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Alice could hardly see straight when she finally felt like she was strong enough to stand up on her own. All of the men had left her on her own, sprawled on her back, which reminded her of the state the Tweedle’s had left her in. Perhaps it was a law in Wonderland, when you climax, you have to leave your sexual partner alone to come to their senses.

Not only had they left her on the floor, but the front door was left wide open inviting any intruder into the home where Alice laid sans underwear. Alice closed her legs slowly, one last glob of cum oozing from her snatch, causing her to flinch at the sensation.

“It isn’t really like home, is it?” she mumbled, although she was the only one around for miles. She’d been in Wonderland for mere hours and she was utterly spent. All this coming and going and cumming and going was taking its toll on her body.

She stood and brushed off her skirt for the upteenth time. “If the White Rabbit is going to have a housemaid then she might want to start doing her job properly,” Alice said, cringing at the layer of dust on the floor.

It only briefly occured to Alice that Mary Anne might not be a house maid. She might have a different relation to the White Rabbit. Can a rabbit even afford a mistress? Well, I suppose he isn’t really a rabbit, he’s a shifter and a rabbit is what he shifts into. Or is it the other way around? Is the White Rabbit really a rabbit, who can turn into a boy? That just wouldn’t make sense.

Alice shut the door behind her as she exited the house, wanting to be polite and help keep the critters out of his home. I suppose critters won’t be an issue here, they all seem to turn into people anyways. I’m more keeping the robbers out.

“I wonder if time works differently here,” she mumbled, her hand trailing along the edge of the fence as she left the house. “I could swear that I’ve been gone a few hours but the White Rabbit is still yelling about being late and if he were truly late I suppose he’d be there already instead of running around looking for his mistress.”

Alice’s hand continued to brush over everything she passed. She chewed on the inside of her cheek as she followed footprints along the path. Footprints she only hoped belong to the White Rabbit. She wasn’t sure why she was following him at this point, she wasn’t actually that interested in what he was up to anyways, she just wanted to know how to get home.

Alice’s thoughts were abruptly cut short as she tripped and fell onto the path, groaning at the impact. She sighed and looked behind her to see what on earth she had tripped over. She was relieved to find that - this time - it had not been air.

The offending object in question was a rather large root that was embedded in the edge of the path and travelled through the tall blades of what looked like grass. A nice tree is just what I need. I can look over the forest and see exactly where I can go to get home.

Alice walked over to the tree and attempted to hoist herself up by bracing herself on what she thought was a sharp branch and yelped when the tree wiggled under her weight. Alice’s eyes widened as the head of a large flower bent down to stare at her, its human like eyes blinking with confusion.

Excuse me!” it exclaimed. “You are being quite rude!” it said, blowing a childish raspberry at Alice, who tilted her head in confusion.

Alice fell flat on her butt with shock and quickly tried to explain herself, “I’m very sorry. I thought you were a tree. I was only trying to get home. I’m sorry, ma’am.” The flower did not seem to buy it. She shook her head and wrapped one of her petals around Alice’s body, dragging her on her back through the grass.

“Hey! Where are you taking me?” the flower said nothing, which caused Alice to cross her arms. “Only in Wonderland,” she said to herself. “Only in Wonderland will anyone be dragged against their will through the grass after they’ve been fucked by a multitude of people, objects, animals, and strange fat boys in the clearing. “Are you going to fuck me too?” she called up to the flower.

The flower, in response, dropped Alice’s ankle and turned, horrified. Alice pulled herself into a sitting position and stuck her tongue out at the flower. Several other plants crowded around Alice now, all cocking their heads like she was the abnormality. It’s as if they didn’t know they were fifteen foot tall plants.

“We don’t do that here,” another flower called out. “This garden is a sacred space. We sing songs and bring joy to passers by. Would you like to hear one of our songs?” she asked with a soft smile.

Alice didn’t actually want to hear their song, but she was tempted to say yes just to spite the nasty purple flower. “I would, actually. Wonderland has been so exhausting and I would very much like to enjoy a nice little tune for once,” Alice replied kindly. She brushed off a nice mushroom and sat down on it, crossing her legs at the ankles as she always did in church. She neatly folded her hands and set them in her lap.

“Now she thinks we’re her servants!” the purple flower shreaked, throwing her hands up. “We don’t live to serve you, girl. I’m so tired of all the rich women coming through here assuming that the world revolves around them. Typical, really. It should be nipped in the bud at a young age, in my opinion.” The other flowers listened at a distance, craning to hear her fit but remaining out of site so as not to be on the receiving end of her wrath.

A lily next to Alice stuck its petal out, lifting up Alice’s skirt a bit. Alice pulled her skirt back to herself, her nostrils flaring of their own accord. I am in Wonderland. I suppose a bit of adult curiosity runs rampant around here. But on the other hand, these flowers seem to be a bit different than the other people I’ve met so far.

“There’s cum flowing down her leg,” the lilly tattled. The purple flower nodded once, as if it were all the evidence she needed to make her conviction.

“I knew it! I knew it!” she said. She turned to the red rose, cupping a petal to the others before she whispered loudly, “we ought to clear the garden out. We don’t want the little ones to think it’s alright to run around like a grande horizontale.

The other flowers gasped. Alice looked around, frowning at their reactions. She wasn’t quite sure what the flower was commenting on but based on the reactions from the other plants, it wasn’t a very nice thing to be called. Especially in the so called garden of purity.

“I’m a what?” Alice asked, confusion played on her face as she craned her neck to hear the purple flowers crude whispers about her. The purple flower adjusted her petals, which Alice assumed stood in place of what would be human breasts.

“To put it bluntly, a whore,” she sneered. A few of the other flowers laughed at this proclamation, some even slapped their stems as if they were knees. Alice frowned, throwing her skirt down with a huff.

“I’m not a whore,” she said, nose scrunched and raised in the air confidently. “And I most certainly don’t like to be referred to as such,” she continued. She sat down with her arms crossed, looking away from the offending flower.

A second, smaller flower inched towards her from the side of the garden, lifting the end of Alice’s skirt with her petal. “Look at that! No underwear!” The purple flower nodded at this revelation, as if it were expected from Alice.

Whore,” she emphasized. Alice moved to stand and argue with her comment once more but was stopped as another flower dumped a petal full of fresh dew on her miniature body.

“Look at her now, her nipples are as hard as boulders,” the garden roared with laughter, flicking Alice’s nipples. Alice bit her lip to hold back a moan at the sensation, staring everyone planted in the bed of soil she stood on.

“You want to see a whore?” she called out. Everyone seemed to go silent at her amplified voice. “I’ll show you a whore,” she said with a smile.

Alice flipped her skirt up, quite used to the familiar breeze that brushed against her pussy, like it had so many times before since her arrival at Wonderland. The purple flower squealed and ducked behind a boulder, covering her eyes with one of her petals.

Alice smirked in triumph as her finger swirled around her hardening clit. A few of the flowers followed in the footsteps of the purple flower, shielding their eyes and keeping up their holier than thou act. But a few of them looked on, some even inched closer.

Even though they were flowers, Alice couldn’t help but love every minute of it. Anyone could walk by and see her touching herself in front of all these flowers. Well, aware flowers. She wasn’t quite sure if flowers in Wonderland could feel arousal or sexual curiosity, but either way she continued masturbating.

She pulled her finger away from her clit briefly to clean off her juice and wet it with spit before she stuck it completely inside herself, wiggling the appendage for maximum effectiveness. Alice moaned loudly, not bothering to hold back. Even if anyone could hear her, it seemed fucking was on Olympic sport around here and the person who gets the gold medal is the one who cums the most.

“I’m so wet,” she gasped, trying desperately to get the purple flower to meet her eyes. “I’m such a whore,” she continued. “I’m a whore and I love to get fucked out here where anyone can come by and see me with my fingers up my pussy, trying to make myself squirt.”

The purple flower ducked down deeper behind the boulder, attempting to pull as many other flowers down with her, but none of them would budge. They were all curious about the girl pleasuring herself on the mushroom in front of them. “I’m going to water you all with cum, oh my God.

“Who is that?” a voice called out to her. Alice’s eyes widened and she withdrew her finger from her dripping snatch, sliding down the end of the mushroom and backing away slowly.

“Who’s out there?” the voice called once more. Alice raised her hands in mock surrender, even though she wasn’t sure if the voice could see her in front of his flowers. The purple flower stood up triumphantly with her arms crossed as if to tell Alice she predicted this would happen.

A man poked his head out behind the weeds and pointed at Alice. “Are you messing around in my garden?” Alice shook her head quickly, not daring to say a word to the man in front of her.

He snatched her hand raised in surrender and pulled her finger to his nose, inhaling deeply. He seemed to recognize the scent because he shoved her fingers in his mouth, taking his time to lick each one clean.

It was as if he was a starving man and her pussy was his last chance at a real meal. He cupped her mound under her skirt, feeling for wetness and seeming pleased when he found it. “You’ve been a naughty girl out here, haven’t you?” he asked huskily. “You’ve been fingering yourself in my garden in front of my innocent flowers haven’t you?”

Alice’s pussy throbbed under his hand in response causing her to flush crimson. He smiled and curled a finger over her clit. “Do you know what you did was wrong, little girl?” Alice pretended to be confused, knowing full and well it was what the man wanted to hear from her.

“Splendid,” he replied, hoisting her up so she would wrap her legs around his hips. “Because little girls who touch themselves in my garden have to be taught a lesson. And, my dear, I’m the best teacher there is” he said with a smirk.

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