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I Dare You

At age 19, Jason Walker watched the only girl he truly cared about mouth the words to an over used break up line and slam the door behind her.

He never wanted to feel that again.

It wasn’t hard to transform into a man that every girl would drool over because afterall, women are simple creatures when it really boils down to it.

So he learned french, took some cooking classes, got some contacts, and mastered the art of an Australian kiss, which we all know is like a French kiss but down under.

After graduation, he took out a few loans and opened his very own sex shop. He was hit with a shoe several times by his mother but he thought it was worth it.

He always listened to the rumors about the girl who got away, hoping that maybe someday she would stumble back into his arms. But he’d never admit that.

Losing her once was enough, or so he figured. Until there was a knock at the door and the room came crumbling down around him.

She was hurt and he needed to see her. It didn’t help that his cock was already stuffed down another girl’s throat.

He learned that love, the pain in the ass that it is, was far more complex than he had ever imagined.

Maybe that was why when he saw me dangling in the arms of his best friend, a better man, he only saw the flicker of flames in his vision.

Two minutes, that’s all it took for him to nearly lose someone else and it all was all because he couldn’t let go.

Jason searched the crowd, knowing that Kitty would hide among the guests. She probably hoped that he wouldn’t make a scene in front of them. She was wrong.

He finally spotted her, huddled between a redneck and a lady in a pants suit.

“You have two seconds to explain why Tara is up at that table,” His voice was rough but Kitty just shrugged.

“We were down a Cherry,”

“So fill in yourself,”

Kitty smirked, “Does it bug you that much?”

Jason’s mouth twitched before wiping the expression off his face, “I care very much.”

Kitty’s grin stretched but Jason wasn’t finished.

“I care that you put one of the most inexperienced girls we have up there without even running it by me first.”

“Oh come on,” Kitty said, “You’re full of shit and you know it.”

“And you’re not?”

“No, you do not get to hold that over my head. You need to be honest with yourself.”

“Honest about what?”

“Caring about her,”

“I’m gonna say this one more time because it seems like you haven’t grasped it yet,” Jason crept closer, “I don’t love Tara.”

“Fine, that doesn’t change the fact that we needed her up there.”

“You could have chosen someone else,” He snapped.

“Nobody else wanted the job,”

“That’s your problem.”

“No,” Kitty said, “Apparently it’s yours.”

Jason glared at the unwavering woman infront of him, “I have to go give an introduction.”

He turned and weaved through the crowd. Signaling the tech guy as soon as he reached the stage; He held onto the mic like it was the last thing tethering him to Earth.

Maybe if he didn’t have a job to do he would have leapt from his position and scooped up the girl sitting just ten feet away from where he stood. Instead, he forced himself to deliver his lines.

His eyes wandered over to the girl that he couldn’t reach no matter how close she was and sealed his fate with one final word, “Amen.”

He decided that he was in hell.

Jason slipped through the crowd and took his place in the back. When he saw his friend lunge forward he started to leave but Kitty stopped him.

“Where are you going off to?”

“The back,” Jason said, “I have work to do.”

He tried to move around her but she put her hand on his chest, “You wanna prove that you don’t love her?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,”

“Then watch, I dare you.”

Jason scoffed, “We’re not in middle school anymore.”

“If you do this then I will never bring it up again.”

Ten minutes of pain for a lifetime of peace; He’d be a fool not to take it. He let his gaze wander over the crowd. Sam’s lips were claiming what wasn’t his, what he didn’t deserve to kiss.

Pain flashed across his eyes as he turned away, “I’ll be in the back.”

Kitty didn’t manage to get a word out before Jason had shoved himself past her and disappeared inside the chaos.

He took solace in the solitude that came with his workbench. If he distracted himself then he was almost unable to hear the cheers from the roaring crowd outside his door.

However, he couldn’t tune out the frantic knocking that followed.

“I’m busy,” He said flatly. He wondered why Kitty couldn’t just leave him alone.

“You open this fucking door or so help me I will kick it down and then put my foot up your ass!” That wasn’t Kitty.

Jason marched across the door, ready to confront whoever thought it would be a good idea to piss him off but instead he was met with three familiar faces. Two were riddled with worry and the other was unconscious.

Time slowed as Ethan rushed past him with me cradled in his arms. The story fell off of Jade’s tongue but no sound was reaching his ears.

“Is she-” Jason stumbled over his words.

“Unconscious,” Jade said while Ethan placed my limp body onto the mattress, “That idiot choked her.”

His fingers curled into his palms as he tried not to look at the girl laying on his bed. It wasn’t enough to stop him from storming out the room and going to find whoever was responsible.

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