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When Alice’s feet landed on the ground she felt a little wobbly. Getting one’s brains fucked out usually seemed to have that effect. For a moment she turned, looking at the cave again, waving to it awkwardly. The cave didn’t wave back for obvious reasons. That would have just been odd.

Alice found herself dusting off her skirt to correct the flow of the white ruffles and began to skip along her merry way, following the trail of cum on the checkered floor. She wondered briefly if the rabbit had moved his hand down to his cock on the way or if he too had found pleasures in the cave.

Either way it didn’t matter, he was stated and that was what mattered.

Alice paused and brought a finger to her lip, gnawing on the nail as she tossed her skirt up, touching the juices that were slowly beginning to build up at the thought of the rabbit looking up and getting himself off to her shaven pussy. The thought had her toes curling.

“No.” She scolded herself allowed. “I mustn’t think of such things when there is a rabbit to be found.” She said, slapping her own hand away. She wasn’t going to get herself off now when she could be impaling herself on his dick later once she found him.

The doorknob in front of her glittered and closed shut and Alice quickly darted towards it, wrenching it open only to find another door. Then another. And another. The final door was small, only big enough to fit through if she crawled on her hands and knees, which she would have avoided if she could given her certain sopping situation.

“Do you have the key?” Another door at the end of a now revealed hall spoke lazily. Alice was taken aback.

“Key?” Alice asked. “Did the rabbit need a key?” She asked, confused. If he would have used a key she should have seen it on him, surely. The doorknob licked it’s white stained brass lips.

“No.” He told her. “I suppose, if you don’t have a key you could always try the butt plug.” The doorknob tells her, a table appearing with a butt plug on it. Alice’s eyes widen as she admires the new toy. Her experience with sex toys was increasing by the minute.

Biting her lip and thrusting her skirt up to her waist Alice eyes the knob with sex crazed eyes. Alice propped her leg up, rubbing the toy around her nub to lubricate it. “Will this help me get through the door?” She asked, head flicking over her shoulder to the door.

The door didn’t have a cock, that would just be silly. But the eyes he did have where glued on her parted lower lips, zeroing in on the cream oozing from her perfect pussy. He nods slowly, the hinges giving way to his movements.

“Most definitely.” He tells her, trying to seem uninterested while still maintaining a clear interest in what Alice was doing. She moved the silver object inside her anus in one quick motion, flipping her skirt down and ending the sex show for the doorknob.

“May I get in now, please?” She questioned, folding her arms over her chest to accentuate her already plump breasts to the knob. The knob pouts at her display but doesn’t budge.

“Perhaps try the dildo.” He tells her, the toy appearing on the table as soon as the word is spoken. This one looks much different than the last one Alice touched today. The other had been blue and well endowed. But this one was extremely endowed.

The gold material that matched the doorknob did not go unnoticed by Alice. That was when she realized that the doorknob could not participate so it wanted to watch.

Grabbing the new toy tightly in her hand Alice walked over to the doorknob, plopping down on her filled butt in front of it. The doorknob watching her every move carefully. “Do you wish you had a cock, Mr. Doorknob?” She asked casually, rubbing circles on her clit with the dildo, her dress providing a thick barrier between her body and the toy.

“Pardon?” He asks politely, not expecting for Alice to actually speak to him.

“Do you want to watch me touch myself, Mr. Doorknob?” She asked another question, hoping for the answer she was looking for in a timely manner. She wanted him to just say yes so she could get on with it but if watching was in fact not what the doorknob was looking for she would rather save her dignity.

“Yes, miss.” He says, his lips parting.

The rabbit didn’t have a key, he just jerked his cock in front of the doorknob and the sex crazed glass went along with it eagerly. It was highly plausible that there was no key and the doorknob just loved messing with people.

Alice parted her legs on que, watching the doorknob drool over her aching pussy. She never thought herself very adventurous when it came to sex but today she was just dripping, feeding off the sexual energy emitting from this strange place she had just discovered.

“You have a beautiful pussy, miss.” The brass says, his eyes glued unashamedly to her body. Alice was slowly moving the dildo is circular motions around her clit, not wanting penetration just yet. She wasn’t quite sure if she was ready for another dose of it anyways, having just been nearly fucked raw by her own sexual fantasy in the cave.

Alice doesn’t look at the doorknob, worried she will become sexually aroused by it and unable to stop herself from the animal urges to impale herself on it.

“Might I, have a taste?” The doorknob asks, looking up at her under hooded lids as she readies herself. Alice was confused at first. She just thought the doorknob enjoyed watching. She didn’t realize that he was going to want to actually do anything with her.

“How do you mean?” She asked, knowing the answer already. The doorknob might not have had a well endowed cock like the save had but he certainly had a mouth, and a tongue.

“Oh, you know.” He said, sticking his long tongue out and imitating a long licking motion. Alice was wary. She did not know if she truly wanted to be eaten out by a simple doorknob. “Oh, please, miss.The rabbit always lets me have a taste.” He told her, biting his lip at her in an attempt to appear more attractive.

Alice’s pussy clenched tightly at the sight, her butt plug providing a good amount of friction to her inner walls but not quite enough.

“Will that help me get in, Mr. Doorknob?” She asked him, her pussy throbbing as juices began to steadily pour from her. The doorknob’s eyes only seemed to become more transfixed at the sight.

“Most definitely.” He replies. “It always works with the rabbit.” He tells her, opening his mouth wide to receive her aching clit between his lips. “Do not tease me, please. I have not tasted the sweet nectar of a woman’s pussy in so long.” He pleaded with the blonde on the floor.

Alice looked around for no reason, checking to see if there was any onlookers that were going to get off to the sight of her grinding herself against the begging doorknob in front of her. He was practically drooling as Alice scooted towards him, anticipating her pussy happily.

“Alright.” She said, pressing herself against the doorknob. It was cold, which was almost surprising to her. Doorknobs were usually cold of course but it was almost as if she wasn’t expecting this one to have a chill when she touched it.

But the temperature only served to excite her further. She felt herself grow wetter as the doorknob licked up her pussy lips greedily. He enjoyed the visits from curious little girls. It was a nice change from the white rabbit, who came thundering in with his cock already out and promptly shoved it in the knobs mouth without preamble.

“Do you like the feeling of my tongue on your pussy?” He asked her, still munching on her as she pulled one of her breasts out of her top, fondling the nipple. HIs tongue was brass, like the rest of him so it wasn’t much different than toying herself with the butt plug like she had before. But it was still pleasurable.

“Yes.” She moaned happily. The doorknob tried to speak to Alice but was met with her grinding lips on his small face. As much as she enjoyed a sensual slow fuck she didn’t want that today. She wanted nothing more than to be licked without mercy so she could reach her end.

“I wish I could penetrate you so badly.” He told her as Alice pulled back to rub her pussy harshly in front of his face, clear spurts of female ejaculation landing on the floor mere meters from his face. HIs eyes trailed up to her chest as she continued to toy with her nipple.

“I want to fuck you until you scream, but I have no cock to speak of. It’s only so pleasurable to only give oral once in a while when a new visitor comes to call.” Alice eyed the knob, coming down from her orgasm as she listened to him drone on about his lack of penis.

She was young, yes. But she was not stupid. She knew exactly what the knob wanted. He wanted her to take him in her pussy completely. She had no doubt that he made the connection as well, observing her large swollen lips in front of his face. Alice wasn’t quite sure how she felt about the knob sticking its equivalent to a head in her pussy, but if it would get her to the white rabbit it would just have to be done.

Alice gripped the door frame with her heels and used her arms to push herself against the ground up to the doorknob. He had some movement and lifted his head up and down along her entrance before pushing into her harshly.

“If you’re going to fuck me do it right.” Alice yelled at the door, hoping he could hear her while he was still buried deep inside her pussy. “Lick me while you’re at it.” She said, leaning her head back on the tile, fisting her hair in her hands tightly.

The doorknob must have placed a lock on his door because he was able to push in and out of her without actually opening. At first it wasn’t that great, a small knob moving in and out of her body was like getting her first dick. It was awkward and almost a chore.

But then he started turning. He moved himself side to side, his small tongue darting inside her causing for a very pleasurable sensation to drown her body and Alice was cumming again, her pussy squirting as the doorknob pulled himself from her, streamers connecting the two as he parted his mouth greedily for her cum.

Alice thought she had cum enough, her pussy spurting out as much liquid as she thought was stored in her body. But it only continued. Usually Alice kept a hand trained on her pussy to help the ejaculation process men enjoyed seeing from her but even after removing her fingers she still felt the spasming of her walls as they released liquid.

Alice wass sitting in a puddle of it now, staring in awe as the entire floor filled with her cum, the butt plug tingled in her ass as she shrank, grabbing the dildo to use as a floatation device. The doorknob smirked and continued to open and close his mouth like a fish as he gulped down her cum.

As he did Alice felt herself floating towards him until she floated in front of his open mouth. Then he swallowed her whole. “Oh dear.” She muttered. “I do wish I hadn’t cum so much.”

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