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Ariel awoke to pounding on her door, the light from under the small crack had been blocked by someone’s feet. Someone’s very large feet.

In her experience, everyone who came to call was eager to service her greedy pussy, and they did it with a smile. But she remembered Eric’s dominance the night before. It was almost like he didn’t want her to be with anyone else at all.

Her excitement drained and her body hunched forward, her pussy seeming to dry up almost immediately. She was not going to allow someone else to see her like this, only Eric. Only Eric could touch her from now on.

“Maiden?” The man calls from outside her door, knocking again. “Prince Eric has sent you a present, madam.” At this, Ariel’s ears perk up, her feet carrying her to the door and wrencing open the wood, not caring if the man could see her swollen breasts or reddened pussy.

At first, his eyes flick over her darkened nipples and down between her legs, clearly smitten with her body. Eric had warned him before he came to see the maiden that she was rather horny but what he failed to mention was how absolutely irresistible she actually was. His hand goes down to the zip of his pants, harshly grabbing his aching cock as the former mermaid leaned over his tray.

“Your gift is under that tin. Just take the whole thing.” He said, not wanting to disobey his prince and cum on her supple bottom as she turned away. Ariel nodded and eagerly dismissed the man, walking in to her room and sitting on the bed, her legs spread so her lips could openly touch the sheets.

Ariel placed the plate in front of her spread legs, her leg bouncing in anticipation. She wanted to open the tin so badly but she almost felt that she should wait for Eric’s figure to loom over her as she unwrapped her gift.

“Ah, Prince Eric.” A man said from outside. Ariel’s eyes widened and she dashed over to the curtains by her balcony doors to peer out at the open ocean. Eric was there with Grimsby, entertaining what looked to be a very important nobleman. Ariel turned back around, her back facing the wall, her heart thumping in her chest. She was always so nervous around Eric and she had no idea why.

“It has been so long.” Eric said to the man politely, his hand coming to clasp around the other mans in a gentle but firm handshake. He vaguely wondered what the man would think if he had seen the things Eric had done to his mistress with those same hands just the night before.

Grimsby elbows Eric from his side, nodding up at the balcony. Ariel’s red hair dashing out of sight could be seen from the inside of her chambers. Eric chuckled lowly. His red haired minx was a nervous little thing, but man was she a good roll in the hay.

Ariel walked steadily over to her bed, lifting the top of the silver tray without a second thought. A small green bullet with a few little buttons on the side sat on a cushion. The other object next to it was suctioned to the tray carefully. A purple replica of Eric’s amazing cock sat in front of her.

With a sudden burst of confidence Ariel looked over the balcony, still clad in only her birthday suit, mouthing a thank you in the direction of her handsome human prince, who was heavily engaged in conversation with the stranger Ariel had yet to meet. Eric flashed her a show stopping grin, his dimples showing through as he looked at her.

Her breasts dangled beautifully, the hair on her pussy had been trimmed into a beautiful landing strip to help guide his cock into her dashing hole, not that he needed the assistance. Ariel darted inside, her pussy dripping at the sight of the new toys for her nether regions.

There was no introduction needed with the fake dick. Ariel knew exactly what to do with it, shoving it deep into her mouth for lubrication and spreading her legs wide to receive it in mere moments. Ariel gasped loudly as she brought her hand down to her pussy, rubbing furiously to help lubricate herself for the rather large tinted silicone inn front of her.

Oh how she wished Eric could be there to see it, her hand in between her legs, moaning loudly at only the thought of his beautiful pink mushroom head rubbing itself along her delicate folds. Then, she had an idea.

Ariel confidently threw open the doors to her balcony and made eye contact with Grimsby. She would start with him first, gently teasing the dildo on her clit, she propped one of her feet on the railing of the balcony Eric fucked her against the night before and inserted the dildo deep inside herself. Grimsby smiled at the sight of her stretching pussy to accommodate Eric’s purchase for her that he had helped pick out.

Grimsby could tell she was doing it for Eric. She palmed her breasts and drew her bottom lip into her mouth, watching Grimsby watch her. The temptress always loved having other people’s eyes on her. She fed off it like the Grimsby and Eric had dined on crab the night before she got to their castle on the sea.

Grimsby’s hand went down to grab his raging dick through his pants, palming the appendage as he observed from afar. Her pussy swallowed the dildo with difficulty at first before swiftly taking it in her at a much more alarming rate. Eric talked avidly with the man across from him until he caught Grimsby groaning out of the corner of his eye. Eric followed his gaze and realize it was trained on his little mermaid, toying with herself for his pleasure.

Eric cleared his throat loudly and gave Grimsby a death glare. He had made it very clear that the events at dinner the other night would be merely a one time affair and that Grimsby was not to touch Ariel any more. “Mr. Grimsby, do you need to excuse yourself?” He asked pointedly.

The older man’s eyes widened and his gaze dropped, his cock still hard but left unattended in his pants. Eric would not want to actually excuse him for fear that he would go off into one of the bathrooms and get himself off to the idea of Ariel’s bosoms swinging as she pleasured herself in the sun. Grimsby shook his head quickly and moved to trade places with Eric so he could watch his mistress up above.

Ariel moved now, the dildo suctioned to the floor of her balcony as she slowly lowered herself on it. Eric licked his lips hungrily at the sight of her. It was so hot, the way she ade even the most boring of work days interesting with her perfect body and wet pussy.

“Sorry your majesty, I’m just a bit under the weather.” Grimsby says to him before rubbing his eyes and changing the direction of the original discussion with the businessman in front of them. Eric shifted his gaze completely to Ariel now. She suddenly stopped her bobbing motion and reached her hands down to her dripping vagina, sticking her fingers into her mouth, shoving them deep into her throat to taste herself.

Eric could have cum in his pants right there.

That sex trap of a woman was his. He would formally stake his claim on her, he decided. No one else could have her, it would be only him. Forever.

Ariel moved, dangling her legs over the balcony and swinging them back and forth as she hummed to herself, rubbing her swollen pussy lips on the rod eagerly. The rod was thicker than Eric’s cock, she had to admit. But she rather missed the familiar throbbing of a man about to spill his seed in her sweet cunt.

She was coated in cum at this point. The substance dripped down her opening in between her ass cheeks, causing the globes to stick together as she continued pleasuring herself to no end. She wasn’t going to stop, she decided. She was going to pleasure herself for Eric until he came up to her and fucked the daylights out of her himself.

And oh, how he would.

Her juices dribbled down the side of the castle, her creamier than thou pussy never failed to make Eric’s mouth water. Grimsby noticed this and adjusted his pants, putting a hand on the shoulder of the stranger and leading him down the beach as they continued with their conversation.

This gave Eric the perfect opportunity to whip out his cock. He didn’t bother undoing his pants, settling for just moving the position of the zip and letting his cock slip through the opening. Eric timed his thrusts into his hand with Ariel’s bouncing against the rod.

She was growing desperate, rubbing herself against anything that she could find. Deep down, Ariel knew she belonged to Eric. She knew she was destined to be with him ever since she saw him on his ship that day, letting his crew mates take turns pulling his cock into their mouths.

Of course, then she didn’t feel this burning desire. The desire to be his forever in more than a sexual way. She wanted to marry him, walk down the aisle and live happily ever after. She wanted that with him. She wanted his dick all day every day wherever and whenever she wanted it.

She tried to mouth I love you to him but his eyes were closed, thrown back as his orgasm neared. Ariel felt sad, that he was emptying his cock in front of her into the sand instead of burying himself deep inside her and kissing her senseless in the process, but she pushed her thoughts aside.

Her pussy clenched and she gasped, throwing her own head back, her hands coming in front of her to clutch the rails tightly between her fingers. The dildo and vibrator inside had been forgotten. She didn’t need them. She just needed him, even just the thought of him.

Only that could truly satisfy her.

Ariel imagined his cock, rubbing against her soaking lips as she waited for her orgasm to take her completely. There was something so hot about the way she was able to close her eyes and perfectly imagine the throbbing erection she loved so much rubbing against her clit.

Eric was nearing his end, his little mermaid setting him over the edge as he groaned loudly without remorse. He just wanted her to meet his eyes, and look at him as she lost herself in spazzes so he could cum to the sight of her cumming for him.

“Look at me, princess.” He demands lowly. “I want to see you and your beautiful throbbing pussy lips at the same time. Please allow me the pleasure of cumming for you.” He groans between his words, almost losing his train of thought as her red beached waves fly around her face as she breathes heavily.

“Ariel.” He moans, aiming his cock right at her as if that actually meant anything to her. Ariel stood suddenly, propping her foot up on the top of the balcony as she stared at Eric, chest heaving, breasts sagging, pussy throbbing.

That was all he needed. His out of breath seductress getting herself off to him watching below. He came, his semen spewing out of his cock, making a pile on the pebbled beach that would surely wash away in the ocean.

This was enough to set Ariel over the edge, her her quivering as her lips throbbed. She wasn’t spewing like she usually was, she didn’t burst at the seams. But a few beautiful pearls of cum fell down one of her legs as she cried out, not caring if her father below the sea could hear her screams for the beautiful sailor whose life she saved just days ago.

Eric sighed and zipped his pants back up, marching inside to what Ariel hoped would be her chambers. The nobleman strolling the beach with Grimsby forgotten.

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