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Alice struggled against the bindings, looking around for the Cheshire Cat and his smug face so she could wring his neck for this. The man who offered her tea began to back away, his arms up and a shocked expression on his face.

He looked to the hare seated at the other end. “Do you know anything about this, Thackery?” he asked his companion, looking over the black bow that had begun to slip to one side throughout the day. The hare did not respond, too focused on the pink pearl that marked the entrance to Alice’s back door.

The hatter looked at her, blinking twice before he reached up and fixed her bow for her. He smiled and went back to the chair he previously inhabited, his smile only wavering for a moment while he took a sip out of his ornate tea cup.

Alice continued to pull her arms, attempting to shake the loose from the bindings that secured them to her legs. She grunted around the crumpet and tried to wave the hatter over to help her untie herself from the Cheshire Cat’s sick game. The hatter didn’t notice her wide eyes and jerking head because he was concentrated on her gently swaying breasts, heavy and pulling at her chest.

“Did you do this?” the hare asked uncertainly. The hatter, still making eye contact with Alice’s engorged areolas shook his head.

“I did not,” he stood, taking a gulp of the tea in front of him as if it were whisky and he desperately needed the drink. “But I can’t say I’m upset about the whole ordeal,” he said carefully, running a hand along Alice’s back, letting it settle in the dip of her waist.

The hatter bent down once again to meet her eyes. He licked his lips hungrily before he sealed them to hers, taking a slow bite of the crumpet shoved in her mouth. When he pulled away he chewed slowly, savoring the taste of both Alice’s lips and the tasty treat.

The piece left in Alice’s mouth was now small enough that she was able to spit out the remainder of it. “What have you done to me?” she demanded, pulling on the restraints and staring at the hatter expectantly.

He looked to the hare as if he would have an answer but the hare only hid behind his ears and began shaking, the tea in his cup splashing all over his lap and the table in front of him. The hatter’s eyes widened as she continued to struggle.

“My apologies, miss. I don’t know how you got here but-” he tried to reach for Alice to help her undo her bindings but she jerked away from him. The hatter cleared his throat. “I beg your pardon,” he said to her, putting his arms up where she could see them, before backing away.

“It was me, Tarrant,” a familiar baritone called from the end of the table. “Consider my debt paid,” the cat said, stirring a cup of tea before taking one long sip and promptly disappearing.

“What do we do with her?” the hare asked, looking between the hatter and Alice. He almost looked scared of Alice. Either that or he was just nervous around pretty girls. Do animals even feel that way about the opposite sex? That’s a terribly inappropriate question to ask.

“Chessur said she was some sort of payment,” he said to his companion. The hare cocked his head at her, not bothering to conceal his wandering gaze.

“I’m not payment. I’m a person who does not want to be treated as a sexual object,” she called to the hatter as he circled her. The hare followed suit, circling a finger around the lips of her pussy, which was coated in a crusted layer of cream.

“I can put this in my tea,” he mumbled to himself. Alice couldn’t tell if he was trying to be funny or not. She squirmed against her bindings. “What do we do with her?” he asked the hatter.

Tarrant shrugged, looking over Alice’s derriere thoughtfully. He kneaded one of her cheeks, eliciting a moan from the blonde tied up on the table. “There really is only one solution,” he said to the hare, climbing on the table and kicking a few tea cups out of the way. They must have a fuck ton of those sitting in a cabinet somewhere to be destroying them at the rate they are.

He kneeled down on the table behind Alice, pulling his pants down to his knees. He pulled out his hardening cock, patting Alice’s cheeks a couple of times before he deemed himself ready. “There’s only one kind of payment Chessur would bring us involving a naked girl tied up on the table cloth,” the hatter said, rubbing the tip over her entrance.

The hare leaned his elbows against the table, wagging his tail like a dog who had just been offered a treat. The hatter gripped Alice’s slim waist before he thrust into her, his rock hard dick hitting her cervix. Alice gasped and arched her back. The hatter took one of his hands off her waist, anchoring it instead on the knot that held her wrists behind her back.

“Chessur did a nice job with these ropes, wouldn’t you agree, Thackery?” the hatter asked. The hare used one finger and plucked the bindings, watching the tightened rope bounce back like a guitar string. He smiled and nodded, dropping his own pants to join Alice and Tarrant on the table.

He shifted into a human quickly, dropping his pants and pushing his cock out to brush against Alice’s nose in record time. Alice rolled her eyes at the antics of the boys before parting her lips to take his rod while the hatter plowed into her from behind.

The former hare moaned as her smooth lips wrapped around his member. He put his hands on the top of her head, shifting so he had an angle on her before he began to thrust his hips like a wild animal, forcing her to take all and then some of his cock.

“You’re not matching my rhythm,” the hatter commented. Thackery glared at him.

“You always take the pussy and I’m always left with the blowjob. The least you could do is shut up about the pace,” he said, not slowing his thrusts. It almost felt like he was going faster than before.

Alice had to admit, for being a hare, Thackery was quite handsome. He did not appear very well kept. He was dressed nicely enough for a tea party but his hair waved down to his ears and looked as if he hadn’t brushed it in days. He had a bit of stubble but it suited him. The rugged unkempt look was not easy to pull off, but on the hare it was dead sexy.

Alice moaned as the hatter drove his cock into her again, bumping her g-spot with the head of his cock. “Do you like that?” he grunted. Alice could feel her eyes roll back as he tugged on her restraints, urging her to speak to him and tell him all about how good it felt, but she couldn’t. Alice could barely form words around the hare’s cock.

She moaned again, the vibrations seeming to edge on the hare. He made a sound, it was what Alice could only assume was a grunt but as he reached his orgasm, his seed spilling in her mouth, his leg shook like a rabbits would. It caused his dick to pulse in her mouth and for his seed to spill over her face as well as in her mouth.

The hatter grunted, bending over her and pulling her hair to the side so he could whisper in Alice’s ear. “Chessur has given us many gifts before but none were nearly as pretty as you, my dear,” he cupped her breast in one hand and fondled her clit with the other.

“Cum for us. Rumor has it that you’re a squirter and we want to know just how good you are,” he said, egging her on. “Get it in the tea,” he tempted her. “Let’s see just how much you can do,” he grunted again as he began to cum, his semen painting her white from the inside.

Alice’s mouth parted, the hare’s cum dripping from her mouth as the hatter rubbed quick circles on her pussy, telling her how sexy she was as he did so. Alice could feel the orgasm building, her pussy throbbed and her eyes closed as the floodgates opened.

She might not have filled the teacups but she certainly made a wet spot on the table below her. The hatter grunted one last time, petting her softly in appreciation before he pulled out of her drenched pussy.

“Now that that’s out of the way, you can join in on our celebration!” the hatter said without a second thought, tucking his cock away and zipping his fly. He adjusted his hat and pulled a chair out beside the head of the table, gesturing for Alice to take a seat. The hare pulled a knife from his jacket pocket, severing her bindings with one clean swish of the blade.

“What kind of celebration?” Alice asked, sitting down slowly. She didn’t think she did it as gracefully as the hatter had. She wasn’t so light on her feet after getting pounded.

“A party!” the hare exclaimed, tossing another cup god knows where. The hatter shook his head at his companion with a smile that suggested it was normal behavior for him. Alice fornwed, looking around the table for some kind of hint.

When her eyes settled on a brightly colored purple cake with unlit candles and hard to read lettering, she knew the answer. I wonder if the hare wrote that or if the hatter finished it last minute. If the hare did make it I’m not so sure I want to eat it. Who knows what kind of ingredients he just tossed in there?

“A birthday party? I thought this was just a tea party?” Alice asked, confused. “If I knew it was a birthday party I would have brought a present!” she joked. The hatter paused.

“A birthday party?” he asked, confused. “Whose birthday?” he asked the hare beside him. The hare shrugged, pouring himself another cup of tea, which he promptly smashed against the table before throwing himself into a fit of applause.

The hatter blinked twice. “Is it your birthday?” Alice shook her head, risking a look back at the Cheshire Cat, who just shrugged and sipped his tea as if he couldn’t care less about what the quirky pair were up to at their tea parties.

“It isn’t. Sorry,” Alice said with a shrug. The hatter smiled, picking up a small cupcake to munch on. He took a bite out of the cupcake, paper and all and chewed happily.

“If it isn’t your birthday then it’s cause for celebration!” The hatter said, standing up to bump Alice over. “Move down,” he ordered. Alice stood, sliding into the chair beside her.

“I don’t understand. If it isn’t anyone’s birthday what are we celebrating?” The hare climbed up on the table, smashing a plate on the ground beside Alice.

“Are you stupid?” he asked. “Your unbirthday, of course!” he exclaimed. This only confused Alice more. The hatter took her hands and pulled her to her feet, urging her to dance with him as he began to recite a very peculiar poem about a little bat.

“Now blow out the candles to make your dreams come true!” he exclaimed, holding out a rather large and messily frosted cake in front of her. Alice closed her eyes and blew. Please let me find that damned rabbit.

An elegant firework display erupted from within the cake, lighting up the sky with wishes of Merry Unbirthday’s to all. Alice clapped excitedly along with the hare and the hatter until she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

Ever curious, Alice took a few steps closer, turning to make sure the hatter or the hare noticed. She didn’t want them to be offended that she found a simple rustling in the bushes more alluring than their lavish - yet strange - tea party.

She couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw a white fluffy tail poking out from between the shrubbery. She waved to the hatter and the hare though they couldn’t see her as she followed the fur into the woods, satisfied when she came upon a familiar rabbit in a waistcoat.

Unlike other times, this time he waited for her, tapping his foot impatiently. “Come with me, Alice,” he said, holding his paw out for her hand. Alice raised an eyebrow at home but put her hand in his regardless, letting him pull her away from the woods in the direction of an ornate red castle.

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