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“So when can I expect this court case to begin?” Alice asked casually, as if her life weren’t on the line. “A I going to be put in the dungeon and wait for someone to contact me to bring me to court? I’m not really familiar with all the rules,” she told them.

One of the cards rolled his eyes and turned to the other with an exasperated look. “Do you always talk this much?” the other asked. Alice huffed in response and went back to crossing her arms as she looked around the castle grounds.

To Alice’s surprise, the cards did not lead her away from the castle, or even inside of it. They took her around the back of the large palace, their armor clinking as they began to lead her down what appeared to be another rabbit hole.

Are they leading me out of Wonderland? Am I banished from this world now? It would make sense, leaving this world exactly the way I came in. I wonder if they’ll throw me out like trash or if I’ll just float back up like a ghost.

The rabbit hole did not lead upwards, it only led them further down into the depths of Wonderland. They walked for what Alice guessed must have been miles. They walked until the sun was a distant memory and they were all plunged into pitch black as they ventured further down into the void.

“Are you going to actually behead me or just bury me alive?” she asked after a moment. “I know you think I talk too much and that I’m too annoying to be around or even hold up a conversation with but I have no idea what’s going on and if I’m going to be put to death I’d at least like to die knowing I had an idea of what was going on around me,” she justified.

The card to her left sighed and continued walking, not once breaking his stride. She had no idea how they knew where they were going. Perhaps it wasn’t a court at all, perhaps it was a satanic ritual where they made an incision in her neck and took turns drinking from her blood until she shriveled away into nothingness.

“How do you even see out of those masks? Do you even have eyes?” she asked them, trying to tap on one. Neither gave her any indication they even heard her. There was no sigh, no grunt, no look, nothing. Only darkness.

That was when Alice saw it, the small light at the other end of the tunnel and distinct chanting. It was far away and very faint, Alice strained to hear it but the sound grew with every step until she could make out the faces of the cards and the rabbit still following about a foot behind them.

“Off with. Her head,” the crowd chanted. “Off with. Her head.” Alice tried again to fight her way out of the armored hold on her body but to no avail. The two cards simply tightened their grip and continued to trek further into the unknown.

The court room wasn’t a courtroom at all. In fact, it looked more like an arena. Creatures of Wonderland stood in the stands, beating on the edges of a cage that Alice supposed was more for her own safety than theirs. They continued chanting, rattling the metal as they did so.

Even in full light the room was dark. There were lit candles swaying gently on a couple of chandeliers but that was the most light that was brought in. There was no sun and no windows but Alice supposed the best way to intimidate someone was by bringing them to the core of Wonderland and conducting their trial so they never knew it was their last time seeing the light of day.

There was one lonely table set up in the center of the arena. A chair sat not far from it, allowing Alice to sit down for what would most likely be her last few moments in this world. Maybe they’ll just decide I’m not worth beheading and that there are other more important people to sentence first. Maybe a murderer or a child molester of some sort. Anyone other than me. I’m only a girl, I don’t really know how to control my urges, they must know that.

The court had no space for a judge, only a throne seated high up in the arena, where Alice assumed the queen would sit. There was a small jury box to the side of the throne but not a single person inhabited it. “Where’s the jury?” Alice asked the card, knowing good and well the jury was usually already seated when the defendant came out.

“You’ll be lucky if they give you anyone to hear your case. If they do, it will be someone who will never agree with your slutty ways. Beheading is too good for you,” the card said, shoving Alice into her chair. “Whatever the queen decides for you will be a fit punishment I’m sure,” he told her, walking off the way he came.

The door beside the throne swug open and the queen emerged from it, no longer scantily dressed. She wore long robes, a corset, and an ornate red gown. A pretty gold crown sat atop her rather large head. The crowd around them went into a frenzy as her husband - now also in ornate robes and a crown - led her to her seat, kissing her hand as she sat down. Maybe the walk was so that everyone had time to get all dressed up for this little court case drama. It’s a shame that I have to be left here naked as a baby for it when everyone else got to get dressed in their Sunday best for this very special occasion.

The queen held up a single hand and the chanting stopped. Every single person in the room appeared to hold their breath as the queen turned to Alice with a menacing glare.

“Alice,” she said slowly. “Are you ready to lose your head?” The crowd erupted again, applause and cheers echoed around the room as the queen smirked at Alice. It’s as if she’s already won the court case. I’m sure this is the direction that it is headed in after all but they could at least pretend it’s going to be a fair trial.

“My husband will be your jury for today’s case,” she said. “You’re familiar with the King of Hearts are you not? I recall that you’ve been close before?” Alice sneered at the woman, not being able to make out every feature of the queen’s face but hating every part of her nonetheless.

The queen turned to the king, pulling him in for a searing kiss like the one she had given him earlier when they set up for her little game of croquet. He returned it passionately, moving to sit in the jury box. It didn’t take them long to make up at all.

“My Winston just has trouble controlling his urges,” the queen said, as if sensing Alice’s train of thought. “It’s understandable. One can only be with a predator so often before they long to have just a taste of the prey. Isn’t that right darling?” she cooed as if he was a child. The king nodded curtly, not looking at either of the women who desperately tried to meet his eyes.

Alice knew the queen’s game as soon as it started. The trial wasn’t going to be fair, it was rigged against her. The only person in the jury box was a mutual former lover. A former lover who currently did not favor Alice in the slightest.

“Let the trial begin!” the queen exclaimed, slamming her gavel down on the table in front of her. Alice stood quickly, her arm raised as if she were a confused student.

“Don’t I get a lawyer of some sort?” Alice asked. “Anyone who will plead my case to the jury? Or is that not allowed in your court, your majesty?” The queen’s face turned beat read as the rabbit flipped through a rather large book at her side, no doubt looking for the rule that explained this.

The queen noticed him flicking through the pages and slammed the book shut over his paw. The rabbit winched and shot her a look but she merely shrugged and turned back to Alice. “My apologies, it seems that we’ve forgotten to provide you with one,” she said to Alice, not seeming apologetic at all.

“Can I at least know what I’m being charged with?” Alice asked, throwing her hands up in frustration at the queens unwillingness to cooperate with her. The queen drummed her nails on the podium as she thought for a moment.

“Making me lose my temper,” she said carefully. Alice looked at her for a moment, lips parted in disbelief before she laughed at the queen.

“Surely that isn’t a crime,” she said, patting the table in front of her as she laughed. The queen slammed her gavel down, glaring at Alice. The jury looked frightened as Alice continued to giggle uncontrollably.

And seducing the king,” the queen added. The jury murmured behind Alice, who sighed and put her head in her hands. If she thought the trial wouldn’t go her way before it definitely wouldn’t now. The queen smirked at her and crossed her arms as if to say she’d won.

“Then how shall I plead my case?” Alice asked. “I don’t have a lawyer, you are playing both the plaintiff, the lawyer of the plaintiff, witness, and judge. The only person in the jury box is your husband! This isn’t a fair trial therefore I cannot be prosecuted,” Alice said, turning on her heel with every intention of walking out of the room and wandering the dark tunnel on her own.

The armored cards shoved her back into her seat. “If you don’t stay behind this table I’ll cuff you to it,” one of the cards told her. “And you won’t like it, I can promise you that.” Alice sat back down, allowing herself to slump in the chair.

“You demand a fair trial and a fair trial I shall provide,” the queen told Alice. “The subject of the case will no longer be my loss of temper or Alice seducing the King of Hearts. Whores are not allowed in Wonderland. We will find out today if you are a whore, Alice. And I think we already know the answer to that.

The queen beckoned for the card behind Alice to step forward. He strut past Alice with purpose, hauling the rabbit with him. “I want to know every detail regarding Alice’s arrival to Wonderland,” she told him. “Spare no details,” she reminded him. “Or your head will be next on the chopping block.”

The rabbit nodded, messing with his paws. “When I was on my way to Wonderland I was followed by Alice. The defendant. She was interested in my cock. I was suffering from a small case of morning wood and I was only trying to get to work on time.” Nothing about his morning wood was small.

“Had you ever met her before?” the queen asked. The rabbit shook his head.

“Never,” he admitted. It felt like a moment where the entire courtroom would gasp but no one said a word, Alice wasn’t even sure if they were breathing because she sure as hell wasn’t.

“And what did she do when she followed you?” the queen continued questioning the rabbit in front of her. He murmured something in response to her question but Alice wasn’t close enough to make out the words. She sat forward, trying to hear what his responses were. “I’m sorry?” the queen asked. “Would you mind saying that again? I’m not sure everyone heard you.”

“She masturbated,” the rabbit told her. Alice scoffed and leaned back in her chair and scoffed, crossing her arms. I didn’t masturbate to him or his cock on the way down the rabbit hole and he knows that.

“Let the record show that Alice masturbated on the way down the rabbit hole after following Nivens because he had a hard on,” the queen said. “Does the defendant have any questions for the witness?” she asked Alice.

Alice stood and bowed to the queen, hoping to gain herself some extra favor. “Yes I-” the queen nodded and turned back to the rabbit.

“The defendant has no questions, you are excused,” she told him politely. The rabbit nodded once and hopped off the stand, hopping right out of the door the queen had entered from.

Alice looked around with her arms up waiting for someone - anyone - to call the queen on her bullshit trial. But no one did. No one even acted as if it were out of the ordinary around her. With a sigh Alice sat back in her chair, arms crossed once more.

This was shaping up to be the longest trial of her life.

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