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She looked behind her one last time as she stepped through the edge of the grass. Alice brushed her skirt off and looked over her shoulder with a grimace. “What a strange caterpillar,” she mumbled to herself, as if a caterpillar was truly the strangest thing she had seen today.

When she moved her feet she was surprised to feel them push cool dirt around her toes. Alice gasped. “How did I end up on the path again? I thought that I went off the path a long time ago,” Alice said as she turned to look the way she came.

She gasped when the only thing that met her was more of the dark forest she found herself in now. She touched the trunk of the tree in front of her and pushed on it slightly, as if it would give way to reveal the sunny garden she found herself in earlier. “Strange,” she mumbled to herself.

“Everything is strange around here, my dear,” a cooky voice called from the distance. The voice echoed through the forest, bouncing off each tree until it felt like the speaker was leaning over her shoulder and whispering in her ear.

Alice turned around, looking for the man who spoke to her, but she found no one. Then she turned back to the tree, feeling as if she were being watched from behind. “It’s almost like things just appear,” he said, practically reading her mind.

Alice placed a hand on the trunk of the tree behind her, slowly turning to look around the other side. When she made a full rotation of the bark she was surprised to find a cat lounging on the branch on a nearby tree. The feline flicked his tail and grinned when he saw her.

“Hello,” he said softly. Alice was surprised. She was a cat person of course she had her own kitten to look after as soon as this dream was over but something about this cat was different, sinister even.

“Hello,” Alice curtsied as she said it, respect was always a pillar in her house when she was growing up and just because this cat seemed more like a cold blooded killer than an innocent kitten didn’t mean she would treat him any different.

“You look…” the cat surveyed her up and down, his tail flicking as he did so. “...lost,” he purred, his grin widening before her eyes. “Is there something I could help you find, my dear?” Alice shook her head, shivering at his tone.

“No...?” he questioned. “Somehow I feel that is hardly the case. Alice twisted her fingers, staring at her dirty shoes as she tried to come up with a coherent answer.

“Yes and no. I’m lost but I don’t need help. I’m looking for something but I don’t want help finding it, sir,” she said politely. “I know it seems absurd. I don’t expect you to understand.” The cat tutted and stood, rolling on to his back and letting himself slide down the branch until he was suspended by only his tail, which was curled loosely around the branch.

“Everything’s absurd here,” he said, his head making a full rotation so he could look straight at her while maintaining his position. “It is Wonderland after all,” he mused. “It’s almost like you have forgotten where you are,” he continued. “Tell me what you seek, perhaps I can help you.” His arms crossed and he gave her a pointed look, daring her to do anything but tell him what she was looking for.

“I’m looking for a white rabbit.” The Cheshire Cat laughed at her, which seemed typical of someone who seemed to have a permanent smile stuck to his face.

“Aren’t we all,” he said. “Nivens seems to be quite popular with the blonde’s lately,” he joked. Alice said nothing, tapping her toe and balling her hands into fists.

“Do you know which way he went or not?” Alice asked. She didn’t have time for these games anymore. She could feel herself becoming less interested in the rabbit as time went on. That coupled with the feeling that she was on some endless goosechase in a dream of her own creation was driving her absolutely mad.

“Lighten up, dear,” he said with a grin. “He went that way,” the cat said, pointing to the left with his right hand and to the right with his left. Alice’s brow furrowed, trying to make sense of his strange logic. But the cat didn’t seem to want her to understand. He seemed hell bent on confusing the shit out of her.

“What way?” she asked. The cat frowned before his lips stretched into a smile once more. He knew he was good at confusing the young girl, and he loved it.

“What way?” he asked, satisfied to have found a way to continue twisting her words to confuse her. Alice blinked a couple of times before she threw up her hands and leaned against a tree on the other side of the path. She sighed and let her back slide down it, resting her head on her knees.

“I’m never going to find that rabbit,” she said, sadly. “I should just go home,” she said to herself, pushing herself up off the ground. The cat appeared in front of her, leaning against the trunk of the tree he previously inhabited.

“How desperate are you to find that rabbit?” he asked, his voice dripping with innuendo. Alice tilted her head, confusion written all over her face.

“I’ll do anything.” Alice was officially done with games, all she wanted was to find the rabbit so she could go home. She didn’t even need to get the rundown of how he became a shapeshifter, what he was late for, or how the material of his waistcoat stretches with each transformation.

“Anything?” the cat pressed on, his smile widening more with each passing second. His confidence made Alice nervous but she let him lead her on.

“Anything,” Alice agreed. The cat’s smile disappeared for a second, his face going blank before he snapped his fingers and reappeared in front of her, no longer a cat, but a nude man.

The former cat pushed her back down to her knees dangled his thick, hard cock in front of her with a smirk, which seemed almost like a frown compared to the rather large grin he was sporting earlier. I suppose all of the animals in Wonderland can turn into people. Maybe an ant will turn into a handsome prince and whisk me away to find the rabbit.

“I-” She began, stopping when he gave her a pointed look, his head cocking the way an animal’s would when you gave them a new command to learn.

“Pardon me, my dear,” he said to her. “But you did say anything,” Alice nodded, gripping the base of his rather large cock in her dainty hands. “All I want is a nice good blow job. Can you do that for me? I’ve tried doing it myself but I can never seem to do the job as well as a pretty little thing like you could.”

Alice didn’t question him, as much as she wanted to. She was almost certain that at this point the rabbit was never going to be found and she was simply wasting her time. But for the upteenth time she allowed herself to get swept up in the sexual wonders of Wonderland and she leaned in.

“If I do this you’ll help me find the rabbit?” He sighed and put a hand on the back of her head, pushing her face towards his dick.

“Yes, yes, get sucking,” he urged, thrusting towards her to try to entice her back to her job. Alice nodded, parting her lips to take his cock in her mouth. He didn’t give her the chance to tease him with her tongue, he gripped her hair and began to brustally thrust, not a care in the world for how Alice felt about it.

Lucky for him, she enjoyed his feral advances, otherwise he might be leading her to the rabbit without his favorite appendage still attached to his body.

On one of his thrusts Alice opened her mouth even wider, letting him hit the back of her throat with the head of his cock, causing her to gag and salivate at the mouth for his cock. “Oh my God,” he yelled, the sound once again bouncing off of every tree in the area.

Alice moved her hands to the edges of his hips, gripping on to the bone to keep her body steady as he jerked himself off in her mouth. She looked up at him to try to meet his eyes but she found his attention was not on her at all. His left hand gripped the base of his neck while the right kept her secure. His head was tipped back and although she wasn’t sure, Alice would have been willing to guess his eyes were closed.

It’s almost as if he’s trying to imagine anyone else doing this with him but me. She supposed that was fine, though. It wasn’t like Alice fantasized about going home and having Dinah turn into a female to scissor her when no one was watching.

The Cheshire Cat wasn’t an overly attractive human. He was surprisingly pale. His hair was well cut but poorly colored. The dark purple hue with the neon pink tips was obviously a nod to his fur and might not have been something he could alter. But the dark pigment coupled with his overly pale and lean figure was definitely not going to help him make ‘Wonderland’s Hottest Magazine’ anytime soon.

He groaned, his back arching as he rocked on the balls of his feet. It was almost like he thought going on his tiptoes was going to make him cum even harder than he already was. He didn’t plan on telling her, but Alice had an excellent mouth and she gave excellent head even without him having to control her.

Alice sputtered around the jets of ejaculate as they entered her mouth. When he pulled back a bit of his cum and her spit fell from her still parted lips. Some even bridged the gap between his softening cock and her parted, wet, lips.

He didn’t say anything to her at first, taking a few seconds to catch his breath. By the sounds of his breathing it was almost like he hadn’t been sucked off in years. It very well may have been. Alice couldn’t imagine him eating anything other than a mouse or two every once in a while given his figure. He obviously never tried to eat a tart or some cake.

He turned to her, his pupils dilating and returning to their original sizes at an alarming rate. He almost seemed shocked to see her. How could he forget I was here when I just gave him the best orgasm he’s had in a long time?

“I’ll take you to the hare and the hatter, but that’s the end of it,” he told her, running a hand down his face, which seemed to successfully fix the crazed look about him. Alice nodded, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She expected the man to lead the way but he smirked instead, swirling away, reverting to his original cat like form.

He smiled wider than before, the edges of his grin stretching to meet the crinkles of his eyes. He snapped a finger and winked at Alice before the world began to spin. After a moment, Alice realized it wasn’t the world that was spinning, it was her.

Alice felt exactly two seconds of pure darkness around her before she came to, her arms and legs securely fastened with silk fabric. She felt the cool breeze against her body, having appeared with her dress laid neatly on a chair at the table she was currently kneeling on.

She could feel the flakey edges of a crumpet shoved in her mouth to keep her from speaking. The man at the end of the table stood and began slowly walking over to Alice. He pulled a chair out from the table, using it as a step stool so he too could stand on the table.

He bent over, placing his hands on the tops of his thighs and cocked his head at Alice. “Would you like some tea?” he asked.

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