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The dildo slowed to a stop on the shore and Alice dismounted it as gracefully as she could, which resulted in flashing her ass to the entire population on the beach. Not that they noticed, they seemed preoccupied with running around in a circle for god knows what reason.

“What are you doing?” She asked the man sitting on the rock in the center of the group. He was dressed funny. He had a fake dodo bird nose on his face, a white wig, and an overcoat, which was soaked with water from the sea of cum.

“Why, drying off of course!” he replied. “Why don’t you join us, young lady?” He waved his arms around wildly and yelled at the runners to make room.

“Is it like a game?” Alice asked, breaking into a slow jog ass she ran round and round the rock like everyone else before her had.

“If you want it to be, my dear,” he said with a smile, trying to start a fire on the rock, only to have the waves wash away his efforts. Alice eyed him warily as she ran around the circle.

“What are the rules then?” she asked. “Every game ought to have rules.” He seemed confused by her statement, pulling a pipe out of his pocket and tapping it against his lips as he thought it over.

“Quite so, quite so,” he said, happily. “The rules are…” he looked at his feet and completed a full circle around himself before he turned and proclaimed happily, “the rules are that there are no rules!” Alice sighed and pulled up the end of her dress to try to keep it as far out of the sea of cum as she could. She attempted to wring it out but found that her efforts were stalled by the need to keep running around in the circle so she stepped out.

She wrang out her skirt once, patting it down and secretly hoping it wouldn’t stain. That’s when she saw him, the White Rabbit. “It’s him! The White Rabbit!” he paddled a small rowboat to the shore and jumped out, shaking his fur out before he ran into the trees.

Alice followed him, her legs carrying her as fast as they could given her soaked state. She ducked behind a tree and watched as he looked at his flaccid cock with disappointment. He tucked it into his pants and moved to stand on all fours, shaking out once more.

But this time he didn’t only shake out the cum covering his body, he seemed to shake off his fur as well. His rabbit ears morphed into human ears and he turned into a shirtless boy wearing only a waistcoat and trousers.

He checked his pocket watch once more and broke into a full on jog, heading further into the forest, leaving Alice in the dust. As a grown man, the rabbit seemed much faster than he had in his rabbit state. Alice wondered if all of the animals in this strange place - which she had since named Wonderland - all shed their fur for skin the moment they stepped foot in the world, or if they could shift at will, even outside of Wonderland’s small golden door with the horny knob.

Alice stepped out from behind the tree and held on to her skirt as she took her first few running steps. She was shocked, however, when two men grabbed hold of both of her arms, lifting her off the ground, her legs still pumping even though she was suspended in mid air.

“Say, I haven’t seen her around before,” one of them said. “Feisty little thing,” he continued. He looked her up and down. The other grinned along with his identical twin.

“Yes. And pretty too!” Alice’s legs slowed to a stop before they flopped down below her. The two men were shaped funny, they were unproportional. Their bulging bellies protruded several inches but their legs were almost too skinny. Nevertheless, Alice was intrigued by them. “Where are you going?” he asked.

They carried Alice to a nearby log and sat, her falling in one of their laps. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close enough that she couldn’t leave but not enough that she felt overly restricted. “I’m trying to follow the White Rabbit. Who I suppose isn’t a rabbit anymore… But a very pale boy with bright blue eyes and platinum blonde hair. Do you know him?”

Neither of them seemed to think very long before they shook their heads in time. “I don’t know any White Rabbits. Do you know one, brother?” one of them said. The other shook his head, watching Alice shift awkwardly in his lap with a small smile.

“Have you ever heard the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter?” he asked her, lifting her skirt to feel the moisture beginning to soak through her underwear, he seemed shocked when he only found smooth pussy lips. Alice gulped and shook her head, trying to keep her legs closed.

It wasn’t like she was repulsed by these boys, as she probably should have been, on the contrary, she was intrigued to the point of complete arousal. An arousal that took over her body so completely that she couldn’t help but be afraid of it.

The other brother stood, clearing his throat and bouncing on the balls of his feet excitedly. “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” he said. Alice groaned, not in the mood for another one of the long winded tales the Wonderlandians seemed to be famous for telling.

“Must we talk about Walruses and Carpenters?” she asked. “I’m interested in a more hands on story,” she said suggestively, giving in to her urges and opening her legs for them, throwing up her skirt with a smirk.

She was aware of the effect she had on men, she loved it. “Please, boys,” she pleaded. “My pussy has been begging for a real fucking and I’m afraid that I can no longer resist. Will you fuck me?” she slid down the first boys lap, leaving a wet streak on his thigh at her departure before she slunk to the other body, trailing her finger up his pant leg to the fly that she knew would be holding a raging hard-on.

“Miss, this is not the time for games,” he told her, pushing her away from him as if she were going to spoil his day with her advances. “I’m going to teach you an important lesson,” he told her, looking to his twin in exasperation.

Alice smiled and turned around and stretched like a cat on the soft grass below her. “But I learn so well with a good dick inside me,” she teased, flipping over to her back and letting her breasts free of her dress. The Tweedle Boy swallowed at the sight of her, still determined to hold his own against the blonde vixen, but when her hand slipped down to rub sensual circles on her clit, he couldn’t think properly anymore.

“You need my cock to hear my story, don’t you, slut?” Alice nodded, spreading her legs and beckoning to him with her index finger.

“Exactly, a good spanking or a simple dose of double penetration will do the trick. I need to be punished, and I need it to be with your hard cock inside of me.” Alice gripped her skirts tightly in her hands, pulling them down and pushing her thighs together to try to hold in the moisture that had begun to seep from her hot core.

“It’s been so long,” the one on the log said. “I hope you know what you’re doing, brother,” he said, not even bothering to attempt to touch his own hard on. The other waved his hand dismissively and knelt on the ground before Alice, sniffing her pussy and stroking his dick for her.

“I would touch your clit,” he said, pressing a finger to her slick folds. “But since you decided that you didn’t want to hear about my story, I won’t.” He swiped his hand up her glistening pussy, sucking the contents off of his finger with a wicked grin that suggested he knew exactly how to tease a woman.

Alice gasped, partially out of pleasure, and partially due to shock. Only a moment ago these boys seemed to have no clue about sex, but now he seemed to have transformed entirely from sweet forest fatboy to forest Master.

Alice tilted her head to the side and looked at the other boy, sighing as he looked on in disinterest. One down. One to go, she told herself. He would want her too, as soon as he saw the joy she brought his brother he’d come rushing over to join them. Alice was sure of it. She tended to have that power over men.

“Are you going to punish me?” she asked in her best pornstar voice, pressing her breasts together with her elbows and twirling a strand of hair around her perfectly manicured finger. She rested her opposing index finger on the edge of her teeth, chewing on her lip, she shot a look to the other brother.

The second Tweedle boys face was beat red. Alice could practically see his cock pulsing underneath the red denim. Alice reached a hand out to him, hoping he could grasp her hand and join her on the grass, fucking her tight little ass while his brother had a go at her cunt.

“Will you fuck my bum, sir?” Alice asked. “I would enjoy it so very much. It’s my dream to be penetrated by two dashing young men.” It wasn’t a lie, as much as Alice thought it would have been. In a strange way, the two bald twins with the swollen middles reminded her of older men, big cocks and money to spare.

“Oh no, he doesn’t do anal,” the first laughed. Alice’s head turned to him quickly, her dreams crushed.

“What?” she asked, heartbroken that she wasn’t going to feel the same sensations she had in the cave earlier that morning. “Do you?” she asked quickly, hoping to salvage some of that dream.

The second Tweedle had wandered over to the grass and knelt beside her, his cock standing at an impressive nine inches. Not only was it long, it’s thickness rivaled the men she had been with as well. “Put it in your mouth you dirty whore,” he told her.

Alice did just that, her juices spilling on to her hot thighs as the first Tweedle began to rub his hard on over her slit repeatedly. She deepthroated the cock, gasping and salivating as he bumped the back of her throat for about five minutes before he pulled away, cock thoroughly moistened with Alice’s saliva.

The first hauled her up, her skirt billowing and her exposed breasts bouncing. He turned her around and sat her down on his shaft quickly, as if he could not bear not being inside her for any longer. Alice gasped at the sensation. Fucking oneself with a dildo standing up was entirely different than being plowed into by a godlike penis.

The other Tweedle stood in front of her, wanking his cock to the sight of her hardened areolas and labored breath as she bounced on his brother, taking every inch of his cocks twin. He placed a hand on her breast and pulled his mouth to hers roughly, gripping the base of his cock before sliding into Alice.

But it wasn’t her ass he took. His cock settled in right next to his brothers. Alice squealed in surprise and her pussy gushed thick cream that spilled down one of the Tweedle’s legs, not that she could tell which was which.

“I told you, we don’t do anal,” one reminded her. Alice moaned and gripped someone’s shoulders as they continued to use her body. This was better than she ever could have imagined. The cave wasn’t nearly as good in bed as the Twin Tweedle’s.

“I’m going to shoot my load inside you,” one murmered. “It’s going to cover my brothers cock and replaced whoever else’s cum I can feel gushing inside you right now.”

The other added his own words of encouragement into the mix, “If you cum before I do I’m going to toss you on that log and have my brother fuck my mouth. Then you’ll be left to your boney little fingers. Good luck fingering yourself to completion after we’ve left your pussy gaping.”

“Please, Master,” Alice begged. “Can I cum on your cocks?” They shared a look as she threw her head back on someone’s shoulders. They nodded in unison.

“Cum,” they demanded as one. And Alice did. Both of the boys groaned as they emptied inside her, cocks deflating. They dropped her unceremoniously to the ground and skipped away happily, flaccid cocks waving in the wind.

Alice stroked the grass beside her face as she felt the two loads mixing together and spilling out onto the forest floor around her. She closed her eyes, basking in the feeling of being used as a sxual object for the Tweedles before she heard a sound.

“I’m off to Nivens house, he’s running behind schedule, the poor dear.” It was enough that Alice remembered her mission and shakily pulled herself up on jellified legs to walk in the direction the White Rabbit - Boy? - had fled mere moments ago.

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