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She missed her prince.

Ariel wandered the hall usually filled to the brim with sexual energy shared between her and her prince awkwardly. After their little game in the village Eric seemed to disappear. She still remembered their talk afterwards.

Ariel played with her fingers as Eric rowed them further and further away from the shore, staring deep into her eyes as they left the human world behind. They were on the sea now.

“You’re so pretty, my love.” He said to her, suddenly. Ariel blanched and blushed under his intense stare, the boat continuing to row softly, the waves sounding so peaceful underneath them both. He had reached a hand out then, pushing a strand of red hair behind her ear carefully as he watched her admire the ocean.

Her gaze was longing as she let one of her fingers dip into the water carefully. She missed her family. She missed her father and her sisters. She missed flounder. She missed the sea.

“What’s on your mind, sweetheart?” He asked without missing a beat.

He noticed her sadness, subtle as it was. She tried not to let that excite her too much, shrugging and shifting in her wooden seat uncomfortably. For a prince, Eric had a surprisingly humble little boat. Briefly, she wondered how many girls he had taken out over the sea to glance at the rocky sands below the waves.

Ariel didn’t want to focus on that.

Deep down she knew the moment she saw Eric on that boat amongst other sailors that he would always be hers. There was not a single doubt in her mind that she was destined to fall in love with him and discover her new identity among the humans.

They didn’t speak. They sat in comfortable silence, him rowing and her thinking of ways she could get him to kiss her without just leaning in and planting her lips on his. That would hardly count as a true love’s kiss, right?

Her thoughts drowned as the boat flipped, leaving them both soaking wet, neck deep in the water like fools.

Although it was brief, every moment with Eric was complete utter perfection. He was always up to something new and exciting that Ariel loved to play a part in. In and outside of the bedroom.

“Put that flower vase over there.” Grimsby booms from down the hall, his arm waved wildly at the servants in front of him, lugging around a large bouquet of flowers. “The prince’s fiance is not to see it until the dinner party tonight in her honor.”

Ariel’s heart tugged at her ribcage, threatening to burst out of her chest. He was going to propose to her. Her, the little mermaid from the sea that saved him from a shipwreck. She was going to be a human forever and regain her voice so she could tell Eric just how smitten she was with him.

The thought caused a desperate squeal to escape from her throat as she bounced on her toes. How would he go about proposing to her? Would he bow to her and offer her the ring? Would they copulate and talk about it after?

Ariel couldn’t think straight. Without realizing it she wandered down the hallway to Eric’s room, her need for him building inch by inch as she neared the room slowly but surely. Her nightgown was suddenly restricting, holding the view of her body back from her lover.

But she knew how he felt about her nakedness. The guards were not meant to see her body, only his royal highness could touch her freely. Surely, everyone knew this. Without a second thought, Ariel tugged at the bottom of her night gown, pulling the garment over her head and discarding it on the floor.

She didn’t care what anyone thought. She just needed to get to Eric.

She tweaked her nipples, only parading around the halls in her lace panties. Her nipples hardened against the cold air as she passed by several guards. Their pants tented at the sight of her bare breasts and her soft round bum on display for them to see.

One of the guards tapped her bum with his open palm, his lips curving up into a sly smile asa Ariel leapt forward in surprise. She liked it, this she did not hide. But she feigned innocence as she gazed into his eyes before continuing on.

Another dared to reach out and pull her back by her arm, her back hitting his chest as her hand travelled up to land on his neck gently. His hand cupped her cavern down below as he breathed on her neck, complimenting her body.

They were attractive, this was without a doubt. But her heart belonged to her prince, the thought of him had her pulling herself away from the loving guards and making a sharp no sign with her hands. Seeming to get the hint, they pouted playfully and let her continue on.

There were moans coming from Eric’s room, soft girly moans and loud manly grunts that she had come to know so well over the last couple of days. Eric had a girl in his room and they sounded like they were having a great deal of explicit fun in there.

Not daring to make her presence known yet, Ariel merely peeked her head in the crack, gently wrapping her fingers around the wood door as she blinked at the couple on the bed.

The woman was beautiful, her body clad in white lace everything as her jet black curls danced on top of the pink hardened nipples. Her bra was wrapped around her stomach and her panties had been pulled to the side by her beautiful prince.

He had carefully placed to woman on her knees, using her hands for extra balance as the prince entered her ruthlessly from behind. Ariel didn’t know what to make of this. On one hand, Eric never pounded into her like this. He never tried to make her see who was the boss. But on the other hand, watching him with another woman was just so appealing Ariel couldn’t look away.

Ariel remembered the way the women in the bathroom made her feel as they touched her, stroking her in such a way that is made her toes curl. She wondered if this woman could give her a similar kind of pleasure, licking her soaked clam in a way that no man ever could.

How soft were her fingers? Did they feel like velvet inside her own intimate areas? Did Eric think she was sexy, too? Was she sexier than Ariel?

None of these things really mattered to Ariel. The way her prince sensually licked up the woman’s stomach was positively mouth watering.

She gripped his hair as her back arched off the bed when he assaulted her with his tongue. “Do you like that, my love?” Ariel sat quietly watching the two of them, her legs clenching at the sight as she observed them sprawled across Eric’s silk sheets.

Yes.” She hissed. That was something Ariel couldn’t give Eric, the satisfaction knowing that what he was doing was getting to her made his dick harden. The sight did not go unnoticed by Ariel, her mouth forming a small oh as she saw him take his dick in his hand and stroke it quickly in front of the dark haired girls face. It was hot as hell.

Fuck me, Eric.” She demanded of her lover, pulling his chest down to hers, their sweat marinating during their pleasure. Ariel did not know the rules of fidelity. How could she when she had yet to have a real relationship with a man on earth? Merpeople did not dick down anybody they pleased.

To Ariel, this was merely foreplay. She brought her fingers down to her panties with a sly smile in the direction of the couple on the bed.

Eric lined up the tip of his cock at the girls entrance, kissing her hard as he penetrated her swiftly. This was her first time. She had been watching Ariel and Eric’s antics together over the past few days and she wanted to make sure she could perform well for his royal highness. She did not disappoint.

Ariel’s fingers circled her own hole, plunging into herself at the same time Eric’s abdomen met the raven haired girls opening. Eric continued to pound into the girl slowly, brushing her hair behind her ear and kissing her earlobe as he continued to kiss her happily.

The woman threw her head back, looking to Ariel as her hands found her own clit, understanding a big source of pleasure for Ariel. Ariel was not going to seduce her prince into giving her a sweet kiss. It just wasn’t going to happen.

She was going to marry the prince and she was going to feel like this forever. Ariel’s sudden draw to the human world was suddenly not so lost on the disguised sea witch. “Are you close, my love?” Eric asks, his face coming up to watch his future brides reactions.

Without saying a word, the witch nodded and pulled his head down to her breasts. “Kiss my breasts, lover. They ache for you.” She whispered, stroking his hair as she watched Ariel’s eyes roll into the back of her head. The redhead had wrapped one hand around her breast, the other rubbing soothing circles over her covered vagina.

Ariel found it all so beautiful. The way a man and woman could be joined at the lower halves and feel so much from just those few touches made her wild with desire. She’d almost wished one of the guards she’d run into on her way to Eric’s chambers had just decided to have his way with her. But she knew deep down she would have been too tired to join the two sexy people on the bed right now.

“I’m close.” Eric groaned. Ariel waited for the moment Eric would pull out of the woman in front of him and turn to give his seed to her instead. But he didn’t. He laid a gentle rain of kisses along the fair skin below him and moaned into her hair as he emptied himself inside of her.

This was not something Ariel was expecting. Fromm what she had heard, she was the only one the prince want to share his semen with. She was the only one he loved enough to risk a pregnancy with. At least, she thought she was.

Ariel’s hand slowed as she watched, her mouth gaping like Flounder’s had so many times before as she waited for Eric to turn and notice her standing in the doorway. Quickly, Eric pulled out of the girl and pulled her on her back, raising her legs in the air.

“I want you to have my child, Vanessa. I love you.” Red flags went off in Ariel’s mind as she continued to watch her prince and his new love, intentionally trying to do what he had previously pretended was a terrible fate.

Vanessa clutched her breasts and looked to Ariel, winking before she let out a terrifying scream. “Eric! Some girl has been spying on us this whole time! Make her leave!” She gasped as Eric turned to see the accused in front of him.

Ariel.” He growled, his teeth clenching as he let Vanessa’s legs drop to the bed. Ariel backed away slightly, looking at Vanessa in confusion. Didn’t she know that Eric had promised Ariel that she would always be his?

“You have to go.” He told her finally, gripping the edge of the door as Ariel tried to come up with a reasonable reaction to Eric’s sudden change of heart. She reached her hands out, trying to smooth them over his shoulders in a gesture of apology but Eric roughly grabbed her hands and pushed them away from him as if he was disgusted by her touch.

Leave.” He said, throwing the door shut in her face. Ariel gave herself a moment to compose herself before hanging her head and going back to her room to cry.

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