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“Eric?” Ariel asked after he hadn’t moved for a minute or two. She stepped towards him and put a hand on his cheek. “It’s me, Ariel.” He said nothing, blinking as his mind defogged. “Do you - do you remember me?” He nodded slowly.

“Yes,” he replied, groggy from the spell. His hand rested against the doorframe and his other cradled his raging headache. “What happened?” Ariel smiled, trying to keep her tears at bay.

“It doesn’t matter,” she told him, leaning into him and draping one of her legs over his him. She clutched his collar and pulled his closer, resting his forehead against hers. “We’re together now,” she said.

Eric buried his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling the sugary scent of her skin. Ariel sighed in his arms. This was what she wanted. It wasn’t about the sex or the feeling of intimacy that she enjoyed. It was this, this feeling of sheer love from the love of her life. This was the feeling she craved.

“I missed you,” she cooed to him, stroking the hairs on the nape of his neck. “I missed you, I missed you, I missed you,” she told him as he kissed her collarbone one last time before getting down on his knees.

“Let me show you just how much I love you, my darling,” he said to her, his hands resting behind he knees as he placed a kiss over her clothed sex. Ariel nodded numbly, holding her skirt up for him like the good girl he knew she was. “Complete and utter perfection,” he said, diving into the feast before him.

“You’ve been under a spell, Eric,” Ariel said, her eyes flicking to the setting sun on the horizon. “Vanessa isn’t who she says she is-” she stopped as his tongue dipped into her folds, her eyes rolling back in pleasure. “God that feels good.”

“Vanessa doesn’t matter any more, my love,” Eric said as he loosened his tie, which he tossed on to the armchair that was sitting adjacent to the vanity. “What matters is that we are together now.”

Ariel shook her head as Eric’s talented tongue brought her nearer to her orgasm. The sun seemed to dip even further behind the edges of the waves and Ariel tried to pull her lover up from his knees. “Eric, kiss me now. Kiss me then I’ll explain everything. There isn’t much time.”

Eric smirked up at her. He licked his finger and shoved it deep inside her, twisting it around as he watched her almost lose her control over her orgasm in that moment. “You have to cum first,” he said as he added yet another finger into the mix.

“Eric this isn’t a game-” he shut her up by placing an opened mouth kiss right on top of her clit, flicking his tongue over the sensitive bud. To Ariel, it meant life or death. To him, it was foreplay.

“You talk too much,” his baritone voice rumbled against her clit, Ariel’s eyes rolled back. The sun dipped below the horizon at last, and Ariel seized up in pain as her slow transformation back into a mermaid began to take place. The door to the bride’s parlor opened and Vanessa stood there with the entire wedding party, feigning shock.

“Oh my god! The prince’s ex-mistress has stumbled on board and seduced the prince!” Several of the women in the crowd gasped at the sight while their husbands leaned in for a closer look at the cunnilingus that was taking place in her parlor. Ariel’s head whipped to Vanessa, whose eyes began to change from a soft doe brown to an evil green before her very eyes.

“Eric, please,” Ariel begged. She hit the prince on his shoulder and tugged at his shirt collar but he was determined to finish her off before she got that kiss. The men cheered Eric on, thinking she was merely begging to reach her climax.

“No use begging now,” Vanessa said, with a small chuckle. “You’re too late, Ariel.” Eric pulled away from Ariel and watched as Vanessa morphed into a gigantic octopus, diving after Ariel and pulling her into the sea with her. “You’re mine,” she said possessively, stroking Ariel’s breast fondly.

“Let go of me, you bitch,” Ariel said, struggling in her grasp. Ursula smiled and stroked her cheek affectionately, scraping it with her nail before she forced Ariel’s chin up, squishing the sides of her face in.

“You signed the contract, my dear. You knew the consequences. Did you really think I wasn’t going to follow through on my threat?” she chuckled when Ariel didn’t speak, opening and closing her mouth as she waited for a witty response to come to her.

“I didn’t know you were going to play dirty! That wasn’t part of the deal!” Ursula tutted, pushing Ariel back into her henchmen, who held the mermaid’s arms so she couldn’t get free.

“Life sucks, doesn’t it?” Ursula said, blowing Ariel a kiss that was accompanied by a wink. Ariel writhed against her living restraints, which seemed to peak Ursula’s interest. “Tell you what, I’ll give you another chance to be human.” She snapped her fingers and Ariel was human again, naked and spread out like a starfish.

“I have to admit, it was fun watching you try to seduce Eric. I almost lost my wager. Imagine the type of hit my reputation would take if that happened. But you… I didn’t know you were such a fucking tease. I swear it took everything in me not to at least try to go down on you. You really made your way around the castle, my dear. But now, we’re alone and nothing is stopping me.” Ursula pulled Ariel closer to her by wrapping two tentacles around her ankles and pulled her right up against her body with one quick tug.

One of her tentacles reached out to Ariel’s breast, the cups would leave several unwanted hickies on Ariel’s otherwise perfect skin but she couldn’t pretend like she didn’t enjoy it, even a little bit. “More,” Ariel begged.

If she had to sit through this sexual torture she might as well at least enjoy it.

Another one of Ursula’s tentacles slipped down her leg, rubbing against the insides of her thighs, her suction cups grabbing on to Ariel’s flesh. Another went down and pulled right on her clit, which sent the former mermaid into a frenzy.

“Oh god, Vanessa,” Ariel moaned. Ursula pulled all of her tentacles back to her body, flattening them against herself.

“No, Ursula, moan my name. Say it so loud that your daddy can hear it from his precious throne in Atlantica. I want all the humans who have sampled you before to know who does it best. Not Eric and certainly not Grimsby. It’s me. Say it.”

Ursula,” Ariel moaned as requested. “Please fuck me. I want your tentacles all over my body. I want them inside me. Please. Punish me. Use me. I love it,” Ariel continued. The Sea Witch could tell she was embellishing it but she didn’t care. She rather enjoyed watching the girl wiggle over her eight magical appendages. It made her nipples hard and her pussy ache.

Ursula obliged, her tentacles surrounding the princess as they had before. “I’ve been with a lot of people before. But none of them had a pussy this god damn tight,” she said as her tentacle probed Ariel’s heated core. Ariel moaned only once more before Ursula’s tentacle took her completely.

But Ariel hardly finished. The thick appendage hardly seemed to stretch her quim. “You’ve been quite the little whore, haven’t you? Taking so much cock your pussy is stretched beyond belief.” Ariel nodded, arching her back to take more of the tentacle inside herself.

Another tentacle reached behind her, putting itself right in her bum. Ariel continued to moan. Sure, she’d been double penetrated before. But even Ursula’s delectable tentacles couldn’t compare to the cock of a real man who wanted her.

Ursula frowned when she only got a partial moan from Triton’s youngest daughter. She wanted Ariel to moan like she never had before. She wanted to do something that would pleasure Ariel into submission. But she was lost on what to do. Obviously the girl had done more than she had originally thought.

A third tentacle forced its way into her parted lips, thrusting like a real cock but slithering much deeper to force a gag reaction out of the girl. At this, Ursula smirked. Ariel was practically helpless now, lifted in the air by Ursula’s tentacles, all moving at different paces as they fucked her to completion.

“Maybe there really is something that everyone can love after all. I see why the prince was ready to marry you.” That snapped Ariel back to reality. She bit down on the tentacle in her mouth and kicked at the one inside her pussy.

What was she doing? She couldn’t be distracted by sexual pleasure. She had to get back to Eric. “I want to go back to Eric,” she stated firmly. Ursula sighed and retracted her tentacles, licking the juices from Ariel’s pussy off of one of them.

“There’s no going back. We had a deal. It can’t be overridden because you no longer want to adhere to the terms. Sorry, sweetie,” Ariel screamed and Ursula switched her back to her mermaid form, grabbing her by the forearm and leading her to the dungeon she had in the back of her cage.

Then a spear whizzed by the pair, missing Ursula by a hair and nearly coming in contact with Ariel, who dove away just in time to miss the blow that was clearly not aimed for her. Two pairs of eyes shot to the prince holding his breath underwater, aiming a second spear at Ursula.

The Sea Witch turned to Ariel with a smirk. “Shall we have a bit of fun?” she teased, releasing Ariel in search of a new target to torture. Ariel shook her head furiously and pulled at Ursula’s arms, but the octopus was too strong.

“Eric, swim,” she called to her lover, urging him to save himself and leave her to her fate. He didn’t, attempting to throw another spear into their now shared enemy. Ursula stopped this one with her magic, sending it flying back.

Eric covered his head with his hands to dodge the spear, turning his body towards the boat to protect himself but Ursula refused to be ignored. She grew. She opened her mouth and swallowed water, her figure swelling like a balloon until she was fifty feet above water, pointing a manicured finger at the human frantically rowing away from the scene of the crime while searching for the mermaid he had fallen in love with.

“Come back, princey. Come see your princess.” She dipped a single tentacle into the water, wrapping it around Ariel and hoisting her from the sea, tossing her on the boat with Eric. The wooden rowboat rocked upon the impact and Ariel felt the boat crack, Eric swimming for the wedding boat while Ariel’s body dipped beneath the waves.

“Ursula!” King Triton called, catching his daughter below the ocean’s surface. “This has gone on long enough!” He waved his trident at her angrily, the glow lighting up the blackened night sky. If anything was going to save them now it was going to be King Triton’s trident.

“Oh look, daddy dearest has come to clean up yet another mess his perfect daughter has caused.” Ursula was so focused on teasing King Triton that she hadn’t noticed Eric steering the boat in her direction and all of the passengers that braced for impact on the top deck.

Ursula reached down to pull King Triton from the sea. One of her tentacles wrapped around his waist when it hit her, causing her to drop her next chosen prey.

Ursula screamed as the boat impaled her. She groaned and tried frantically to claw at the boat as it continued to run her over but Eric wouldn’t stop. He had a lust inside him that needed to be satiated and this time it wasn’t for Ariel. It was for blood. Ursula’s blood.

“Goodbye, witch,” Eric said, pushing the boat even further into her as she breathed her last breath and her body fell below the surface of the water. With a heavy breath, Eric straightened the wheel and collapsed in a heap on the floor.

It was over. Ursula was dead.

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