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“I’m afraid I’m not sure what I did wrong, sir,” Alice said to the farmer as she pulled her lip into her mouth with her teeth. She released it and ran her tongue over her top lip softly. The gardener pulled her impossibly close to him, her breasts pressed up against his chest.

“It isn’t very often that I have to reprimand young women in my garden nowadays,” he told her, one of his hands moving to venture up her skirt. Alice felt herself tense up as she prepared for him to reach out to touch her pussy, but his fingers landed on her pale thigh instead, stroking the soft skin tenderly.

“No? I would have thought your flowers encouraged that sort of behavior,” Alice replied with an eye roll. “They seemed very open to the idea of watching me finger myself in front of them,” she continued.

The gardener laughed, his head falling back for a moment. “They are a bit crude aren’t they?” Alice nodded, tugging at the collar of his shirt. The top two buttons of his shirt were left undone, a few chest hairs on display.

“Very,” Alice replied before the gardener cupped her chin and brought her lips to his. His lips parted slightly upon impact, his tongue attempting to dart into her mouth. Alice kept her lips shut for the most part, opening her mouth in short bursts.

His hand traced her spine on its way to unravel the back of her dress. Interestingly enough, this would be the first time she would be fully naked in Wonderland. Most of the others had simply lifted her skirt, maybe tugged her breast out of the top of her dress, but none had ever really attempted to completely disrobe her.

“You are so beautiful,” he mumbled as his lips continued to work over her own. Alice said nothing. His hand moved down even further to cup her ass, squeezing the flesh under his hands. He groaned at the feeling.

Is he just going to grope me like we’re in high school? Alice moved her hand between them, tracing the outline of his hardening cock. She smiled as she felt it swell under her hand. The gardener pulled back abruptly.

“Now, now,” he told her, running a hand through his hair. “I thought you weren’t going to be naughty, my dear girl. You know how my flowers feel about whores,” he said with a smirk, leaning her against a nearby stump and pulling her legs so her skirt rode up.

“The body is like a garden, little one. It’s okay to look, but you can’t touch.” He unbuttoned the last few buttons of his shirt, shrugging the article of clothing off his shoulders. Alice’s eyes trailed down his pectorals before they zeroed in on his collarbone.

There on the expanse of skin was a red heart. It was only as big as the pad of her thumb but it seemed to stand out against his pale skin. Alice resisted the urge to reach out and run her tongue across the ink.

The gardener smirked, noticing her stare, and tossed his shirt on the stump next to Alice before he got back to work. He trailed his mouth along her thigh, his tongue flicking out to lick the tender skin that rested there. Alice put an arm behind her head for support and reached down to attempt to anchor her other to his head. He nipped her skin and dodged her advances.

“You naughty girl! What did I just tell you about touching?” Alice’s eyes rolled back as his mouth latched on to her sensitive clit. Maybe he kissed her lips like a horny teenager whose only experience was watching a PG-13 movie but he certainly didn’t tongue pussy like it was his first time.

“Oh yes,” she said. “Like that,” she tried to grab his hair again, her fingers barely touching the end of the strands before she remembered what he told her mere moments ago.

He pulled back and smirked up at her, clicking his tongue and shaking his head. “Oh, darling. You have absolutely no self control,” he said. A pad of his finger came to rest on her bundle of nerves, rubbing soothing circles around it. He anchored his other hand next to her face and pulled himself up so their foreheads touched. “I can fix that,” he told her.

Alice’s eyes widened as he twisted his discarded shirt around his palm, stretching it tight. He let go of her pussy and Alice frowned in response. She had been so close to cumming, after all. She was so sensitive today, usually it took so much more to have her writhing beneath a man, but he had brought her so close in only ten minutes.

“Hands,” he said, putting the fabric down in front of her. Alice looked at him in shock. “I said give me your hands,” Alice gulped and held both her hands out, watching in a mixture of shock and delight as he wrapped her hands tightly with the fabric before he brought them above her head and held them there.

Alice hadn’t actually tried anything remotely related to BDSM before. She had watched several videos online and brought herself to multiple orgasms thinking about a man tying her up and restricting her orgasms, but she had never even attempted to broach the subject with any of her lovers.

“Maybe now you can be a good girl.” Alice tried to press her lips to his once more but he directed his mouth to her neck, suckling at the skin that rested there.

The sound of him pulling his zipper down seemed to be amplified in the small clearing. Alice couldn’t wait to have his cock inside of her, he had been without it for a few hours at this point. Sure, she did get herself off with the Dodo boy earlier but that didn’t count. Besides that, Alice definitely didn’t want her last time having dick in Wonderland to have been when she got double penetration from the Tweedles.

Alice opened her mouth, ready to ask for him to fuck her hard and fast but only one look from him had her snapping her mouth shut to stay out of trouble. He nodded and entered her completely in one thrust. Alice’s back arched off the stump and she gasped in surprise.

His cock felt amazing and she felt as if she was going to squirt as she felt his scrotum swing and make contact with her pussy lips. He grunted as he thrust into her repeatedly, not needing to be told how hard and fast to thrust after all.

“You must love this, being tied up and fucked out where anyone can see you. It seems like something a whore would like. But you don’t just like it, you love it. Don’t you?” Alice nodded, her breasts bouncing against the fabric in her dress.

It was only then that Alice noticed, once again, that she was being fucked in full regalia. She really was a whore. But she loved it. The gardener smiled at her satiated expression, her pussy pulsing around his cock.

“I haven’t even finished yet and here you are, creaming on my cock,” he told her. She nodded numbly, not really processing her words. Her orgasmic haze had taken a toll on her body - and her coherent speaking skills.

“If only the flowers could see you now. They’d die of shock.” Alice closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of her wrists pulled together by the fabric of his discarded shirt. She could feel his balls slapping against her pussy and she could hear the wetness of her juices and his precum mixing in the otherwise silent grass.

She was almost certain the flowers were sitting in their beds with their petals covering their ears. She could practically see the horrified expression on the purple flowers face as she listened to her master fucking the shit out of the whore she tried to kick from the garden.

“Don’t move,” he ordered her as he started spasming inside of her. He did not stop - or even slow down - his thrusts, he continued thrusting as if he could never quite reach the true peak of his already powerful orgasm. He grunted softly as he continued to spill his seed inside of her, cupping her chin and pulling her into a searing kiss.

The small heart tattoo on his collarbone flexed as his vein bulged beneath it. For a moment it almost looked like the heart was beating on his skin. Alice smiled through his kiss and traced the ink with the pad of her finger before she looked up to the sky.

It was a beautiful day, not a single cloud in sight. Well, save for the ones in the shape of perfect O’s moving towards the sun. The gardener above her ran a finger down her lips, drawing her attention back to him. “I have to go,” he told her, standing to pull his trousers.

Alice sat up quickly, eyes wide. “What?” she asked. Although she had come to expect the cream and shuffle move most of the men liked to play she thought he would stay or at least consider trying to get to know anything more about her than her physical appearance.

“I can’t stay,” he reiterated. “I have to go.” He took her hand in his and kissed her palm softly causing Alice to blush. I should ask where he’s going. Maybe it’s the same place the White Rabbit is going as well.

But she refrained, settling for a gentle wave as he walked backwards into the grass. Alice turned away to adjust her clothing and make herself presentable. When she heard rustling behind her she thought it was her gardener coming back for more. She smiled and leaned against the stump, trying to appear sexy.

“Coming back for more?” she called out, hiking her skirt up one of her legs.

It wasn’t her hunky gardener that stepped through the greenery. Instead it was a rather large blue caterpillar. “Who are you?” he asked her, eyeing her up and down with a grin.

Alice quickly shook her skirt down and crossed her legs to hide her body even further from the perverted insect. Even she could only go so far, even in a place like Wonderland, that seemed to crawl with everything that brought out the horny spazz in her.

“I know who I was this morning but I must have cum several times since then. I don’t quite know, sir,” she said politely, sitting on the stump and swinging her legs as if she were eight years old again. The caterpillar sat down across from her on the ground. At least, Alice thought he did. She really could never be quite sure with all of those legs.

“I see,” he said, pulling out a portable hookah from the satchel Alice didn’t even see at his side. Alice watched in what could only be described as fascination as he began to puff perfect circles. He blew one in her direction and Alice stuck her finger out, catching the ring with wide eyes.

“Would you like to try?” he asked, offering her the end of his pipe. Alice’s gaze snapped to his. She considered it briefly before shaking her head.

“I don’t smoke,” she told him. Well, except for that one time. But that one time is the reason I don’t smoke. “I appreciate your offer, though.” He continued to blow rings in her face, some of them turning into impressive shapes like R’s and U’s. At one point Alice could even swore she saw a crocodile floating around in the puffs of smoke.

“Just one hit,” he said, offering the end to her once more. Alice shook her head and pushed back on his pipe, letting it touch his chest. When she did this her dress dipped down in the front, leaving her cleavage on full display for the caterpillar to see.

He took another hit, giving an appreciative nod at the show she provided for him. “I saw you with the gardener,” he told her. “It was an impressive display but you were not the first girl he’s wooed in this spot you know,” he said with raised eyebrows.

Alice could have figured as much. A man like that was definitely not someone who was on the market. Especially since it was very likely that he wasn’t even a real person, only a figment of her own imagination.

“You are fetching,” he told her. “If I were a younger man I would shift and take you right now. But I don’t see a blonde beauty like you wanting to sat on my lap taking my cock with a smile on your face in my future.” Alice grimaced and pulled her dress up a bit.

“Thanks?” It came out more like a question than she intended it to. He laughed to himself as he watched her fumble for an excuse - any excuse - to get away from the blue caterpillar in front of her. “I have to go see about a rabbit,” she said, brushing past him.

He winked at her and slapped her ass as she passed. “If you let Nivens get his cock inside you, you’ll forget all about Winston, I can promise you that,” he called out, blowing a smoke W for Winston at her followed by an N for Nivens.

Alice coughed and waved at the letters until they disappeared before ducking out of the clearing.

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