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Vanessa and Eric were cute together. There was absolutely no denying this.

The pretty raven haired girl had quickly moved from accompanying the prince to his bed to accompanying him in public as well. She proudly went into town with him, hanging off his arm with a coy smile.

He fingered her pussy in public and even drank her nectar without a second thought. He used to be like that with Ariel. But not anymore.

“Dinner is about to be served,” Grimsby said from Ariel’s doorway, looking on sadly at the girl clutching her pillow tightly, tears streaming steadily down her face.

Ariel didn’t respond. She brought her hand up to her eyes and rubbed them harshly, trying to wipe the tears away before the older man noticed. He stepped back slowly, pulling the door closed behind him. If he noticed her tears he didn’t say anything about it and oh how Ariel wished he had.

She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted anymore. On one hand she didn’t want anyone to catch her pathetically weeping over the boy who fucked her for a few days then took another lover right under her nose. But, then again, she wanted him to notice. She wanted him to know exactly how her hurt her and why he deserved to pay for what he had done to her.

But Ariel didn’t have the heart to do anything to him. Deep down, she felt something for him. Not just a lust for his cock, but a friendship that was so much deeper than her vagina. He had shown her things from his world. Things that she had not shown him in return and things she had not been able to properly thank him for.

She thought he felt it too, but she must have been wrong.

Grimsby knocked gently on her door again, clearing his throat. “Dinner is going to be placed on the table, darling. If you don’t want to miss it you might want to come downstairs and join us all,” he said. Ariel nodded and wiped her eyes. She didn’t want to look absolutely horrible for Eric but she didn’t know what she had left to live for.

Today was the third day.

Two days ago Eric was playing into her hand. He kissed her and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. He used her for his pleasure and Ariel loved it. But that was gone now. Vanessa was the girl of his dreams now. Ariel was yesterday’s news. Literally.

Grimsby waited for her to pass through the door before he closed it softly behind her. He placed a hand on the small of her back and walked beside her down to the dining room. She hadn’t eaten here since the first day she arrived. Eric had been too hard to allow her to sit and eat anywhere other than his raging hard on. They had lived on cheese cubes and fruit for the better part of a day so he could take her continuously.

Vanessa sat in the chair beside Eric. That had been Ariel’s chair. She had spread her legs for Grimsby and Eric that day. Did he even remember it? Did he remember sharing her with his confidant or was he just ignoring the memory?

Ariel sat down and Eric shifted in his seat. The Eric she had grown to love was still there, he remembered that day, or at least his cock did. Ariel glanced down under the table at the rod that was swelling rapidly. The longer she looked at him the harder he got.

Slowly, Ariel reached her hand out, her fingers aching to feel his cock just one more time before she was damned to be the sea witch’s slave forever. Her nails scrapped the edge of his thigh for less than a second before he gripped them in his own, halting her advancement.

“No, Ariel,” he told her, shoving her hand away from him as if it hurt him.

Vanessa leaned forward in her chair only enough to make eye contact with Ariel. Her breasts spilled from her corset only slightly. Ariel couldn’t help but feel the jealousy bubble within her. Of course Eric preferred Vanessa, she was hot!

Vanessa kept her eyes trained on Ariel as she took a hand and cupped it gently over her partners package. Ariel laced her fingers together in her lap and trained her eyes on her fingernails. She wasn’t going to let Vanessa provoke her. If she wanted to touch Eric under the table, as his partner she had every right to.

Eric was still for a moment before he snapped into action. His hands went to cup the sides of her face and his lips sucked at her neck. One of his hands ran from the side of her neck down to her breast, which he gave a gentle squeeze before his fingers reached their true destination.

Ariel couldn’t see exactly what he was doing to her but if Vanessa’s moans were anything to go by, she liked it a lot. “Yes, baby! You know exactly what I like,” she tipped her head back and looked at Ariel as Eric continued to lay kisses on her collarbone while simultaneously undoing the ties on her dress. “I love your kisses, my prince.”

Ariel turned in her chair and used her arms to haul herself onto the table. Eric might have liked fingering Vanessa but she didn’t hear him moan with her at all the way he moaned with her. Vanessa was calling all the shots, he was just going along with whatever she wanted.

Ariel tried once again to divert Eric’s attention by spreading her legs and lifting her skirt. She had complied with his no-panty rule. She was a good girl waiting for her reward, as promised. A couple kisses from his cock would suffice.

He didn’t even turn around, keeping his eyes on his new love below him. He put a knee on either side of her chair and began undoing his zip, running his cupped hand up and down his cock a few times to ensure a great erection for her to impale herself on.

Ariel looked back at Grimsby for affirmation. The old man was usually very easy to read. He had a knack for displaying just how much lust he felt on his face at once. His lips were parted and his hand was moving quickly under the table but Ariel didn’t know if it was for her or the couples display in front of her.

One spare glance to Vanessa proved that she enjoyed the attention. Whether it was the sexual kink she loved or the fact that all eyes were simply on her, Ariel couldn’t tell. Ariel rolled over to her knees and crawled to Grimsby over the table, spreading her legs for him as she had the last time they were all in this room together.

“I shouldn’t. Prince Eric’s rule,” he pointed to Eric who was tossing Vanessa’s dress over her head and leaning in to suckle at her breasts. Ariel bit her lip desperately and took a deep breath in.

Vanessa moaned behind them. “Oh Eric,” she gasped. “Your cock is absolutely perfect. I can’t get enough of you. Never stop fucking me, please.” Ariel closed her eyes tightly to keep the tears at bay. Her hand reached down to spread her lips for Grimsby.

Please, she mouthed, not opening her eyes to look at him. She was giving him the option. If he walked away she would never know If she kept her eyes closed she could at least pretend that he sat there, hand on his mature dick, stroking himself to completion while looking at her. She could at least pretend someone showed an interest in her.

Grimsby looked over her shoulder. Vanessa caught his eye and winked at him, she tangled a hand in his raven hair and pulled his face towards hers. “Ungh,” she grunted as he went deeper. He knew she was embellishing her pleasure before but one look to the jittery redhead told him why.

He stood and pulled out his cock, lining it up with Ariel’s opening. She wasn’t wet. Damp maybe but that was nothing compared to the oceans that poured from her the last time they did this. “Just this once,” he mumbled to her before pushing inside her.

Ariel gasped and her eyes flew open, her hands going to his shoulder to anchor himself to him. She relaxed visibly and let him continue ravishing her. He could tell inn some way that she was trying to tell him thank you by wiggling her hips over his own.

“Did you miss Daddy’s cock, little one? He missed you,” he spoke huskily into her ear, trying to drown out Vanessa’s porn star-esque moans that she was now performing every couple seconds. “It was so rude of Eric not to share you, darling. I had to wank myself to completion just thinking of your pretty little pussy.”

Ariel’s passage pulsed at his words and her eyes crossed slightly with orgasmic bliss. He wasn’t going to make her cum like Eric could. He was sure of it but he at least wanted to give the whining brat a run for her money in their little best orgasm at the table contest.

“I want to paint your insides with my seed, won’t you let me, pet?” Grimsby pushed her lips apart and stuck a finger into her warm mouth. “Suck on it like it’s my cock. I want to look into your eyes and see you pleasure my cock until I burst.” Ariel nodded and leaned back onto the table, Grimsby hovering over her, pounding her pussy like it was his last chance at a mindblowing fuck.

Grimsby pulled his finger from her mouth. He spread the saliva that coated it down her breasts, circling her pert nipples before swirling it around her clit. “You’re creaming on my dick,” he said quietly. “It’s glorious,” he said, kissing her earlobe.

Ariel’s breasts swayed up and down with the motion but she couldn’t help looking back at Eric, ho was finishing deep inside Vanessa with a long grunt. His cheeks clenched with the effort of driving into her past his completion and she faked a few more moans before he rolled off her and collapsed in his chair.

Vanessa smirked at Ariel as she dipped a finger inside herself, sampling the spunk dripping from her pussy. She moaned around her finger, the rest of his seed sliding down her thighs. Eric rose slowly, using the chair as a clutch and wordlessly took Vanessa’s hand in his own. He kissed her softly on the lips and lead her from the dining room, but not before Vanessa blew a sarcastic kiss at Ariel.

He pinched her butt and wrapped an arm around her as they left Ariel and Grimsby to themselves in the dining room. “I’m cumming,” he grunted as they turned the corner. “You’re so fucking beautiful, maiden. I was practically creaming your trousers just watching you breathe, those breasts spilling out of your dress. It drives me crazy.” Grimsby got in two more good thrusts before he stilled inside her, painting her insides white as promised.

Ariel groaned as her pussy pulsed around him. It wasn’t a mindblowing orgasm but it was nice nonetheless. He pulled out and she sat up quickly, wrapping her arms around herself and pulling her knees together. She looked at the tops of her naked thighs as she tried to catch her breath.

She looked up to Grimsby and nodded in thanks. He grimaced and began to pull up his trousers. “You know,” he drawled, lazily draping his ascost over the back of his neck instead of bothering to tie it. “Jealousy is an ugly shade of green,” he chastised, tucking his flaccid member back in his pants. “I do not appreciate being used as a pawn in your possessive feud over Prince Eric’s affection. Might I offer a bit of advice?”

Ariel nodded, her breath slowing. She pulled up the straps of her dress slowly, not missing the way Grimsby’s tongue darted out to lick his lips as she tucked her breast away. “Move on. Find someone else who gives you the same pleasure Eric did. A woman with your looks should have no problem with that.” His smile was comforting but each word was like a twisted blade in her heart.

No man could make her feel like Eric had. It wasn’t possible. She was impossibly devoted to him. The deal with the sea witch was signed and at the end of the day, without his kiss, she would go back to being a mermaid by the time the sun dipped below the horizon.

“Perk up, little treasure. There are plenty of fish in the sea as the kids say.” There were plenty of fish in the sea. But none of them were Eric.

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