The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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As I was walking to the center of the room I was certain of only three things.

One, I needed to speak to Jason and discuss what happened between us when no one was watching.

Two, Kitty was in no way going to forget what she saw.

Three, the underwire of my bra was ten seconds away from sawing through my left boob. Which was a shame since it was the biggest one.

I squirmed around in spite of myself to try and ease the sharp poking. As if on cue Jason came over and pulled me aside.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as I used him to shield myself from the crowd while I readjusted.

“Nothing.” I straightened my dress back out and stared at his ruby red contacts. “I see you got new eyes.”

He sighed, “I was trying to be festive.”

“Demon eyes is the way to do that?”

“Just stop twitching around like a worm in hot ashes and get on stage,” Jason commanded.

I paused and looked at the raven haired man standing in front of me. Something was different about him and yet still very familiar.

I broke the trance and responded, “Actually, Kitty moved me off the stage. I’m on the table now.”

“She did what?” His face fell as I tried to explain what happened. “I don’t want you up there.”

The party music blared into my ears and the room swirled around me. Was Kitty right? Did he love me?

“Why not?”

He turned as if looking for someone, “I need the best girls up there tonight. You’re still new.”

I scoffed, “I’ve been working here for months.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that your performance is average at best.” I tried to put out the fire burning inside me and took a deep breath.

“Fine.” The sounds of my blood rushing through my veins over powered the warning of the angel perched on my shoulder.

“If you excuse me I have a show to do and I’d hate to let you down,” I smirked at his curious expression, “Sir.”

I took long strides to the table and took my place next to Sarah. Her hands were fiddling with the hem of her skirt.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

She looked at me and nodded, “Lucas is here with Amy.”

“Oh fuck.” I looked around to try and locate the wicked witch but Sarah stopped me.

“It’s fine, I have to let him go eventually.”

I opened my mouth to say something but before I could the lights went out.

“Show time,” One of the Cherries whispered just before the spotlight flickered onto Jason.

His infamous grin stretched across his face as he welcomed everyone. The black robe of a priest fell over his body and he gripped a bible in his hands.

“-So let us break bread on this day, together. Feast on what we have and celebrate the life that the Lord has given us.” I felt his eyes wander to me, “Amen.” He was so going to hell.

There was a second of silence leading up to the Pythons first entrance. After they appeared with their half clothed bodies I prayed for earmuffs.

For the first time Pink Cherry had managed to pull in a sizable percentage of women; All because of San Diego’s male services establishment, The Cockpit.

Each one was dressed in the most revealing Native American outfit I had ever seen.

My stomach turned as the ring leader himself took the seat in front of me and smiled.

I tried to fight down the nerves swelling in my throat and remembered what Jason had said. In order to show him what I was really capable of, I would have to be the best virgin pilgrim to ever live.

It wasn’t hard to focus all my attention on the sexy blonde sitting across from me. His eyes wandered over my body shamelessly.

I straightened in my chair as the skit rolled on. The Cherry at the head of the table smiled and motioned toward the spread of fake food.

“Please help yourself to what we have to offer.”

The leader and Cheif looked at his tribe consisting of ten devilishly hot men and three of our boldest Cherries before smirking.

“I want her.” His gaze fell on me. I tried to act surprised by his desires and shook my head at his request. He didn’t take no for an answer. Suddenly the room was filled with cries of panic as the pilgrims were savaged and pinned down.

The Cheif swept the food off the table and lifted me from my chair, only stopping to flash a cocky grin to the stage before throwing me underneath him. The chanting of the crowd was all I could hear as his hands roamed my body.

I looked to my side to see Sarah being straddled by one of our own with a tongue down her throat and two fingers inside her skirt.

The lights flashed in my eyes and blinded me as I put on a performance for the record books. Moaning, tugging, writhing in pleasure was all I could think about as the Cheif ripped open my shirt and revealed my sinful undergarments.

His lustful gaze sent chills up my spine; The crowd had merely become white noise. I clawed at his bare back for dear life as he rubbed my crotch and sucked on my breasts, leaving a trail of hickeys all the way down to my lips.

His tongue pushed against my clit in an irregular pattern. The need to be filled grew in my core and before I could stop myself I had pulled him up and started begging.

He smirked and flipped me around on the table with my knees bent; The crowd stared back at the pitiful Cherry who was desperate to be fucked almost longingly. Standing so close that they could almost touch me.

I had very little time to prepare before the Cheif pushed his monster cock inside of me. A yelp fell off my lips with his first thrust and I had to bite my lip to prevent more. Despite the brutal fucking, I could almost slip off the table with the help of my cum dripping down my legs.

Tears stung my eyes as I was violently ravaged by a man I didn’t even know. My moans were ragged as he pushed me back down and tried to break me.

His lips were all over, claiming every inch of a body that already belonged to somebody else. I gasped as his hand found my throat and squeezed.

Black splotches formed in my vision and I tried to pry off his hand but he pinned mine above my head while continuing his mission.

I gasped underneath his clutch and squirmed, hoping that someone would stop the darkness from closing in on me.

In the movies, the woman’s lover would appear at the exact moment of her distress and rescue her from the hands of her attacker, but I didn’t get that. Instead, I got a friend screaming at the top of his lungs and shoving the guy away from my helpless body.

I stared up into the only bright spot in my vision and saw his hazel eyes gazing back. They were every color all at once and then they were gone.

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