself behind me.

“Since you’re so determined to say my name I want it to be the only thing coming out of those pretty lips. Understand?”

I nodded feebly before he thrust into me. My nerves sparked as he moved inside me and made it barely possible to support myself.

His fingers were tangled in my hair and pulled my head up high enough to view myself in the mirror across the room.

I gasped for air every time he plunged himself further into me. My body shook with pleasure as I screamed his name over and over until my throat was hoarse.

“Jason!” I cried at the top of my lungs just as the door crept open behind us.

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