Witching Hour

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First Time

As much as Samantha would have loved to have slept all of Saturday away, she had tests to grade. Specifically, one test to grade before all others. When she woke, she wasted no time pulling up her big bitch pants, put on her best scowl, popped open a few wine coolers, and started with public enemy number one. On top of that... she needed a laugh. She desperately needed it –which, considering she put her name down as Mo Nica, it could only get better from there.

As soon as she got the red pen ready, its tip quivering, begging for mercy in its click, there was a knock at the door. She heaved a sigh and lumbered to her feet, shuffling to the door as it bang, bang, banged away... only to inch it open. And not anymore. Until she saw it was Buffy.

“Hey,” she said, holding up her handheld. Hers; guess Marcy was more than happy to give it back. “It’s been a while.”

Samantha opened the door entirely and allowed the harpy in. It was a miracle. Buffy had actual clothes on... Well, a raggedy, black, tank top and a loose pair of culottes, but clothes, nonetheless. Not the garb she forced herself to wear, nor the regalia she endured for a certain serpent. Buffy flopped onto the bed, hugged her legs, and chewed on her lip as Samantha hunted for hers –not too far, in fact; it was in her nightstand, on charge. It tooted its own horn as she opened it, returning to the desk. Buffy glowered at Samantha’s character on her screen, ranks over hers.

“Wow,” she barked. “You and the others must have plowed through.”

“Not really. Those levels are from helping Marcy.”

Buffy looked up at her, fire in her eyes. “She played with you? With you guys!”

“Well, yeah. We needed a fourth, and, for the time, she was more than happy to join us –and you gave her your system.”

“So she took my spot! No problem whatsoever, huh! She’s very good at that. Nothing more than a slutty placeholder.” She huffed, and the game chimed as she put up a quest. “No matter. You all know I’m the better hunter. You all know you have more fun with me, know you can rely on me better, know that I’m not just some fucking fling THAT YOU HOPE T-”

She shook her head, looking a bit green herself from the bitterness that had flowed so freely from her mouth and rose so quick... but that wasn’t enough. She shut the handheld, tossed it across the bed, and leaned towards Samantha. Her eyes shimmered, as if ready to cry, while her mouth was contorted with rage.

“Tell me, honestly, Sam: would you fuck me?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I mean, I look good, don’t I? You are bi, so I thought I could rely on you.”

“I can assure you, Buffy, I am straight as an arrow... Now, at least... Bella and I broke up yesterday.”

“O...oh... I’m sorry. Can I have one of those?” Samantha handed her one of her wine coolers, popping off the top, and she sighed, taking a long, long... long drink. She gagged a little, but managed to keep it down, smacking her lips as she emptied the entire bottle –while reaching for a fresh one. “Fruity. A touch too sweet, though... You’ve noticed Junmei and Marcy, right? How they are so... lovey-dovey?”

“Not really. I tend not to pay attention if I can.”

“Well, they have been... and, for a while, it was me.”


“Yeah... then that feathery cunt decided to step in and woo him away. Like... what can he see in her that he can’t see in me? It can’t be his dicks; I already had those, on multiple occasions, and, let me tell you, naga spunk takes forever to clean out of feathers. It’s a lot more oily than humans –though, between the two, human definitely has a better flavor. That’s not because of diet. No matter what, he always tasted of cucumbers. He even made a joke once he could shoot over my eyes and give me a real spa facia-”

“So you’re upset with... what? Marcy taking your place?”

“For thinking that she can.” She popped open her new drink, and took another long gulp. This time it was only enough to drain half of the bottle; she sucked on her teeth after. “He’ll realize. He will see that he made a huge mistake, that I am what his heart really wants... He’s not even physical with her. That’s the worst part! She’s having him wait for marriage, knowing his time is limited! Can’t she see how... retarded that is. Let him live it up, let him enjoy his time here; that’s why I gave into his every wanton need.”

“But what about his normal needs?”

“What normal needs? The guy has everything. He’s smart, strong, charming, passionate-”

“And sociable. Have you tried talking to him, striking up conversations on random things, be silly with it? What about games?”

“No? He’s a scholar, a realist; he would find such things annoying and immaterial. It’s why I usually stuck to talking about him. I don’t think he would have found any interest in anything that I do. So, I approached it as utilitarian as I could: he uses my body, feels good, and he loves me for it.”

“Then, if I may give a small bit of advice?” Samantha leaned forward, her hands clasped, and gave Buffy a soft smile. “Maybe don’t think his time is limited.”

“What? But it is.”

“But what if it wasn’t... Trust me on this. Do the silly things. Have fun with him, and go out of... well, him. Show him how to play these games. Hell, remember the Tuesday before Thanksgiving? He was having a blast with them. With us.”

Buffy finished off her second bottle, and handed it back, standing as she did.

“You know what? You’re right. I’m going to go talk to him right now!”

“But what about Marcy?”

“Like I give a fuck about that ho! I’m getting my man, back... Thanks, Sam.”

“Just don’t mention m- she’s already gone.”

She practically flew out of the room, only stopped by the door, which Samantha was quick to shut again, finally getting around to reviewing the t-

Her cell beeped.

“What now?” She grumbled, and trudged over to her nightstand once more.

Finding it had a message from Mahna.

Hello? We still on for tomorrow night?

Oh. Shit. I completely forgot, she thought, and also remembered the talk she and Aya had. And what she had promised her what she would do. She looked down on that screen, thumbs poised before the keyboard, not entirely sure what to say... but knew she had to say something.


Ellipses arose, pulsing, showing he was typing something else, knowing she had read it.

Yea, she sent, better than nothing at that point, which calmed the dots... but she wasn’t content with leaving it there. We need to talk.

She really should have been.

She could smack her forehead for what that was code for- in fact, she did once the ellipses arose once more. Her heart shuddered against the nails still hammered through it, able to give a squeeze a few more tears out, a few more aches, knowing those are the four most heinous words to ever see or hear.

About? He sent, along with a puzzled emote. Fuck it. In for a penny...

You’ll see.

You’ll see, alright. She turned on the alarm for her phone, once more heading... to... She waited, standing there before her chair, seeing if any other knocks or messages would interfere. A statue, a vanguard, a trap waiting to be sprung, both her and that chair; she decided to trip it, sitting at last, but it seemed to have been a false trap, finally allowed t... to gr-

And there it was!

She groaned, and lurched to the door, only unlocking it before it was slammed back against her by Marcy.

“I take it Buffy told you,” Samantha managed to bleat out, loud enough to be heard above the harpy’s squawks and shrieks. She flung herself at Samantha, beating, slapping at her arms and head as she forced her back on the bed, screaming and cursing and crying and sobbing along with the aforementioned. Marcy finally stopped to breathe, and Samantha could see scratches through the feathers and on her bare skin, left by cruel nails... and, maybe, even talons.

“How could you?” Marcy croaked out, slapping both hands down on Samantha. “I thought we were friends!”

“Why? I didn’t do anything w-” She began, but Marcy slapped her across the mouth.

“You know damn well what you fucking did, you two-faced... n... nigger! Nigger! You GODDAMN DIRTY NIGGER!”

“How dare y-”

“What better word to describe a subhuman piece of shit that uses people and complains about everything! You are a fucking nigger, Samantha, and a horrible friend.”

She spat in Samantha’s face, and started to storm out of the room... but stopped at the door. She leaned against the frame, her anger, her misery seen so clearly on her visage. Tears streamed down it, scarring her more than the cuts and lashes. Her legs gave out, and she slid down it, sobbing- wailing as she slammed her head against the wall.

“Why,” she cried out. “What have I done to deserve this? All I wanted was love, to spread it, to have it... Why!”

Samantha had sat up, her mouth open, ready to call out to her, but the harpy simply kept hammering her head against the wall, sinking the nails ever more into her heart. She repeated her pains, howled her sorrow, rising, garbling as her flesh squelched and blood ran down her front and splashed on the wall... until, at last, she shook her head. She stood, woozy, but held as she gave Samantha an evil look, a look that froze the blood in her veins, a look that she never knew the harpy could give.

“I’m not coming to class anymore.” She declared. “None of you deserve me.”

She rose on her wings and floated down the stairs, leaving Samantha to close the door... She’ll wait until Monday to grade the tests. It had only been a few hours since she’s been up, but she was more than ready to call it a night again. Besides, tomorrow was looking to be an even bigger headache –and of course some of her blood seeped into the carpet. Just... wonderful.

Sunday. Store. Samantha.

She hummed as she paced outside its glass. Her stilettos clacked away into the night, those red heels hurting so good as the twins argued once more. Bella really outdone herself with that outfit, but, then again, she did with every bit of cloth she made for her. The dark blue top was studded on its shoulders with bright crystal, drawing the eyes to their swirls trailing down her arms and back. It was was open just enough to entice a look at her lifted bosom while also taking it lower to her skirt. It was V-cut on the sides, showing off her tanned legs and giving just a glimpse of her bright pink thong.

The door swung open, and Mahna stomped out. He slammed it, made the glass shake and even crack on the bottom, kicked in before he leaned against the wall beside. He looked a bit guilty as his voice echoed down the dead streets, booming the curses and insults, boomeranged back and into the store. Aya was leaning on the counter, creasing her forehead, but mustered enough to look up and glare at Samantha as she approached him.

“Hey there, hot stuff,” she said, kissing his cheek. “Is that filthy mouth all for me?”

“What? Oh. Sorry, Sam,” he mumbled, shaking his head. He wasn’t even dressed yet, still in his work clothes, along with a bulky, black sweater tied around his middle. “I’m... we’re going to be running late.”

“Oh. That’s okay. I had to talk with you anyways... Well, need is more proper.”

“Need t- oh. You’re breaking up with me now... Guess timing is perfect. I’m already pissed, so why not?”

She giggled, and patted his arms, mouth twisting into a mischievous smirk. Though she planned for this to be gentle, subtle, why not use the very instrument that has made her last few days truly Hell to get the point across.

“Then you’ll love the reason. Because of your sister... oh. Not because I can’t stand her, but because she told me to. Ordered me. She says I’m a bad influence, that I’ll just break your heart down the line, that this is some twisted fucking game with the other witches that, you know, I just met, like, a few months ago and moved here, like, a few months ago, but she knows enough to know thatI’lljustbreakyourheartdownthelikebecauseI’mabadinfluencea-”

“I get it.” He may have stated it, but it sounded more like a demand, a threat, for her to stop. And it wasn’t the only time, either. He repeated it again and again, but when that hammer gets going, well-

THERE’S NO STOPPING IT. As one cannot stop a storm.

“You sure? Because your sister said that it was for the best, for her- your happiness- Oh! Hello, Aya! I was just getting done with what you said to do.”

“Y-you bitch! I didn’t think you’d actually-” She began.

“Get back inside, Aya.” Mahna said, once more keeping the tone from before.

“M-Mahna. Wait. Ple-”

“I said get back inside!”

She did... and Mahna punched the wall. The first sent a lovely crack through it –his hand, not the old concrete. But that didn’t stop him from doing it again- then again. Blood dribbled and splashed on it, matching his tears. Samantha reached for him, but he shrugged her off, sliding down the wall, instead. He cradled his hand, rubbing the purpling knuckles, the broken, shattered dreams and twisted emotions inside as he looked at the street, lost in thought, shaking...

But Samantha wouldn’t have no for an answer. THERE’S NO STOPPING THE STORM.

She fell into his lap, sighing, and rubbed his cheek, kissing his neck.

“You know I’m not actually breaking up with you, right?” She said, and touched his hand. Her fingers glowed, and energy flowed from hers into those busted digits, fixing, closing the skin. The dragon growled, nibbling at it, tail flicking, hitting Samantha, as if telling her not to, but it was her say. Not its. “You didn’t have to go and beat up your true love this bad.”

He didn’t answer, still frowning at the street. He was mumbling something, too lost to himself, ignoring the bones popping and straightening, the skin stitching itself closed, the muscles rebinding over the abused knuckles. He only found himself after when she removed her hand, when the pain was allowed to return, and he cried out and saw Samantha at last.

She was rubbing his ears, giving their ends soft pinches, while nipping hard along his neck and chest... making him chuckle. He kissed her, and she held him tight as he picked her up, leading him to his car. He tried for the back seat, rolling her dress up a touch... but, instead, slid her across the back of the sedan and carried her around to the passenger seat. She stuck her tongue out as he got in, but he simply ignored her, making her glower, smirk as she saw him smile.

“There we go. No more moping, Mahna,” Samantha said, patting his head. “I’m not that shallow.”

“No, but you seem to be that spiteful,” he said, rubbing her leg... but... shook his head. His smile was overtaken by his grimace once more, anger still very fresh in those eyes. “Where does my sister get off thinking she can control my life... She has been telling me to break up with you for over two months, then you come along and tell me that?”

“So... was it a bad thing I was that spiteful?”

“Not really. It’s nice to see my sister taken down a peg every once in a while... It’s just...”


“You and her are a lot alike. Both of you are very spiteful, open-minded, speak your minds-”

“Aren’t those two the same?”

“Well, open-minded in you would as easily bang a girl as you would a guy-”

“Um, no. I prefer guys WAY over girls.” And, trust me, I found out... while we were together... Good thing he can’t read minds because-

“But you would still have sex with another girl if you had feelings for them.”

“Y... yeah... yeah, I would. When not seeing someone else, of course.”

“Exactly. Open-minded.”

“Yes, to a degree I suppose, but I will always want THIS over the other.” She pulled his manhood out of his pants, tittering as he gasped and held back a moan. Seems you share THIS trait with your sister. She stroked it, teased it, cooing as the car filled with lewd noises. He was already soaked in pre. She leaned over, giving its tip the lightest lick, and looked up at him. “Somebody was expecting this.” From who, though- no. Not going there. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“You kidding? It’s the best way to cool down, and i-it feels great after so m-m-much anger. Oh Go-” She barely sucked the tip and he was already thrusting, bucking into her mouth. He groaned loud as he gripped the back of her head, but, after ten, he already shot. She pushed lower, gulping down as much as she could, yet some still dribbled down her chin all the same. She stroked it, making sure to get every last drop before popping off, smirking at him as he rolled his eyes. “What? I did warn it feels great.”

“Which part? My mouth o-”

“Yes. Just plain yes.”

“Next time you better make me work for it, dammit.”

“Oh, trust me, I will.”

She giggled, kissed him, and they pulled into the movie theater, a night of monster movies ahead... with only a handful of people. Samantha didn’t really care; she was teasing Mahna for the majority, making his member rise again and again only to stop, letting it go limp only to repeat. His moans echoed once in a while, pants matching the “victims” on-screen, the front of his pants saturated with pre. And spit. So much spit.

The last movie finished, and Samantha lead him by the rod out to the car again, keeping it hidden against her rump. His sweater was tied around their middle, hiding that her skirt was rolled up in the back, and was only loosed for them to climb in. The engine rumbled and roared down the interstate, swerving and running off the road onto the rumble strips as she sucked on him once more, as she played, fondled his succulent orbs, and slurped all the way down the shaft, feeling him in the back of her throat time and again.

“You’re just not right,” he grumbled, chuckling and groaning at once, playing in her hair. “We’ve known each o-other for three months, but d-doing this to m... me.”

She popped off, still rubbing him fast, and licked the tip as she looked up at him.

“Would you prefer me to be a chaste girl, a good girl? How long did you have to wait for Bridget, huh?”

“To her? Too long. She wanted it done on the f-first date, but I made her w-wait un... until...”

“Then we are on par. Besides, Lilith sort of spilled the beans on your little secret.”

“W-what secret?”

“That you’re sterile.”

He frowned, glowered at the road, but squeezed the wheel tighter.


“And... I’m sucking you off, aren’t I? I’m still here.”

“But kids-”

“We’ll adopt... or you can find another guy to bang me. That’s always an

opti- kidding. Kidding... Really, I don’t care. As long as I’m with you, I’m... happy.”

He nodded, and a tear fell from his eye as he groaned again, feeling her lips on him once more. Samantha gasped and gagged a bit as she forced herself down on it, faster, faster. She clenched her thumb so, making sure she doesn’t do something far more embarrassing. Her other hand, though it had tried to pry his free, had given up and was between her legs. She pulled her thong aside Peeled was far more fitting, already saturated before she even met him that night, imagining what they were going to do, now materialized.

She gasped as the car rumbled and shook and vibrated for her, aiding in ruining its interior. Her eyes rolled up a moment, looking at him then out the window, seeing not but trees and darkness, the highway long gone. She tried to speak, making him groan and buck in her throat, and he pulled out.

“Sorry. Should know better than to talk with my mouth full,” she said, giggling. “Where are we?”

“Going someplace pretty, but thank you for getting off my cock. I need to focus.”

“Oh? How much focus y-”

She righted herself in her seat, and her hand gripped his rod tight, shuddering, seeing the potholes he had to swerve around, the downed trees hidden in the wash of leaves and frost. The car’s rumbling was all that was heard for... twenty minutes... forty... an hour, pushing ever onward until light finally spilled through. The moon and stars shone both in the heavens and on the clearing before them, shimmering on that lake.

Mahna turned the car off, and, after easing Samantha’s hand off, went to the trunk, pulling out a heavy blanket. He sprawled it on the ground before the lake before returning, grabbing a few smaller ones as well as a bottle of wine. He was about to turn around again for the last item, but Samantha jumped him, pushing him onto the blanket, holding up the condoms.

“Are these really necessary?” She said, teasing his member again.

“I-it’s to make sure I don’t get off t-too e-e-easily.”

“Aww. Why? I want to feel you pump me full again and again.”

“Yes, but-”

“But... Oh, my God. Are you afraid I’ll think of you as a premie?” She cackled, and pressed a finger inside his ass. She gripped his member, as well, trembling in her grasp, and felt it twitch as she waggled her digit. His breathing quickened, racing with her strokes, stifled as she pressed a second finger in.

“W-what are y... I’m... I...” He blurted, cut off by a grunt. He came again, covering his shirt in his spray; she rolled it off, licked his stomach clean as the last few blasts hit it, and lapped down towards his rod again, winking at him.

“Men are so easy to get off,” she said, finger still pulsing in his ass, making his cock throb so. “I can relate, though. I love it in the butt.”

“Y-you could have asked first,” he grumbled, glaring at her... and yanked down her top. He pulled her up, got her chest to his lips, and licked and sucked on her nips, making her shudder more, moaning as she continued to play with his manhood and ass until he pulled up her skirt. He finally saw her thong was pushed aside, and ran his fingers across those uncovered folds, coating them in a fine sheen. “Has playing with me turned you on this much?”

“N-no shit, S-Sherlock,” she whispered, squealing as he pinched her clit. She rocked against his hand as he stroked it, hand sliding against her folds, teasing them apart. “C-careful. I’m... I am a virgin.”

“Want me to take it tonight?”

“Fuck yes.”

He eased her down on the blanket, leaving her hands to play with her breasts as he delved in between her legs. He sucked on her folds, licked, lapped, lavished them with his tongue... and hands. He continued to stroke her clit, twitching, throbbing so much, quivering as it matched her moans, cries as he pinched it once more, pushing his fingers in a touch. Those lips squeezed them so much, rocked against him as her thighs squirmed, kept in place by his arms, hugging them.

He pushed his tongue in ever further, slurping, gulping her, but that wasn’t the extent of his teasing. She squeaked as his hand pressed against her ass, as well, two fingers going in so easily, the third taking a moment, stretching it.

“O-oh g... fuck!” She cried out. “Keep go-going, Ma- Don’t stop. Don’t s-”

She threw her head back, her moans echoing across the lake as she released on his face. Her nails dug into his head, pulled on his ears, wringing them as he pushed her over the edge four more times. He freed his tongue, sealed in there for so long, panting, and nipped her clit as he slid up, rubbing his face between her breasts, coating them in her juices. His hands continued to do their dirty deeds for both her holes, her legs writhing... but stilling, feeling his membe throb against her, pushing in a touch.

“How bad do you want it?” He said, rubbing her clit hard.


He hummed, and tamped her pussy, rubbing his rod faster against before he pushed the tip in again, letting it thrum there while his fingers worked around it.

“How bad was that again?”

“V-very bad-”

She cried out again, squirting on his member as his whole hand fit into her ass. His other continued to squeeze and stroke and tease her clit. His mast was left just outside her folds, always kept out of reach, even as she rocked against. Her thighs tried to wrap around, tried to ensnare, but were left a convulsing mess, lost to another orgasm.

“How bad?” He said.

“I... I n... I need your cock, Mahna! Put i... Shove it in me. Give it to me! I need it!!!”

“Eh. Good enough.”

He pushed in further... and cocked his brow as it slid all the way in, bottoming out. With no issues whatsoever... She panted, moaned against it, squirming so hard, biting his shoulder... before realizing herself.

“Huh. Must have torn it doing something a long time ago... Ah well. No pain, all the gain. Fuck me, Mahna.”

He rolled his eyes, and kissed her, slowly pulling out before pushing all the way back in. He sped up with each thrust until his orbs smacked hard enough to clack. He still played with her clit, but pulled his hand out of her rump, smacking it instead, her moans and screams lost to his lips as her lowers forced him to slow, to hold him time and again, wanting, needing his cum.

She didn’t have to wait long for the first load, cumming herself, and panted against his neck, licking it as he filled her with his love. He pulled out, and laid her on the blanket again, delving between her legs, licking her. How manly could he get, to not even be afraid to taste himself until he rose again, a cycle that repeated nine times more. He grunted, gripped her ass tight, chuckling, looking down at her biting the blanket as the sun gleamed on her sweaty face, her cheeks so red.

He pulled out and rolled beside her, panting hard, groaning as she nibbled on his neck, mewling so.

“More,” she whined, rubbing against him, leaving a trail of his cum on his leg. “Need more.”

“You are insatiable!” He boomed, laughing with her, holding her tight. He threw the blankets over them, humming in her ear. “It’s a shame you have to work in a few hours.”

“I know... I wasn’t done.”

“Nah! Not that. We could have simply sat here and enjoyed the sunrise.”

“A romantic now? After having me beg for your cock?”

“Oh please. You were so broken by the end.”

“I was... but I loved it.”

She kissed him, and the two returned to the car. Rather, Mahna returned, carrying her. She was still too lost to her daze, nothing but smiles –and an empty head. Thank gods... but... they returned to town nonetheless. He stopped by the cafe and got them both a nice meal –which she downed both before they even reached the Academy. He kissed her one last time, but she refused to move, holding out her arms.

“Carry me,” she said. “I want to show you where I live, anyways.”

He rolled his eyes, but did anyways, the stone depositing them before the entrance to the Black Halls. She swiped her card, and he made sure to close the door behind, whisking her down the hallway to her stairs, up them to her room, and eased her into the bed. She played with his ears, humming, blushing a bit as he looked around and back at the metal halls.

“This... this is where you live?” He said.

“For the moment. It’s... temporary.” Hopefully.

“No wonder you are so happy every time we meet. Must feel like an eternity in this... this...”


“I didn’t want to say that-”

“But that is exactly what it is... I’ll send you to the top, don’t worry... and Mahna?” She leaned up, gave him you-know-what, and nipped his ear. “Next time I expect double... love you.” She waved him off... and looked at her phone, glowering at the fact she only had an hour, but sighed. “It’s only a test overview day. I can get up whene-”

Minos crashed through the door. Though his feet didn’t seem to want to work, he managed to find his way over to her, sniffing and snorting.

“What? Were you with that... thing again?” He exclaimed, growling. “I smelled it all the way down the hall!”

“A mer, Minos, now get the fuck o-”

He bellowed, gripping her leg... and hissed, wincing as she tugged at his horns. Metal coated her digits, starting to course down them, but she pushed him away. The dragon rose from her finger, easily the size of a condor, with flames so hot, so bright that it blinded Samantha through her eyelids. “Get. Out. In good mood right now. We can discuss your jealousy later.”

He... he sniffed. Tears actually rolled down his cheeks, actually looked pained as he lumbered to the door, and he slammed it behind... But she couldn’t see any of it. Nor did she even care. She was left to roll on the bed a little, humming softly, both wanting rest while desiring her Mahna back. Their next date couldn’t come soon enough, and neither could he.

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