The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Out of This World

“Need to change your panties?” Kitty laughed while retired to the back room. I considered a wardrobe change or maybe a robe to hide the growing wet spot.

Moans and illicit begging filled the night and continued on an endless loop in my head. After we watched several Cherries ride themselves to an explosive orgasm on the Arabian, Kitty dragged me around to watch the other toys in action.

Some were more mundane while others required the Cherry to be tied down and blindfolded for the complete sensation. There were even a few daring to venture into uncharted territory, alien sex. Pink Cherry included unusual fetishes along with common kinks. No freak left behind.

I stood on the sidelines and watched girls be stimulated by water, pain, dildos, anal beads, and plugs that were all controlled by strange men three feet from the action.

“Tara,” Kitty snapped and pulled me out of my thoughts.

“Yes?” I squeezed my legs together to hide the dripping between my legs but the pressure made my body ache.

She twisted her face in a knowing smile, “I said that you got the job.”

“I did?” My heart raced, “I got the job.”

Kitty nodded and laughed, “Come on, you need to get out of those wet panties.”

When the third bell rang all the Cherries started to drift back into basecamp. A few bothered to pull back on their outfits but most opted to change back into their day clothes as soon as possible.

A group to my left group bragged about their climax count. A sandy blonde claimed she had fifteen orgasms in the three hours of playtime, she was declared the winner of the night.

I scanned the stream of exhausted girls until Jade dragged herself through the door. I waved her over and the motion nearly made my breasts fall out of my top. Jade carried her bralette in one hand and a wad of cash in the other.

“Shit,” Kitty stared at the money, “Did you get a millionaire?”

Even though Jade’s eyes were drooping she maintained a glowing smile, “No, he just liked exophilia.”

Kitty nodded and I glanced between them for an explanation. Finally, Jade caught on to my not so subtle stare down.

“He’s into getting it on with an alien.”

I chuckled, “Wait, you were one of the girls on the-”

“Yes.” Jade cut me off before I could finish my statement.

She stunned me with her nonchalance. “How was it?”

Jade snickered at her own joke before she told us, “Out of this world.”

I rolled my eyes and grinned, “And the money was for that?”

“Uncommon fetishes usually warrant higher tips,” Kitty said. “Just the way it is.”

Sarah strolled in when I opened my mouth to ask more questions. Her milky white body moved towards us with elegance. “How was your date with the devil?” I asked.

Sarah grinned, “I’ve never seen him so frustrated.”

Kitty and Jade cheered for the win. As Sarah told us the details of her night, she became my hero. The paint smeared throughout her erotic excursion and brought out the golden flecks in her blue eyes.

When I checked back into reality I remembered that Jade and Sarah came back with little to nothing covering them. The chill from the AC made it hard to ignore.

Despite the bold attitude she carried, Jade blushed at her nipples’ behavior. “I should put something on,” Sarah followed her to the changing rooms.

“Is every night like this?” I asked, not sure if I could handle the answer.

“Only the last Saturday of the month,” Kitty said and I sighed in relief.

When the very last Cherry wandered back into the room I went on a hunt to find my clothes. With all the hustling around, my dress shirt and pants had been tossed onto a pile of scrap fabrics. Before I could take my leave, Kitty called my name from across the room.

“Hey,” She ran up to me. The golden bikini had been replaced with a sweatshirt and jeans, “Here’s your paperwork. Fill it out and bring it back tomorrow morning.”

She handed me a packet of papers and I nodded. “The faster we can get you trained the faster you can join the rest of us on the floor.”

My stomach flipped, “Sounds great.” Kitty winked and started to walk back to the vanities.

“Hey, one more thing.”

She turned around, “Yeah?”

“Who was the guy who was on the stage?” With all the chaos and moaning I didn’t have time to think about the man at the end of the stage, until now. He seemed to be the only male employee other than the gruff bouncer.

“Just Jason.”

“The guy who makes the toys?”

Kitty scoffed, “Yeah, and he never lets you forget it.”

I nodded, not knowing how to respond and unwilling to ask for more details, yet.

“You’ll probably meet him after your training is over,” Kitty said. “He won’t miss the induction of a new Cherry.”


She smiled, “Don’t worry about it.”

But I did worry about it, the whole walk home. While I never had the chance to join a sorority, I knew hazing was often cruel or at least humiliating. Induction sounded formal, however, they could just hand me a certificate in assisted masturbation and send me on my way. No matter what scenario I created, I couldn’t get rid of the pit in my stomach.

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