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Alice stumbled along the dark path in the direction the former White Rabbit had gone. With one hand she straightened out her clothing - what she had left of it, at least. She didn’t want to look horrible in front of the rabbit, especially given the sheer size of his cock when he was in the form of a mere rabbit. She shivered imagining how big it must be now that he was a full sized man.

“I wonder what he’d think of me in this state,” she said, mildly disgusted. Alice looked down at her breasts that were littered with bruising love bites and sighed. “Maybe he’ll enjoy it. Everyone else in Wonderland seems to,” she mused with a smile. “Almost isn’t really Wonderland, is it? It could almost be called Fuck Me Land,” she giggled to herself.

She hadn’t been looking at the path as she followed it but she couldn’t help but let her sense of direction change when the path abruptly cut off below her shoes.

“Oh great, now I have no idea where to go,” she frowned at the forest floor.

Mary Anne!” a familiar voice called. “Mary Anne I’m late!” Alice’s eyes widened as she started at the white house adorned with pink hearts only meer feet away from the path’s drop off point. The White Rabbit (back in his animal form) opened the window, a trumpet in hand ass he called a third time, “Mary Anne!”

She stopped a few feet from the house, debating just walking through the gate or calling out to him to ask for permission to enter. He slammed the window shut and made his way downstairs quickly. “Mary Anne!” he yelled at her.

Alice spun on her heels, looking for the mysterious Mary Anne that the rabbit was constantly calling out to. “Mary Anne?” she asked, turning only to find the rabbit inches from her face.

“Yes, you! Go get my things around and don’t be late,” he told her, passing her the trumpet and thundering back inside.

“Are you not already late?” she called after him weekly. Alice took one look at the trumpet then slowly made her way into the pastel house that appeared to be the home of the illusive White Rabbit.

How stupid could she be? The rabbit was the only reason she was in this strange place to begin with and now here she was, going into his house to look through his things without even asking what he was late for in the first place.

On the floor she spied discarded boxer briefs. Checking her surroundings first, she picked them up gingerly and sniffed them slowly. It smelled of cum. And it made Alice pussy so wet she had to clench her thighs together to keep her juices from slicking down her thighs.

“Did you stop to fuck the Tweedle boys again?” a voice broke her out of her thoughts. Alice spun around quickly, careful to conceal the underwear behind her back when she faced the White Rabbit. “I’m waiting,” he said, thumping his foot. His paws were rolled into fists and rested on his hips as he stood in the doorway.

Alice bit her lip and let the underwear slip from her fingers. She bent down to her knees and crawled towards him on all fours. “What if I did?” she asked. “Would you punish me?”

“Mary Anne,” the rabbit gasped. But Alice couldn’t miss the look he shot down her top as her cleavage shifted with each step in his direction. “What has gotten into you?” He snatched his trumpet, which she had discarded from the bed and ran out the door.

Alice dropped her head in disappointment and fell to the floor, rolling over onto her back and spreading her arms out. She let out a large sigh as her arm fell on something firm under the bed. Her attention shifted and she hauled herself to a low squat.

A discreet box under his bed? She could only imagine what the contents were. The box hiding underneath her own bed skirts at home was filled to the brim with toys. Is it possible the rabbit had similar tastes to her own?

She slid the box towards her and slowly opened the lid. The hinges squealed in protest, but sadly, the box yielded no dildos. Only small cakes like the ones she had eaten before in the room with the doorknob. Her pussy pulsed at the memory of being adored by the knob and she reached down to fondle her clit beneath her skirts.

Wonderland was not only a world of endless curiosities, but a land of endless stamina as well.

Without even thinking about what the cake would do to her, Alice took a bite. It was a decision that she regretted instantly, dropping the cake in surprise, she mumbled, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not again,” as she grew up from the floor.

The house seemed to stretch around her as her arms rested outside the windows and her legs outside two of the doors. Alice sighed in disappointment, watching with interest as the White Rabbit bounced outside the window, screaming something she couldn’t quite make out.

She didn’t bother to ask, she didn’t care. The only thing that ailed her was her aching pussy and the daydream of blasting the rabbit so hard with female ejaculation that he went flying into the forest.

Two figures seemed to materialize practically out of thin air, the man from the beach and a lanky man in tow who seemed overly excited to be brought along for the ride. The lanky man carried a ladder and a broom while the man from the beach carried nothing as he marched up to the house.

The thicker man stopped suddenly, sticking his arm out to hold his companion back. “This is no monster, Nivens, it’s merely an overgrown girl. There’s a simple solution to your little problem, one that I think we will all take great joy in,” he rubbed his hands together as he thought of what was to come next.

The White Rabbit watched curious as the heavier man rolled up his sleeve and wiggled his fingers eagerly. “You have no idea how much fun these problems are to get rid of, my friend,” he explained. The White Rabbit ducked behind his coat and shifted back into his human form, shaking in fear.

“As long as you get rid of it I don’t really care how you do it,” the former rabbit told them. The heavier man curled his index finger at his smaller companion.

“Now Bill,” he started. Alice felt her ears perk up at the sound of the men getting together to discuss strategy. “Do you know what we have to do?” Bill smiled and nodded.

“We should burn it out!” His friend stood up straight and nodded in agreement. Bill happily began to skip towards the house, swinging his arms as he did so.

“Yes, Bill, we have to burn the…” then the realization of Bill’s words set in and he jumped to stop Bill, grabbing on to his collar to halt his movements. “That’s a terrible idea, Bill.” At his words, Bill seemed to visibly deflate.

“Oh,” he murmured, slouching down as he waited for further instructions.

Although buring wasn’t one of her kinks and she was glad they decided against lighting her aflame, Alice felt bad for poor Bill. She frowned and resisted the urge to pet him as if he were her cat, Dinah. “Poor Bill,” she whispered to herself. “Bill,” she called gently.

He looked to her, although he couldn’t make out her face through the small window on the second floor of the house he could make out the shifting skirts that revealed a gorgeous and well lubricated clit. Bill was practically drooling as he marched over to Alice’s enlarged pussy and reached up to pet her clit.

It only felt like the faintest of touches to Alice but the idea that she was exposed to all three men in the front garden and she was unable to see Bill rubbing her clit made her that much more excited for the contact. The man turned to Bill in surprise then clapped his hands twice.

“That’s it, Bill, you’re brilliant! We’ll make her cum. Everyone knows monsters deflate after they let out all their cummies like good girls, come along gentlemen!” Alice shifted on her skirt and sighed heavily.

She almost wished she hadn’t lost her underwear earlier in the cave. She would kill for an extra barrier now. Without it, she was soaking the bottom of her skirt with her body’s natural lubricant.

Two sets of hands rubbed soothing circles on her clit. “Join us, Nivens,” one of them called, to which the White Rabbit turned his back to the scene and stuck up his nose in disgust. “It’s the only way to save your house!” he declared.

The rabbit, Nivens, rolled his eyes and shrugged, abandoning his coat on the ground to hop over to the other two, even though he was in his human form, and still, very much late for whatever occasion he had been whining about all day.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as her pussy, Alice figured. “Get inside me,” she begged the men below her. “One of you get inside me, please.” None of them really knew what to do with that information, all looking around in confusion.

Alice groaned and rubbed her legs together the best she could, pushing herself up to give herself better mobility. She reached her hand down and grabbed one of the men on the ground, not caring which one it was, and brought him to her mouth, shoving him in waist deep and twisting him around for a moment or two.

She released the body, who turned out to be the heavy set man from the beach, with a loud pop before bringing him down to her clit, using his head to tease her engorged clit before she inserted him fully inside her. Alice moaned while Bill and Nivens watched in a mixture of shock and awe.

God, this feels so good. I wonder how your cock feels when I’m the right size. If it’s anything like the Tweedle’s I bet I’ll be creaming all day long,” she said, pulling his soaking body from her moist hole. “I want to cum so bad, do you want me to cum?”

He stared ahead numbly before he nodded. “God yes, there’s nothing like being surrounded by the most cum you’ll ever see in a lifetime. Nothing can compare. I hope you never get to the right size or else I would have to fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be able to speak afterwards.” Alice moaned, plunging his body right back into her sweet, pulsing hole.

“You know just what to say,” she moaned, holding his body inside her right at the bulge of his belly. Alice held him there until she felt the walls of her pussy begin to pulse, that was when she began thrusting him in and out quickly before she removed him so she could squirt freely.

As she squirted, she felt her body returning to normal size, although the jets of female ejaculate emitting from her never slowed, she still felt like she was floating on cloud nine. So the cakes and drinks can shrink and grow you, but if you cum, you shrink. If that’s the case, then what makes you grow?

When she was done shrinking, Alice collapsed on her back, legs spread and pussy overflowing just like she liked it. She could swear she could still see the cum from the Tweedle’s coming out of her sweet pussy as she came down from her high.

She hardly had time to truly recover before she felt pulled by her legs onto a very hard and very well endowed cock. It was the heavy set man, come back to fulfill his promise. Alice didn’t even need time to bounce back from her massive orgasm, she simply started moaning like a wanton vixen as he pounded into her spent body.

Alice could only just barely make out Nivens shifting and hopping away in the distance, at ease knowing his house was free of giant monsters, for now at least.

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