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Alice followed, if not to ask about where he was going or to warn him about her daisies-which they’d long since passed-then to tell him that his zipper was undone and his cock was waving around. Down, down, down the rabbit hole she fell to experience the wonderful orgasmic ways of the world of Wonderland.

Erotica / Romance
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Alice was sprawled in the sun. The flower crown atop her head began to droop as she basked in the sun’s warmth. A rabbit whined about his lateness in the distance.

How truly peculiar that he wears a coat and has a small watch inside of it. “I’m late.” He cried. “So so very late.” Alice found herself cocking her head at the sound of his shrill voice. He sounded more like an old man than the squeaky childlike rabbits voice she’d always imagined.

“Mr. Rabbit!” She called, waving her arms at him wildly. At first she was going to tell him to be careful of the daisies. But then she noticed the surprisingly hard erection he was sporting under that jacket and found herself with different thoughts.

The rabbit continued running and Alice, dick deprived as she was, hopped off the tree branch and followed him. Alice was not athletic by any definition of the word. She was lazy and quite enjoyed eating. It was terribly amusing to see her running with her on hand holding her skirt and the other attempting to keep the headband securely on her head.

“What could possibly be so important?” She had to wonder, with all of the worrying he was doing. How could one even acquire an erection of such a size when they had punctualness on their mind? “Perhaps he’s meeting a whore.” She smoke allowed.

Rather endowed, the rabbit was. It of course, wasn’t her place but she continued on. If not to ask about where he was going or to warn him about her daisies-which they’d long since passed-then to tell him that his zipper was undone and his cock was waving around.

“Mr. Rabbit!” Alice called, her dress flying up in the wind and exposing her white stockings. “Please wait!” The rabbit stopped at a large hole and turned.

“I’m late.” He said as if speaking to a child. He tapped his watch twice and disappeared into the hole with a pop.

Oddly enough Alice found that she had ventured so far the only thing that she could possibly do now was venture further after the rabbit. Her sister was so wrapped up in her book she’d hardly notice. Alice bit her lip before sliding down after the rabbit.

As she tumbled down the hole Alice couldn’t help but notice the arrangement of sex toys that lined the cave’s walls. It was rather extraordinary to see all the different sizes and colors a silicone cock could come in.

The best one, Alice decided, was the vibrant blue color that seemed to be at the very least twelve consecutive inches. “It’s almost like they’re giving away free samples. With the size of the one on the rabbit imagine what the men will look like. I better be ready for them.”

At her slow pace she was able to gently pry the rod from the wall, smiling when it came loose in her hands. “It’s very nice.” She said, admiring the smooth balls that adjourned the bottom of it.

“Very, very nice.” She said, noticing the cock grow with every small stroke to the skin like texture. It was then that it finally occurred to Alice, in her hands she was holding a rather odd type of toy. It seemed as if it was reacting to her touches,.

Alice cupped one hand around the left testicle, giving them a light lick. The cave groaned, feeding off her sex crazed noises.

“Penetration is never a bad idea.” She said, pulling her dress up and wrapping it around her midsection with a long piece of silk she fastened into a stylish belt rather quickly. “And I’m sure you’ll love my hole. Everyone else does.” She whispered to the thing.

Alice let her spit lubricate the dildo, slurping and spitting as she went along. The cock only appeared to grow in her hands as she played with it. It grew with her arousal and soon the scent suffocated her in the cave.

As she continued to fall she spotted a blue butt plug that only seemed to match the dildo. “It’s only fair I get something out of this too.” She told it, licking the tip generously. “You do want a nice lubricated cunt to fuck do you not?”

As if it had a mind of its own, the rod bowed and grew ever so slightly. Alice could feel herself become awfully aroused at the thought of penetration. Recently she had found herself lying awake late at night with the bed sheets round her ankles as she touched herself to the thought of the sexy guard outside.

Her father, being a wealthy man had particularly good looking guards, ones who wore tight armor around their groins and had bulging muscles. “God.” She said, fingering the strap to one of her stockings.

“I am positively dripping thinking about that man.” Granted, Alice was so sexually tense that she got aroused at nearly everything, but her personal guard was what really got her goat. Walking around behind him at the grocery store the other day was no easy task.

She had grabbed a banana off the shelf and shoved it up her skirt and into her hole to toy with herself. And she got off on the fact that anyone could turn and see her with her leg propped up, dildoing herself with a banana.

The cock throbbed, hopping out of hand like a worm and inching its way slowly up to her dripping wet pussy. Alice wanted this. She wanted every bit of good rough fucking. Her only regret would be that the thing didn’t have hands to touch her with or lips for her to feel.

But a dicks a dick.

“Yes.” She said, spreading her legs as her fall rapidly slowed until she was simply suspended in mid air. “Do it.” She begged.

The cock circled its large blue head on her clit, bathing in her juices for lubricant. Her body shifted and the strap of her stocking flew apart, the dildo pushed her stocking down and moved away from the part she wanted it at most.

“My pussy please, kind sir.” She begged, pulling her skirt up and popping one of her nipples out to get the dick really going. “It’s been so long.” She pleaded with the usually inanimate object.

It obliged and nestled itself between her hairless pussy. She had only made it easy on the thing. The sexy thong she wore had gotten snagged on the branch as she climbed down and she had left it in her dust as she fled after the rabbit.

“I think you enjoy me without my panties.” She said with a giggle, laying kisses on her own breasts where the toy could not. “You do.” She said, pulling out the toy for her other half.

“You’d enjoy me even more if you weren’t the only one to penetrate me.” She shoved the other toy up her ass, allowing the vibrations to aid her in her orgasm that was slowly building.

“Stop teasing.” She said, shoving the dildo deep inside her. “Fuck that’s good.” She moaned, circling her hips around the it. “Fuck me hard.” I want to see him fucking me when I shut my eyes. Like I’ve always dreamed.

The dildo grew and suddenly there was the guard she’d always pictured in her wet dreams. He towered over her, a thirty year old man towering over a petite eighteen year old. “How you’ve grown, young Alice.” He drawled in that sexy tone she’d learned to love so much.

“Your pussy is just as tight as I always imagined it to be.” Alice allowed herself to run her hands down his abs, licking her lips hungrily as she waited for him to really pounce on her like an animal. Was she even with a man right now? Or was this all a figment of her imagination? “Do you want me?” He asked.

Never one for formalities, Alice placed a finger under his chin, lifting it so she could look into his sea green eyes.

“Just fuck me.” She bit his lip, smiling as he grabbed her tit rather harshly, lightly biting down on her smooth porcelain skin. She was sure he’d leave bruise marks. Hell, she wanted him to. It would be an interesting story to explain to her father, but nonetheless, a funny one.

“I’m so jealous of the, Alice. Every man I hear you fuck as I just stand outside and watch the door.” He leaned in closely. “I want to be them all.” He began to pound her with purpose, in and out in and out until she was simply a mess beneath him.

The pace he fucked her at only quickened. She was so preoccupied just looking at him that she didn’t think twice about the way her pussy was squelching and dripping all over his dick. Thick ropes of beautiful vaginal pleasure dripped down is cock.

Her guard looked down and groaned. It was so hot. So so very hot when a woman creamed on his dick. Most likely the sexiest thing in the world.

“Do you like that Miss Alice?” He asked with a smirk. She wasn’t sure if the magic dildo was showing her the version of him she wanted to see or if this was really how he behaved. The first would suffice but she hoped the latter were true.

“Is that all you’ve got?” She asked breathlessly as he grunted and groaned, slowing his pace ever so slightly as he neared his edge. His thrusts became sloppy as Alice groaned and moaned beneath him.

“Ma’am I think much more along the lines it is all that you’ve got. Look at all the cream you made? My dicks covered!” His thrusts became neater, his vulgarness really seemed to turn him on.

Or perhaps, it was Alice who became more turned on and it was him who fed off of that arousal.

“I saw you the other day, with that banana up your sweet pussy. In the store. It was hot. My dick was so hard for you. But it would be even more inappropriate to take you there than at home.” Alice felt him hit the back of her walls, the anal plug providing amazing friction.

“I’m gonna cum.” She moaned, gripping his shoulder blades as she threw her head back.

He moved his fingers down to her clit, applying pressure along with soothing circular motions. He kissed her neck and held her hip with the other hand as his thrusts became rapid. It all felt so good.

It felt magical.

“Cum.” He said. And Alice did. Her pussy convulsed as she rode out her orgasm. His relentless pounding slowed as he went even deeper.

Alice held onto him for support as he faded away into nothingness. The dildo hadn’t actually transported the man, only showed her what she wanted to see. With an aching arm she reached behind her, tossing the second toy aside.

It circled around like a boomerang before sticking to the wall like a piece of gum and turning into what looked like a very misshapen branch. She frowned as the dildo crawled back out of her pussy, spitting out cum like a deflating balloon until it was only the size of her finger. The blue thing them prompt crawled into the pocket of her apron.

Alice giggled and pet her new pet with a grin, figuring she’d save the toy for later.

It was all so strange. How on earth did it change into the man she had been lusting after? How did it even know who that man was?

Alice suddenly felt the pit of her stomach drop as she began to descend again, her dress creating a parachute of sorts to cushion her fall. Alice landed on her feet and stretched her stiff legs. She clipped her stockings back into place and adjusted her headband.

“Where did that pesky rabbit disappear to?” Alice asked herself allowed, her hands perched on her hips. To her left she saw a door close and laughed to herself, finding her opening. “Ah!” She ran forward and twisted the knob, finding it awfully odd that another door lay just behind it.

“Curiouser and curiouser.” She said, twisting the next knob.

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