Witching Hour

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The Morning After

The colors swirled, wrapped and enthralled her through most of the night. When there wasn’t pure, ignorant bliss, Samantha had moments of horrible clarity, of the carnal terror that was being forced upon her. Every hair on her screamed to get away from that chitinous form, to be away from that demonic arachnid of lust and release, but only in those brief flashes of sanity was she able to act, and even then her body was wracked with such ecstasy that she couldn’t move.

At one moment, she would see Bella’s smooth, almost violet lower lips being pressed against her face, rubbing, coating her in its musk. The next, she could see the drider’s face locked in an O, and her hand gripping her thigh tight, holding it so that she could rub against Samantha’s folds with her own. All the while, in the background, which might as well have been a different planet or plane of existence to dear Samantha, the steel walls, the soft carpet, and her bed were succumbing to a sea of silk, the color fading into that pure white before melting into black, taking with it the horrid, sensual, erotic nightmare it had wove.

Samantha groaned, stirring at last, fully herself once more. However, she was not free. Nowhere near it. She was still very much Bella’s “prey”, locked in her embrace. She nuzzled against Samantha’s neck, sighing dreamily, still lost to her ocean of dreams were the abyss of Samantha’s nightmares. Her face was flushed, and coated, reeking of... well, Samantha. It glistened in the soft light that managed to make it through the web ab-

Samantha jumped a little, seeing the spherical mass that encased them. She hoped- prayed- pleaded for it to only have been dreamed of, but no. She was in a spider’s web –specifically, an orb weaver’s lair. Not only that, but her back was coated in it, all the way up to her nape, pulling something fierce at her hair.

As it turned out, it didn’t stop there either; Bella yawned, and reached beyond Samantha, retrieving her phone from her jacket pocket on the floor. She held it before Samantha’s face, and it was showing that the alarm was on, blaring... yet she couldn’t hear it, not until Bella ran a delicate finger along her left ear, cutting the twine there away.

“Sorry. Looks like I got a bit carried away,” Bella mumbled, and swiped the alarm off. She shook her head, and caressed Samantha’s cheek, giving her a cheeky smirk. “Then again, maybe I should have just swiped it off and we could have had a day in.” She sighed, and kissed Samantha. She cupped both cheeks, removing the webbing from her other ear before gently rubbing them, making Samantha shudder... and herself giggle. “Oh my. Is this turning you on? If I had known that, I would have bit them once or twice.”

“On the lip was enough, thank you,” Samantha said, harsher than she wanted, and tried to ease herself away from Bella. “As much as you- we- I’d love to, there is class-”

“On a Saturday?”

“Oh. Right. It is Saturday.”

Bella giggled, kissing Samantha again, stealing her breath away. Literally. Samantha had no urge to breathe as that drider sucked on her lips. Every inch of her was stiff, waiting for those fangs to sink in, for her poison to spread again and eat her from the inside... before she ended up eating her out. The entire stream made Samantha’s stomach turn, but she held, still praying otherwise.

Which was answered. No such fate came to be as Bella pulled away. She ran a hand down Samantha’s left side, and the room filled with the soft snaps of silk, freeing Samantha from the bed. Her hand reached Samantha’s rear, and she gave it a hard smack, cooing as Samantha squeaked.

“Now why didn’t you make a sound like that last night? I was trying so hard, too.” Bella giggled, and rolled Samantha onto her chest. She sighed again, her hot breath washing down her back as she rubbed it, her delicate, deft hands working in between her tensed muscles, taking away their stress with sinful ease. “I guess I’ve simply got to try harder from now on, huh?”

“You don’t have to,” Samantha mumbled, mulling it over- trying not to, actually, as she tried her best to hide the shiver in her thready breathing. “I mean, it’s only until we meet Scarlette-”

Bella groaned, shaking her head. “You don’t need to lie anymore. I’ve been dreaming of the moment you would ask me to be yours. You made it even cuter than I imagined. You were so awkward... but now we can both be honest with ourselves.”

“H-how long have you been wanting me?”

She pecked Samantha’s nape, and bit her own lip as she continued to rub Samantha’s troubles away. Better than any dick probably- She bit her tongue, remembering who she was talking about.

“Since we first met. Really, if it wasn’t for Marcy, I would have asked you to stay... listen to more music... get lulled into my web.” She smacked Samantha’s rear with both hands , cackling as the poor teacher jumped easily a foot off her bed. Bella stuck out her tongue, groping Samantha’s derriere still, and wistfully- did that airy thing Samantha was tired of hearing from everyone. “We never had a chance before now to really talk, to get... things off our chest, but... this confession was a six out of ten. Easy. No. An eight. You made this whole reveal dramatic, which played to my artistic side, to the musician, the actress in me.”

“But... but I-” Samantha began, and was thankful that there was a knock on the door. She sprung to her feet... though had to fall back on the bed, she managed to stay on them the second time she stood. If anything, I might keep you around for those hands; I thought mine were good... She threw on her jeans and shirt from the day before, a miracle she found those in the new white floor, and scurried to the door, opening it.

For Junmei.

Junmei blinked, looking her over, and his face went a bit red at the sheer amount of webbing still hanging off her.

“My apologies,” he said, starting to turn away. “I did not mean to interrupt anything.”

“You didn’t. Yet,” Bella said, still on the bed. She was leaning on her right arm, giving Junmei a coy smile as she nibbled on the end of her left pinky.

“What’s up?” Samantha said, stepping out onto the landing and shutting the door behind. Metal stirred on her digits, the dragon still locked away inside as she sealed it, making sure a certain drider couldn’t nudge it open even a touch.

“It’s about the harpies... Buffy and Marcy... would you mind coming to my room?”

She shook her head, and, with PAINFUL slowness, Junmei made his way down the steps, making sure his coils did not make it ring or sigh or creak. Samantha wasn’t as tact, but her feet barely thundered on the metal, clonking all the way to his room. He shut the door gently behind her, offered her a chair, and heaved a heavy sigh as he sat across.

“Thank you.” He stated, but she wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries. Especially with a known liar and player.

“So what about them?” She said, curt.

“I know you and Marcy are rather close –I mean, not as close as you and Buffy we- well, you and Bella are- wait. You weren’t, were you?”

“Would it matter?”

His face grew a touch redder, and he averted his gaze, though the slit in his middle gave away what he was thinking. He shook his head (THE ONE ON TOP) hard, and heaved a heavy breath, trying to still the heat blossoming in his cheeks.

“Not necessarily,” he said, and grabbed a pillow from behind, holding it before his lap. “Well, maybe. You see, she told me she didn’t want... intimacy until I was able to swear to her I could be faithful.”

“Which you didn’t want to be.”

She didn’t mean it to be accusing, but he probably didn’t mean to want other chicken. Everyone has their slips. He hissed, his silver folds on the side of his head stirring a little, but simply scoffed.

“I do not care for your tone, but it wasn’t that simple. I was more than ready to be hers... and only hers, if need be. She was a sweet girl, a patient, compassionate girl.”

“So... why did you?”

“You have some gall!”

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation otherwise.”

“True... Fine! Because she was boring. It was as if she had no other hobby nor passion than what I cared about. I thought I may have been missing something. You hang out with her all the time, and you are anything but mundane, dull, nor predictable, so how could she be those in excess?”

“So that’s why you moved to Buffy, huh?”

His folds fully opened that time. “Again with that tone... no. In fact, I’m not sure I want to be with Buffy, either. I thought she could show me the ways of video gaming or computers.”

“Wait. You wanted to play vidya?”

“If you mean video games, then yes.”

“Then... why did she give up her system?”

“Because, just like Marcy, it became all about me. If it wasn’t for the fact she is not as frigid and close-minded to sex as Marcy, I would have broken up with her, too.”

“How kind of you... What are you asking me, then?”

“Between them, I much preferred Marcy, but Buffy has such a warmth in her eyes. As if a fire that is waiting to be kindled. In truth, I don’t want to lose either of them, but that is selfish –and I admit it. I value both of them, and see the hidden gems inside each one.”

“That’s a funny way of saying your dicks.”

“AND THIS is why I have such a problem with Americans and their- but that is not important. What is important is that I want to be with Marcy again, but Marcy. Not the... what is i- arm candy that looks like her. Or Buffy, at that.”

“Then why don’t you tell her that? You know, actually TALK?”

“How does one approach such? Do you simply say, ‘Hey. Quit being a boring twat and be yourself’? No.”

“Have you asked about her hobbies before? Her dreams?”

“I... no, actually. Usually, when we are together, we watch movies, and she demands silence when we do.”

“Wait. Now I’m confused. You say she is only interested in... well, you, but you two watch movies? That’s one of her hobbies.”

“Mostly my movies.” He righted himself, and slithered to the left wall. He pushed a button there, right beside where the entry to the kitchen would be, and six shelves slid free, piled with black DVD boxes. He chuckled, almost sheepishly, as he carried a few over to her. “I must admit, my taste for cinema lies on the... trashy side.”

Samantha couldn’t argue. The boxes themselves looked cheesy enough to be spread over a fresh pot of macaroni, and, if they weren’t enough, the titles would add the finishing touches. These were the kinds of movies Marcy would bust a blood vessel over, yet she endured them, possibly compounding her mind with numerous tumors... All so that she could be with him?

“Okay,” Samantha blurted, clearing her throat, and handed them back. “My advice? When watching these movies, gush about how they are masterpieces.”

Junmei blinked, dumbfounded. “Excuse me?”

“Trust me on this. The next time you have her over, state how there are no better movies, that these are the epitome of cinematic culture –bonus points if you say epitome epi-tome. If need be, keep spreading it on. And thick.”

“And... that will solve my problem?”

“I am absolutely positive.” Either that, or her head is going to explode.

Junmei put the movies away, and hurried over to his door opening it.

“Thank you, Samantha. I was going to invite Buffy over for more rounds of intercourse, but if this will fix my relationship with Marcy, then I will gladly give it up... huh. That’s a new feeling.”

“Yes, well, it’s only temporary. There’s no doubt that, if you both are serious, she is going to fuck you bone dry.”

Junmei paled a touch. “That’s possible?”

Samantha simply rolled her eyes, and begrudgingly returned to her room. She fixed the door, entered-

And found Bella still on the bed... Wait. Why was that a surprise? That was how it was intended to be- guess so many people barging in sort of painted any intrusion in a negative light. She was face down in the pillows and sheets, them and the room free of all webbing.

Samantha slammed the door shut, but that didn’t stop Bella from inhaling one of those pillows, shuddering as she breathed out, giving Samantha a half-lidded look.

“There you are, lover,” she said, and turned over in bed again, cupping her breasts. “I’m all ready for you.”

Samantha... simply ignored her, trudging passed and to the restroom, disrobing once more. She would sooner burn her clothes, but the web melted soon enough onto the tile as it started to steam in there, keeping the dragon up high as it circled. Her body welcomed the infernal waters on her skin, washing away the fear, the guilt that had been caked on by those white threads.

Going a bit cold as she felt a pair of hands drape over her shoulders.

Bella licked her neck, and giggled as she found Samantha’s chest, tugging on their dark tips.

“You didn’t invite me,” she whined, and huffed on Samantha’s left ear. “How could you be so cruel. After all the love I gave you last night, and you couldn’t even invite me to bathe with you.”

Samantha turned around, and was forced back against the wall as Bella entered entirely. Bella’s abdomen bobbed in the tub behind, while four of her legs clawed up the walls, keeping Samantha there. But Samantha’s eyes were locked on that abdomen, its edge just drooling, the stinger inside glinting.

She tried to put it at the back of her mind as she turned around again, focusing on her shower as best as she could, but was forced to turn back to Bella, having taken the shower head for herself. Bella sprayed it in her face, tittering, batting away Samantha’s hands, while, also, teasing her breasts in between, until Samantha managed to get it back. She kept a firm grip on it, washing down Bella as well, while the drider did her best to tease and titillate her at every point, groping, nipping, licking, and blowing in all the right places to make her legs shake like jelly. Samantha fought it so hard, tried so much to endure, but, once Bella’s fang sunk into both of her ears, she melted into her embrace and accepted the tawdry affair, succumbing to her kisses and ministrations.

But Bella was not content with being the only one to play.

She grabbed Samantha’s hand and put it down between her tiniest legs, back to those violet folds. They were warmer than the water dripping around, quivering so much as Bella rubbed Samantha’s hand against, waiting for her to take over. Samantha did, and almost collapsed when Bella rubbed her as well, kept up by the drider burying her face into her chest. She lapped, sucked on those dark tips, aching as they beaded with the water cascading down them and onto Bella’s face. Her pale skin was already red, her moans hotter than the steam rising, enveloping them, and practically screamed as Samantha pushed a finger into those folds, vibrating fast.

Her pedipalps clenched at her wrist, holding her hand there, trembling so as Samantha also rubbed her clit, teasing it between her thumb and index. Something was amiss, however. Though Bella had bit her ears, Samantha wasn’t feeling the rush of color, the descent into carnal madness. Her folds, though they squirmed and gushed against her fingers (three times over), there was no spark nor rise of awareness.

Am I... me? She thought, shaking her head as another moan rippled through her. No. Wait. That’s dumb. Am I not under the influence? Is this really me accepting this?

She hissed as another climax rushed over her, and jumped as Bella howled her answer, soaking Samantha’s fingers. Her pedipalps made Samantha’s wrist ache with how hard they clung, but gave easily enough as she pulled it free. Bella opened her eyes again, and Samantha could see nothing but love in them, looking up at her from her chest. The drider kissed her chest, trailing up to her lips, and embraced her, tongue pushing its way into her lips, her fangs felt just grazing along the sides.

“That’s a first,” Bella said, panting, and gripped Samantha’s hand. “I’ve never came from just the hand before. Usually takes the tongue, or even scissoring.”

“What can I say? My hands are magical.”

She rolled her eyes, and nipped Samantha’s nose. “So cheesy... How about we continue this on the bed? There’s a good chance we’ll suffocate in this shower if things continue like this.”

“Or... we can stop it here for now. I have plans-”

She was cut off by Bella’s hand, rubbing her still, making her moan.

“You can always reschedule.”

Bella reached beyond Samantha and turned the shower off, curling Samantha into her arm as she did. She flung open the curtain, the door to the bedroom still open, and carried her to the bed and laid her on it. Samantha watched the room darken as Bella climbed over her. She saw her abdomen drop off the other side, allowing her to lay sideways, and felt Bella grab her middle, her tongue graze by her lips, and hid her moan in Bella’s violet folds, her pedipalps welcoming her with open arms. The room filled with soft moans, rising, as if in competition with each other, alongside pants, squelching, and lapping.

Bella smacked Samantha’s rear, the forgotten beat from earlier, but was met with a drawn moan instead of a squeak, coating her face in more of her juices, which only made the drider giggle and lick more, lavishing those folds. Samantha would not be shown up. She latched onto her clit, nibbling it a moment before bobbing against it a touch, allowing her hands full reign of those folds. The drider gasped and sputtered, her pedipalps both wanting to push her away but also hold her there until they dug in hard, smearing her face in a spray from those violet folds. NO MERCY, Samantha’s fingers were still buried inside, vibrating more, and even managed to grab the clit as well, working their magic as she squirted again and again, forcing Bella up for air.

“Oh, fuck,” she exclaimed, rising to a shout as she spurted again, and Samantha saw that the wall was covered in web. The abdomen twitched, as if like a member itself, and shot over the bed, catching Samantha on the shoulder.

However, her focus was pulled away once more. She cried out, feeling Bella dig another finger into her ass, spreading it, and her whole body jerked as she stuck her tongue into it, circling.

“Oh my... Someone loves it dirty,” Bella mused, though was muffled given her current condition. While her free hand rubbing Samantha’s folds, fast and teased her clit hard, her tongue dipped and slurped at that starfish, making her cum again and again. “So easy like this, my little love toy.”

Samantha couldn’t respond, gibbering, lost to it all, forced to little more than a dog as she lapped at Bella. She rubbed her legs, gave her a tamp here or there until she, too, gushed on her, though none were ever as grand as the four she gave the drider. Her legs begged for release, to fall, but Bella held, showing Samantha what merciless truly was. Her entire hand was inside her ass now, spreading, pushing against the wall to her virginal hole, and Samantha could feel the tips of her other hand inside, squeezed hard.

Samantha finally broke free of Bella’s folds, crying, begging.

“Please! Too senstive!” Samantha screamed.

“Not yet. Just one more. So close,” Bella exclaimed, and screamed as well. Web covered them both, and Samantha’s face was coated in a mix of musk and the threads, waiting for it to end... Bella turned around, and embraced her once more. Samantha was a shuddering heap in her arms, lapping at her face when she needed breath, which only made her titter more. She caressed her cheek, beaming at her. “My oh my oh my... I’m actually glad I didn’t bite you. You squirt so much when you’re completely lucid.”

“S-shut u-” Samantha tried to say, giggling with her... gasping. “But this is only until the end of the month.”

“You keep telling yourself that.” She hummed after, smirking at Samantha’s evil look, and kissed her again. “Maybe, just maybe, you’ll even believe yourself.”

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