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When Ariel got dressed for her outing with the dreamy prince she decided on a delectable blue dress with a black corset and a matching blue ribbon in her hair. She did not think her prince would notice the care she put into the outfit she planned to wear into the village but the sharp intake of breath that came from him when she descended the stairs told him otherwise.

“You look stunning, my love.” He told her with a smile, taking her hand and pressing his lips to the pale freckled skin gently, draping his arm around her waist to lead her to their carriage.

Eric had begged the usual drivers to take the day off so he could speak with his princess in private - even if she wouldn’t respond to him. He wanted to tell her how he felt about her and the pleasure they experienced together. It was too good to be a coincidence.

It just had to be fate.

Ariel blushed under his gaze and bit her lip, the ache between her legs pulsed under her skirt as she waited for the feeling to ease. The prince merely wanted an innocent day of fun with the people. He was going to show her part of his world.

“Are you ready to depart, your highness?” Grimsby asked, eyeing the maiden the prince had become so possessive of over the past few days. The older man had to admit, she had a nice pussy. So tight and wet it made his dick hard at the thought and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t moaned her name a few times in his private chambers in the depths of the night.

Eric gave him a look of warning, slipping his hand down to cover Ariel’s pussy without a second thought, the dress molding nicely against her skin in front of him. Ariel could feel the dress catch on the gentle wetness of her vagina, attempting to get stuck there as Eric rubbed soothing circles on the skin, looking at Grimsby with watchful eyes.

“I believe we are ready. Would you mind getting our things?” Grimsby nodded obediently and quickly scurried away, eager to please his prince and his companion. Even if he was forbidden to touch the maiden from this point on, he could still serve her on a professional level.

“I want everyone to know you are mine. I’m going to parade you around town, my sweet. The people will see that you are mine. Women will envy you and men will be upset they did not snag you before I did. Do you understand?” Ariel nodded eagerly, happy to do exactly as her love asked.

“Would you be happy to meet the villagers?” Ariel continued to bob her head as he spoke, ecstatic that she got to experience his world so closely. She wasn’t just going to be any human here, she would be the princess, the best kind of human you could be.

Sure, she was a princess in her watery home as well but being able to be a human princess for a day was just icing on the cake.

All she had to get Eric to do at this point was to kiss her fully and claim her as his. She had to admit she had high hopes for their village visit and what it would hopefully do to their relationship.

“Your coats, sir, madam.” Grimsby said, the fabrics draped over his arm as he looked on blankly at his superiors. Eric took the coats quickly, passing them to another servant who would no doubt shove them in a carriage compartment on the off chance they would get cold later that evening and need something to bundle themselves up with.

“Let us depart then, good day Grimsby.” Eric replied, nodding to the older gentleman and leading his lady away to their chariot to ride into town and see the people of the village for the first time - at least, in Ariel’s case it would be the first time.

“You know, I hardly go to town anymore. I get far too busy with my duties.” Eric said, gripping the reins on the horses, forcing them to start moving a few miles up the road into town. Ariel looked on with curiosity, not understanding the point of the glamorized ropes on the animals face. It simply didn’t make sense.

The landwalking animals must not be as obedient as their sea dwelling counterparts. “Would you like to try?” He asked, holding the reins out to her and gripping her waist with his free hand. “They are very well trained.” He says with a smile.

Ariel nods eagerly, drinking up every human experience she can before she no doubt goes back to the sea to be the sea witch’s slave for the rest of eternity. The horses neighed loudly and began to sprint, Ariel still holding on to the reins as Eric grabbed the side of carriage tightly.

“The town is just up ahead, you might want to ease up a little.” He tells her quickly, snatching the control from her and forcing the horse back to a steady walk. “You let me know when you want to get out, darling. I want to show you everything.” He says with a smirk.

Ariel surprised her companion by snatching the reins from his hands and pulling back on the horses, their heels digging into the ground to heed her command. She smiled at him before promptly jumping out and holding her hand out for Eric to take. The marketplace a short walk from the road caught her eye and she gravitated towards it happily.

Eric had been here dozens of time before. In fact, it was the best place to get fresh fruit and vegetables in his opinion and he demanded the kitchens in his castle shop here for their goods. Fishermen and farmers lined up every day to sell their harvest from the previous day happily to anyone who bothered to pass by.

Ariel gravitated towards the fruits and took hold of a strawberry almost immediately, shoving the pink point into her mouth without a second thought. She moaned at the taste and quickly pushed the fruit to Eric’s lips, swirling the juices around on his lips. He nodded at her and pushed it away from his face gently.

“Strawberries taste delectable, my love. But I want to taste it off your skin.” He told her, paying no mind to the farmer behind them whose jaw had dropped immediately when he heard the prince’s vile words to his red haired companion. He didn’t even remember to bow to the royalty in front of him.

Eric’s lips landed on Ariel’s neck softly as he fisted her hair to pull her impossibly closer, paying no mind to the towns onlookers as he lifted her skirt, pressing her hands onto the fabrics to keep it bunched at her legs. It was certainly not the first time their prince had stopped by and publicly fucked a girl in front of them but it was the first time in a long time that said woman had been so irresistible.

Breathless, Eric pulled back and let his gaze wander over the people of the town who were hungrily watching him and the woman he hoped would be his future wife.

“How rude of me.” He said, stepping away from his redhead. Ariel’s skirt was still bunched at her waist, her knuckles turning white as her grip kept her grounded. Her head had been thrown back and she panted heavily under their assorted gazes.

“Would you all like to give it a try?” Eric asked, a glint in his eyes as he spotted the wet patch on Ariel’s dark thong. He wanted to see her get fucked, brutally fucked. He wanted to see people drool over her as he fucked her.

No one moved for a moment, everyone watching as Ariel slipped a hand between her underwear to touch her smooth mound underneath, her fingers delicately tracing her clit as Eric unzipped the fly of his pants. He stroked the bulge in his boxers as he advanced to Ariel, dropping to his knees in the grass and hooking his finger into the delicate fabric to push it to the side.

He wanted nothing more than to pleasure the shit out of the minx in front of him. He loved seeing her naked and he loved watching the men in his peripherals let their hands dart in their pants, getting off to Ariel.

Ariel’s lips were pulsing with need, her fingers latching onto her nipples as Eric licked a stripe up her pussy, his tongue breaching her barrier swiftly.

A man off to Ariel’s left was the first to move, dropping his pants and stomping over with his hardened cock held gently in his hand. He grabbed the hand Ariel was using to touch her nipple and pulled it to him, sticking his rod between her fingers, thrusting gently in her soft palm.

Ariel remembered this feeling from the day she first arrived to the palace and Grimsby took her while she pleasured Eric. The thought of feeling something just as pleasurable now made her heart beat quicken as she wickedly began to stroke the mans hard on.

Eric stood, tossing her hand aside as he lined himself up with her entrance, trusting deep inside, causing her toes to curl and her back to arch.

Upon witnessing Ariel’s reaction to the strangers cock in her hand and Eric’s disregard for the moment several more villagers joined in on the fun Ariel and Eric were having with the commoners. Five more men presented their cocks to Ariel, two shoving them into her mouth from above, their balls rubbing against her cheeks. Another pushed his cock into here other hand while the other two simply jerked off over her stomach right above her pussy.

Eric’s hand came to rest on the skin above her pussy, gripping the fabric of her pushed up skirt to get a good grip on the girl he was pounding relentlessly. She looked so incredibly hot, being touched by a bunch of men while only he could pleasure her.

The women of the village rubbed themselves viciously from afar, feeding off the sexual energy Eric and Ariel brought into the village that day on their horse drawn carriage.

“Do you like that, heart? You like me pounding into you as these peasants worship your sexy body?” Ariel nodded as one of the cocks spurted semen all over her exposed stomach.

Two women had come up behind her and unzipped her dress so the whole of her outfit could pool in front of Eric. The women rubbed her breasts and let her lean against their bodies as her legs continued to turn into Jello in front of them.

“Isn’t she perfect?” He asked the crowd above her, close to his release but not wanting to let go until all of the crowd above Ariel had completely lost it. He wanted them to worship her but he didn’t want any of them to penetrate her. Only he could do that.

One of the women’s hands wandered down to her pussy and began to rub soft circles, working their way down to her opening, their fingers threatening to slip inside her and stretch her further than before. Eric swatted it away quickly, narrowing his eyes at the woman in warning. She slunk back and muttered her apologies as yes’s chorused throughout the crowd.

Ariel was surrounded by cocks. There were almost too many to count. Each one was harder than the last. There had to have been at least fifteen beautiful angry mushroom heads staring at her, all of them dripping with precum.

One of the men groaned and shot his load all over her face, the others following shortly behind, bathing Ariel in white liquidated proof of their pleasure. Ariel was practically soaked with their cum as kisses rained down on her body from the grateful villagers.

Eric smirked and thrusted inside her a few more times, fingering her clit as he came. He was pleased with her. Even with all of those cocks dripping above her she had not taken pleasure in any of them. He pussy only throbbed for his cock and she only came when he felt his own seed spill inside her.

Ignoring the cum coating his lover he pulled his shirt off and forced her body flush against his, her hardened nipples crashing against his hard chest as he placed kisses along her collarbone. “You’re so perfect.” He whispered in her ear as his cock softened inside her. “So, so, perfect.” He kissed her forehead gently before turning to the villagers.

"What are you staring at?” He barked angrily.

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