The Toy Maker (Under Construction)

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Green-Blue Eyes and Tequila

The door was locked but just for good measure, I tugged on it a dozen more times.

“Fuck.” Without my house keys, I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near my true love, the bed.

If my rebellious phase taught me anything, it was when one door closes there will always be an open window to squeeze your fucked up ass through.

I scrambled around the building to find an open window. The one to the dressing rooms were shut tight, thank God, but eventually, I came across one in the back that was unlocked.

The real challenge would be prying it open so I tapped into my inner locksmith and jammed my keys under the window to lift it up. The wood cracked and groaned before giving in.

Finally, love was an open window. I peered into the room and saw a lot of tables filled with dismembered toys. I came to the conclusion that I stumbled upon a fuck toy graveyard.

I lifted my feet through the window and began to slide myself in gracefully. The plan included landing like a cat or a Puma on my feet, instead, I ended up losing my grip and landing on my ass. There’s another bruise.

Tapping into my ninja-like skills, I pushed myself off the ground and scurried around the room in search of an exit. My only goal was to retrieve the purse, get to the cab, and complete my quest for sleep.

My mission came to a screeching halt when the big bad wolf appeared. “What are you doing?” Jason’s voice startled me and nearly knocked me off my unicorn.

I clutched my chest, “You scared me.”

“Why are you here?” He was a regular night in rusty armor.

“I need my keys.” I slurred.

Jason glanced down to my hand and met my drunken gaze. “You mean the ones in your hand?”

What a smug bastard, just assuming that I’m some sort of idio- “Oh.” The keys dangled from my limp fingers. Jason smirked at my absent-mindedness and I felt my cheeks begin to burn. I struggled to find anything other than my shame to focus on.

Unfortunately, my eyes finally zeroed in on Jason’s appearance. His hair was tousled on one side as if he had just woken up from a nap; a smudge of black grease was smeared across his face and completely delicious-looking bottom lip.

“You’re wasted,” Jason said.

“That’s what my mom says but I don’t think she is in any position to judge with that droopy husband of hers.”

“Your father?”

“Psh,” I replied “My daddy was a stud. Unfortunately for me, I look more like my mom.”

He smiled in spite of his desperate need to hate my presence in the building and my heart leaped.

I shook myself out of it and aimlessly walked around the toy graveyard. Pieces of toys were scattered across several tables. One toy, in particular, caught my eye; I lifted the oddly assembled gadget off the table.

“That’s not finished,” Jason rushed over and grabbed the toy from my weak grip, brushing against my hand in the process. It could have been the tequila or the fact that I had been celibate for a large portion of time but I would testify in front of a jury that I felt fire moving up my arm. The heat turned my legs to mush. Or it was the tequila.

Those thoughts were cut short, “How long are you staying?”

“As long as it takes for you to explain your doo-dad.” I ignored his rude way of insinuating he wanted me out. For a moment I figured he would laugh in my face then show me the door instead, he looked between me and the toy. “Fine,” He conceded, “But after that, you go.”

“Yes, sir.” A soft groan from him and a smirk from me.

He held up his masterpiece up to the light. It resembled a Ferris wheel but with tongue replicas where the carts should be. “The idea is that-”

“I’m pretty sure I understand the idea,” I rolled my eyes.

Jason set the toy on the table, “It’s a work in progress.”

“It’s a bit ridiculous,”

He raised an eyebrow, “What?”

The words tumbled out before I could bar them in, “You’re building a carnival ride of tongues and it won’t ever replace the real deal or the suction thing everyone over eighteen has.”

“Everyone?” Crap.

I ran my fingers over the edge of his table, “Do you live here?”

“It’s cheaper than an apartment,” As if he couldn’t afford it, “and you just avoided my question.”

I grinned in spite of myself, “What question?”

Jason shook his head, “Do you always have to act like a child?”

I scoffed, “I’m not the one spending my free time playing with toys.”

“You sure about that?” Our eyes locked.

If part of the job description was being able to withstand his blue eyes cutting into my flesh, I was screwed.

He snapped directly in front of my face causing me to jump. “Ha,” He said with a smug grin. “You blinked.”

My eyes widened, what a child.

“You really suck.”

He responded without a second thought, “You really swallow.” I took a break from our staring contest and glanced around the room. The empty bottle of liquor behind him explained some of his behavior.

I rubbed my hands over my face in frustration, “Listen asshol-”

“Why is there ink on the back of your hand?” He interrupted the tirade that hadn’t begun yet.

I stared at the faded writing, “It’s my address.”

“No, that’s this address.” Funny how all addresses look alike.

“Oh yeah, I guess it is. Kitty wrote it before she shoved a cock down her throat.”

Jason’s eyebrows rose to the ceiling, “She did what?”

“Don’t worry,” I yawned, “She threw it up afterward.”

He watched me wander over to a cot tucked away in the corner. Cheaper than an apartment but also less comfortable.

“You’re really smashed, aren’t you?”

“We can’t smash.” I flopped onto the bed. “You’re the boss man.”

Jason sighed, “Alright, you take the bed,” Like he could call it that, “I’ll take the couch,”

There wasn’t a couch insight but it didn’t matter, “I can’t stay I have to make a phone call.”

“At two in the morning?”

No. “Maybe,”

He sighed, “As much as I would like for you to leave it’s too late for you to be wandering around by yourself,” I opened my mouth but he continued before I could protest, “You’re drunk and it’s late. Take the cot.”

I nodded, “Where’s the couch?”

“There are rooms back there,” He pointed beside one of the many shelves lining the wall. On the other side, I could see the start of a hallway. I wondered how big this building actually was.

After a few minutes of me silently fumbling with the clasps on the shoes Sarah let me borrow, Jason joined the campaign to free me of them. His fingers brushed against my heel as he took off the shoes and put them on the floor.

“Thanks,” The contact sent shivers throughout my body. It’s the tequila. He leaned in to lift the covers over me and met my gaze; His blue eyes dazzled under the light. I paused, “Weren’t your eyes green before?”

“Contacts.” He said while picking up one of the pillows beside me and the spare blanket at my feet.

“Contacts now or contacts then?”

He switched off the light and walked to the door, “Goodnight, Tara.”

“What!” I yelled, “Tell me what color your eyes are, Jason!”

The sound of the door shutting was my response. I sank down into the covers and tried to ignore the cologne weaved into every fiber of the bed. The first sign of sunlight and I was going to sneak out the back window. I only needed to stay awake for a few more hours.

Except I didn’t give the cot enough credit.

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