The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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I hesitated at the dressing room door. How do you approach a friend who just had you strangled? Do you go in guns a blazing or try and diffuse the situation with your wit?

I didn’t like my options.

When I mustered enough courage to face Kitty I pushed open the door only to get an eyeful of a raven-haired girl riding a man like her life depended on it.

Her head turned to look at me as I stood there in surprise.


“Oh my God,” Jade dismounted the man laying on top of the sewing table and rushed over to me. “Thank God you’re alive.” I was crushed inside her embrace.

More than a few questions popped into my head but the naked guy sauntering his way over was quite the distraction.

Dark brown eyes peeked out from under the faded blue hair laying over his forehead. He wrapped his arms around Jade’s waist after she released me and gave me a soft smile.

I cleared my throat, “So who’s this?”

“Flynn,” Jade said while stroking his arm. “We’re friends.” They exchanged a look but I brushed it off.

“Where’s Kitty?”

“She was in the BDSM room last time I checked but I woul-” I didn’t wait for the end of the sentence before barging through the door and shutting it behind me.

Kitty’s eyes grew wide when she saw me. “You’re awake.”

“That’s what they keep telling me,” I wouldn’t put it past me to construct a fantasy world to avoid reality, but that was an issue for another time.

“I am so sorry for what happened,” I looked over to the side of the room and saw a disheveled Sam sitting against the wall. “I really didn’t mean to.”

His lip was busted open and oozed blood from his forehead. He would probably need stitches.

I opened my mouth to respond but Kitty cut me off, “It’s my fault.”

“So it’s true, You told him to choke me?”

“No,” Kitty came closer to me, “I only told him to be rough I di-”

I swallowed down the anger growing in my throat, it was still sore, “Why?”

She bit at her lip, “I wanted to see what Jason would do.”

I glanced back over to Sam, “I guess now we know.” I turned to leave and got as far as the dressing rooms before Kitty came after me.

The room was empty, Jade and her friend probably went to celebrate my return from the dead somewhere else.

Kitty grabbed my arm, “I didn’t know this was going to happen.”

“That doesn’t make it better.” I snatched my arm away and continued to the door.

“I was just mad, okay?”

I took a deep breathe and turned to face her. “At what, why do you care so much about who I’m fucking?”

“I don’t I jus-”

“You what?” I spat, “Love him?”

She sighed and avoided my gaze, “No.”

“Love me then?” Venom dripped dripped off my tongue but when Kitty’s eyes met mine I realized I had made a mistake.

She fidgetted with the hem of her skirt for a second, “You should let him go.”

I laughed sarcastically, “Why does everyone keep telling me what to do? I’m so fucking tired of it.”

“Then maybe Jason isn’t the best person to be screwing,”

Steam practically spewed out of my ears, “That’s none of your business.”

“It is my business if it effects the business.” She replied.

“You’re acting like a jealous bitch.” I was seething. Not even twelve hours before I was nearly murdered on her command and all she could do was question my life choices.

“Is that what you really think this is?” She asked, “You think I’m jealous of you fucking him?”

“What else am I supposed to believe?”

Kitty threw head back, “Maybe that I care about you or your happiness because I’m your friend.”

“Friends don’t get eachother strangled.”

Kitty stared at me; Her eyes were swirling with pain and need for me to say it was all okay but I wouldn’t.

I hurried out the door and this time she didn’t follow, instead she slammed the door as I marched to see the man who started it all.

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