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“Alice!” her sister exclaimed, pushing on her shoulder to try to rouse her from her deep sleep. The guard beside her looked on curiously. The blonde was waving her arms around, murmuring in her sleep about not wanting to die today.

“Miss?” he asked gently, touching her forehead once with the back of his hand. Alice’s heavily lids began to open slowly. She looked around at her surroundings, first at Margaret, who looked a mixture of concerned and horrified. Alice then shifted her gaze to the guard, whose eyes darting down to Alice’s lap then back up again.

“You mean to tell me it was all a dream?” Alice asked, her eyebrows practically receding into her hairline. “None of it was real?” That would explain a lot, actually. How awkward would it feel to look at Dinah knowing I had willingly given head to a former cat?

“Alice it was only a dream,” her sister sighed as the guard helped Alice to her feet. The blonde stumbled when she got to her feet and had to lean against a tree trunk to steady herself. Her head was spinning.

“I’m sure it was real. It can’t have been a dream. The doorknob said it was but I just don’t think…” she stopped as she met her sister's judgmental gaze. “The rabbit can tell you!” she exclaimed, looking around the garden, hoping to spot any sign of Nivens and his waistcoat.

“Alice there’s no rabbits around here,” Margaret said gently, as if speaking to a toddler or a certifiably mad person. Alice turned to the guard and gripped the collar of his shirt.

“You remember don’t you? When you fucked me in the rabbit hole? You were there!” the man looked completely at a loss. He didn’t push her away but his eyes certainly widened as Alice spoke about her time in Wonderland.

Margaret yanked Alice off of the guard, slapping her across the face. “Get a hold of yourself, Alice!” she demanded her younger sister. “I don’t know what happened to you today but you were meant to be studying school work and the only thing you’ve done is lay in the grass and play with yourself like a common whore!”

Alice gasped at her words and touched her face where her sister's hand struck her. She had flashbacks to when the red queen sentenced her. She leaned in to her own hand and began to laugh with herself as she remembered

“Are you feeling alright?” Margaret asked, holding the back of her hand up to Alice’s forehead. “You don’t feel warm,” she mumbled, moving her hand to Alice’s cheek to see if the temperature was spiking there. “Perhaps we should all head inside for a glass of lemonade. It is absolutely stifling out here. I can’t imagine how you managed to sleep in this heat!” she exclaimed, fanning herself with a gloved hand.

Alice shrugged her off and turned to the guard. “You believe me, don’t you?” he pursed his lips and took a deep breath. It’s not like he can actually call me a liar. I could get him fired if I really wanted to but on the other hand Margaret would get him fired if he said he did.

Thankfully, he didn’t get the chance to answer as Margaret grabbed Alice and pulled her away from him. “Don’t bother him, he’s only doing his job. He doesn’t want to play your little games Alice.”

“It’s quite alright. It’s natural to have dreams about those who are prominent figures in your life. Miss Alice is just a little confused. Perhaps a drink and a bit of air conditioning would help?” he suggested, much to Alice’s surprise.

Alice closed her eyes, preparing for another blow from Margaret because the guard threw her a bone. Margaret nodded and gathered her skirts. “What a splendid idea. I tire of this ridiculous heat anyways. If only we lived somewhere a bit cooler, we could sit outside all day long.”

“These ridiculous fashion trends don’t help either,” Alice mumbled, pulling at her over skirt. She couldn’t imagine how much easier it was to be a man. No corset, no thick layers, no stupid stockings.

“Did you say something, Alice?” Margaret asked her younger sister. Alice looked back at the guard, who stood about five feet behind her with his hands neatly folded behind his back. I want to talk to him but I don’t want Margaret to be worried I might have other motives. It’s only the right thing to do. If someone accused me of fucking them in their sleep I would want an apology.

Margaret looked at her expectantly. If I just go along with her he might not want to work for our family anymore and I would hate for anyone to be out of a job because they were stuck in a hostile work environment and had to quit. But Alice hated to think about causing him any more trouble than she had already. Margaret was already watching her like a hawk.

Alice chewed on her lip, turning to the guard that stayed faithfully by her side at all times. And inside her in her dreams. “Go ahead, Margaret. We’ll catch up,” she said slowly. Margaret nodded once and gathered her skirts, walking off in the direction of their home at the bottom of the hill.

Alice watched her go and pulled her arms around herself, holding herself as close as possible, dreading the conversation she would have to have with the man who was only here to do his job. “I’m sorry,” she told him, not even bothering to turn over her shoulder. “What I said about you was inappropriate. I know you’re only trying to do your job,” she went on.

She heard him sigh loudly and move towards her. She expected an awkward pat on the back or even a friendly side hug as he accepted her apology but instead he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back to his chest. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“My dear, you have nothing to apologize for,” he told her, sexual energy radiating off of his entire being. Could it really have been this easy the whole time? If Alice didn’t know any better she would have assumed that he was into her as well, which would have been silly. All I had to do was talk about it with him and he could have been slamming it home all this time.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were flirting with me,” Alice told him, crossing her arms and popping out her hip. He shrugged and began to peel off his vest, removing his belt as well.

“So what if I am?” he asked. “You act like I’ve never seen the way you look at me, fingers jammed up your cunt as you imagine what it would be like to have me. Well,” he undid the buttons on his shirt, shrugging it off and held his arms out as if he were bracing himself for a hug. “I’m all yours Alice.”

Alice just stared at him for a moment, blinking as if trying to decipher if she was still stuck in her dream of Wonderland and willing cocks at every turn. Alice sauntered over to him slowly and pressed her lips against his, her hand going down to assist him in unbuttoning his fly.

She gasped when she felt the sheer size of his package. He smirked at her, grinding against her hand. “Like what you feel?” he asked. Alice nodded numbly. “I can make you feel so good, Alice. Just say the word.” Alice licked her lips.

She was sick of foreplay, she was sick of being in control, she was sick of being left unfulfilled. “Just fuck me,” she told him, jumping into his arms and pulling her panties to the side. “Just fuck me like you hate me,” she told him.

The guard raised his eyebrow at her request, his hair flopping as he caught her. Alice moaned and threw her head back in frustration. “I’ve had a lot of sex lately. I’ve had sweet men, men who want me in control, men who don’t let me finish, and anything else you can think of. All I want is for you to fuck me like it’s your only job in life, can you do that?”

Without breaking eye contact with the horny blonde secured to his waist he reached down and pulled his hard cock out, shoving it up her pussy in one thrust. Alice gasped and leaned against him with a satiated smile. The feeling of getting utterly pounded was just something no one in Wonderland could properly replicate.

“Oh god yes!” Alice moaned. “Destroy my pussy!” He laughed at her greediness, moving her down to the grass so he could go at her missionary style, all while keeping his cock securely in her wet cavern. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this!”

“Well if the incident in the grocery store the other day was anything to go off of, I’d say I do. I’m always watching you Alice. I see the way you look at me and it’s just so hot.” Alice gasped but she wasn’t sure if it was because of his confession or because at that point his balls slapped against her back door.

“That’s so hot,” she moaned. He pounded into her faster, gripping her hip as he continued to fuck her hard and fast, as requested.

“I’m close,” he told her. What? Already? You’ve barely fucked me ten minutes and you’re already done? You never even touched my clit!

“Come inside me,” she moaned and with two more soft grunts she felt the familiar sensation of a man ejaculating inside her. He pulled out almost immediately and watched his seed pour from her hole, licking his lips at the site.

“Who knew you were such a good fuck,” he told her, standing up. Alice nodded and leaned back on the grass beneath her, her fingers playing with the individual blade. She might have asked for fast and hard but she didn’t mean that she wanted him to climax before the fifteen minute mark.

He stood and pulled up his pants slowly, tucking his softening cock underneath his waistband before he began to zip up his fly. He must have sensed Alice’s eyes on him because he smirked at her as he buttoned his shirt. “Like what you see?” he teased her, tucking in his shirt.

Such a pretty package but it didn’t meet the expectations. Alice nodded, straightening out her dress. She’d had fantasies about this for months, maybe even years and all she felt was disappointment. That damn dildo did it better than the real thing I’ll be damned.

Her pussy tingled at the thought, causing her to clench her thighs together involuntarily. The guard looked at Alice, eyeing her up and down with a smirk. Men are so quick to assume they’re amazing at sex. “Already wanting more?” he asked her.

Alice wanted to say no and tell him that she could do better on her own but she couldn’t. She loved it. Every bit of attention she could soak up she would. That was all it took. The boys would come knocking and Alice would just spread her legs.

“Of course,” she replied with a smile. “How could anyone not want more?” He seemed satisfied with this response, pulling her close and pressing his lips against her own. I hope this doesn’t mean we’re together.

“Shall I visit you later tonight? I would hate to leave a woman wanting more,” he told her seductively, running his index finger down the side of her face before he brought his lips down to the side of her neck. His tongue darted out to flick across her skin as he finished whispering sweet seductions in her ear.

Alice felt her pussy growing wet again at his words. He might not be the best fuck I’ve ever had but he certainly is one hell of a sexy beast. Alice turned her head and pressed her lips softly against his own. It was slow and sensual but neither of them were naive enough to assume there was any unspoken message other than lust behind it.

“Shall I take you back home? I’m sure your sister will be wondering where you are and what you’ve done with me if we aren’t back soon.” Alice nodded, walking a couple steps in front of him, sashaying down the hill towards her father's home. She could hear him audibly swallow the lump in his throat.

“I’ll be anxiously waiting for you tonight,” Alice promised. “I might even finger my pussy at dinner thinking about it.”

“You’re quite the seductress, Miss Alice,” he reprimanded. “What would your sister say?” he teased. Alice spun around and ran her hands down her body before she turned on her heel, lifting her skirt and flashing him her perky butt cheeks.

“I think she would tell you to spank me red for being so naughty,” she told him. He laughed and smacked her ass, causing Alice to break into a slow jog to jokingly avoid his advances. As she ran back to her home she could have sworn she saw another rabbit run past in a similar waistcoat, his cock waving around as it had before. “Nivens?” she whispered to herself.

The rabbit stopped and turned to face Alice. He winked at her and pointed to his watch, tapping it twice before he disappeared into the bushes, off to lure another whore to Wonderland.

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