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Gertrude pushed her out into the dining room with a small shove, Ariel faltered on her heels but smiled as the woman gave her a very large thumbs up.

“Grimsby, this is the girl I was telling you about.” Eric cleared his throat awkwardly as she sat. It was strange, to see her with clothes on. The corset of her dress had a way of making her breasts so delicious. He was dying to get to dessert.

“Charmed.” Said Grimsby with a tight smile. The older man was so preoccupied with folding his napkin over his erection to properly look at Ariel. He too, was under the spell of her bouncing breasts.

The provocative dress was chosen on purpose by the maids, unbeknownst to Ariel. Grimsby was a titty fucker and he very much enjoyed to be kept in the presence of well endowed young women.

He coughed into his napkin and patted his lips. “Are you alright?” Eric asked, his eyes drifting towards his right hand mans cock. “Is there anything I can get you?” His hand grazed the zip of Grimsby’s pants.

“No.” The man coughed. His eyes, however told another story. Eric held his hand there, giving Grimsby a slight squeeze.

Ariel eyed the fork curiously. How nice of them to provide hairbrushes. Without thinking she began to run it through her hair, avoiding the men’s awkward glances. The fork did not glide like she thought it would, it became tangled rather quickly and she quickly removed it and set it down as fast as she had picked it up.

“Tell us, my dear, where do you come from?” Grimsby asked, tapping his glass delicately to signal he was ready for a refill. Ariel opened her mouth to speak but then remembered that she cannot speak and closes it quickly, her head falling to the napkin a servant had placed in her lap when she sat down.

“She doesn’t speak.” Eric said to his companion softly, smooth circles rubbing Grimsby’s thick rod under the long table cloth.

“How does one moan their lover’s name when one cannot speak?” Eric shrugged.

“Let me provide a different look, if I may.” Eric offered. Grimsby nodded, sticking his nose up as his glass was filled with only the finest of red wine. “How much easier is it to sneak around without a moaning mess on your arm?” Grimsby did not reply, only raised his glass and began to take a gentle sip of the delicate drink.

Eric drug the zipper on his companions pants down slowly, eyes still on Ariel. Neither of them enjoyed the sexual favors they offered but they both enjoyed the look of pleasure on a female face when she saw them together. Eric could not count the amount of times he had let Grimsby shove his rod in his mouth for a female guest.

Ariel played lazily with the hem of her napkin. She did not glance at the two men trying for her attention. Her sole purpose had moved from her fork to her cleavage. Her tits looked so good pressed together like that. They looked positively sexy.

She sucked in her lip, pulling down her dress ever so slightly so on of her brown peaks could come out to play. She circled her nipple with her finger, watching herself in utter pleasure. Eric was touching Grimsby’s dick as the men watched her.

It would be Grimsby’s first time watching her explore her body. It would be Eric’s second.

“Oh my sweet baby girl,” Grimsby drawled in a husky voice that made her pussy clench. Ariel looked up in surprise but made no effort to stop her actions. Every human she had met today seemed to enjoy every bit of pleasure and enjoyed being naked and exposed. Why would she think it wrong?

“Do not let daddy cum from the hands of a boy who has no idea what he is doing.” Grimsby locks his hands under the table and shoves it away so she can feast her eyes on his hard cock instead of the main course that would be served in mere moments.

“Come and sit on daddy’s dick.” Ariel cocked her head to the side and cautiously walked over to Grimsby. He shoed Eric aside and spun her around so her back was to his chest. His left hand gripped her exposed breast and the other flipped up her skirt to harshly cup her pussy.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice you, playing with yourself over there like I wasn’t watching, baby girl?” Ariel remained still, loving every second of the newly discovered pleasure from pain. “Answer me.” He demanded, lightly slapping her pussy.

She shook her head slowly, spreading her legs for him. She could feel the barrier of the green thong Gertrude had put her in earlier. She could feel its restrictive powers fighting against her pleasure.

“You even came dressed for the occasion.” He marveled, licking a hand he brushed her thong aside and stick two wrinkly fingers into her virgin hole, twisting them with a sadistic look on his face.

“Did you wear this thong knowing daddy’s cock would be aching? Did you do it to tease daddy?” He brought his finger up and pried her lips open, sticking it deep into her throat until she gagged and spat all over it.

She sucked eagerly from the appendage and nodded, hollowing her cheeks to suck his finger even harder. He groaned and tore her thong to shreds. He hummed and twirled a finger in the thick curls of public hair that greated him. “I like my girls with a little hair.” He whispered into her ear, sinking his teeth into her cartilage.

“Do you want daddy’s fingers in your pussy? Yeah?” Ariel moaned and spread her legs. Grimsby shoved her into Eric’s arm, tearing the skirt off her dress and leaning into her pussy, breathing hot air onto it.

Eric’s dick was hard, harder than it was earlier today at the shore, but Eric admired Grimsby. He admired Grimsby in such a way that all he wanted to do was watch. He could fuck Ariel himself later, this was his palace. But watching Grimsby get down and dirty was an educational treat.

“This is gonna feel so good, so damn good as I fuck your pussy with my fingers. Daddy’s dick is so hard for you right now, baby girl.” Ariel could feel his fingers scraping over her, teasing her as Grimsby leaned up to peck her lips harshly.

“I can’t wait to fuck your fucking cunt.” He whispered in her ear, licking the lobe erotically as the tip of his finger dipped ever so slightly into her hole while he teased her. He moved his fingers so he could instead rub his crotch against her.

Ariel could not describe the feeling it gave her. Him rubbing his pulsating tip against her slick folds felt too good. It was almost a good thing she had no way to speak, else she would never stop saying his name.

“Do you want to taste yourself, princess?” Ariel parted her lips and nodded, spreading her legs even further apart. She wanted her daddy to be as close as possible. She wanted to lick herself from his finger tips.

His finger thrust inside her harshly, then as quickly as it came, it was gone.

He took his cum covered finger and stuck it next to his nose, inhaling her sweet scent with a sort of hunger Ariel had never seen in a man’s eyes before. Then he brought up his red cock, swirling his finger around the tip of his member before shoving it into her face.

“Lick yourself off daddys dick princess.” Ariel had never seen one of these before. Scuttle had not provided any sort of insight on this thingamabob that men seemed to keep in between their legs. She gripped it in her hand, staring at the word etched in dark ink at the base of it.

Among a small forest of hair the words ‘suck me’ floated lazily. The instruction was all Ariel needed to move her hand up and down and begin to lick the tip of it like a cat licking its milk from the bowl.

“Don’t play the fool, princess. I know you can take more of me than that.” The redhead looked up with her doe eyes and raised an eyebrow. She clearly didn’t know what he meant. At this Eric smirked, he wasn’t going to tell her, he was going to show her.

Gripping Ariel’s neck, he forced her to choke on the rod, her legs widening even further to the point where Eric was finding himself heavily aroused. From his point of view he could see Grimsby’s horse hung balls dangling as they slapped the corners of her lips.

When spit dribbled down her chin Grimsby paused to feel the lips of her pussy. “You’re ready for daddy.” He told her, with a smirk. He grabbed hr arm and pulled her from Eric’s lap, bending her over the table and flipping up what was left of her skirt.

HIs hand made rough contact with her ass cheek once before he flicked his silverware aside, pulling the napkin away from the bunch and shoving it into the former mermaids throat. “Wouldn’t want you to break those porcelain teeth.” He told her.

Ariel could feel him nearing her, as his cock began to breach her entrance he stopped. “Virgin, aye?” He asked, spitting on her asshole, letting it run a trail of pleasure down to her trembling pussy. “You aren’t my first virgin, princess.” He laughed, shoving his cock into her as quickly as he could.

Ariel gripped the edges of the table and bit down hard on the napkin. Eric crawled underneath the table, spreading her legs with his arms as he licked her for the second time that day. She was wetter than the sea she was in earlier. Eric felt her thighs jiggle around his cheeks as he pleasured the sexiest woman in all of England.

Grimsby put her leg on the edge of the table, twisting his cock inside of her. He wanted his princess to feel every inch of him, every inch of his cock on every centimeter of her insides. She would be sore in the forming and she would never forget his name.

As she was pounded from behind Ariel mouthed the word ‘daddy’ repeatedly. Though her vocal cords could not participate she wanted to test the word on her tongue. The only time she’d ever spoken it was when speaking to her father. The word held power and now if she ever found herself speaking to her dad again she would be sure to try it in this new tone and show him her clam and all the pleasure it could bring her.

“Oh god.” Grimsby said, his thrusts becoming less powerful. “I think I’m going to come.” He warned. Eric moved onto the table and got down on his knees in front of Ariel’s face. He too, was reaching his near without even so much as a touch to himself and if the bitch wanted to be dominated he was going to fucking dominate her.

“Open wide.” He said, shoving his dick into her lips. Her sweaty hair flew around him as she felt herself reaching her climax as well.

“I’m going to fill you with my seed, princess. I want you to feel my pleasure inside of you. I want you to reap the benefits of obeying my wishes. You’ve been such a good girl for daddy today princess." Ariel nodded, moaning to herself.

“God.” Eric mumbled, his cream falling into her mouth greedily as he groaned above the table. Grimsby smirked, watching his friend fill his princess’s mouth with cum. It was hot, he had to admit.

Grimsby’s dick began to jerk inside her tight pussy. He could feel her clenching around him as he released inside of her. “Cup your pussy, I want you to show me my cum.” He nestled the zip in and pulled his pants to a close, covering his sweet cock from Ariel’s view.

Ariel obliged, letting her hand catch the escaping while liquid as Eric slid to sit down and hoist her up by her armpits. “Spread your legs.” Grimsby demanded of her, bending down so his eyes were leveled with her sweet pussy.

Eric reached over and began to rub circles on her bundle of nerves, kissing her neck as he did so. Grimsby looked into her eyes.

“Remove your hand and push it out.” She she did, her hand coming to rest on Eric’s chest as she pushed Grimsby’s release from her still throbbing lower lips.

A pile of white semen fell to the floor with Eric’s release still tumbling down her nipples and settling into her belly button. Oh, how far the shy innocent princess had come in learning the ways of man.

“Absolutely beautiful.” Grimsby said, eying Ariel’s fatigued body on the mahogany table, Eric still stroking her skin and kissing her neck.

“Your taste is impeccable as always, Eric.” Grimsby dipped his finger in her belly button and sucked on it joyously. He turned to see a stunned servant with a tray of food leaving the kitchen, horrified at the sight in front of him.

“Save the meal for another day, I’ve been a bad influence on his royal highness and we have both indulged in dessert before the meal.” Grimsby turned to Ariel and made sure her eyes met his before he held up her green thong and pocketed his prize.

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