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Ariel only got through the doors before she collapsed on the castle steps and buried her face in her hands to cry. Why would he ask if she orgasmed if he didn’t care? And why would he send her away if he did care?

She wiped her eyes with the palms of her hands and looked to the sky. The sun remained high in the sky but it wouldn’t change anything. The light from the sun flickered for a moment and Ariel looked up to see Scuttle flying towards her, Sebastian holding on to his flipper as he closed in on Ariel.

“I’m coming in hot, Ariel. Watch out!” The bird warned her as he and Sebastian slammed into the door then tumbled down the steps. Scuttle shook out his feathers and Sebastian adjusted his shell, glaring at the seagull.

“Congratulations on your wedding, Ariel,” Sebastian said, warmly, walking towards Ariel and placing a claw on her shoe with a small smile on his face. “You must be so happy.” Scuttle shoved the small crab aside, wacking him in the face with his wing.

“Everyone in town is talking about it,” Scuttle relayed excitedly. “You must have really done a number on that prince,” he said, looking Ariel up and down before offering a thumbs up in her direction.

“I guess you get to be human after all,” Sebastian added, smiling. “I’m happy for you, Ariel.” Ariel sniffed before a single tear rolled down her cheek slowly. She took her skirt and wiped it away quickly, turning away before her friends would see more of her tears.

“Oh, Ariel,” Flounder said sadly from the water. “I’m so sorry.”

“But wait a minute, if you aren’t marrying the prince, who is?” Sebastian asked. The door to the palace creaked, causing Ariel to shoo Scuttle away and grab Sebastian, diving over the edge of the steps.

“Right this way, your highness,” Grimsby said, bending down and avoiding eye contact with the happy couple. “The boat is nearly ready to set sail,” he said. “Your happy ending awaits.”

Ariel clenched her fistg, forgetting only briefly that she held her father’s right hand man. Sebastian did his best not to yelp and give away their position to the couple about to be wed and Grimsby. “Her?” Flounder whispered from the edge of the shore as soon as they turned to go down the dock. “It can’t be, they just met the other night,” he insisted. Ariel and Sebastian turned to Flounder with interest.

“The other night?” Sebastian asked, walking over to the fish. “What exactly do you mean by that, young man?” Flounder gulped and turned to Ariel as if it was the biggest secret he’d ever held close in his life.

“I saw her. That woman. Walking on the beach. She was singing. The prince walked right up to her after that. He asked what her name was. I don’t think they knew each other before that,” Ariel could feel her heart constricting in her chest and she clutched at it with an open palm, leaning against the edge of the steps to keep herself from falling down. “I thought you knew!” her best friend insisted. “I’m sorry, Ariel!”

The sound of a horn echoed through the sky and they all turned to watch Vanessa and Eric wave from the back of the boat. Onlookers stayed close to the dock and waved at the boat as it left the harbor, wishing their prince well on his upcoming marriage. The couple smiled at their adoring fans before they shared a brief, but tender, peck on the lips. Ariel gasped and Scuttle started to fly up into the air to get a better look.

“Something isn’t right here,” he observed. “It’s almost fishy,” he said with a small chuckle to himself. The bird quickly cleared his throat after Sebastian sent him a disapproving look.

“I’ve got it!” Flounder exclaimed. “We need to stop the wedding!” Ariel arched an eyebrow and Sebastian snapped his pinchers.

“Excellent idea, my boy. Scuttle, you get back up, we’ll get Ariel to the boat.” Scuttle nodded and flew off while Sebastian and Flounder worked to devise a plan to get Ariel to the boat the fastest they could.

“I could pull her,” Flounder suggested. Sebastian shook his head, neither of them noticed as Ariel began to wade through the water, not caring that her nightgown was going to get drenched with water, or that her nipples had begun to harden due to the cold temperature of the sea.

“That will never work, you’re too small. It would take too long,” he shrugged then jumped at the sound of Ariel splashing below the waves. She swam harder than she ever had before. She could feel the human limbs dragging her down but there was no time to dwell on it. The ship hadn’t gotten too far out to sea. If she wanted any hope of securing her prince she needed to hurry to catch it. “Ariel!” Sebastian called out to her. “This won’t work!” But she pushed her body further, feeling the same exertion she felt on the nights that Prince Eric had kept her up with a late night fucking.

The boat wasn’t moving very fast which made it easier for Ariel to catch up. When she was within five feet of the boat, she pushed her legs even further and grabbed on to the back deck, trying and failing to pull herself up. Flounder, seeing his opportunity, pushed her from behind and she flopped onto the slick surface, offering her friends a thumbs up before she began to climb up the ladder.

Ariel didn’t need to go very far, Vanessa was easy to spot. The prince’s beloved let her legs dangle over the edge of the boat, her toes nearly three feet from the water. Ariel hid behind a column, watching her new enemy with interest.

Vanessa looked to the right, then the left, before reaching an arm down to the water. “Come to mummy,” she called, her nails brushing against the water. Her voice seemed deeper than before, and her demeanor had changed from the sugary persona Ariel had come to known to full on bitch.

For a moment, nothing happened and Ariel thought the girl seemed deranged. Then the water swirled slightly and two slick heads broke the surface of the sea. These two were ones Ariel would recognize anywhere. It was Flotsam and Jetsam.

Ariel had to cover her mouth to prevent the gasp that threatened to spill from her lips. One wrapped itself around Vanessa’s leg and the other jittered eagerly beneath her toes, it’s tongue flicking out to touch her skin, it’s eyes rolling back in bliss at the taste.

“Now, now my pretties. Give mummy a chance to get ready,” Vanessa slipped the dress over her head, revealing the naked body she had underneath. She gripped the back of the platform she was sitting on and spread her legs, letting her henchmen wrap their bodies around her legs to pull her into the water.

She pet them fondly, one of them flicking its tongue over her breast, using the back half of its body as a makeshift floatation device to hold its mistress’s head above water. The second eel wasn’t anywhere in sight, so Ariel supposed it was below the surface, tending to her other womanly needs.

“You know just what I need,” Vanessa moaned. “These humans have no idea how to pleasure a woman. They don’t know me like you do, my pets.” The eel suckling at her great down under lifted its head up, dipping its tongue into her parted lips.

This was when one of the eels wound itself around her, pushing Vanessa’s breasts together. “Do you like them? I know these ones aren’t as good as mine but I think you shall still be satisfied.” The second eel attacked her breast with gusto, suckling on it like a newborn.

Vanessa pulled the slimy head towards her, grinding her body against it’s muscular form. “Yes,” she moaned. “That’s wonderful, my sweets. Just like that.” Ariel looked on in curiosity but also horror as the eels lapped at her breasts and rubbed against her body. Ariel might have been a nymphomaniac herself but there is no way she would be caught dead grinding against an eel.

There was a soft buzzing below the surface and that’s when Ariel realized what Vanessa might have found so appealing about the whole thing. With its tail the eel was working in and out of her pussy, and shocking her along the way. As the vibrations coursed through her, Vanessa’s moans became restless and she shook with need.

The eels appeared to be nursing her breast. Ariel wasn’t sure what treat they could possibly be getting out of it, they weren’t her children and there was no milk to give. That’s when the first eel pulled back and Ariel realized it wasn’t milk they were after. It was blood. And Vanessa loved every minute of it.

The eel shared another slimy kiss with the woman, giving her a taste of her own blood before licking it from her lips. That’s when Ariel turned away so she wouldn’t lose her lunch. “Ariel,” Scuttle started, before wincing at the sight in front of him and turning away.

Ariel shooed him once more, leaning her head to one of the cracked doors. Scuttle nodded and allowed her to hold the door for him to fly through. “I saw something,” he began, landing on the desk and standing on his back legs. Ariel waved her arms to make him continue.

“The prince was in his dressing room. He was humming,” he said. Ariel rolled her eyes and shoved at him. Scuttle had gotten distracted like this many times before, each time during an important mission. He blew it. Yet again, Scuttle blew it.

“He was humming your song, Ariel.” Ariel’s head snapped in his direction. “Vanessa isn’t who she says she is, the prince is under a spell.” Ariel’s eyes flew open. The locket. When the Sea Witch had taken her voice she had put it in a shell locket.

That would explain everything! The reason for the prince’s sudden disinterest in her, his dazed look, Flotsam and Jetsam. They had to find that locket. They had to find it before it was too late. The sun was beginning to set and her chances of getting her happily ever after were going to set along with it.

Scuttle stared at himself in the mirror as Ariel frantically looked around the room for the locket. She spotted the white gown on the door and pulled the dress aside, smiling as she caught a glimpse of the gold reflection in the mirror next to Scuttle.

“What a lovely little bride I’ll make, my dear I’ll look devine,” Vanessa sang from down the hall. Ariel tried to pull the shell from the string, glancing to the door every few seconds to make sure she had the time.

“Hurry Ariel,” Scuttle said, grabbing the other end of the string and attempting to offer some resistance.

“Things are working out according to my ultimate design,” Ariel’s heartbeat quickened until it was the only sound she could hear as she tried desperately to loosen the locket. Scuttle began to peck at the gold, rubbing his sore beak after it made its first impact.

“Soon I’ll have that little mermaid and the ocean will be mine,” Vanessa hummed, her footsteps growing ever closer. The knob to the door turned, but it wasn’t Vanessa who stood in the doorway of the bride’s parlor.

“I thought you were banned from the kingdom. We told you to leave. Get out!” Ariel turned and lost her grip on the locket as Scuttle gave the jewelry one final tug. The locket fell to the ground, shattering. Light swirled from the golden seashell, surrounding Ariel as her voice swelled.

The intruder held his head, trying to shield his eyes from the blinding light as Ariel cleared her throat, trying to regain use of her vocal cords.

“Eric,” she said fondly as his eyes cleared to that sea green she had come to love.

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