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“Are you alright?” Ariel asked, leaning over Eric’s unconscious body on the beach. You have to be okay, my love, our lives were just beginning. I can’t lose you now! That isn’t fair!” Eric coughed on queue and spit water into the sand beside him.

“Hi,” he croaked. Ariel smiled and stroked his cheek just like she had on the day that she saved his life what felt like years ago.

“I’ve missed you,” she said. He had been with Vanessa for not even twenty-four hours yet Ariel felt like she hadn’t seen him in months. “I’m going to miss you, Eric.” It was only then that he looked down and noticed her green mermaid tail flopping on the sand, creating a wet spot around their bodies.

“So this is the real you,” he said sadly, not missing the fact that she was missing her usual sex organs that he had become so fond of the last couple of days. Ariel smiled and nodded, looking down at her tail in disgust.

“I never had the chance to tell you but this is me,” she said, her tail nestling in the sand as if she could just make it disappear. “I’m a mermaid. I’m the same mermaid that saved you from that horrible shipwreck. It was me who sang to you, not Ursula. She was tricking you,” she explained slowly, hoping he could wrap his head around all of it.

“Ursula?” he asked. Ariel nodded, having forgotten that he didn’t know Ursula by anything other than Vanessa.

“She told you her name was Vanessa. I wasn’t aware that you were under her spell at first. I’m sorry. If I would have known what was going to happen to you, I would never have made that deal with her. I didn’t want you to get pulled into all of this like you did,” she sighed heavily and retraced her hand as if touching him was painful for her.

Eric looked down at her hand in the warm sand and took it in his own. “I don’t mind,” he assured, glad he could have at least spent some time with her before she reverted back to her natural state. “I love you, Ariel. I love you so much, my little mermaid.”

He was hoping she would throw herself into his arms and kiss him, telling him she would still see him but he knew he couldn’t ask that of her, even if he thought she would do that. He kept her from her family and her home for long enough. He couldn’t force her to abandon all she knew to be with him.

But what he didn’t know is she would. She would have remained Ursula’s slave for all eternity if only she got to spend one more day with the prince on land. But that didn’t matter anymore, they were trapped like this. There would be no life together, it was over.

“My father is waiting,” she said, looking over her shoulder to the sea. As if on queue King Triton emerged from the depths of the ocean and began to swim towards them slowly, trying to give them all the privacy they needed before he took her back to Atlantica.

“Don’t go, you can stay with me, please,” Ariel shook her head sadly and pulled his hand from hers, turning to the ocean and diving in after her father. King Triton stayed a moment longer than she did. He watched Eric reach for her after she was gone before he raised his hand to wipe his tears, falling back on to the sand to stare at the sun.

“Do you really love her?” he couldn’t help but ask. Eric nodded. He flopped onto his side and propped himself up as best he could with his injuries.

“So much, sir. I love your daughter more than anything. Thankyou for sharing her with me these past couple of days. I will cherish those memories for a lifetime.” King Triton nodded, having heard all he needed to hear. He dove back into the water and swam up to his daughter, resting his hand on her shoulder.

“I’ve never loved anyone more than I loved your mother when she was alive,” he began. “Love is precious and needs nurturing. I can’t ask you to leave your prince for your family. We will always love you, but hsi is your future. And you should go to him,” he said. Ariel turned, her eyes widening.

“You mean?” King Triton nodded and waved his trident, the glow turning her tail into legs, this time with a glittery green skirt covering her intimates.

“Go to him,” Ariel didn’t hesitate, swimming up to the surface of the sea and flipping the water out of her hair when she reached the surface. Eric watched her with interest, not yet knowing what was to come. Ariel smiled at him and swam towards him.

“Eric,” she said sweetly, stepping out of the water and running towards him. He gasped and stood, his injuries forgotten as he embraced her. His true love, come to be with him at last.

“You, you have legs,” he said happily. “You have legs!” he exclaimed, picking her up and twirling her around before placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

“Legs aren’t all I have,” she replied, dropping her skirt and sitting on the rock she sat on only a few days ago when she first got to the shore with her new assets. “When I first got here, I touched myself. FOr the first time,” she said, spreading her legs for him to see.

When her shoulders dipped back the straps of her seashell bra fell down her arms, her breasts on full display for the prince in front of her. “I know,” he said as he inched towards her until he was right in her face. He pressed on her thighs, pressing them even further apart than they already were. “I saw you. On that very first day I saw you, and I played with my cock while I did it. I tugged my prick until I was cumming in the sand. For you. Always for you, Ariel,” he dipped his tongue into her pussy, licking her the way he wished he could have the first day he saw her.

“Did you like what you saw?” she asked with a smirk. He smiled up at her, his cock becoming impossibly hard in his trousers. He hadn’t realized how much her having a voice was going to affect him and his sexual libido. He never really pegged her for a dirty talker, but damn he was glad she was.

“No,” she frowned slightly but raised her eyebrow as she waited for him to finish his statement. “I loved it. I wish I could have touched you then. Your sweet pussy around my cock. I wish I could have been your first but I love you all the same. This sweet virgin pussy creaming on the beach will forever be one of my favorite memories of you.” Ariel fisted his hair in her hand and ground her pussy onto his face, her juices accumulating around his nose and mouth. But Eric didn’t mind, he loved every minute of it.

“How long were you watching me with your hand on your cock? How long did it take for you to cum?” she asked, rubbing herself even harder against him. Eric wasn’t sure if she wanted an answer to her question by the way she was pressing herself against him but he pulled away to provide her with one anyway, replacing his tongue with his index finger, which he drug across his face to collect her juices for lubrication purposes.

“I watched you the entire time, from the first moment you realized you’d gained a sex organ to the moment you creamed all over the edge of that rock. I didn’t touch my cock until you started moaning but I came within five minutes, not my best time, I admit, but yours has been my favorite pussy to date. SO tight and wet every minute I touch it. You’re so responsive. It’s hot,” Ariel moaned again, pulling Eric up to her for a kiss.

“You can ravage me later, for now, I want you inside me. Thrust into me so hard I can’t even remember my own name. I want it, Eric. I want you.” That was all he needed, Eric immediately went to work on her pussy. He rubbed his dick over her slick opening for a few seconds before he sheathed himself inside of her.

Both of them grunted, having gone at least one day without getting it on with each other. “I fucked Grimsby that day you were with Vanessa. I don’t know if you remember that day but you fucked Vanessa at the dining room table and I just had to try to make you jealous.” Eric grunted as his thrusts increased their speed.

“Why are you telling me this?” he asked, pumping her full of his cock. “Grimsby’s cock isn’t inside you now. The only person you should be thinking about is me.

“You’re so much bigger than he is. I never realized it until that day but yours is the best cock I’ve ever had. You lick my pussy the best. It’s you for me too, Eric. You are the best fuck I’ve ever had. It isn’t just your cock. It’s your heart. You fuck me so well because I know when you do it, you’re doing it out of love. That’s what makes it so good.” That along caused Eric to reach his completion, spilling himself inside her with a final grunt.

He rested his face in her sweaty skin. “I’m sorry you didn’t finish,” he said, sadly. Ariel smiled at him, tasting the cum from her pussy and offering some to him in return. He took it from her, loving the taste of their combined juices.

Ariel didn’t mind that he didn’t allow her the chance to finish herself off. She didn’t need it. All she needed was him, and if that meant she would never be able to cum again then she was okay with that.

“I pushed you to it,” she said to ease his guilt. “I love you, my prince, even if you have legs.” Eric smiled at her but said nothing as she pulled her clothes back on, starting with the shell bra that had been abandoned maybe ten minutes ago.

“Marry me,” he said suddenly, almost shocking himself. Ariel paused and looked at him.

“What did you say?” Eric swallowed the saliva that was building up in his mouth.

“I don’t have a ring but I do love you, my mermaid. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything in my life. I need you. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you just how much I love you. I’m sorry if that scares you or if you feel like we haven’t known each other long enough but I know this is right. You’re right for me andI want to spend every last minute of the rest of my days telling and and showing you just how much you mean to me. You don’t have to answer today, or ever, just say you’ll be mine forever and I’ll be satisfied. If that means I need to go with you to the depths of the ocean, I’ll do it. Just say yes, Ariel. Please,” he begged, getting on his knees and burying his face inner thighs.

Ariel looked down at him lovingly, though he couldn’t see her and lifted his chin with her index finger. “I would have said yes without your speech,” she said. “I love you too, Eric, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Eric smiled and kissed her happily. “I don’t need any time to think about it,” Ariel continued. “Let’s do it today!”

“Today?” Eric asked. “So soon?” Ariel nodded, looking at the bright sky. It was the perfect day to get married. Even if it wasn’t, her father could just conjure up better weather for them.

“Well it would be a shame for all of those wedding preparations to go to waste,” she explained. “Why wait?” Eric smiled, pulling her down from the rock and planting another sweet kiss on her lips.

“I love you, my little mermaid,” he said, sweetly.

“I love you too, my prince.” He kissed her slowly then, holding her in his arms like he hoped to do until both of them passed peacefully in their sleep.

And they all lived Happily Ever After.

The end.

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