Witching Hour

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Fear a Woman Scorned

Considering three students already visited, Samantha decided that was good enough and called it a day. The dragon settled back on her finger, though she could have sworn it still shuffled and glared at her. It wasn’t her fault; not entirely. Besides, it was meant to be inanimate, so it only brought it on itself- I need to get out more; I’m blaming a fucking ring... hmm... a fucking ring-

The dragon shrieked, and took the bathroom again, hiding in the shower. Spoil sport... SO, instead, since any notion of fun was robbed from her at that moment –aside hunting giant, fantastical monsters, but she could do that AFTER her actual job... she spent the rest of the time actually grading the tests, overviewing them thrice so that she was properly prepared to discuss. She didn’t want another Minos situation... though, the only one that seemed liable to do so was Junmei. Her face warmed, looking down at his test, seeing it seem to shift under the light, from the soft light of her lamp to the dark murk of his room, feeling him wrap and ensnare her as his two purple-

She shook her head, dismissing it. If Marcy wasn’t already mad at me- I SERIOUSLY need to get out more... Fuck it. I’m going to the surface for a while- oh wait! I can’t. She huffed, moving along, and stopped at Ayn’s... Morning could not wait.

Samantha finished grading, already shaking, the metal crackling around her hands as it shuddered on the walls and ceiling. She slammed down her pen, burying it into the wood point-first, and stormed out of her room. The door simply cascaded apart for her tirade, her feet slamming, as if they were the executioner’s axe, whetted and readied as she thundered on Ayn’s door, calling for her. Its metal rang, eerily, warily, wondering why she was there, why her knuckles threatened to tear at it, coating with white-hot silver with each passing second. Ayn’s look through the slit was also of confusion, seeing her test in Samantha’s hand.

With a huge, red, bleeding 0.

“Ah,” she stated, and the door creaked open- raked apart as Samantha allowed herself into that... bread box. Calling it even that was being generous, but it at least had a heel, the moldering bed in the corner, piled with green sheets and soiled cloth. The walls were drab and barren, its metal rusted and holed. The restroom could be seen through a large gap in the back, barely more than a porcelain bucket and a hose, trickling, echoing through the room.

Samantha’s anger was slammed in this cold wash of reality, quashed a moment, taking it all in, and she actually felt bad for the succubus.

“This... is how you live?” Samantha said, entering it fully-

Stopped by Ayn.

She pushed her out, leaving her to stumble as she slammed the door behind her, and wrenched the test from Samantha’s grasp.

“Yeah? So fucking what?” Ayn exclaimed, waving the paper at her. “Wait. This better not be my fucking test. There ain’t no way yo nigga ass gave me a zero.”

And, just like that, the anger was back. Samantha found her footing, aided by the metal molting around her feet, melding her to the ground, as she stood straight, glowering at Ayn.

“I did,” she said, curt, and pointed at the test, “because each answer was identical to Minos’.”

“Isn’t that the fucking point? If he got them right, then I would have the same fucking thing.”

“Problem is, there were three copies of the test floating around. You were on C; he was on A.”

“Man, how the fuck was I supposed to know that? How could you treat a sister l-”

Metal flew from her finger, a long, thin whip, and lashed across Ayn’s left cheek. It ended its arc by the wall, coating it in Ayn’s blood, only to be brought back the same cheek, leaving a cross.

“Oh. NOW I’m your sister?” Samantha shrieked, echoing through the halls, given power by the wind shrieking around her blighted knuckles. “NOW, when you were caught? Do you have ANY idea how stressful this is, how... how hard this makes my job? I have to reassess your other tests now. I have to question everything you do now! I have to doubt all of my students because of your... nigger ass!”

“Nigga, you serious? You are teaching by the skin of yo teeth!”

“Exactly, so when I find out one of my ‘star students’ has been cheating-”

“Will you calm the fuck down?”

“Me? I am calm!”

“Yeah, sure... Whatever you say.” She groaned, and held herself, her cheeks burning bright. “It was only this one time, I swear by my mama. It was to see if you were actually grading them or slapping the sister stamp on.”

“The ‘sister stamp’! You think I showed favor cause we both black?”

“Usually the case. We have to look out for one a-”

“Fuck that! FUCK THAT STRAIGHT TO HELL!” The next lash was thicker, and split her bright pink top in two. Her dark lovelies were free, but Ayn kept them pressed together lest that fountain between splash down on the ground, already trickling, sprinkling as blood flowed so free... Samantha huffed again, and shattered the whip along her wall, leaving a jagged row of razors. At least it was new metal in a sea of brown. “Fine... I may have lost my cool there, so how about this: if you are okay with it, you won’t mind taking it again.”

“Not... not at all. Lead the way.”

Samantha gestured to the hall, and they lumbered up it, heading for the classroom. In all truth, she hoped that Ayn would fail again, to rub it in her sniveling, proud face... but, even then... A knot formed in her stomach from that line of thought, stewing, guilty, considering her past-

“So your mind must be turning,” Ayn had said, breaking the comfortable, silent animosity between them. That must have been the... fourth time she said it in their dirge –it couldn’t go any slower aside to stand still. As much as Samantha would have loved that, she wanted to be rid of her, so she dragged those cinder blocks on her feet along. “Hey! You finna listen?”

“Yes. Okay? Why?”

“Because I left you with such a load of hot shit last time we talked.”

“I suppose,” she mulled. Really, I didn’t give a fuck, and still d-

Ayn scoffed again. “Bitch, don’t play naive. You must have been wondering why only him. Why not the others involved.”

Not really, but if you are really going to open up and ruin what is left of this day, go right the fuck ahead. “Yeah?”

“Well... It wasn’t only him. I got the others a long, long time ago.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. He was the last, of the judge, jury, doctors, and just pieces of shit that I ran into. I didn’t want to save him until after, but he hid himself well.”

“How? I mean, it must have been big news when it h-”

“Hell naw! Cracka was only fifteen, and lilies cover their own white asses. When I finly was freed from the asylum, with a pittance of a compensation might I add, he was easily forty-two.”

“It took that long?”

“Took them a while to work through all the ‘accidental cases’. Hell, some died while waiting, so I’m rather thankful they got around to me eventually.”

“Still horrible.” Samantha slammed the door shut to the classroom, and stalked after her as she took her seat. The metal was only down to a layer on the top of her slips, but they still clanged away as she grabbed a fresh test from her desk and put it on hers. Samantha stood behind her, glared down at her, her fist trembling, the metal there wanting nothing more than to make her head one with the desk... but... she took a deep breath... nine of them. “All right... You have fifty minutes. No, I don’t have the answers anywhere in here. Not even in my head; have to work for yourself for a change.”

Ayn sneered, a retort more than ready to be fired back, but held her tongue as she delved into it, focused –though broken just as quick. She glowered at Samantha’s phone as it pinged and vibrated; she had returned to her podium, sitting behind it. Her face was flushed, growing redder with each passing text, unable to sit still. Her thighs squirmed, hands trembled, clenching that phone lest they decided to explore, imagining the scenarios she and Mahna were sharing. She bit her lip as he sent a picture of his manhood, and couldn’t stay in her seat any longer. She seemed to bounce out the room, slowed to a trot up the stairs, and made her way to the bathroom. Her printer hummed as she passed, making her jump, but glared at it as it returned to sleep, the answer key to test B waiting in its tray. It was for the best; she could have remembered the answers to A, while having memorized C’s layout. Make her squirm even more –and she wasn’t talking only about Ayn.

However, Samantha had other things on her mind. Far more important things than that cunt of a succubus below. She made sure the bathroom was shut (and the dragon left) before she rolled up her skirt. She didn’t have any panties on; she spread her legs, panting already as she touched down below, spreading it, giving him a good shot. The phone clicked, and she didn’t have to wait long before he sent another picture of his member. Its tip was drooling pre, sticking to his hand, blurred a touch in the photo.

Help me finish? He sent after.

Samantha bit her lip, and shuddered, moaned as she teased herself more. She spread those lips again and again, drooling so much on her fingers, stroked her clit as she made sure to get it nice and slick. Her phone seemed so heavy held before it, sending shot after shot, wanting, wondering if she should just video call, flip it around and see him cum for h-

“Done!” Ayn boomed as she slammed on the bathroom door. Samantha yelped- turned to a gasp as she fumbled for her phone, loosed from her grip. She caught it just before it hit the ground, and glared at Ayn as she threw open the door. Samantha didn’t even bother to roll down her skirt, her thighs glistening with her efforts. Ayn noticed of course, and chortled, waving her test at her as she sneered at the streaks on Samantha’s legs. “Sorry. Did I interrupt something?”

“Just... nothing.”

“Sending dirty pics to your boy toy? Minos must be pissed with all the time you’re giving him.”

“Like I care.”

“Bitch, what did I tell you ’bout being honest with me? You like him and you know it. Otherwise you wouldn’t have given him head.”

“I-I never d-”

“He’s bragging about it to everyone.”


“Wait... You don’t know about the group chat for the Black Halls, do you?”

“G... group chat?”

Ayn rolled her eyes, and had Samantha follow her to her desk. She waited for Samantha to sit at it, to open her laptop, and pointed to the little, black-screen icon on the desktop. The one Samantha ignored this entire time... Samantha clicked it, remembering, eye twitching as she remember that Buffy let it slip one time but never followed up on it-

And regretted it as text upon text exploded onto her screen.

Her computer slowed to a crawl. She wondered if it was going to blue screen as it beeped and blipped at the speed only the Flash knew. The sound seemed to rise, hammering against her mind, threatening to break it unless she held down the power button- but it stopped at last, just as her hand hovered over the button. She eased her hand away, though kept it raised just in case, and saw, in absolute awe, at over 4000 separate tabs for chat logs. There were far more notifications, almost a hundred times more, continuing to rise in the upper left corner, showing a battle between two names, all stemming back to an emote of a small, crying man smiling and fist pumping.

Horny Angel: She finally did it! She succd me!

Snake in the Bush: Congrats, man! How was it?

Horny Angel: Lik a fukn dream! Betr than I’ve ev had.

Galactic Pornstar: Excuse me?

Horny Angel: Bitch, I didn’t stutter.

Love Demon: Wow. I knew you two would get together.

Horny Angel: Damn straight. Couldn’t have been happier.

Love Demon: Can I be the best man? I have so many ideas for y...

Love Demon: ...our wedding. How do you feel about blue?

Horny Angel: Depends. Are we talking /blue/ or blue.

Galactic Pornstar: OH HELL NO YOU AIN’T SNUBBING ME...

Galactic Pornstar: THIS TIME YOU PIECE OF SHIT. HOW D...

Galactic Pornstar: …ARE YOU INSULT ME LIKE THAT. I HA...

Galactic Pornstar: ...D YOU BEGGING FOR ME TO STOP. I H...

Galactic Pornstar: ...AD YOU CALLING FOR ME IN YOUR SL...

Galactic Pornstar: ...EEP, YET YOU SAY THAT SHE WAS BET...

Galactic Pornstar: ...TER AFTER ONE SUCC? I CALL BS, YOU...

Love Demon: Oh my.

Snake in the Bush: Wow...

Chaste Succubus: Is this really worth it, over one bj?

Horny Angel: Tell you what, Ayn. Come by, give me a succ, and...

Chaste Succubus: Not even in your dreams.


Galactic Pornstar: … ME!

Horny Angel: FFS, give it a rest. No one cares about you.

Love Demon: I do. :’(

Horny Angel: Okay. Maybe Norman does, but nobody else.

Jack teh Rippa: I kind of do, as well. After all, she’ll make lovely...

Jack teh Rippa: … screams when I get enough of a reason to gut...

Jack teh Rippa: … her. :3

Chaste Succubus: Well, that’s not creepy at all.

Horny Angel: Okay. You want some attention, Monica? Here it...

Horny Angel: … is: You’ll never be the best prostitute. Ever. Sa...

Horny Angel: ...m’s already got you beat, and that was just from...

Horny Angel: … some throat action. I can only imagine her pus...

Horny Angel: ...ssy is going to be that much better, and anal? Yo...

Horny Angel: ...u couldn’t even handle a pinky. Her? I’ve seen h...

Horny Angel: ...er shove her entire hand in there AND LIKE IT.

Horny Angel: Like, omg, you might as well kys if that’s your goal...

Horny Angel: Cuz teacher already the best ho one can get, and she

Horny Angel: is

Horny Angel: free.

“I’ll be right back.” Samantha stated. The dragon followed this time, but even it couldn’t handle how much she was exuding. It grew to the size of a small sedan before she even made it to the bottom of the steps, and, even then, there was a nice, sleek coat of metal along her. The walls groaned, creaked, thundered after her stomps, wind shrieking, jolting as bright, blue bolts surged forth. Rain started to patter, drumming on the stairs as they begged for mercy under her heels. They rose in protest, as if becoming one with the water, gushing up after a pebble dropped in. What fell behind was not water but red-hot metal, instead, splashing after. Her knuckles slammed against Minos’ wall, by the hole left there earlier, starting to melt. He was at his computer, chortling as it had pinged, stroking himself... now silent, still, seeing the storm coming down upon him.

“Well, how are you?” He said, and slowly spun to face her, pointing his rod at her. “Ready for another-”

“You son of a bitch!”

He cried out, begged as he winced and clawed at his horn, but she had a hold of them. And she wasn’t letting go. She dragged him up the steps, through the hissing, searing metal still there, and to her computer. Ayn had decided to get comfortable; she was sitting on the bed, a bag of popcorn in hand, watching, as if studying as Minos groaned and retched under Samantha’s ire.

But went silent again, seeing the chat open on her computer.

He looked back at Ayn, his eyes wide. “You told her?”

Ayn simply... shrugged, but Samantha would not be ignored. She picked up the laptop, and slammed it down on his head. She didn’t stop until the liquid crystal inside spurted out from the cracked glass and ran down his skull. She cursed him, shouted many a name as she drove the carcass of the computer onto his freed horn. Then grabbed it again. She slammed him into the walls and ceiling, an ocean of anger and an orchestra of profanity and pain continuing to crash after as the storm continued to billow and wash all in a fine haze.

The wave subsided, though. The stanza finally passed, and he was allowed to fall. He clawed at the carpet, more blood than man now. He tried to rise from under her heel, digging into his horns still.

“I hope you enjoyed it, asshole, because that’s the only time I’m ever sucking that,” she whispered, and kicked him over, stamping on his horns until they both crunched, shattered off. Huh... that sound was accurate in the g- She tilted her head, the storm still rumbling around as he... laughed. “What’s so funny?”

He coughed, spitting up a little blood, but smirked at her all the same.

“You know, this only makes it true. Once they see what you did to me, they’ll know we actually did it. That I wasn’t bullshitting like all the times before.” He winked at Ayn. “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it. This nigga needed to be put in her p-” Ayn said, finishing off her bowl... dropping it as Minos glowed green. She bolted to her feet, stomped over to Samantha, pulling at her arm as the nicks and cuts and bruises and even the blood and broken horns... faded away. “No no no no NO! That’s cheating, you fucking bitch!”

“What is? What are you talking about? Minos and I were having a small, if rather heated, chat about his rumors and lies. After all, I would never cheat on my boyfriend. Ever.” She helped Minos to his feet, patting his back. Her hand was a bit heavy; several layers of metal compacted on it would do that. Her smile, though, and the dragon’s outside were so bright as he walked out, not a single scuff to be seen. Nor any slight movement at the minivan sized dragon; it sat at the bottom, yet it still needed to crane its neck so to keep its head on-level with the minotaur. She lead him back to his hole in the wall –and even mended that before she returned, sneering at Ayn. “But I do have to thank you. Now that I know about the chat room, you might want to be careful about the lies all of you spread. Now where’s your test?”

Ayn pointed to the nightstand, and moved to the other wall, not even daring to be in her warpath. Wind still howled after, what skin was left untouched by the metal seemingly gone, as if shredded by that squall. The room, itself, seemed to have taken on a ghastly wail, melting into her soft humming. Samantha took her sweet time, listening, enjoying almost erotically how Ayn cowered in the corner, how her teeth chattered, how her skin crawled... with how cold it became... but did finish. She spun in her chair, the wind surging after, and stomped over to Ayn, handing her the test.

A perfect 100.

“Looks like you weren’t lying,” Samantha said. “You may go now.”

Ayn started towards the door, almost sprinting for it, but it slammed shut right before she reached it. She looked back at Samantha, fear sparkling in her bright, red eyes, wondering why Samantha was laughing.

“But... want to know something funny?”


“I was going to show pity and let you stay here. It would be a nice step up from that shit hole you call a room, but, since you seem so hellbent on being an absolute cunt, I’ve got to say... you deserve it. You deserve nothing but shit... I would even say you deserved to be raped. You probably enjoyed every second of it, too, feeling his strong, white cock plowing your pathetic black pussy. You probably came at least thrice as he ravaged and colonized your sorry ass, and was only sore that you weren’t able to keep his child. Why else would you keep his cock around your neck; you probably even suck on it every so often.”

Ayn... was speechless. Tears ran down her face. Her mouth was contorted, locked into a horrid grimace that seemed to strain every muscle. Blood rolled from her lip, dribbling onto the carpet, as every fiber of her being shook.

“Go to Hell,” she whispered at last.

“I’m already there. Now get out of my sight.”

The door flew open, and Ayn was slow to turn to it, even slower going down the steps, forgotten as the room was sealed shut once more. With the dragon standing guard outside. Samantha heaved a heavy sigh, still quaking from her own anger, but jumped as she heard her phone ping in the bathroom. Her heart skipped a beat, remembering Mahna. She ran to it... seeing a messy picture of Mahna’s manhood. It was covered in his love, stroked to a fine froth along his length, while a thick blot of it just rose from the tip.

You must have got busy. Here’s to thinking of you, though. ;), he sent.

Samantha rolled her eyes... but returned to the bed, getting some enjoyment that day. One way or another. Rather, the more she thought about it, she had an excess of enjoyment. So much that it returned to displeasure.

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