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Eric knocked softly on Ariel’s door. He didn’t want to disturb the woman. She’d practically been paraded around this house ever since she got here.

Ariel didn’t answer. She was knuckles deep in her pussy and completely uninterested in silly chit chat. She wanted to experience the same high that the two men had given her earlier and she was not about to stop now.

The clenching and aching grew and grew until she could no longer stand it, parting her lips and throwing back her head she allowed herself to let the orgasm consume her. In times like this she had been almost glad to leave her old life behind.

Never had a merman shoved his thingamabob up her so freely, tweaking her nipples and whispering dirty words in her ear as she bent over for him. This pleasure was one only the human world could give her.

“Hey, it’s me.” Eric said, knocking once more.

Ariel sat up straight, closing her knees and biting her lip. She pulled her dress down, tossing her panties to the side so as not to arouse herself even further than she already was.

There was something about the way that Eric and Grimsby had handled each other earlier at dinnertime. Watching Eric getting palmed by another man had been surprisingly arousing.

“Can I come in?” Eric asked, leaning his forehead against the door. He was beginning to perspire out of nervousness, his heartbeat thumping in his throat. The woman made him so damn nervous. Her innocence was hot.

Ariel opened the door, propping one of her legs up to hold it there as she poked his chest with her fingernail. She played with the loose buttons of his shirt and twirled a strand of his black chest hair around her digits.

“Hi.” He breathed, noticing her discarded panties lying on the floor in a heap.

Ariel’s hair was a mess, her nipple was practically out and her hair was tangled in places. She looked like she’d just been fucked. Eric felt his jealousy swell in his stomach. Watching Grimsby have her all to himself was enough. It was his turn.

Eric grabbed her neck with one of his hands, kissing down her throat with heated open mouthed kisses that left Ariel weak in the knees.

She hiked her skirt up, guiding his hand to the place where she wanted him most, the only place wetter than the ocean she previously inhabited.

“Grimsby’s got a nice cock.” He told her breathlessly. “But his stamina is lacking. You need someone who could and would fuck you. All. Night. Long.” He drew back his lips, simply sticking out his tongue and licking her skin, where the sweet salt of the ocean lingered.

Ariel had never felt such pleasure. The way his stubble tickled her sensitive heat was positively overwhelming. How many other girls had he begged for on this very bed with that very tongue, she wondered.

Eric worked her like an expert. The rough pad of his tongue trailed up and down her aching clit like an animal being guided to the watering hole for the first time. As if the two senses were connected, Ariel’s head fell back and her eyes rolled into the back of her head in pleasure.

She could only hope the sea witch would keep good on her promise and allow her three days to get the prince to kiss her lips. But Eric was shy about commitment. He enjoyed having free will to roam about the kingdom and demand every girl in the kingdom lift her skirt to be fucked.

It was considered an honor, to have the prince’s cock, but Ariel could not possibly know this. Afterall, she had only washed up on the shore less than a few hours ago.

“Is that what you want, princess?” He asked her, using a strand of her hair as a puppet string, pulling her head back so all Ariel could see was the headboard behind her. She gulped at the sight of her partial reflection on the sleek wood.

“You want me to put my cock so deep inside of you that you’ll forget your own name. Isn’t that right?” Ariel gulped again, not being able to speak due to her spell. But Eric didn’t need to hear her speak. The mucus streaming from her aching pussy lips was enough.

Eric hardly needed to help her get ready for his erection currently trapped inside the confines his pants. She was ready and waiting. But Eric didn’t want to take her right away, he wanted to torture her, slowly building up the need for his cock deep inside of her.

In the village when the prince would announce he was coming to town he would practically demand that all the women - even the ones with husbands and children - present themselves to his royal highness to be inspected upon. If they were lucky they would become one of his mistresses and he would fuck them without preamble, cumming deep inside their pussies whenever he wished it to be.

With Ariel he didn’t feel such primal desires.

He wanted to watch her suffer and scream for his cock, squirming with need until he eventually would take her slowly, to torture her even more. Tonight she was his to take at whatever pace he wished. And he reveled in that fact.

“Take off your garment.” He demanded tugging at the pink nightgown one of the maids had given to her for her to retire for the night in. “I want to see you bare.” He said, standing back against the far wall, leaning his back against it and letting his pants pool at his ankles. Eric wouldn’t be touching himself tonight. The minx stripping down to her birthday suit would do everything for him.

Ariel obliged, lifting the dress over her head and tossing it to the side, her eyes darkening with lust for the land prince in the corner.

“Now, throw it over the balcony.” He demanded, without missing a beat. Ariel arched an eyebrow in confusion. She could not speak to question the prince’s authority and he did not stutter but she felt it odd to toss something so new and delicate over the balcony in her new room to the sandy shores below them.

“Do it.” Eric insisted to the girl, plucking the fabric from the mattress and thrusting it at her face. “Walk this over the balcony and drop it over the edge. Don’t toss it.” He elaborates to her, his cock edging her on.

Ariel stood slowly, a wet patch on the bed was visible from where she had been sitting before she had been told to move. Eric bit his lip at the sight of the dampness, barely able to control his lust for the red haired girl slowly walking to the balcony. When she opened the door, a cool breeze bounced off the walls, her nipples hardening even further and her legs clenching shut.

She stepped carefully onto the balcony, her body bare for any onlookers to see if they dared crane their head in the right direction. She leaned over the railing, her breasts hanging over the edge as she gently released her nightie into the starlit sky, letting the wind take it.

Eric stood behind her, his cock probing her backside as he reached around to fondle her breasts. He wanted people to see her. That was the whole point of asking her to toss her nightgown away. He wanted her to wander out under the stars and be seen by any passers by.

He wanted his dominance to be known and his possessiveness of the little mermaid to be no question.

“Grab my cock, darling. Stroke my cock.” He humps her backside, his precum dripping from his hard tip as he waits for her to take hold of his shaft. “I want you to make me come, little one. I want to bury my seed deep inside of you, your sweet pussy milking my cock.”

He was going to come inside of her and let her become moist enough to have his cum drip right out of her, mixed with her own juices of lust. Ariel moaned at his words, gripping his rod behind her greedily. She wanted his cum and she wanted it now.

After dinner she had tried to recreate the pleasure Grimsby had brought her by ejaculating inside of her, but to no avail. Her own juices shoved back deep inside herself was nothing compared to the hot thick jizz the older man had been happy to fill her with earlier. She wondered briefly if Eric would be as good at fucking as his older companion, but let the thought pass.

Ariel’s mind had now drifted to Eric’s cock, thrusting into her hand. Ariel moaned, bringing a hand down to her clam, hot and begging to be fondled with but Eric slapped her hand away.

“Do not touch yourself, my sweet flower. Never touch yourself in front of me. It is an insult to me, it is like saying I cannot please you without you also pleasing yourself. I can make you come without touching yourself. You know I can.” He says, his cock starting to tremble under Ariel’s nimble fingers.

She was not experienced. Her movements were uncalculated and sloppy but that was what made it all the more enjoyable for Eric. It was unexpected and he loved it.

“Bend over the balcony, girl.” He placed a hand on her upper back, moving her into position harshly. “Let me put my prick in your pussy.” Ariel gasped at the pressure of the railing beneath her breasts but found the contact of the cool rods exciting and new.

Eric grabbed himself tightly, swirling himself around her wetness. He didn’t need the lubrication, his precum and her juices would be enough. He just loved to watch her squirm beneath him as he stroked her inner walls with his thingamabob.

If Ariel could speak she would say the word please at this moment. She wanted him so desperately, she almost could not wait for him any longer even if she tried.

Sensing her heavy arousal, Eric finally inserted himself inside of her for the first time. She was as tight as Grimsby had described her earlier when he had taken her maidenhood for the first time. “You were so eager for Grimsby’s cock.” He reminds her. “If only he could see how much more eager you are for mine right now.” He adds a finger into the mix, ramming it into her when he pulled out.

“Do you want me to give you my cum now, siren?” Eric asked. “Do you want my warm semen deep in your cavern before you go to bed? You want me to come inside of you and let you toy with my fluids later?” Ariel could hardly stand it, her pussy throbbed but no waves of pleasure coursed through her body, per the prince’s request.

She nodded breathlessly, her back arching to take him even deeper inside of her. Eric laughed lowly under his breath. “You dirty slut.” He said, letting himself go, the proof of his pleasure deep inside of her already. His prolonged pleasure of teasing her had gone down the drain as his moment was spoiled by his early ejaculation.

He groaned and pulled himself from the writhing mess beneath him and within seconds his seed rolled out of her, tumbling down her legs and she shook. He could tell she was saving herself like he had asked. She was far too impatient.

Eric inserted his softening dick inside of her one last time, gripping her throat tightly. “Cum.” He ordered. If she was going to cum it was going to be around him, for him. He would not risk letting her wander the palace walls looking for some other bloke to help her in the throes of pleasure.

That would always be his job and his alone.

“Good girl.” He praises, exiting silently as Ariel remained limp, her breasts hanging over the balcony edge as she waited for her orgasm to pass so she could go inside.

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