Witching Hour

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You had been warned. It was only the beginning. Turn back now before it is too late. You are trudging into further misery and despair. It will rip and scar and tear where the first began. It's a new year at Vereor Nox Academy, and Samantha Coffey has come to continue her mother's legacy. However, Lilith doesn't exactly welcome her with open arms. There's plenty of bad blood to be had, and it only thickens as Samantha takes her deal: to teach in the Black Halls, where the worst of the worst himanity has to offer is kept, either until the end of their natural lives... or are terminated. Samantha, however, refuses to allow Lilith to have the last laugh, not knowing of the other, higher powers at play. Death, after all, is a mercy; there are far worse fates.

Erotica / Horror
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New Year, Old Blood

Paradise, West Virginia. Found in the northern panhandle, nestled in the mountains and forests of the tri-state area. Its population depended on the time of day as well as the day, itself, but it was never truly dead. Only resting, waiting for night to come. Its main road had a diner, a fast food chain across from it, a gas station at the beginning and the end, a movie theater, and another restaurant, all before a series of apartment buildings and the main attraction to this hamlet, forgotten in the shadows of the highway running alongside.

Vereor Nox Academy.

One look at the building would stir feelings of wonder, of curiosity. Why would there be Gothic architecture in a town where the majority of its buildings were barely older than the Civil War? Its dark, stone walls clashed against the softer red stone of the diner, the concrete that made the apartments. It didn’t seem to fit, to belong, to the rest of the world around it, and it didn’t care. Its parapets, eight in all, lashed at the sky, tearing at the soft blue until it bled orange and purple, its stained glass windows starting to glow with soft light, signaling the city and its streets to awaken once more under its ire.

Cars rumbled to life around the apartments, lumbering their way through a wash of Autumn’s bounty, birthed by the trees that only seemed to grow more dense as they loomed ever closer to the wrought iron gates of the Academy. Not a single bar nor rod had a single blemish of rust, the gates to the staircase up to its double doors swept clean, allowing its purple carpet to burn against the dark stone it laid upon, and, inside those double doors, a grand chandelier awaited, made of crystal, casting thousands of lights across the entry and beyond. It hung between two sets of staircases, heading to heights hidden in its splendor, while there was a door across and two arches to the left and right. The right housed many a plush chair and couch, the air filled with soft, classical music, while to the left was another sitting area before a hallway, packed with doors and plaques, freshly polished for the “day”.

Vereor Nox Academy wasn’t like other schools, and it wasn’t because of the lake on its grounds, covered in soft mist this night. Nor was it the modern warehouse built across on its grounds through that door in between the staircases, hiding the mountain the Academy was built against its gray siding.

It was for its clientele, the students it catered to.

Feathers filled the sky, the air heavy with the beatings of wings, mingling with the chiding giggles and scathing rumors that they carried. Howls answered and summoned the moon as it started to rise over the horizon, while shadows flickered and roiled in its wake, ending at the top of the stairs. Cars continued to roll in, packing the parking lot before it, and people clambered out of their metal coffins to greet another day at Vereor Nox Academy, where it was by hoof, talon, spindly leg, or even no legs at all. Though an unseemly sight any day in the real world, here, at the Academy, it was the mundane.

But there was one that did stand out, one that seemed far too normal for such an abnormal place.

“Excuse me,” Samantha Coffey called out, waving her brown satchel at the winged individuals, the harpies overhead. She was fighting with her bright blue loafers, losing to their want to be off her feet as she climbed up the steps to the Academy. If only she had taken the moment to straighten to black stockings closer to her feet, but at least they were in perfect form by her skirt, not a wrinkle to be seen on the blue fabric, matching her blue dress jacket. It was buttoned up, hiding her white blouse, which in turn matched her gloves, all but her caramel-colored face hidden behind cloth. “Hey! Any of you. Excuse me?”

One of the harpies finally showed mercy, and landed before her. She had deep red feathers, tipped with white, running from her neck to her tail, flourished behind her, but it was her chest the woman was leering at. The feathers were tearing at the tight white tank, though it didn’t need much help, her breasts each as large as the harpy’s head, their tips a soft orange. They perked under the Samantha’s glare, which made the harpy’s feathers fluster and rip more at the cloth until, at last, she squawked.

“Okay? You called all this time to stare?” The harpy said.

The woman shook her head, looking up into the harpy’s large, ruby eyes.

“I was catching my breath, thank you,” Samantha said, pulling a touch on her short, brown hair. Thankfully, her breath gave the words truth, panting hard, seen in Autumn’s kiss. “I simply wanted to know where the dean’s office was.”

“Aren’t you a bit old to be a student? Held back a few years, granny?”

Samantha scoffed, all kindness now gone from her voice.

“I’ll have you know I’m only twenty-five! Do you know where it is or not, you walking dinner bucket?”

“Up the stairs. To the left. Down the hall. Can’t miss it.”

“Great. Thank you... oh! And have a wonderful year!”

“Eat me!” The harpy yelled back as she took to the air again, leaving behind the tatters of her white tank.

Samantha heaved a heavy sigh, and let her hand fall from her head. It was a touch heavier than it was originally when it was up there, but the metal on it dispersed by the time she made her way to the top of the stairs. She wheeled about in the entrance, gawking at the chandelier, at the soft, vine like wallpaper and the “sconces”. Students shoved by, grumbling such inconsequential things when inside such... history! In fact, she was starting to feel a bit under-dressed, even knowing the things around her were dressed in even less, some barely even in clothes at all. Had they no respect, no understanding of where they were?

No matter, She thought, and simply shrugged as she skipped into the left room, down the hall to the arch, heading for the offices off to the left of the entrance. No other door mattered along the way, her deep, green eyes warming, seeming to light the hallway to the door at its end, gleaming off the plaque on it.

Lilith Brimst.

Samantha didn’t come to a full stop at the door, hoping to swing it open midstride.

Only to find it was locked.

It rattled in her hand, thumped against her head, her heels, and she backed away into an adjacent room, her grimace gone in the dark. Shame, too; she had such a nice smile ready. So she simply sat there, humming, checking her cell as time seemed to slow to a halt, waiting for the dean. She didn’t dare to play any of the games she had downloaded, to check her text, but she did check her email, the one left by Lilith.

Be at my office at 20:30 on Monday.

She closed the email, and checked the time. 8:25. Samantha heaved a weary sigh, and squeezed the hem of her skirt, but it wasn’t long before her legs started to fidget, bouncing and rubbing against each other. There was no circulation in the room, and she was starting to sweat a touch. If she only took off her jacket, but would she truly give in to simple creature comforts, would she give up professionalism to avoid discomf- the jacket had to go.

Samantha heaved another dreary sigh, but her jacket was folded in her lap now, allowing her fair arms to breath, as well revealing the ruffles of her blouse by her shoulders. She continued to tap her heel, though, watched as it crept ever closer to 8:30, and almost jumped to her feet when she heard a door creak open. Not just any door, but Lilith’s!

It slowly opened, a shadow seen against its glass before it was pulled inside, and Samantha bolted to her feet, her smile once again in place... faltering, gone seeing but a simple harpy step out, carrying a bag of refuse. She slumped back on the chair in the dark, pulling her feet up as the harpy’s clacked by, clearing that room, too. Their tips were capped in silver, polished, reflecting everything above including her brown skirt and what awaited under it –or, rather, what wasn’t there. Like she needed the help seeing that; the girl’s violet-and-orange tail flared, bounding, bouncing and pushing her skirt up with each rocking trot only to be pushed down seven steps too late. Her black tee suffered a similar fate as the harpy’s before, tearing to shreds, showing off her dusky tips.

Once more it took the harpy’s squawks to pull her vision from those dark points, looking up into those yellow eyes.

“It’s dark in here, you know?” Samantha exclaimed. “Had to look with the high beams.”

The harpy rolled her eyes, and trotted out of the room... but not before flipping the light on, making it that much more uncomfortable for Samantha. She glowered down at her chest, her bra giving it some definition but even that was being generous.

Will never understand why they even have those, Samantha thought, and listened, waiting for the silver cap’s taps to be lost to the crowd before she stood. They’re birds, for crying out loud.

Ah, but she simply shook her head.

Stopped, realizing that Lilith’s office was still open.

She shuffled out into the hall, checked each office along the way, and looked out onto the lobby before looking back at Lilith’s door. No one was there; she checked her phone. 9:15. She’s running late, anyways.

Samantha grimaced at it until it went dark, then returned up the hall, before the door. Inside, there was a mahogany desk. It took up most of the back, with only enough room to walk around the right, the left taken by a brown leather couch. There were three chairs around the desk, two rather basic compared to the winged beauty behind, while a name plaque sat in the center of it, bordered by two silver picture frames, newer than anything in that room, dust collecting on the long bookshelves flanking either side. Tomes upon tomes, leathers, vinyls shimmered with dust, one long, thin veil, connecting all, even a rather brown ficus still pulling the room together even in its final hours.

She stepped into the room, approached the step with bated breath, and reached for one of the photographs.


Her heart raced as she felt a hand on her back, sidling up to her shoulder before falling off, releasing Samantha as it did. She heaved another sigh, smiling at the woman sweeping around and behind the desk, taking her place in the winged chair, smoothing out her dark top as she did. The woman waited for Samantha to sit in one of the two before her, and eased the picture away from her clawing hand and back on the desk. Her hair paled that black blouse, spreading before her magnificent cleavage, skin almost as white as snow. Her red eyes twinkled, looking over Samantha, as her hands clasped each other, creased tight on her desk.

“I take it you are Miss Coffey,” she said, her voice like velvet, seeming to... raise insinuations, to drip with tawdry flair and rouse all in its roll. “I do apologize that I am running late. I had other matters to attend to.”

“You were running late? I thought I was really early,” Samantha said, giggling, trying to shake off that wave that tried to envelope her as she offered her hand. “Nice to meet you! I am Samantha. Samantha Bernice Coffey.”

“Lilith Brimst.” She didn’t return the offer. Instead, she gestured to the photos, smiling softly. “I would appreciate if you didn’t touch things on my desk, Miss Coffey, or, at the very least, wait until I am in my office before entering.”

“Oh. Sorry. The door was open, and curiosity got the better of me, you know?”

Lilith uttered a soft chuckle, making it even harder to dispel those moans creeping into the back of Samantha’s mind, those soft, satin sheets that seemed to roll with the light in Lilith’s eyes.

“Yes, well, curiosity is best to be sated rather than squelched and fester away, but I must ask you to respect my privacy.”

“Right. Noted. Sorry.”

Lilith pulled one of the pictures to her, sighing as she looked upon it.

“I must ask for forgiveness, myself. I let you and your family wait a long time before receiving an answer, but we had... issues at the school.”

“Issues? Hopefully nothing too apocalyptic, huh? I mean, I don’t see any gateways to Hell or giant meteors, so how bad could it have been, right?”

Samantha gave a small chuckle, trying to alleviate the mood, but the shade that had settled on Lilith’s visage seemed to steal any warmth that may have been born in that room.

“Several students were murdered. In a gruesome fashion.” Lilith stated, her voice cold, yet a mile away. “Teachers, too, while others suffered even more.”

“Oh my gods! What happened?”

“Jealousy.” Lilith shook her head, and the cold pressure that had settled on Samantha seemed to rise with it. “It’s been taken care of. The proper procedures had taken place, and now we are back on a normal school year. So I had time to finally meet you... and tell you I must decline your position.”

“What?” She blurted, and the smile that Samantha had painstakingly in place was gone at last. “Sorry, but... what?”

Lilith looked away from the photo and up at Samantha at last.

“The last time we had a Coffey in these halls, it ended, shall we say, not well?”

“That’s... that’s absurd! My mother has nothing but praise for this place-”

“While I have only complaints.” She put the photo down and reached into the drawer beside. She needed both hands, grunting, panting as she pulled out a manila folder. Her arms quivered, shuddered until she was able to get it above the desk, and let it thud onto it, Coffey taped on its front. “Your mother was a rather... promiscuous sort. She was caught well over nine-hundred seventy-four times consorting with students, teachers, and any and every possible combination of such. She had shown bias in her grading, and, without even issuing a two-weeks notice, left us in quite a state of disarray.”

“That was during Katrina! Of course she left. She had to check on her family.” On me.

“Though that may be the case, she never returned for duty.”

“That’s because you sent her a letter of termination with severance pay. Why would she return to a place she was cut from when her-”

She bit back her tongue, clenching her hands, starting to become heavy again, and looked Lilith straight in the eyes, seeming to dive into those crimson pools. She stared long and deep into them, not daring to look away, even as moans fully enveloped her, as the real world seemed to fade into silks and satin. Lilith’s breath was hot on her neck, her perfect, white teeth nipping and nibbling as Samantha arced against her. Her thighs squirmed, trembled, feeling her soft, white hand trail along it, leaving a line of goosebumps, until her red-painted tips teased along her folds, just tugging on her clit. Samantha fought hard to keep her breathing steady, even as Lilith continued to toy with her, to pull and suck on her ear, while her other hand rubbed her left nip, making the dark tip rise.

“Look,” Samantha said, gulping, keeping her voice steady, and blinked at last. Lilith had clasped her hands together, her elbows resting on the desk, allowing her to lean and nest her chin in her digits. “Is there any way we can put this ugly business behind? That was my mother. I am not her nor anything like her-”

“Save for your gift.” Lilith said, and smirked as Samantha shuddered, feeling more than hearing her voice roll over her “Well? Why not a small presentation?”

Samantha... broke her stare at last, and fought so hard to not to shake, not even the smallest twitch as she stood and held out her right hand. Fire, black wisps swirled down it, molding to her knuckles, ripping them apart and replacing them with five silver claws, formed from the ether. They sparked with blue lightning, sapping the lights above, buzzing loud as sparks swarmed from those gilded tips. They closed into an orb, let loose as she sat again, swirling around her. It stopped by her hand again and again to regain its luster, daring to cross the desk and touch Lilith’s hands, whom simply hummed and grabbed them. She crushed each in between her thumb and index, leaving but a simple black dot on each.

“Not too shabby,” Lilith said. “Definitely more promise than your mother showed, but this isn’t a magic school. This is a place for himan, of which your family-”

“My mother.”

“And grandmother and her mother all have a bad reputation with. If any of the older families hear that I had let another Coffey onto the premises... and, even then, we have three witches already-”

“Then let me be the fourth. You’ll be that much closer to a full coven.”

“We don’t want a full coven. Experience has already shown that the Three-Fold Law only requires one of said three to do something wrong to doom us all; why would we want more to potentially jeopardize everything?”

“Come on. There must be something I can do... How about I intern?”


“Yeah! Let me work my ass off for, say, a year, without- er, with minimum pay. Let me gain your trust, the other witches’- hell, the students’ trust. Just give me that... Please? I’ll... I’ll do anything!”

Lilith crooked her brow, her smirk only growing wider as she reached across the table and grabbed her hand.

“Anything?” She mused, and locked Samantha with her gaze again,

The world boomed in Samantha’s ears, forcing her to close her eyes, and she was unable to fight her panting any longer, jerking back against her chair.

Against Lilith.

Samantha’s clothes were gone, lost to the floor in a jumbled heap. While Lilith’s were torn, strewn to the far corners. They were on the leather couch, Samantha curled into Lilith’s arms, shuddering, mewling against her chest as Lilith continued to caress and tease in between her legs. Lilith shushed Samantha again and again, pushing her breasts firmer against her lips, moaning with each gulp against her pert, ruby red tips. The room reeked of lust’s scent, Samantha savoring every gulp of air by those breasts, smelling of jasmine and lavender, only to be pulled off and forced on her knees before Lilith’s lower lips. Lilith grabbed the back of her head and eased her to them, her cli-

Lilith let her hand go, and tittered as Samantha opened her eyes, looking just off to her left.

“My, my. A virgin, no less.” Lilith said, but shook her head. “Don’t fret. I won’t ask such from you. After all, I’m a faithful woman... Can the same be said about you?” She reached into her desk again, and pulled out her cell from her breast pocket as she retrieved a bit of parchment. “We are done... for today. I’ll need to make a few calls, but I think I have something in mind. Come back, say, in a week, around the same time, and we’ll talk business then.”

Samantha... blinked, and struggled to her feet, her thighs and hand trembling, holding at least one out to her. Considering her legs needed all the help they could get, the hand was the best option.

“T-thank you.”

“Ah, don’t thank me just yet.”

“I will, though, for at least giving me this chance.”

Lilith sighed... but shook her hand this time all the same. One last dirty thought flitted in between as she did, and Samantha hissed, finally pushed over the edge.

“You may come to regret it,” Lilith said, and let go. “Also, do remember next time that witches are incredibly susceptible to succubus and their mind games. I showed mercy; others won’t.”

Samantha regretted breaking the shake, but was more than happy to make haste out of that office, not stopping until she was out the front door, down the stairs, through the wrought iron gates, and in her red sedan. The keys were still in the ignition, forgotten in her excitement before and even now. She leaned against the steering wheel, biting it, panting, shuddering as she could no longer hold back. Even in that tiny rush, feeling her panties as soiled as they were; her hand was buried between her thighs, her blue underwear peeled to the side. The vision was still so fresh, feeling Lilith’s rub against hers, their legs locked together, grinding, bucking hard as the desk under creaked and shimmered with their juices, filled her with such pleasure. With such disgust. She came all the same, squirting on the faux leather thrice over before finally loathing it too much to continue, and straightened herself.

She turned the car on, her face flushed in the vanity mirror, watching as she backed onto the dead roads of the tri-state area, and headed for the motel just on its border to the highway. Moans rippled, thumped against her bedroom wall, her clothes folded neatly on the bar along the left wall, its mirror showing her teasing her breasts, thrusting the blue dildo with each thump behind, fighting her moans so. Black fire flourished from that blue rod, hitting the sweet spots, making her cum more oft than her fucking buddy in the other room, ending long before she was ever done. By the time they decided to argue and storm out along the walkway, she was only finally turning over on her knees, thrusting in from behind. She bit her pillow, moaned hard into it as the bed creaked and started to fold in on itself for the metal growing down her arms, but she collapsed before it did, unable to move her bottom half at all. She made sure her alarm was set for eight AM before slipping into tortured bliss, finally freed from Lilith’s touch.

The week passed, but this time Samantha was ready, wearing a pair of thick black sunglasses, watching, glaring at Lilith looking over paperwork. Lilith, herself, was in a dark blue tank this day, loose, clashing against her bright white jeans. Samantha would have asked why she was in such casual attire, but was too busy holding in her excitement... and anger. She wrung the hem of her skirt again, her thumb tearing the smallest hole in the green fabric, stopped whenever Lilith looked up. Lilith did often, smiling as she looked away, a game between the two until she slid the packet of papers before her at long last, along with a pen.

“All right. Here you go,” Lilith said. “Your internship papers. Your liability wavers, medical papers, and so on.”

“T-truly?” Samantha exclaimed, flipping through them, unable to hold her voice from squeaking.

Lilith cleared her throat. “Yes. You are being given a trial period, a place where we think you’ll show the most... promise. You are to tutor those in the Black Halls.”

She dropped the paper, looking at Lilith...’s ear, avoiding those reds.

“The what now?”

“The Black Halls. Where students who are... not fitting in even here go. For most, it’s pretty much grounds for termination. However... with you, they may have a shot.”

“W... well, I mean, what will I be-”

“Music. Arts. Maths. Science.”

“I can’t teach any of that!”

“Well, you better start learning to be able to do so. Also, one last condition: you are to stay in the undercroft-”


She nodded, and stood, leading Samantha to the entrance again, under its chandeliers and between the double staircases. She lead her through the door nestled in between, and hooked a left, opening a trap door. She took Samantha’s hand and eased her down the steps to the dingy stone under, cobwebs stretching from each. Small lights lead them down, down into its depths, taking a right, a left, another right before coming to a dead end.

Samantha cocked her brow at Lilith, gasping as the wall slid away, the smallest rock pushed in, revealing a solid steel door, slid open by the third rock down from the first. Stainless steel walls waited behind, given a sterile glow by the lights, washing over door after solid, polished door. They had visors, covered with shields for the moment. Voices were heard grumbling inside, hidden under Lilith’s heels, clacking down and around to a simple set of bright steel stairs. They lead to another shielded door, swung open to reveal a posh bedroom, complete with its own mahogany desk. The bed was layered with thick satin, those blues aglow from the soft lamp on the table, casting long shadows from the books abound.

“This is where you’ll be staying.” Lilith stated, leading her back down the stairs and underneath, opening the door to reveal a small classroom. A ‘window’ glowed on the left wall, showing scenery, a sun setting on a too blue ocean. Thirteen desks blotted the warm tile, all facing towards a simple oak podium and a whiteboard, whirring, ready to use the apps on its side. “This will be where you’re obviously going to teach.” She handed her a roster, caressing her knuckles, tittering. “You won’t have many, but each one is expected to pass if you are to have a job teaching here... do you accept?”

“Of... Of course I do! Give me a pen! Sign me up, coach!”


“Just go with it, okay?”

She chortled, though no joy could be heard in it, and lead her back upstairs to her office, the papers waiting –which Samantha didn’t even give her the chance, signing them before Lilith got behind the desk. Lilith offered her hand, but Samantha ignored it, her mind buzzing, ready to head back downstairs, if only to prove this... succubus wrong.

Lilith stopped her, however, clearing her throat, smiling at a picture.

“You know,” she mulled, “that attitude... You remind me of someone.”


She shook her head. “No. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, go get the roster memorized. You begin class tomorrow at 9 P.M., sharp, and are expected to work until 9 A.M. If you need anything-”

“A computer would be nice. With a good wifi.”

“It will be provided. With all of that in mind, welcome to Vereor Nox Academy.”

“Glad to be here.” She saluted her, leaving one finger up as she finally trudged back to her room. She looked over everything, ready to make her mother proud... and to show this bitch wrong.

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