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“So you didn’t know Alice prior to meeting her in the woods?” The queen asked. The Tweedles shook their heads simultaneously, not a word from either of them. This must be part of the trial. They all walked in this room with the intent to have me framed as guilty. “It could be argued that she took advantage of you then. Would you agree?” The twins nodded right on cue.

“No further questions.” Alice drummed her fingers against the table in front of her, shooting daggers at the queen and every witness that dared walk by and make a claim for her majesty. The Tweedles stood in unison and began to walk away from the stands.

“I do have a few questions for the witnesses!” Alice called, moving to stand. The queen rolled her eyes and turned back to Alice.

“I said no further questions.” Alice slumped back into her chair, huffing and blowing a loose strand of hair from her face. “I have enough witnesses. The court will now turn to the jury.” No one said a word. No one even dared to breathe as the queen turned to her husband.

She stepped over to him, trailing a perfectly manicured finger down his jawline. “In the case of Alice. How does the jury find her?” he leaned in to her touch, not paying Alice any mind.

“Sluty, your highness” he said obediently. The queen smiled and pet him as if he were a dog before she turned to address the rest of the spectators. She opened her arms wide and spun in a circle as if she were going to give them a big hug.

“So it’s settled then, Alice shall lose her head on account of being a whore.” Alice gasped and stood, slamming her hands on the table as the crowd erupted in cheers for their monarch.

“But I’m not a whore!” Alice insisted for the thousandth time. “I already told you!” she was practically sobbing to the court. The queen tsked at Alice, seemingly enjoying her tears.

She gathered her skirt in her hands and allowed her husband to assist her to the top of the steps that led down to the table Alice was currently sat at. “Let me remind you, not only have you lusted after nearly everyone in this room but you have also decided to dominate our own king in front of his king. You have scarred the flowers, used the dodo as a dildo, and molested our very own entrance to Wonderland. You, Alice, are a whore. Plain and simple,” she said, finally standing in front of the blonde with an eerie smile.

You’re wrong. It was all consensual but you don’t want the court to know that because you only want to get what you want and my death would please you very much, especially after the incident with your husband.” if the queen felt her digs she didn’t show it. She simply leaned down and put her hands on her knees, cocking her bulbous head as if she were going to scold a small child.

“It seems you went too far, my dear. You aren’t really a mistress. You’re just a tiny little submissive who is in over her head.” The queen leaned in to Alice, wiping away the tear trailing down her cheek, licking the tear from her finger tip.

“I’m not a whore,” Alice mumbled, trying to suck the snot back up her nose to avoid some embarrassment. Every single person in this room had watched her pussy weep at one point or another. There was no need for them to all see her cry as well.

The queen raised an eyebrow, her hand darting down under the table to feel exactly what she was looking for, a soaked pussy dripping with brewing moisture and neatly deposited semen. She held her fingers up to both Alice and the courtroom before she stuck them in her mouth.

“Your exquisite taste does nothing for your case. You’re a whore through and through and there is only one thing to do about whores in Wonderland,” the queen told her with a pout. She stood up and stretched an arm out in Alice’s direction, her finger pointing her out to the crowd. “Off with her head!” she exclaimed.

Alice stood slowly, looking around the courtroom for any signs of hope, she looked to the rabbit, the cat, and even the hatter but they all averted their gaze, the hatter even removed his hat as if he were in mourning.

This isn’t a cruel joke anymore. I’m actually going to be beheaded. The court room was full of activity as everyone stood, arms outstretched to restrain Alice and attempt to bring her into custody.

Alice’s eyes widened as she tried to avoid their advances. I need to get out of here. So Alice did the only thing she could do, she ran. She shoved the chair aside and scrambled away from the desk in front of her. The armored cards once again tried to block her path but she ducked underneath their spears, covering the top of her head as she ran past them.

Alice’s heart began to pound as everyone in the courtroom followed her down the dark tunnel she came in through. The tunnel was just as long as she remembered but it felt even more gut wrenching knowing someone was chasing you with the intent to kill and you couldn’t see them. “I shouldn’t have come here,” she told herself. “None of this would have happened if I hadn’t have come here,” she said sadly.

The tunnel lit up with a sudden burst of magic at her words and Alice had to clutch her beating heart to keep from passing out. She staggered back before the ground beneath her opened up, swallowing her whole. She fell down and she vaguely recalled the familiar walls of the horny cave and the magical dildo she had been fucking on her way down to Wonderland.

Look at the cream you made, my dicks covered!” the guard from her fantasies said to her left. Alice gasped and turned watching as another Alice fucked her favorite wet dream. That’s me, me earlier today! Alice felt herself fall slowly down until she landed flat on her bum in the sand, watching herself run into the woods to fuck the Tweedle’s.

Is this a dream? Alice looked around, waiting for the scene to change, but it didn’t. Instead, over the horizon on the beach she saw the Queen of Hearts and everyone from the courtroom chasing her. They chanted various things in their pursuit of Alice, the convicted slut.

“Get the slut!” someone yelled from the crowd, shaking her fists high in the air as the crowd neared the shore line. How can they run over water? Is it solid? Alice let her toe ghost over the edge of the sea, testing to see if it was real at all.

She wasn’t sure what she expected. Part of her expected to sink right to the bottom of the body of water but she didn’t. Alice felt like she was floating, her weight supported as if by magic. Is this all my cum? Did I cum a whole ocean?

“Off with her head!” bellowed the queen. Alice took a deep breath and crossed the body of fluid - water or cum be damned. She didn’t know where she would be going but she figured at some point she had to come across a magic little door, the same one she had come through on her way to Wonderland. It had to be here somewhere.

“She’s getting away!” Alice felt transported as she ran. She didn’t merely run across the ocean, she went through time, watching herself in other compromising positions as she dashed to the door on the other end of the sea. She saw herself fuck the Tweedles, suck off the cat, and penetrate herself with the dodo - the poor dodo.

It seems like I’m getting to watch an instant replay of all the things I’ve done since arriving in Wonderland. She continued running as the crowd screamed behind her, all demanding justice for the wrong she had done. Alice could feel her heart racing as she continued to sprint to the door but she knew she couldn’t stop. Not now, not ever. She would keep running for the rest of her life if it meant she could escape Wonderhell.

In the distance she could see it, the small door she encountered when she stumbled upon the room with all the doors. “Sir!” she called. “Open the door please!” The doorknob paid her little mind, seemingly enjoying a mid afternoon nap, small z’s floating above his head. How odd.

“Mr. Doorknob!” she screamed over the noise. “Help me! Please!” she turned around and began running backwards, checking on the state of the crowd behind her to see just how much time she had left to flee the strange place at the bottom of the rabbit hole. The hatter was now floating in a teacup as if it were a boat, grumbling something about his unbirthday party.

Alice slammed into the door and began to bang her fists on it, trying to take a peek through the keyhole. She placed both of her feet on either side of his small frame and pulled aggressively on the knob, hoping to eventually wake him, or break the lock on the inside that held the door firmly shut. The doorknob grunted at the force of her grip and sneezed, knocking Alice away from him.

He turned the knob slightly, as if wrinkling his nose. “What was all that about?” he asked her with a sneer. “You wouldn’t like it if someone yanked on your face now would you?” he continued.

“I’m very sorry but you must let me through!” Alice pleaded. “They’re after me you see and I just have to get home,” she turned over her shoulder as the crowd continued approaching her. Based on their distance from her and the steady pace they were holding she guessed she had about five minutes before her head could be used in the next game of rugby.

“You know my fee,” he said, turning his knob slightly away from her with a smirk. “If you pay my fee then I’ll let you through,” he told her. Alice grumbled, not having any time for his extortion of her.

“There’s no time!” she exclaimed, standing and moving to run past the door, hoping to find another way home. She was shocked to find a thick glass wall in front of her, holding her back. “I need to leave Wonderland!”

The doorknob rolled his eyes. “The door is the only way out I’m afraid,” he told her. “You’ll just have to pay my fee,” he continued. Alice didn’t even bother trying to check how much time she had left before she was captured and her head was lopped off.

“I have to get home!” she said, pounding on the glass with her fists. “There has to be another way!” she exclaimed, adding kicking to her assault on the barrier. The doorknob chuckled, his knob spinning like a top as he did so.

“It isn’t funny. You wouldn’t be laughing if it was your head that was on the line.” Or would he be? He didn’t very well have a head now did he? Would he even die?

“I’m sorry, my dear, but you are home,” Alice froze for a second, a hand against the barrier as she stared at her reflection.

“What?” she whispered. It was quiet, almost too quiet. Was this place even real?

“See for yourself,” he said. Alice looked to him, confused before the wall beneath her fingertips began to shake, the scene behind it fogging up almost as if a storm was brewing inside. The clouds parted in an instant to reveal herself, sleeping in the daisies, one hand up her skirt as she moaned in the grass.

“This place isn’t real after all,” she said, tracing the outline of a flower around her face. “It’s only a dream. I’m asleep…” she let out a deep sigh of relief before the chatter of the approaching mob broke her out of her daydream.

The vision and the clouds surrounding it disappeared leaving Alice along with her reflection and the reflection of a very real crowd moving towards her after her head. “I have to wake up!” she exclaimed. She pounded on the glass, looking back to the doorknob. “Bring me back I have to wake up!”

The doorknob said nothing, he didn’t even blink. For a moment it almost looked as if he were a normal door, small but not animated in the slightest. “Alice! Wake up!” she exclaimed, slamming her fists into the glass as if it would help her wake up at all.

“Off with her head!” the queen yelled behind her. “I want to mount it in front of the gates for all to see!” They were mere feet away from her now. Alice could practically feel the ground quake as the crowd approached her.

“Please wake up, Alice!” she continued. But it was no use, her reflection didn’t come back and the queen and her court only continued to try to capture her. Alice’s heart began to race as she frantically looked for an exit.

There was no use. She was backed up against the barrier of Wonderland with no way out except to wake up from this very strange wet dream she was trapped inside. Alice splayed her hands out to her side and closed her eyes as she turned her head away from the mob, bracing herself for impact, and the loss of her head.

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