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Ariel lounged lazily back in the tub. She wiggled her new toes and cupped some of the bubbles in her hands. Laughing silently to herself, she blew them away.

An older woman, most likely mid forties stirred the water in the tub with her left hand, her other hand was used to support a girl on her lap who in her mid twenties it seemed. The girl had drawn in her bottom lip between her teeth and was sucking on one of her finger nail. Her eyes would close slowly and roll back every so often.

Ariel paid her no mind. The girl was most likely just tired. Ariel continued on with her bath, allowing one of the women to fan her while the other looked for dresses that went with her hair color.

The doe eyed brunette sitting on the lap of her superior looked up her with doe eyes. “Please.” She whispered. The older woman appeared to be put out by it but her eyes flashed only desire as she yanked her skirt up.

The younger girl eagerly scrambled to tongue her pussy. Ariel watched them with interest. She noticed the other girls were shaven on their great down unders and she was not. But did she need to be?

“What are you gonna do to me, pet?” The other woman asked, cupping the girl’s cheeks with her sausage fingers. With her lips puffed out the girl tried to speak in her clearest voice.

“I’m going to fuck your sweet hole with my tongue, then once you’ve cum I’m going to rub my pussy against your pussy, mistress.” Moaning, the mistress removed her hand from the girl and shoved her face deep into her throbbing mess of flesh.

Her hips circled as the girl eagerly lapped her juices, she moaned. “Yes darling. Doesn’t that pussy taste good? Eat it. Eat it like it’s your last meal.” She demanded.

Ariel, still watching, suddenly felt her tingling below. She braced her arms on the ledges of the tub and hoisted herself out of the murky water, watching as the woman reached her climax.

“Fuck me please mistress. Let me rub myself on you and drench my throbbing cunt in our shared mixture of cum.” Her mistress nodded and moved to the floor. Pressing her back against the tile, she opened up her legs.

“God Mistress. I could cum just thinking about this pussy.” She mounted her and gripped one of her legs, rocking back and forth at a very fast pace. When the young girl leaned forward some of her cream dribbled over the edge, running down her mistresses slightly pudgy stomach.

Ariel watched it go slowly and impulsively leaned forward to lick it. When her tongue met the skin of the woman’s stomach she felt her right leg lifted as the woman’s tongue touched her pussy.

It felt just as good as when Eric had done it, but this woman had more experience. She didn’t prolong her touches, she was quick and to the point. Eric seemed to like to see her squirm a little first.

The girl’s green eyes above her grew angry. This was her mistress. How could some washed up girl just come and take her out from under her?

“Mhm she tastes even sweeter than you, Carli. It’s nice to get a good virgin every once in awhile.” She stuck her tongue in Ariel’s tight opening, thrusting in and out.

“But I’m a virgin. I’m your virgin slut. Not her.” She answered angrily, picking up her pace on her mistress to make her feel the difference between the two young pussies she had at both ends. The mistress laughed, her vibrations causing Ariel’s pussy to cry out in pleasure.

“You are no virgin to me, my dear.” Carli huffed and spit in her hand twice, three times. She then took the large glob of goop and dumped it right on the sweet bulging bundle of nerves that held all the secrets to her mistress’s pleasure.

The mistress, you see, had no care for penetration. It simply wasn’t arousing. She was a cunt sucker through and through. She very firmly believed in the saying chicks before dicks. “I know exactly how to please you mistress,” Her toy protested. “In fact, I’ll show you.”

With one sweeping motion, she shoved the sea princess aside and grabbed her mistress by the nipple, pulling her up to meet her face. “I want you to watch me as I fuck that maid over there, Gertrude.” Her real name flew out of her mouth like a bad omen.

Her mistress, Gertrude, swallowed and narrowed her eyes. She was mentally daring her to be unfaithful to her. In all honesty, she didn’t want to see Carli fuck someone else. She just wanted to see women moan underneath each other. It had been awhile since she’d actually gotten to watch.

“Girl.” Gertrude snapped in Ariel’s face. ’Come here.” She pulled her dress up and off, her sagging boobs covered in dark spots but still oh so delicious. Even age did not fully take away one’s sex appeal. She flattened her legs on the tile floor and pointed at her legs. “Sit.” She demanded.

Ariel put her head down and gingerly sat on the woman’s lap, crossing her legs at the ankles as if she really did have on appendage instead of two. Gertrude sighed and fisted one of Ariel’s ankles, throwing it over her legs. “I want to see your pussy. I want to touch your pussy. I’m going to teach you how to watch.”

Ariel gulped. What on earth was this woman going to do to her? Carli had already sauntered over to the maid and was french kissing her against the door, groping her boob with one hand, her other shoved up her skirt.

“Do you like that?” She asked. “I see the glances you send me and mistress while we go at it.” The maid moans and pushes herself up against Carli as tightly as she can. “I know you want to fuck me. I know sex eyes when I see them.” Carli moved her hand to cover the maid’s mouth and pulled up her skirt.

“Hold onto the wall.” She said with a smirk. Quickly, she dove under the womans dress. It didn’t take a complete genius to realize what was happening under there, Slurping sounds were loud and fluid as Ariel felt the mistress circle her opening with a finger.

“Go tell her to join us.” Gertrude nodded to the flustered fanner by the door. Ariel didn’t know how to tell the woman she couldn’t speak. She nodded and stood, continuing her circular motions on her downstairs as she made advances toward the blushing woman.

Ariel smiled and placed a foot on the woman’s shoulder, showing her pussy to the girl happily. A bead of cream rolled down her leg as she showed herself off. There was a beat. A second. Then the girl’s fan clattered to the floor. “Holy shit.” She said, placing a finger inside Ariel.

“You’re hot as fuck.” Ariel felt hands on her waist as the mistress helped hoist her up into the air with the fanner before they both began to munch on her snack. “So sweet.” She said, biting her lip harshly. Someone pulled on her left lower lip with their lips and Ariel almost came.

“I want you to cum for me.” Mistress said, beckoning for the scissoring pair in the corner to join them. “You’re going to cum for us, we’re going to watch you throb and blush as you cum for us. When you’re done, we’re going to suck you dry. Then you’ll cum again.”

Ariel had no idea what the word meant, but her body knew exactly how to do it apparently. Spurts of clear liquid flew from her pussy like a bird through the sky. Three women lapped it up like she was told they would. Carli glared, envious.

Of course she was a squirter. Mistress would never pick her over a squirter.

They set Ariel down, touching her on every inch of skin she had to offer to them. Gertrude was the first to pounce. She sat down on the girl’s face, gripping her soft boobs and crying out as Ariel’s tongue darted inside her pussy.

Carli wanted to refuse Ariel. She wanted to leave but her pussy was dripping and she had to admit it was hot watching the redhead eat someone out. She wouldn’t participate but she didn’t hesitate to sit in a low squat and tease herself over her mistress.

At first, the other two women were speechless but one of them bent down to suck Ariel’s sweet sweet cunt while the other rubbed herself all over Ariel’s stomach. Ariel was a writhing mess on the floor beneath them all.

She couldn’t call out to them and say how much she loved it but she could squirm, so squirm she did. Gertrude moved three fingers down to rub her vulva in quick motions, creating large hickies on the underside of Ariel’s once untouched tits.

“Lick me just like that.” She begged. “Just like that but faster.” Ariel obliged, flicking her tongue as much as she could, trying her best to focus on the smot Gertrude was stimulating. Noticing that her baby was not participating her eyes narrowed and she frowned at her submissive.

“Carli,” She began. “For every fifth time you can make Ariel cum you can cum, once.” Her eyes rolled and she removed her fingers. Gertrude stood, wanting to impale herself with Ariel’s hard nipple.

With a smirk, Carli took her pruned, soaked fingers and rubbed them all over Ariel’s face. “Maybe you’re a squirter but I’m one hell of a creamer.” She said. Ariel had no idea what that meant either. All of these new human vocabulary words raced through her head as all the women’s mouths continued to make her want to scream.

“Move away.” Carli demanded of the woman at Ariel’s cunt. “I’m going to ride her like a pony. The woman licked her lips, shoved her finger deep into Ariel, then left. “All of you move away!” She was going to see what all the fuss was about.

“Spread your legs.” Someone murmured to Ariel before Carli spread them herself. Ariel’s pussy throbbed painfully as Carli lowered her warm, soaking one down.

Carli moaned loudly upon impact before gasping in embarrassment. She began slowly, gripping Ariel’s leg in her hand and shoving her toes in her mouth to muffle her sounds of pleasure. Ariel cupped her boobs, reaching for the fanners pussy and inserting four fingers inside.

Above her, Carli sped up the pace. She wanted all the attention. She needed it. Someone watching her have sex was one of the most arousing things. She liked to put on a show. Suddenly, she lifted up slightly.

“Oh look,” She exclaimed, making eye contact with Gertrude. “Streamers.” Her mistress got down on her knees and began to kiss Ariel with purpose, rolling her tongue around in the girl’s mouth, holding eye contact with her lover.

“Let me see if I can get my spit back.” Carli said, watching the maid bring a hand down to rub her pussy while she watched. Moving back, she spat on Ariel’s opening, slamming her pussy down after it and quickly pulling it back up.

“Do you see that?” She pointed to the maid. The maid nodded her head, gasping in pleasure as she got off to the spitfire girl. “Do you want to lick it off?” The maid didn’t even answer, she just dropped to her knees and shoved the girl back.

Ariel cried at the loss of contact and straddled Gertrude, pulling the fanner down and kissing her roughly while she toyed with Gertrude’s salami nipples. “Oh yeah, fuck me.” Carli begged underneath the fanner who was fingering her wildly. “Fuck me like I fuck myself.” She screamed, slamming a hand on the floor.

“God I’m coming!” Screamed the fanner, the first words she’d spoken the whole time they were enclosed in the tiled space together.

“Yes!” Screamed Gertrude. She shoved Ariel by her breasts.

“Lay down, sexy girl. Lay on your back and I’ll cream all over you.” Ariel opened her mouth widely, laying on the warm floor like a starfish. Please.

Gertrude straddled her, rubbing her pussy up and down Ariel’s breasts, screaming at the top of her lungs. The fanner joined in, fingering herself in front of Ariel’s face so she could lick the aftermath of her cum. Ariel soon felt the heat of four pussies spilling their hot white pleasure all over her body.

When they all lay amongst the bathtub and towels, satiated, Ariel ran a finger up her bellybutton, licking herself clean of the sweet nectar the women left behind as a gift.

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