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Eric stepped into the room with a smile. His sea princess was sleepily lounging on the bed in her room. Her dress was still abandoned as she toyed with her nipples lazily. It wasn’t meant to be erotic, that must was clear, but that didn’t help the unforgiving tent in Eric’s pants.

He laid beside her, turning her on her side to spoon her. “You have no idea what you do to me.” He whispers darkly into her ear, twirling a strand of her red maine around his index finger with a smile. Ariel hums as she feels her prince’s hard bulge on the planes of her ass.

Eric brought his hand slowly down, cupping her sex between her legs, wiggling his fingers around to get a feel for just how wet she was becoming as every moment passed. He held back a satisfactory moan as he touched her aching folds. She truly was the best fuck he’d ever had. He just couldn’t keep his hands off of her.

She whimpers, grinding against his fingers. She too, was never satisfied when he was around. Eric shook his head, placing a hand over his bulging dick to try to keep the friction between them to a minimum.

“Not so soon, my love.” He tisks, nipping her earlobe and showering the base of her neck with sensual kisses. “We have business to attend to.” He said. Ariel cocked her head sideways, trying to ask him what exactly they had to do without being able to say it herself.

“Go put on some panties. Then come back to me.” He says, pulling her duvet over his lower half as he began to stroke his hard cock through his pants. Ariel pouted but did as she was told, bringing back a pink pair of lace panties. She had no idea why the maids continuously stocked such impractical under garments for her but the look on Eric’s face immediately put her thoughts to rest.

His eyes glazed over as she spread her legs, inching the fabric up inch by retched inch, pausing at her knees to smirk at her lover, who continued his rhythmic up and down motions under her sheets. She licked the palm of her hand, guiding it greedily a few times over her pussy before pulling her panties the rest of the way up.

When the sides rested on her hips she pulled them up a bit more than necessary, causing her pussy lips to encase the fabric on both sides. This was Ariel’s favorite thing about underwear. It was so easily manipulated to be pleasurable, even when you would rather be bare for all the world to see. She had quickly come to terms with the fabric.

“God damn.” Eric muttered, his voice straining as he continued his stroking before tossing the duvet aside, showing his princess the greedy cock in his hands. “Come to me. I have a surprise for you.” He says, swinging his legs over the side of him so he could stand, his cock still gripped in his hands.

One of his hands moved to cup his balls as he continued jerking himself off to her breasts and puffy pussy lips that were on display for him. Ariel’s feet padded across the carpet until she stood in front of him. She didn’t dare move another inch without instruction, she did still want to get fucked, after all.

Eric hooked a finger in her panties, pulling the fabric down so he could peer inside. Eric had never been one to admire a woman’s pubic hair until now. But the curly red tuffs on her mound excited him for some reason. He licked his lips hungrily, dipping a finger between her skin and the fabric.

Although Ariel was a mute, the sounds she made never failed to make him stir in his pants when she voiced her pleasure in the only way she could. Eric peered down at the woman in front of him and let the waistband of her panties snap back on her delicate stomach.

The material had very quickly become moist with Ariel’s juices as Eric teased her. Eric began to jerk his dick harder, throwing his head back before slowing to a halt. “I want to take you to town today.” He told her swiftly. Ariel bites her lip in confusion and peers at her prince. “But first,” He said, his cock throbbing in his hand. “Pull your panties down to your knees.” Ariel frowned at the idea of not being completely bare in front of her prince but obliged, sliding the lace down to her knees and spreading her legs slightly for him.

“I’m going to cum in your panties, and every time you meet someone today you’ll have to live with the fact that you’ve greeted them with my cum in your panties.” Ariel’s head fell forward onto Eric’s shoulder as he gripped his length once more, positioning it right above the crotch of her underwear.

“I bet you’ll like that, you naughty naughty girl. You’ll like walking around with my sticky cum all up your cunt. Won’t you?” He asked harshly. Ariel nods numbly, watching his cock work in awe. How she had gone so long without ever feeling one of these, she did not know.

Eric came with a low grunt, filling the bottom of her panties with white hot semen before yanking them up her legs. Ariel panted as she picked up her head to look into his eyes, passion blazed through them as she watched him reach his hand down between her legs, massaging the liquid into her swollen lips.

“I bet you liked that.” He said, his dick going soft, still outside his trousers. Even soft, Ariel still found his dick to be one of the hottest sights she had ever seen. “You have no idea how hot it is, knowing you have a cunt full of my cum.” He cooed to her, licking her jawline quickly.

He was going to demand that she get dressed and tell her to go into town with him just like that but watching her squirm where she stood was too much to bear. He had more dignity than that. “I bet you want to see it.” He said, breathlessly in her ear.

Ariel was surprised by his words but nodded nonetheless, nipping Eric’s ear as a sign of thanks. She wanted him to know how grateful she was for all of the pleasure he gave her.

“Every woman must see the way a man’s cum looks splattered all over her pussy.” He told her, seriously. “It is simply the hottest thing you will ever see in all of your life.” He continued, sweeping Ariel’s legs from under her and hoisting her up.

Ariel pressed her lips against his cheek softly, wrapping her arms delicately around his neck as he carried her into the bathroom connected to her guest suite. He paused for a moment, kissing her neck with even more passion, palming her exposed breast as he did so.

“The things you do to me, Ariel.” He said into her skin, not wanting to let go. “You make every siren jealous with your ability to make a man moan your name. Even Grimsby gets off to the idea of your delicate flower.” He touched her area of emphasis. “Every man in the village will struggle to keep his hands off of you.” He remarked, setting her down on the countertop, her chest facing the mirror.

Before Eric was able to spread her legs in front of the reflective glass Ariel took a moment to admire her body. She touched her breasts and touched the arches of her feet together, letting her knees drop to the side. Her shoulders leaned against Eric’s chest for support as she touched herself the way she touched herself the first day she noticed there was something to touch.

Eric kissed her cheek and grabbed her by the underside of her knees, flexing her legs completely so her feet protruded several inches in front of her. For someone who had only just acquired legs, Ariel was impressed with her flexibility. The sea witch had most likely given her these gifts on purpose so she could pleasure her prince as much as possible for the three days she was allotted.

“Watch, my sweetness.” He told her, rubbing her damp panties as he caught her eyes through the mirror. There was so much passion coursing through Ariel’s body at this moment. She almost didn’t know what to do with it.

Eric positioned her legs on the counter so they would not close and delicately cupped her pussy with both of his hands, making a small heart shape before retracting his fingers. He hooked them inside the elastic on either side of her heat and pulled the fabric aside.

Thick ropes of cum connected her pussy to her underwear. Streamers, she remembered Carli calling it before when she had touched the other women in the bathroom the day they were preparing her for the tag team that was Eric and Grimsby. “That’s so hot.” Eric murmured to her, dipping a delicate finger down to swirl around in his cum. “You carry my cum quite well, little one.” He complimented with a grin in the mirror.

Ariel liked it too, she could feel herself becoming impossibly wetter looking at herself in the mirror. Her lips parted as her pussy began throbbing under Eric’s thick fingers. He hummed and let one finger squelch inside of her.

“Sweetheart,” He chastised. “You’re dripping for me, my cum is rolling out of your panties.” The words were hot coming from mouth but Ariel could sense the disappointment off of him, and the hardening cock behind her. “I suppose I’ll just have to fill them again.” He said, his eyes darkening as he watched her nipples harden to perfect points on her chest.

Ariel wished she could speak. She wanted to tell him she preferred his cum inside her instead of on the fabric of her underwear. But any cum from Eric was better than no cum at all. She nodded, trying to spread her legs even further.

“Naughty, naughty.” He repeated his words from before, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her backwards so her feet touched the tile. He shifted her underwear aside, rubbing his cock on her folds. He never did put it back into his pants.

“This time, I think I’ll give you a sweet little creampie for you to carry around the village with you. How do you like that, maiden?” Ariel gasped and hunched over the counter, her breasts meshing against the cool marble countertops as she nodded.

Do whatever you want with me. I want you to use me like some little whore.

Ariel tried to push herself onto Ariel’s dick but he made a sound and reached in front of her, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. “You better hope I don’t accidentally impregnate you one of these times. I know only Grimsby and I have cum inside you but I’m not ready for children just yet.” He said. “But that’s no excuse to let Grimsby cm in you every chance he gets, either. I don’t want you popping out wrinkly silver haired babies.” Ariel giggled and caught Eric’s joking glare in the mirror as he pushed into her swiftly, loving the feel of her underwear pushing against his dick, fighting to cover her pussy.

“Not just yet, baby.” He said. “I’m doing all of the work.” He demanded. “Just stand there and look sexy. I want to see your breasts bounce in your reflection as I take you from behind.” Ariel was suddenly very aware of Eric’s dominant side. She had seen it before when he bent her over the balcony but it had never felt so prominent until this moment.

Ariel gripped his wrists, his hands planted on her waist and held onto him for support as he thrusted inside of her mercilessly. She wanted him to cum, but she didn’t want him to stop. The rhythm was so satisfying. The rocking reminded her of the sea, of her home she had left behind for a few good fucks.

It was seeming terribly unlikely that Eric was going to kiss her anytime soon, their relationship could not be sealed until he did. And Ariel wanted so desperately to tell him just how horny he made her feel at every twist and turn.

“I’m close.” He moaned. “Your pussy is just too good, Ariel.” He said with a laugh. “Maybe it would be hot to see you dripping with my cum, a child growing inside of you. Wouldn’t that be nice, my love?” Love. He had called her love. Did that mean he felt something for her other than the primal need to fuck her at every moment?

A familiar warmth filled Ariel’s pussy as Eric’s dick throbbed inside of her. She moaned at the feeling. Eric quickly pushed inside of her a few more times, forcing his cum deeper inside her cavern. “Okay, we really should get going to the village if we want to be there before sundown.” He said quickly, pulling out of her without another word and leaving her leaning against the bathroom sink, his cum dripping down her leg.

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