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“Maiden?” a low voice called from the hallway outside Ariel’s bedroom door. “Are you there?” Ariel turned her head to bury her face in the pillow. No more tears fell from her eyes. It was as if she had run out of tears to cry since she watched Vanessa and Eric together that second time. It felt different watching them together when she thought it was a twisted form of foreplay.

The way Eric tried to pleasure her with such vigor was the very same as the way he used to pleasure her. Now it seemed that he didn’t think of Ariel as anything. Not even a girl he could see as a mistress. She was nothing but a past fling.

The door creaked as the guard outside opened it. “Prince Eric sent me to get you ready to leave the castle,” He watched her for a second without emotion on his face before he unzipped his fly. Ariel backed up against the headboard, staring with wide eyes at the man as he started tugging on his flaccid member in front of her.

“He told me to make sure you left in a state of bliss,” he explained kindly. “He told me to make you cum one last time before you left and that is a promise I intend to keep.” He stepped over to the bed, pulling her legs apart and tugging Ariel to him by her thighs. He hooked a finger in her thong and pulled it to the side to expose her pussy, his mouth watering at the sight of it.

Ariel gasped as she felt his cock line up with her pussy lips. He used his thumb and the knuckle of his index finger to pinch her chin and pull her mouth to his, kissing her with everything he had. He gently rolled his hips, spreading her arousal over his hardening dick. “God, you’re wet,” he mumbled, breaking their kiss to move his lips to her neck.

“Your body feels fantastic, sweetheart,” he said, pulling her gown up above her breasts so he could stare at all of her assets. “It’s a marvel Eric hasn’t impregnated you by now. You’re so damn sexy, how does he go around town without you permanently on his dick?”

Ariel moaned at his words and pulled his head down to let him suck at her hardened nipple. “These are perfect,” he said, squeezing a breast in his hand as his lips landed on her collarbone. She pushed his head away each time his kisses took too long. She would let him fuck her but he couldn’t leave marks on her body. The only one with that right was Eric, even if he wanted nothing to do with her.

“I wanted to ravish you,” he panted into her tit, his hand lingering on his dick. “But I’m not sure I can with you squirming like that,” he gasped, driving his cock into her wet cavern. They’d only been making out and grinding on each other like horny teenagers for less than five minutes. Eric would have taken his time to kiss her and make her reach her peak at least once before entering her.

The man above her pumped his cock inside her at a fast pace, his face scrunching up as her pussy tightened around him. His eyes went crossed for a moment when Ariel reached her fingers up to his broad shoulders and ran a nail down the bulging muscles.

He was fit. She did have to admit that she would have loved to smear her cream all over those rippling pectorals he would have probably cum on the spot like a virgin if she were to have done that. Eric was more attractive to her anyway, a lean man with expert control over his primal urges was somehow superiro to the mass of muscles fucking her.

The drapes fluttered as a summer breeze rolled past her windows. Ariel felt her world slow down for a moment as the reality of her situation set in. Eric had given her away to a guard for sex, sex that she was enjoying in front of an open window where anyone could see her indiscretions, if they could even be called that.

She moaned loudly, her mouth falling open as her eyes rolled back. Her pussy pulsed around him but she didn’t come even close to squirting as she had so many times under the weight of Eric’s body. He moaned and thrust inside her once more before semen flooded her pussy. He didn’t thrust into her through his completion and he didn’t whisper sweet nothings in her ear as he climaxed, as Eric once had.

As soon as his orgasm passed he stood, his dick slipping out of her slick opening, which was nowhere near as flooded as it always seemed to be when it was Eric’s cock inside of her. “It’s time to go,” he said without emotion, zipping up his pants and straightening his sleeves like it was a job well done, and it was if the way Ariel was sprawled out on the bed was anything to go by. Traces of semen fell from her used pussy as she heaved her last few breaths as a palace guest.

Her eyes were trained on the ceiling as he gave her a moment to compose herself by stepping outside the room after gently whispering for her to only be a moment. She felt dirty, like a whore. Eric had sold her to the guard and she had enjoyed it. No wonder he favored Vanessa. She didn’t seem like the type to enjoy meaningless sex.

Ariel deserved to be turned over to the Sea Witch to be enslaved forever. She had taken this gift of legs on land and used it to gorge herself on genitalia of every kind. She let her hand wander down to her cavern, spreading her lips and dipping a finger inside herself.

She closed her eyes and imagined it was Eric’s leftover ejeaculate inside of her. How would things be different if it had been? If he had never met Vanessa? Would he be betrothed to her now? Would she become a human forever?

Ariel moaned and arched her back into her fingers, bringing her thumb up to polish her sensitive pearl as her fingers dove in and out of herself. She imagined Eric, his lips encircling her nipple, his hands caressing her bum as his cock drove in and out of her. Ariel continued to squirm.

She imagined his eyes trained on her, his crooked smile as he watched her try to hold off the rapidly approaching orgasm. He brushed her hair out of her eyes and whispered sweet nothings in her ear before planting a gentle kiss on her lips. She was done for.

Ariel gasped and her eyes fell shut, the imagery bringing her over the edge. Her toes curled and her thighs shook as she felt the familiar pulsing of her pussy as she reached her release. Her hand fell to her side and the guard opened the door once again.

“Let’s go,” he said, holding out a hand for her to place hers in. She didn’t have to worry about trying to do her hair or adjust her clothes anymore, it wasn’t like Eric really gave a shit what she looked like now that he only had eyes for Vanessa, the tramp that she was.

Ariel didn’t take his hand, pushing herself off the bed. She pulled the simple dress down to her knees and wiped her hands on the skirt. Since Vanessa’s takeover Ariel was not allowed to have nice dresses and no group of servants came to fawn over her as they dressed her in the morning.

Ariel didn’t care about that loss as much, she was a princess. She was used to having every last thing she could possibly want. If she wants that life she would never have gone to the Sea Witch to get legs to walk on land, she would have stayed in Atlantica.

The guard placed a hand on her lower back, guiding her through the doorway before he shut the door and followed closely behind her. “You were such a joy to have around the palace. I think I speak for all of the staff here when I say you will be dearly missed,” he told her, nodding at another guard in passing.

Ariel looked over to him sadly, expecting to see some sort of grief or any other sign of genuine sadness but she could not find it inn is facial features. His eyes were not trained on her own, they ventured further south to rest on her plump breasts and the pert nipples underneath her gown. When Ariel reached to cover them he cleared his throat and looked away.

“Miss,” a feminine voice called behind her. Ariel turned around slowly, her eyes widening at the sight of Carli walking quickly down the hall to catch up with her. The simple flats thudded softly on the tiled floor. “I can take her from here,” she told the guard, looping her arm with Ariel’s, a gesture between friends she wasn’t expecting to receive after winning over her lover mere days ago. The guard nodded and fell back but Ariel could hear him continuing to follow the two women.

“I think what Vanessa is doing to you is really fucked up,” she told the redhead plainly. “My mistress and I have been watching over her for awhile now and we know she has done something to him. Poison, or something like that. He isn’t himself lately. It’s like he’s under a magic spell, as crazy as that sounds,” Ariel raised an eyebrow at the girl.

“What I’m trying to say is that we know him. He’s infatuated with you. Or at least with that magic pussy of yours. Prince Eric has a good heart and when he falls, he falls hard. If he really was himself it would be you he is marrying before sunset today. Not her. It is you he loves,” Ariel looked to the side, not wanting to cry in front of the small girl she had only interacted with once before.

They reached the top of the staircase and Ariel took a deep breath. Vanessa stood by the door, a hand on Eric’s chest, both of his arms encircling her waist. The sight made Ariel feel like she was going to vomit spectacularly on the floor. Grimsby stood to the side of them, hands behind his back, his usual stoic expression on his face.

Ariel took another step forward but Carli stopped her, pulling her in for one last kiss. Carli’s hand tangled itself in Ariel’s long red locks as she parted the mermaid’s lips, dipping her tongue in her wet hot mouth. Carli’s other hand reached down, rubbing against Ariel’s clit through her gown for a minute or two before she pulled away.

Tears rolled down Ariel’s face that Carli wiped away with her thumb. “No tears,” she told her. “Don’t forget us.” She pulled Ariel in for a hug. “I wish it was you who was going to be our princess,” she whispered before departing before Ariel could see the tears streaming down her own face.

The guard moved closer to her, his hand trained on her back once more to lead her to the prince and his fiance. “I trust you have done your duties,” Eric said to the man in front of him. He only got a curt nod in response. Eric’s eyes turned to Ariel’s, locking with hers. “Did you cum?”

Vanessa’s head snapped in his direction, eyes wide and mouth agape. She looked as if she could kill him at that moment. Ariel searched his eyes for any trace of the love she knew he once felt for her. There was a flicker there. His eyes looked a little greener and that whimsical sparkle he got as he bent her over any surface in the castle was there for only a moment. The moment he blinked and his eyes looked a little darker.

Ariel nodded, watching him turn to Vanessa and plant a kiss on her lips, as if showing her that it meant nothing to him what Ariel’s answer was. Vanessa seemed content as she turned away, watching Ariel with a subtle smirk. “Goodbye, princess,” she said, pulling Eric away with her.

Grimsby smiled softly at her before following slowly behind his boss and his tyrant bride-to-be. “It was a pleasure knowing you, Miss,” he mumbled as he passed. Ariel took one last longing look down the hallway they left through before walking through the castle doors, not wanting to think about everything she was leaving behind.

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