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Alice,” someone whispered to her. She could feel a hand ghosting over her cheek as someone tried to rouse her. She leaned into their hand, groaning.

“What happened?” she asked. The rabbit hopped up, feeling her forehead with the back of his paw. His foot tapped nervously on the grass as he tried to help her up to a sitting position.

“You fainted Alice,” he told her, putting a hand on her back to help support her body weight. “Are you alright?” he asked her. Alice held a hand to her temple, closing her eyes and trying to regain her sense of awareness.

She looked up for a moment before she remembered where she was and what had happened. Her eyes flicked to Winston and she took a deep breath in. The king averted his eyes, having the audacity to look ashamed of himself. Her sister’s husband had been unfaithful but it was somehow worse that he purposely left out that he was married to the queen who loved to behead people.

“Oh,” she mumbled. A maid to the side took hold of Alice’s hand and her elbow, helping the blonde to her feet slowly. The queen looked irritated with Alice. Did she know that I was intimate with her husband or is she just irritated that I took some of the attention off of her?

“Well if you’re done with your shenanigans I would like to get on with our little game,” she said, leaning on her flamingo as she pretended to be interested in her nails. “Winston,” she called out to him.

He took one look at Alice, shooting her a sorrowful glance before he ducked his head down and made his way towards the queen, who appeared to not only be his wife, but his mistress as well. “A good luck kiss for mommy,” she told him, presenting her cheek to him.

The court watched as Winston placed his lips gently against her cheek, almost in slow motion. The queen smiled and cupped his face in her hand, relishing in the feeling. Alice looked away for a moment, feeling guilty for watching an intimate act between lovers. When she turned back, expecting the kiss to be over she noticed the queen’s eyes on her, her face reddening.

She knew. She may not have known that Alice fucked her husband or had even seen him before but she at the very least knew how to recognize a look of jealousy on a woman. The queen pulled her husband close, pressing her lips to the side of his neck, giving him a love bite that would prove he was hers.

“Let the game begin!” the rabbit called next to her, blowing his horn. He looked to the queen, bowing to her as he backed away to it on the sidelines. The queen kissed her husband slowly, cupping his groin over his latex shorts, stimulating his manhood. Alice swallowed as his cock began to grow before her eyes.

She whispered something in his ear before shoving him rough to his knees and placing her heel on his chest. She smirked at him as he moaned beneath her. Her eyes flicked to Alice. “Why don’t you go first my dear?” She asked. “I always go first and it would be nice to have my competition precede me for once.”

Alice looked to the rabbit nervously. Did he not tell her that the queen always went first and no one was allowed to win? Nivens nudged her with his paw, pushing her towards the hoop. Alice spread her legs slightly, not caring that she was flashing everyone behind her. If they didn’t want that they would have required more clothing.

Alice was ready to throw the game like the rabbit suggested. She was ready to miss the hoop entirely but one loud moan from the queen changed her mind. Alice’s eyes squinted and she lined up her shot. She swung back but fumbled as she was pushed from behind.

The hedgehog barely moved an inch before crawling back to its original place on the ground. Alice turned around, furious at whoever bumped into her. But when she came face to face with the queen she jumped. “You pushed me,” she said.

“Me? Push you?” the queen asked. “Nonsense.” The queen brushed past her, getting ready to take her own shot. Alice sighed, moving her hair over her shoulder.

Winston lay on the ground, his hardened cock waiting at attention for his queen to come ride him to completion while she wasn’t busy playing the game. She smirked and pushed a smirking Nivens to the side as she walked with purpose over to the king.

She took one more look at the queen, who was still attempting to line up her shot, before she crouched down and pulled Winston into a searing kiss. His eyes widened when their lips connected but he didn’t try to push her away. Alice heard the sound of the queens flamingo make contact with the hedgehog and the distinct sound of applause from court members.

She continued to kiss him, letting her other hand trail down his pectorals before they landed softly on his shaft, her fingers wrapping around his waiting cock. Her lips parted and their tongues met, twisting around each other accompanied by the soft vibrations coming from both parties as they moaned together.

What. The. Fuck?” the queen shrieked from behind her. Alice didn’t even flinch at the queen’s tone. If she wanted to play dirty then Alice could play dirty. Really dirty. “Get off of him, stupid girl!” she screamed, stomping her foot and crossing her arms.

Alice pulled away from Winston slowly, bracing her hands on his chest as if she were going to push herself up. The queen smirked but the satisfied look on her face quickly soured as Alice started running her tongue over Winston’s nipples while grinding her bare pussy on his leaking tip.

Winston!” she tried. “Come here,” her red nail pointed down to a spot on the grass. Winston stopped and tried to get up to go to his mistress but Alice placed a hand on his chest, her other wrapping around his dick once more.

“Winston,” Alice said calmly. “Stay,” she commanded with a smile, twisting his cock slightly. His head fell back and he clenched the grass in his fists. The look on his face didn’t read pain. It read pleasure.

“Please let me cum,” he whined with a smirk. “Please mistress,” he sobbed, looking back at his wife. “I need to cum.” Alice nodded, stroking his shaft and cupping his balls with a shit eating grin. She had won this round. She might not have bested the queen at her rigged croquet game but she sure as hell was beating her now. Dominating another submissive was definitely a win in Alice’s book.

“Winston, don’t,” the queen warned. Alice braced herself on the grass and pushed Winston’s side. He looked at her, confused, before rolling over like a good boy.

Alice had never spanked anyone but she had seen a few porno’s in her life where someone had been spanked so she imagined she knew what he would want from her. She ran her palm along the globe of his ass before locking eyes with the queen and bringing her hand down. Hard.

Winston moaned. Alice spanked him again. Twice. A third time. When he squealed Alice sat up and began to untie the ribbon from her waist. I bet the queen regrets inviting me now. “Good boys don’t interrupt when his mistress is punishing him,” she informed him, stuffing the end of her sash in his mouth until his cheeks swelled with the fabric.

“That’s much better,” Alice said, kissing him. The queen continued to scream as Alice lowered herself on Winston’s cock, her eyes rolling back dramatically as his length entered her pussy at an agonizing pace so she began to bounce up and down quickly, longing for delicious release.

It felt different to be in control of her sexual pleasure. Alice had spent so long letting men take control of her body but maybe, just maybe, she preferred it this way. Something about watching his eyes roll back and him beg for mercy was even hotter than Alice ever could have imagined.

“Cum, slut. Cum for your new mistress,” she told him, holding his chin in her hands as she gave him the command. Winston nodded, not needing anything more than that as he threw his head back and moaned through the fabric, convulsing on the ground.

When Alice gave the command she imagined she would cum with him, both of their juices swirling together inside of her but when he began to paint her insides white she was struck with a better idea. I’m going to fuck him until he’s soft. And the queen can watch.

Alice groaned above him, moving her hips up and down and back and forth to try to squeeze every last drop of the king’s sperm from his cock. When he had fucked her the first time he was able to finish cumming relatively quickly. But not now. She rode him for what felt like hours, his cock still pumping seed into her the whole time.

It wasn’t until the queen began to become physically violent with Alice that she paused her bouncing and writhing on the king’s cock.

“Stop that! Stop that right now!” the queen shrieked, whacking Alice with her scepter. “You can’t do that!” She continued, shoving at Alice and stomping her foot like a child when the blonde didn’t simply just give up.

Alice braced a hand against Winston’s chest and continued riding him, moaning and gasping as she did so. Winston groaned beneath her, looking at his wife with a smirk. Alice grimaced, she wasn’t sure if he was actually enjoying himself or if he was only doing it because he knew his punishment later would be oh so delicious.

“I’m going to cum!” Alice exclaimed, moving her hips back and forth as she got closer and closer. The queen’s face turned beet red, and true to the rabbits word, her head began to swell before her eyes. Alice’s eyes widened as her face was roughly pulled up by her hair.

The short scantily clad queen in front of her grasped her by the chin and pulled their faces together so she was mere inches from brushing Alice’s nose with her own. “Don’t you dare,” she warned Alice.

“Or what?” Alice asked. The queen didn’t respond, merely raising an eyebrow. A beat passed. Then Alice’s eyes rolled back as she reached her peak, her orgasm coursing through her body. The sheer force of it caused her leg to bounce.

The queen smirked at her as she came to, reeling from the intense pleasure she had just brought upon herself. “Off with her head!” she screamed, her head swelling an inch more with the demand.

Armored cards quickly pulled Alice from the king by her hair, tossing her to the side before they picked her up to haul away. Alice looked over her shoulder as she was carried away. She could only just barely make out the queen slapping Winston across the face and scolding him for what he had done.

“Is she really going to behead me?” Alice asked the guards as if it were the most ridiculous question. Maybe I did fuck her husband on multiple occasions but is that really a crime punishable by death?

“Of course not!” the rabbit yelled, hopping to catch up with her. “You’ll get a proper court hearing first,” he insisted. “However, the jury will be made up of her own court members. I’ve never actually seen them rule in anyone’s favor but her own.” Alice rolled her eyes at the news.

A court case with a jury that was sure to side with whatever the queen said did not seem like it would be a very fair case at all. They would all agree that she were to be beheaded and that would be the end of it. Alice could kiss her head goodbye.

Even if I do get beheaded, it was totally worth it to see the look on her face.

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