The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Captain Cunt

“Spread your legs, whore.” Jade left no room for debate as she took the final measurements. I tried to ignore the feeling of my friend’s hands traveling up my thigh.

Kitty’s voice rang in my ears as Jade lifted my arms and threatened me to stand still. The weight of my eyelids seemed to increase as I waited for her to finish cutting out the Native American skirt that I was wearing at the event.

I watched her buzz around in a frantic tail spin, it was D-Day at Pink Cherry and no one could mask the excitement in the building. For the first time, we were hosting a live show for the audience.

The girls who volunteered to be the main course were in for quite a night but even as I stood in the middle of ground zero I couldn’t shake off the cloud looming above me. I hadn’t spoken to Kitty since she busted me for screwing the boss. I expected her to be angry but what I overheard sounded more like concern.

I wasn’t a complete idiot; I knew who Jason was and how he operated the minute I met him. Hell, I even dated some Jason types in High School. I knew what I was getting into and yet, I didn’t say no.

“Fuck me in the ass,” Jade hissed and snapped me out of my head. Blood dripped down her index finger and stained the brown fabric of my outfit.

“What happened?”

“Just forgot that scissors are sharp,” She wrapped her finger in a rag to help stop the bleeding.

Kitty swooped in to tend to the wounded but not before glancing at me standing helplessly to the side. Her faded pink hair whipped around as she ran to the back and grabbed the first aid kit.

“It’s not too deep,” She said while smearing the disinfectant on Jade’s finger. “You should be fine for tonight.”

Jade agreed and put the band aid on, “I can’t say the same for Tara’s outfit though.” I stared at the blood stains; You would think a group of women would be far more efficient when it comes to removing those.

Kitty looked at me and the skirt, “Do you have any other outfits ready?”

“Only another Pilgrim one but there are already way too many Pilgrim extras.”

“Put her in that then. I have to go deal with Wendy.” Jade furrowed her eyebrows and Kitty sighed, “She took some ecstasy last night and thinks she can fly.”

I watched her rush to aid the delusional whore and waited for Jade to say something. “Come on, let’s get you re-” She was cut off by the sudden screeching.

“They’re here!” A half naked Cherry cheered as the men who were co-starring in our show strolled into the building. Jason appeared from his office and greeted one of the guys in the front.

His dirty blonde hair was pushed to the side and a small gap in his teeth was visible when he smiled at something Jason said.

The stench of horny women wafted through the air as the guys followed him. Each one had a gray tank top hugging their muscular bodies and carried a small bag on their backs.

Jade walked up beside me and blinked in awe as they walked past us, “Dear Lord, how much blood did I lose?”

“Not nearly enough.” Amy snapped from behind us. I rolled my eyes and was greeted by her frigid expression.

“Go fuck a cactus, Amy.” Jade’s eyes widened at me.

Amy tried to act offended, “You bitch.”


Jade took me by the hand and led me away, “Ok, that’s enough of that.”

“I had more to say,” I said while she shoved the outfit into my arms.

“We all do but it’s almost show time and if we listed off everything we wanted to say to Satan’s mistress we would be here until next Thanksgiving.”


She pushed me into the dressing room, “Don’t make me dress you.”

I sighed and slipped myself into the dainty dress and glanced at myself in the mirror. As far as outfits went at Pink Cherry it was the most PG. Other than a stooping neckline and thigh length skirt it was practically innocent.

I waited at my vanity until it was ten minutes till show time. Sarah was curling her shoulder length hair while Jade fiddled with a frilly lace bonnet.

My hand slipped and smudged my eyeliner as Kitty rushed over to me, “Alright, I need you on the table.”


“Wendy is out and I’m down one pilgrim. You’re taking her place.” I tried to argue my way out of it but her mind was made up, “Tara, the decision is final.”

Jade overheard our conversation and defended me, “If she really doesn’t want to then I’ll take her place. I wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal with one of those tasty men out there.”

Sarah laughed, “There’s always the chance that you’ll get a Cherry and not a sausage.”

“I’ll take that risk.” Jade said and winked before going back to getting ready.

Kitty looked me in the eye for the first time since she walked in on me and Jason, “I need you on the table tonight.” I swallowed down the hesitation building inside me and nodded. I had lied to her for months, the least I could do was fill in where she needed me. Even if it meant I get filled in front of the entire store-again.

“Two minutes,” Kitty yelled and started ushering Cherries out the door, “Don’t forget the whipped cream, Jade!”

“Aye, Aye, Captain Cunt!” Jade laughed and tossed the can of whipped cream to me, “Take this to the table.”

“Is it for the dessert?”

Sarah and Jade looked at each other and grinned, “You can say that.”

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