Witching Hour

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Mess With the Bull...

After much patience, having been pushed to the breaking point, tested beyond its limits, Samantha’s cell and its alarm finally won. Once more, that want to assimilate her phone into the ceiling was strong. So very... very strong... She could make a new one easy enough. Wouldn’t even weigh her down anymore thanks to her draconic leech... so easily... but she held off. It lived to see another day. For now

She groaned, turned it off... and saw that it was passed midnight by, oh, only three hours. Three-and-a-half, to be precise. Her heart skipped a beat, but only the one.

Oh. Right. Eval week.

She yawned as she sat up, turned to another groan as her back cracked, but couldn’t help but smile, remembering where her weariness came from. Her body wished- demanded- craved nothing more than to feel him again. She felt so... light, yet so listless, as if her head was but a balloon, lazing if not floating to the bathroom. So light, so free- until water hammered on it, grounding it back into reality, washing away the musk and memories. It stole her smile, grimacing as she watched the last few strands slip down the drain, but was happy when the magic wrapped over, first green then yellow, slinking down the tubes. It was a rancid yellow, but no other color to be seen.

“Only a UTI, huh? Looks like he was telling the truth,” she mumbled, moaning as she rubbed those folds. “You are a little slut. You know that?”

Her clit twitched against her thumb, giving its answer, and she shuddered, sighing as she finished her shower... slower. She might not have him, but she can still feel him inside, feel his thrusts. The problem was the more she indulged in that feeling, the less she wanted out. Only when the water ran cold did she relent and was finally ready to begin the day.

Samantha got dressed, left the bathroom, gathered her folds, and opened her door. Where she found Norman sitting at the bottom of the stairs, humming and playing his game. She descended a step, only the one, making her heel clack as loud as she could... then another, scraping the wall beside, the dragon hiss on her other hand, but no. Nothing... She smirked, and crept as close as she could, her dress just grazing at his forehead.

“Norman,” she said, singing it a little. He jumped a little, but chuckled as he looked back.

His laughter turned to a yelp- turned to cries as he fell down the last two steps. His face was beet... yet still paled by his red hair. Poor dear; Samantha offered her hand. He took it, pouting but standing all the same. She brushed off his shoulders, smiling, beaming at him so.

“So how is my little redhead doing today?” She said. “Why did you fall like that?”

“N-no reason,” he mumbled. It sounded so meek... innocent.

She leaned in close, nibbling on her lip as she did.

“Did you see up teacher’s skirt?”

He gasped, and shook his head, waving his hands before him.

“N-no! No I didn’t! I swear!”

“It’s not nice to swear, Norman, and even worse to lie. Especially to your teacher. You’re such a naughty, naughty boy.”

“But I’m not!” He whined.

Samantha patted his head, cooing as she continued to titter.

“Well... did you see anything you like?”

He gave no clear answer that time, gibbering and sputtering, unsure whether to say yes, no, he didn’t know, and all sorts of variations of I didn’t. She never seen him so desperate, writhing on the end of the rod, but She could only let him dangle in the wind for so long. He was too precious to torment. She hugged him, shushed him.

“It’s okay,” she drawled into his ear. “This is why we’re here.”

“W-what is?”

“Just this. This is why we’re here.”

“For a... a hug?”

“That’s part of it, but this is why we’re here.”

“... I’m not following.”

“That’s okay. Because this is why we’re h-”

He eased himself away, wiping his brow. It had cooled a few shades, but now he had a slight tick to his brow. He even puffed his cheeks, as if pouting.

“I wanted to go over my test with you, teach,” he said. “I wanted to do it earlier, but you were asleep. I was willing to be patient, but then Minos heard you weren’t answering and started slamming against the door.”

“He was?” Damn. I must have been more exhausted than I thought... or was it satisfied? Eh. Tomato, cream pie.

Norman nodded, hooking a thumb back to the hall.

“In fact, he just left a moment a-”

“I’m coming, Sam!” Minos boomed. The halls echoed it, rising it into a clangor if not a symphony, yet all was muffled by his hooves. Each was like a cannon, thundering, shaking the Halls to their core. He rounded around the corner, carrying- SPEAKING OF CANNONS. It was, quite literally, an old-fashioned cannon, form-fitted to be carried and used. Its copper body gleamed like fire against the cold steel around, clashing against it, aimed up the steps.

Until he skidded to a stop.

Minos made sure to point that copper gun towards the wall to the left, staining it with a large, red dot that once bathed the pair. He blinked... then scoffed. He stomped towards them (making sure to keep that cannon cradled against him), groaning and bending a touch in his embrace as he sniffed Samantha over.

“Well, at least you got that thing’s stench off you.” He stated after he snorted, then biffed Norman in the back of the head. “Why didn’t you tell me she was out?”

“Because she just got ou- ow. Stop it.” He rubbed the back of his head, and flinched as Minos raised his hand again. This time, though, the minotaur hooked it around his shoulders, pulling him into the crook of his (free) arm and away from Samantha’s.

“Well,” Minos huffed, nudging the cannon Samantha’s way, “guess the question is now who gets her f-”

“Norman.” Samantha said. “And before you go getting in all a tizzy, you literally just pointed a cannon at me.”

“I mean, after last night, I didn’t think you were that gun shy.”

“Funny you should mention that-”

“I really don’t want specifics.”

“You sure? Because it was as easily as long as-”

“I’m sure! Besides, it wouldn’t even come close to mine, anyways. No human can.”

“Luckily, he’s not any regular human, then-”

“I don’t care!”

“Well, you might not, but I care.”

He huffed, smirking at her. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. Where did you even get that cannon!”

His smirk faded back into a sneer. He chortled, patting his cannon.

“This old thing? I borrowed it from Monica.”

“Why did s... never mind... Ju... just go.”

Minos shrugged and let Norman go, grumbling as he wheeled and stomped away. Samantha waited to hear the door shut... taking its time... Was he taking the cannon back to Monica’s first- regardless, she didn’t care to wait any longer. She lead Norman to her room, to his test. A meaningless gesture, and they both knew it. She didn’t even grade it yet nor have it in the folder under her arm; however, it wasn’t like she needed more than a minute to skim it and the review copy. It was even more useless to write his score, but she did, seeing how excited he was to see:


She shook her head, gave him such bored look as he squirmed on the bed, smiling, tittering so. How could he be so happy? Couldn’t he see how she was struggling to even think what to comment on, on what to critique? And, even then, he could READ HER MIND... AND KNEW THE TEST-

“I did not,” he muttered- “Oh. Darn. I’m sort of proving your point, aren’t I?”

Right... How could he be so... selfish?

“Forgive me, Sam. Go ahead and flounder along. I’m so sorry for taking your fun.”

Funny. “So,” she blurted, still not entirely sure what to say, but it was better than simply watching him dance in place. No matter how adorable it was. “Uh... Why are you so happy?”

“My score, of course! I thought I would never hit that h-”

“You had a 100 prior.”

“But a 75 before that.”

“Which was an amazing improvement,” Even though YOU CAN LITERALLY READ MY MIND. He winced- squirmed- cowered into himself as he proved her right yet again... but... she sighed, “but it seems I’ve done all I could.”

“Don’t say that, teach. You can think of something. Like... May I?” He took the test from her, humming, mulling as he checked over the page, himself... without needing the review copy. At all. He exclaimed, pointing to one of the maths questions. “Oh! I didn’t necessarily get this one right. Look! I forgot to add the decimal and the repeating-”

“You rounded up.”

“I did? I did... which is wrong. I shouldn’t have gotten that one r-”

“You understood what it was, and rounded up. It’s far, far better than seeing a line of repeating BS.”

“But it’s still wrong.”

“And you know that, and you explained it to me, meaning you knew the right answer, meaning you got it right- you see the problem here? We’re teaching each other at this point.”

He gave the test back, and sighed.

“Sorry, teach. I’ve been studying with Ayn and Peter-”

“They’ve been studying together?”

“Yes... Ayn has... a soft spot for Peter.”

“She likes him?”

“What? No. Nothing like that. She just... knows how it feels to be alone, cursed to be alone.”

“Wait. Peter can’t be with anyone?”

“You didn’t know? Peter was turned long long ago by a woman with one demand: he can never get close to another girl for the rest of his days.”

“So... he’s technically married, then?”

“Not by choice. The woman was a prostitute. He was coming in from his job at the fletcher’s-”

“Is that why his last name is Fletcher?! How old is he?”

“Couldn’t say; he doesn’t even really know, but yeah. Supposedly, the woman sat in his lap, drained him enough to carry him off, and forced him into the choice.”

“Why him?”

“What I can tell you is he’s probably loved... nine other girls in his lifetime, and she’s killed eight of them.”

“Eight? Out of nine? Who was the ninth?”

“You’ll have to ask him. That’s all I heard. Now, about this test-”

“There is nothing left about the test.” She stated... but couldn’t help but notice that his hips had a touch more dance in them. “Why are you still so happy?”

“Eh? I am? How can you t-”

“You are dancing my sheets off the bed!”

“Ah! S-sorry... I guess I am... but why not? Love is in the air.”

“With who?”



“Well, there’s Marcy, Buffy, and Junmei.”

“That’s not really something to be happy about.” At least, I’m not happy about it.

“Why not? It’s a wonderful time for Junmei, though!”

“How so? How is it a good thing that he has two women practically tearing each other apart for him.”

“I mean, when you put it like that, it’s horrible, but this is also forcing him to grow up and finally set his foot down on such matters. Don’t you see? He gets to declare his love. His true, honest-to-goodness love.” He hugged himself, chuckling, and sighed. Stars seemed to play over his eyes, sparkling from the heavens locked behind layers of dirt and metal.

Forced to fly, startled away by an explosion.

Samantha looked out her door, and the wall beside the music hall was gone. Simply. Gone... Along with the side of Minos’ room. The Devil peeked out of his wall, chuckling sheepishly as he waved the cannon, still smoking, before popping back in. Samantha shook her head, and sat down again, maybe a bit paler, considering Norman’s worried stare.

“It’s nothing. Minos pulled a dumb.” She stated, and cleared her throat.

“He should really give that back,” Norman said. “Monica’s going to be mad when she finds out he took it.”

“I thought he said h-”

“Minos!” Monica shrilled through the hall, not even dulled by the door. “I know that blast anywhere. Give me back Gurdy, or I’ll swear to Ra...”

Silence followed... Samantha cleared her throat.

“So you know a good bit about Peter, huh? I know it’s rather abrupt, but I was wondering if you can tell me more about him. I mean, he got his name from being a Fletcher, but was he only an arrow maker.”

“No,” Norman said. “He’s, also, a smithy, a cobbler, a carpenter, a tanner, a farrier-”

“A what? As in he used to ferry people with a boat?”

Norman laughed, shaking his head.

“No. A farrier is a person who shoes horses. He was a breeder, too; he’s seen it, and done it, all. I’m surprised, though. The way he talks he cares a lot about you.”

“He does? He rarely ever talks- oh, right. We are going to need to talk this time for his test.”

“Ah, but he does talk. That’s what’s important.” He sighed, and offered his hand as he stood. “I guess we’re done here, teach. Thank you!”

She grabbed his hand... and pulled him down, hugging him tight.

“Come on. Don’t be like that! You’re my little redheaded step-child,” she mused, and kissed his forehead, ruffling his hair.

“S-st-ahaha-op it.”

He leaned into the hug all the same, beaming at her when he left... and Monica was the next to arrive. She wondered what may have happened to Minos, but one look at her rumpled and soiled bra and panties told her that he was now in a... better place. She squirmed under Samantha’s glare, watching as she graded her test before her eyes, already aglow from how much less red was being used, until, finally, Samantha turned to the test to her.


“You did better this time,” Samantha grumbled. “Not great, but b- well, it is great by your standards, but we’ll be aiming h-”

She lost her wind, and her chair. It and her tumbled over, ass-over-tea kettle as Monica squealed and pounced on her, embracing her. Tight. So very... very tight... Monica covered her face in kisses, in tears of joy as she dragged Samantha to the bed, caressing her face, playing with her hair. Samantha sighed and tried... to... p... sh... y... wrench her off.

“No,” Monica whined, holding on, even as blood seeped from Samantha’s nails, quickly turning into metallic talons. “I don’t want to let go.” She looked up at Samantha, lip trembling. “Don’t I deserve a reward?”

“Like what?” Samantha said through gritted teeth

Monica tittered, blushing. “Well, you can squeeze my chest again. That will be a start- oh! And then, if I do better next time, you can up the ante!” She started panting, tongue lulling as Samantha felt something... warm on her leg. Monica gripped it tight with her thighs, rocking against it, smearing it in her... and most likely Minos’ juices. “I am so excited, teacher! If you do that, I can fully focus on the tests from now on. Please, oh please ohpleaseohpleaseohPLEASE-”

She yowled as Samantha finally pushed her off. She bolted to her feet, staring down at the whore... but helped her up... and into bed with her. Monica was trembling with anticipation as Samantha tugged at her bra –snapping with ease. Her burgeoning beauties stiffened under Samantha’s gaze, while she was (audibly) soaking her panties before Samantha ever touched her. Monica moaned and arched her back even before Samantha managed to fully grasp the Fang’s chest, her thumb and index just an inch away from the quivering tips, and her wails only increased, in both height and occurrence, as she started to knead and mash those tits.

“I love you, teacher,” she managed to say, lost to another wave of ecstasy. Within thirty seconds. Her poor panties didn’t stand a chance, stained clear as more of her juices poured onto Samantha’s bed, raining, drowning it in her passion. She leaned up to Samantha and nipped and kissed her chin. Her eyes twinkled, burning bright as four more orgasms rippled their way through. “From now on, I will put everything into studying... everything!”

If this is all it took... Samantha nodded, and kneaded Monica’s chest for just a bit longer, allowing her an hour to cool down before finally touching on the test at-hand... a bit soaked as well. She had never seen Monica so... focused, drinking in every bit of knowledge she said. Samantha even teased her nips while talking; no moans escaped, no panting, those eyes locked on Samantha’s. They bored in, making her feel very... small... young, as well. The fang didn’t even blink, not until Samantha handed back her test.

“Until next time, teach,” she said, and kissed Samantha’s cheek. She left her bra there, skipping away, leaving Samantha to shudder at last. The goosebumps on her arms lowered... right into the puddle left on the bed. Her dress was soaked by it, as well. Samantha rolled her eyes, and checked out the door, making sure no one was coming before heading to the restroom. With a clean skirt in hand.

She undressed in front of the mirror. Why she felt the need to she didn’t know; even more as she stared at herself. There was a bit of red in her cheeks, a bit of guilt to go with those lustful thoughts, with those hypocritical actions and plans.

What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, she thought, grimacing at herself for even thinking it... What was she thinking? What was she doing? She was with Mahna. She stated that she was his... and only his, and yet, here she was, playing with another woman, promising such tawdry bits if she would do better on her next test –but Mahna would understand, wouldn’t he? If he simply met her- If he had, she would have fucked him, too.

That thought brought metal to her hands. Instantly. The dragon shrieked as sparks and “blood” dribbled from its belly, taking off as wind whined and circled and rose to a shriek in that small room... She took a deep breath, settling the storm that was gathering, and finished unbuttoning her top. She let it drop to the ground before her skirt followed, raising the right leg then the left to let it fall completely on the g-

She was pushed down onto her knees.

The door slammed shut behind, and Minos chuckled, rubbing her neck. He let her feel the strength behind those hands,clenching it, wringing it with the first set of knuckles alone, closing on her jugular –lest, of course, she complied. His right hand slid down onto her shoulder, grasping, wrenching it as he goaded her to turn around. She saw he was only wearing a pair of black boxer briefs. The bulge in them was large, and it was throbbing, pushing hard against. His test was in his left hand, lodged between his pinky and ring, removed and held before her. 100.

“Don’t I get a reward, teach?” He said, and gripped her neck fully, letting the paper fall, while his free hand played with her breasts. He cupped the right, squeezed it, teased up to the tip where he tweaked it, tugging on it before he let it go and repeated to the left, growling softly the entire time. All the while, his bulge kept creeping closer to her face, a dark, musky blot growing ever closer to her. “After all, I put up with so much shit over the last month. Way... way... WAY too much fucking shit. I was, in no particular order, raped, beaten up, raped, treated like shit, raped, beaten up again, raped, and did I forget to mention raped? Because I was fucking raped. A lot... but I still did my damnedest for you, even knowing you were in a relationship with that drider bitch.”

“S-stop,” she hissed. She tried to look away from that bulge, but his hand slipped up to her cheek, pulling, making her stare at it. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire... her head starting to swim, smelling his musk. The dragon circled around, hissing, but it seemed the “scratch” she made on its belly kept it from gathering any energy at the moment, her arms leaden. There would be no fighting out of this situation... What about- “I’m in another relationship-”

“While you were with Bella, or are you going to say you are still with her? Because she made it quite clear you two were over... Or do you mean that thing you go and see? The thing that you were with while seeing Bella. So... what? You can see one girl and one guy at a time? But then what about Monica during?” He pinched her nips, making her yelp. The lump in his pants throbbed when she did, pushing ever further out, while he continued to caress her cheek with his thumb. “Besides, we’ve been wanting this since the first week.”

“M-Minos. Don’t do t-”

She yelped again as Minos gave her nip another pinch. He pulled on it, letting it go only to give it a firm, open-handed smack, making her shudder and moan, but quieted her as he gripped her cheeks hard, opening her lips.

“I’m not doing anything. All the teasing, the banter; we... WE have been wanting this, teach.” He pushed his foot between her legs; she cried out, feeling it rub against her folds. It was gone just as quick, glistening with her juices. He let her face go, patting her shoulder, chortling. “Look! You’re wet as hell. You’re enjoying this!”

“M-minos,” she whispered, metal crackling around her knees... yet it did not budge beyond. Wind fought to spill out of her legs, around those metal folds, but it was useless. Her body was grounded. As she wanted. She looked up at him, eyes begging, pleading. “Please!”

He snorted. “Please... what? Please keep going? Please make me into your cum dump? Please stop? Quit playing games, teach! Quit doing all this and just tell me what you want!”

He gripped the back of her head and pulled her towards his boxers, rubbing her against. She kept her lips firmly shut, shuddering hard as she felt and smelt that musk stain through and onto her face. Her head no longer swam in it but drowned, spiraling, swirling with its haze. Her breath was hot, unable to be kept inside any longer as her lips parted, panting against that member.

Minos chuckled and let her go, though still teased her chest, smirking down at her.

“It’s obvious you want it. Otherwise you would have pulled an Ayn and thrown me o-”

“Please! Minos.” She caught her breath at last, and held it. It didn’t take long for it to burn in her lungs, to stagnate and ache and clear her mind of his musk and her body of that metal. It slowly let her go, ever so slowly, sinfully, matching her breath as she let it go. She felt her chest deflate from the force of her diaphragm, bones aching, clenching tighter than ever until, at last, she was empty, and looked up at him.

What happens down here, stays down here, she thought, and nudged her head to the right.

“The shower.”

His smirk split into a wide smile, helping her stand. He stared into her eyes as he did, and Samantha could see the hesitation, the doubt, the uncertainty inside them. He really had been putting on a show-

All gone as she finally kissed him.

He gasped at first, recoiled... but it wasn’t long before his growls emanated deep inside her, thrumming against her heart as he slowly, truly embraced her. As she did the same. Samantha groped his back, his arms, feeling the raw sinew and muscle in them, flexing, shivering a little under her nails. He lifted her up, clawing at her rear, while her legs wrapped around his middle, her thighs straining to keep hold as her hips rocks against the bulge below. His growls gave to groans and moans, his legs wanting to buck, to tear through the fabric and into her, but it held until they got into the shower.

Samantha broke the kiss at last, already breathless, and lulled against his neck a moment, licking, nipping as she simply gave to the primal force underneath her, wanting, needing to fill her with each desperate thrust. She looked into his eyes again, and saw he was as breathless. Even more as she rubbed his horn. His head lulled back a touch, resting against the back wall, and allowed himself to let go of her bum. She slowly slid down before him again, pulling down his boxers for his equ-

Human member.

She frowned, pushing up under the tip. Sure, it was as big as her fist, but the simple mushroom shape of a regular, old man... She couldn’t help but sigh as she stroked it. It was longer than most but still very much normal, reacting just like any other old member would.

“What?” Minos said. He was looking down at her, his head cocked, a touch puzzled by her sudden change.

“Oh, nothing, nothing,” she said, and yawned, still stroking. “Just expected... more.”

“More? More! Is that not enough for you!”

“It’s not that. I-”

He gripped her head, and gave her only a second to catch and keep her breath before he forced that turgid staff down her throat. His leathery orbs smacked against her neck and chin, each as big as a billiard, clacking away, keeping the same drive he had shown when he first shoved it in.

Minos growled, panted as he bent over, pulling her ever harder against his rod. His horns scraped and tore at the ceiling, but it might as well have not existed to her, her head quickly rising to the heavens, wanting, needing free, if only a moment.

But he would not let her off the hook so easily.

Minos cackled a little as he held her down, feeling her gasp and gag on him. She gulped against it, her throat expanded so much for his meaty member, coating it in more and more pre as he continued to thrust. He finally righted a second, allowed her to slip off to the head before pulling back down once more. Her gasps, her pants... his musk; all made her head swim. And another part beg for attention. Both of her hands tended to that need, teasing her folds and clit, leaving him to fuck her face as what breath she had left burned in her lungs.

He finally eased her up for air, slowly let his member slip out of her mouth. Long, thick strands drooled down- then around her face, rubbed on it before down between her chest as he smirked. He cupped her chin, tweaking one of her nips as he pressed her breast against his rod, coating her chest even more.

“Still have complaints?” He said.

“Well,” she began, still breathless but oh, so haughty as she looked up at him, barely seen through her lids, “now that you mention i-”

He cut her off, putting her back on his member, making her gag hard as he slammed into the back of her throat once more. Her left hand reached up, gripping that leather satchel instead. She rubbed them, rolled them, kneaded them in her palm, feeling them quiver and bulge and making her shudder. Her clit trembled, rubbed so much, stroked until she gushed onto the bottom of the bath. Her moans were silenced by her gags, by her gulps on his manhood; she squeezed his balls firm, and he pulled out, letting her breathe and moan and cry out fully, rippling through the room.

He leaned to the left, saw her hand between her legs, and shook his head as he smacked his shaft against her face.

“You’re really getting off on this, aren’t you? You are such a dirty slut.”

“And you are a manwhore above all manwhores.”

“Only for you... Now... If you wanted.”

Samantha rolled her eyes, and simply let her mouth stay open, even as her pants subsided. She closed her eyes, let her tongue lull, practically drooling for more. Her lower folds were too impatient, hitting another climax as she waited for the ravaging to resume... taking his time... She opened her eyes, and glowered at him. He was contemplating, rubbing his chin, while his rod twitched. Just out of reach; in fact, it bounced just before her tongue.

“Really?” She shrilled, making him laugh then wince as she clawed at his balls.

“Fine. Fine,” he grumbled, and gagged her once more. Her head, neck ached from the treatment, though it was a small price to pay as other places were indulging in it. Her throat was smeared in that slime, coming up as a froth around his member whenever he pulled out- only to slam back in, the bath coated in her juices with each ram. She held her breath as long as she could, longer than the times before, while his manhood twitched. Harder, harder; his grunts rose with it until, at last, with one, long bray, he gripped her head with both hands and held her there, filling her throat with his love. His hips bucked again and again, and she felt his ass clench, groping at it, weakening.

He slowly pulled out, and the last few drips landed on her breasts. More was added as she coughed it up, swallowing what she could.

“Thanks, teach. That was a good lesson,” he said, wiping her chin clean before kissing her one last time, turning on the water at last. He washed her body, taking extra care on her breasts and womanhood, making her quiver and shudder, answered in kind as she rubbed his horns, squeezing them again and again... He left his boxers, humming as he dove through the hole in his wall, marking him the victor of their challenge to see which one had the more foolish smile as he peeked back one last time. Catching her kneading his boxers.

“Asshole,” she said, and slammed the door... leaning against it as her hand continued to play. It was practically numb down there, but she managed to climax one last time, spurting on those underwear, and she let them fall, panting. “You better get another A. I want to feel that cock in my ass next... if you’re lucky, I may even let you in my pussy.”

At the same time, though, she couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty about how... easily she compartmentalized all this. She was in a relationship with someone on the outside, but what did it matter when she spent most of her time locked in? No... She needed to survive. She needed a balm, even if it was someone... slightly larger. Ever so slightly.

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