Witching Hour

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Competing Against the Dead

After the weekend she had, Samantha was more than happy to sleep all of Monday away. Damned be class and teaching and life. The only life she needed was the slumbering succubus still holding her as she rested. Besides, Lilith already offered her a sure thing, so what did it matter if she taught now? She would understand there would be a lot to sift through, to understand and to come to terms with –the least of which was the most recent death. Ginger was always a corpse, a walking, talking... smiling... laughing... joking... corpse.

Well, she thought, hugging against Ayn harder, stilling her trembling as the succubus continued to snore away. I didn’t care... Why do I have to overthink things?

Perhaps it was because this was Lilith. Maybe because what she offers and what she actually gives are not entirely the same. After all, what was Lilith truly proposing? To move out of the Black Halls, out of her cell... into a new one? To add genetic engineering and indoctrination on top of teaching and tutoring already without a noticeable increase in pay –not hard to do; a penny was already a quantum leap from her current wage.

Then there was the matter if she refused... Samantha knew all too well now that Lilith was not one to accept refusal light. She knew far too much now of her dirty laundry, as well. Would Lilith really let her leave alive... Rather, would she be allowed to leave at all?

But, before that, did she want to leave? When it came to this question... Samantha... wasn’t sure. She was not sure where to even begin with it let alone how to answer. Why would she leave? She was doing what she wanted. She was teaching, already in her mother’s shoes –in more ways than one. But... how would she leave? Where would she go? Lilith already shown how ruthless she could be, and even then she couldn’t go back home... or what was once home, now but a desolate patch in Louisiana. She didn’t have a home... but morning refused to be ignored. It knocked at the door, was heard in her pocket, demanding for her to be up.

Ayn snorted, grumbled, and nudged her hard, freeing herself from Samantha and that wretched call. Samantha gave her a dirty look, but it was for the best. She needed to at least tell the others there wouldn’t be class- and shut up whomever was rapping at her door!

Samantha reached into her pocket, turned off that summons, then shuffled towards the knocking. Morning meant business, though, shaking, thundering, booming and crashing against the door with each knock. It only settled once opened, finding Monica on the other side.

“Heya, teach!” She said, bouncing in place. “Are you ready for a new day of school?” She winked at her, giggling, her cheeks flushing as she rubbed them. “I cannot wait to get more knowledge so that I can show you I remembered it so you can fuck it out of me.”

“So that’s why my scores have been going down,” Minos said, coming up the stairs behind her. She squeaked, jumped, and moved to the side, pouting at him as he tried to embrace Samantha, ready to kiss her.

Samantha took a step back.

“Morning, Monica. Minos,” she said, and cleared her throat. “I’m sorry to disappoint both of you, but I’m not feeling well today. After what happened yesterday-”

“Yeah. What happened?” Minos said, rubbing his left ear. “Why were the doors locked?”


All joy fled the two of them. Minos took her hands, seeing the remnants of the cuts and scrapes from her escape down the halls- and finally taking in the large, black circles around her eyes. Circles Samantha didn’t realize were there until she saw them reflected in those pools of red... very familiar red.

“Are you okay?” He said, growling. “That bitch better not h-”

“She’s dead, Minos. Thanks to Lilith.” She wanted to say more, to tell him what she had seen... to tell him about Lilith’s offer... but she held her tongue. For now... She sighed, and eased her hands free. Away. From him. “Sorry. Again, not feeling like teaching today.”

Monica whined, stamping her foot. “But I wanted to learn.”

Minos scoffed. “Please... You just wanted an excuse to rape Samantha again.”

“You can’t rape the willing.”

“She’s only willing because you are holding her job over her head!”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about!”

“Like hell I don’t! She’s been telling me all about it during our dinner dates, and I am telling you now: back off.”

“Then who am I going to practice with! Nobody wants to fuck me. You don’t. Teacher doesn’t. Peter refuses. Jack is gay! Lisa... just... no. I promised Norman I would never have sex with him. Not really into driders, too much drama, so no on Bella. Ayn makes me sick-”

“I make you sick?” Ayn said, shocked, disgusted in her own right. “I make you sick!”

“Have you met yourself? It’s a wonder your fingers haven’t run off. I can’t imagine they want to touch you, either.”

“Well, I’ll have you know that teacher at least cuddled with me last night!”

“It was most likely out of pity.”

“More like exhaustion mixed with hitting rock bottom,” Samantha grumbled, trying so soothe her forehead. “Can you guys find somewhere else to fight? I am really not up for this.”

Monica swept behind her, shushing into her ear as she rubbed her back.

“Poor teach. You’ve been under such stress lately,” she said, humming as her hands made deft work on those stony crags called muscles. Samantha wasn’t sure to call her a sculptor or a masseuse, soothing away the peaks of tension that had built there, smoothing out the canyons of dread and despair. What she did know was that she didn’t want them gone, but how could she fight it? She became like putty in Monica’s hands, rocking back against them as she worked up to her shoulders, her neck, before heading south. “You seem like you need a little TLC... You’re not on your period anymore, so why don’t I... tend to you.”

“Because that’s what I am for,” Minos said, pulling Samantha away from Monica’s grasp. And out of her lofty heights.

“Huh? Wha?” Samantha sputtered, and scoffed as she pushed back from Minos’s chest, though with not as much gumption as she wanted to use. “Will you all go? I just... need some time to myself today.”

“You heard her. Off with you,” Ayn said, reaching out for Samanth-

“That means you, too.”

“Why does it matter for me? I’m only going to be on the bed with my tablet.”

“And Minos is only going to be in there on the bed with his dick, and Monica is only going to be in there on the bed with her toys- I’m nipping it in the bud. Nobody in my bed today but me.” Ayn muttered something under her breath. “What was that?”

“I said I only wanted to cuddle more.”

“Go cuddle with Norman or something!”

“What was that about cuddling with me?” The Devil, Himself, said, just walking around the corner. Samantha had her doubts he had only arrived, but he simply waved his hands before him, smiling. “I swear I only got here, everybody. I wasn’t listening in.”

“Really helping your case there,” Samantha grumbled, hidden under Ayn’s ire.

“Goodie on you,” the succubus grumbled and pushed Samantha by, letting her go in exchange for the new kid on the bl-

“Hiya, Norman, honey,” Monica said, hooking an arm around his neck. She was giggling, though there was no denying the malevolent, selfish glint in her eye as she winked at Ayn. “I think I want to hang with him today. We have so much more to talk about baking.”

“Please. You’re just wanting a cream pie.”

“I would actually like to know how to make a Boston cream pie,” Norman said.

“No, Norman. What she means is-” Samantha began, cut off by a dirty look from Monica.

“It’s not that hard, Norman,” the fang said, goading him towards the hall once more. “We’ll touch on that, and maybe even crepes and custard. Ooh, we’ll make a baker out of you yet.”

“Whatever gets her mind off sex,” Ayn grumbled, lumbering down the stairs. “I better get some of that food you making, Norman baby!”

“We promise nothing!” Monica shrilled, cackling away, cut off by the slam of a door. Ayn’s door rumbled after, leaving Minos and Samantha on the landing before hers.

Minos sighed, and waltzed behind Samantha, rubbing her shoulders. Nowhere near as good as the whore.

“So... were you telling the truth about only you in that bed?” He said, pushing flush against, making her feel him throb below. “Monica was right. You are awfully stressed.”

She scoffed again, pushed away-

And her heel slipped a little on the metal. She spun, ankle aching as it bent, letting her topple down the stairs. Or it would have if Minos hadn’t caught her. He guffawed, picking her up and holding her in his arms, laughing more as she shot him a dirty look. He took his sweet time carrying her into the bedroom, waltzing, humming, dancing her to its namesake. He eased the door shut behind as he did, and sat on the bed. He started to tug at her clothes, inch after inch disrobing her.

“Well, I know the phrase ‘fall head over heels’, but didn’t think you would actually do it for little old me.”

“Stop what you are doing, and put. Me. D-” He did. Much to her disdain. He put her on the bed, her head on the pillows, but his arms were still raised, spread on either side. He loomed over her, horns digging into the pillows, sinking in as he kissed her. It was soft at first, barely a grazing of their lips, grown more passionate as she grew impatient, raising after, but he always made sure to stay out of reach, only allowing her to meet as he pressed her back down. Her top was gone, her breasts perking almost instantly as his hand cupped them, tugging, kneading them. As she needed him. She helped take off his shirt, always a step behind, stroking, caressing his abs, his chest, and pecs, clawing at them as she bit her lip. “You know I am not really in the mood, right?”

“Oh, of course. Of course. Lift up your legs a little- thank you.”

She kept her left raised, pushing against his chest, her leggings and panties hanging off it. He gripped it, bringing it up to his lips, and tossed those unneeded garments aside before he lavished her leg in kisses, leaving a trail up to her knee. She shuddered a little, feeling his horns scrape by her sides, his breath, his lips drawing ever closer t-

Samantha groaned and pulled on those horns, leading up to her lips again, finding them sealed in a tight scowl.

“I told you. I’m not in the mood,” she grumbled, and let go of his horns, rubbing his shoulders instead. “I wouldn’t mind cuddling, though.”

“Isn’t that what you have Ayn for?”

“It’s what I wanted you for, actually, when I came home yesterday morning. It’s when the whole train wreck began.”

“You going to tell me about it, then?”

“I... went for a walk.”


“Yeah... Up above... in the city... to Mahna’s place.”

He sat up, growling, glaring at her. “You went to see him? After what he had done?”

“And what is it that he has done, exactly? Hmm? Tell me.”

“He... he kicked you to the curb, as if you were nothing.”

“It’s more complicated than you think, but it only went downhill from there.”

“You mean with Ginger, or with Lilith?”

“Before both of those, actually... Peter... had someone.”


“Yeah. A party girl, from the look of it. He... he bit her in half right in front of me... His eyes- god, his eyes Minos.”

He shushed her, wrapping his arms around, and, in one quick roll, he was on bottom, holding her on his chest by the wall. He caressed her face, rubbed her back, all the while giving her a sad smile.

“Well, Peter can’t help it. It’s why he’s down here, after all.”

“But I thought-” She stopped herself. She doesn’t know how much the others know about Peter. Him or Lucille.

That didn’t stop Minos from groping her bum, though, getting her attention.

“Thought... what?”

“It’s... it’s nothing... Anyways, I sort of needed you to, you know, tell the others that we don’t have class today. I doubt Ayn is going to do it, and Norman and Monica are going to be too busy baking.”

“True. True... but... you see, it would help if you got rid of a sore sp-”

“No mood, Minos. If you want to get laid so bad, I bet Monica would be more than happy.”

“But why would I settle for less? I got spoiled; no pussy can compare to yours now, Sammy.”

“And you keep digging that hole deeper. You know I hate being called that... and you’re just saying that. To guys, it must all feel the same.”

“Sexist, much? No, they don’t. Monica’s was too smooth, sucked too much, as if she was trying way too hard. Yours, meanwhile, has a bit of give but is still so pushy and forceful and-”

“We’re talking about twats, right? Pussies? Cunts?”

“Of course. Pussies can be just as different as dicks, and, once you find one that feels perfect-”

“I’ll get back to you on that one.”

He gasped, gripping his chest.

“You wound me! How could you be so cruel?”

“Nobody said I was nice, and whoever did is a damn, dirty liar.”

“What if I say you’re nice?”

“Then you are a damn, dirty, lying, opportunistic, succeeding bastard.”

“That’s a lot of titles for one person to hold. Can’t you just call me stud?”

She tittered, and bit his left nip. Her hand sneaked down during, dipping into his black boxers, the only bit of clothing left between the pair, and was hit with heat. It seemed to pour from down there, all centered on that rigid, meaty member. He gasped, softly, and rubbed her back, clawing at it a little as she simply cupped the tip, rubbing gently.

“I thought you said you weren’t in the mood?” He said, chortling, lost to a moan.

“I am, but I’m a tease, after all. It’s what I do best.”

He... groaned as he pulled her hand back out. Her mouth watered, smelling, tasting the musk that coated it in such a short time, and smirked at him.

“So what’s on your mind?” He said. “Aside... whatever may have happened over the weekend.”

“Nothing, really, other than that... but...”


“I’ve been meaning to touch on it, but I guess if you are going to force me... about your sterilization- er, rather how many tests you had run-”

He groaned, pinching his brow. “Yep. Should have just left to go do what you asked.”

“I mean, you don’t have to if you are going to bitch about it.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but... it’s... complicated... Are you sure you want to hear it?”

“If I grow bored, I can easily tune you out and start to stroke again.”

“And if you don’t like what is being said?”

“Before or after I get bored?”

“Hopefully before.”

“Good call. I would hate to maim it.”

He scoffed, shaking his head. “I really should have read the finer print when it comes to you... I had... someone before you. An actual lover, not Monica. A jotunn... I don’t need to explain those, do I? Beings that supposedly came from Cain’s old spine and Ymir, born of rime, both decided to bust a rhyme at the time to make some mad dime?”

“You aren’t funny, you know, and of course I know that old fable.” Though I did forget that name. Cain...

“Well, Fraila was a Canadian jotunn. She wasn’t that tall, but definitely had at least a head on you, very busty... curvy...”

She snapped in his face, waving, smacking it a little. “H-hey! Hey! Get back down here!”

Minos chortled, taking her hand, holding it to his chest. His thumb caressed the back of it, making her ache a touch with how... gentle he had become.

“Okay, okay... She was a sweet thing. Very caring, a bleeding heart in every right... but, man, when she wanted it, she wanted it! She was even more ferocious than you when it came to sating her desires-”

“I think you mean voracious.”

“I think I mean she rode me for hours, making sure I was drained for a week... only to do it again in the morning. While making breakfast.”

“H... how... how is that possible?”

“Let us simply say I got good at contorting, and my legs became like steel. I made a really good throne of pleasure... She always had me cum inside her, though. Said she loved how it ‘steamed her up’. So... I was worried, you know? I took samples to Junmei to check each time. Last thing I needed was to know my child could end up eating its way out of her belly with its warmth... or being frozen inside.”

“Well, looks like you had no fear of either.”

He nodded... though Samantha regretted saying it. He no longer smiled, the fire, the passion in his eyes gone, taken by the cold reality.

“Yeah... She was executed. Two years after we started dating, to the minute.”

“Why? What was her crime?”

“Supposedly she did a string of murders up in good ole Canadaland. People went missing, sightings of an abominable snowman; it was no doubt that Lilith and the Death Marshes would have hunted her down... but what really did her in was that she got out.”


“Monica’s room. It has a secret panel to get in and out. Course, it has been patched up since then, but I bet a little gumption and it’ll peel straight off. She used it to go explore the halls... and that’s how she stumbled upon the labs.”

He sat up, creasing his hands, locking them to the point small dollops of blood rose under his fingertips. His brow furrowed, but Samantha’s heart died hearing him say that. She made her face like stone, waiting for him to continue, watching as the dark shadows gathered under his eyes.

“You see... Junmei wanted more results, to figure out exactly why I was sterile. The only minotaur and all; there had to be a cure... What he found out, though, was that my blood, my DNA, was not... normal.”

“How so?”

“Well... you know how DNA is created by double-helix strands of code, linking chains of GCAT?” I did, but forgot about those four letters; agh! I am such an... keep it cool. Keep i- she nodded, allowing him to continue. “Mine... had a third link. An abnormal, third link. Artificial, some may say, considering it was too perfect for its own good, which meant at certain points it did not hook, and that could have been causing my sterility... among other missing features.”

His member throbbed in protest, more making his point than dissuading it. He scowled, growled, and slammed his hands on the bed.

“When she brought back news of the lab, after finding that out... I had to go see for myself. Had to... had to find the truth... However, it set off a silent alarm, and Lilith was waiting for us outside my door. I... I think she didn’t hear me, hear us conversing about going to see, because she only... terminated Fraila. A quick, heated bullet in her forehead, one in her heart, and one through her spine and she was gone, melted onto the floor... down the drain.”

“Oh m... Minos...”

He growled again, turned to a snarl... and a tear fell down his cheek as he quivered in her arms.

“Don’t... If I had spoken up, if I had done something sooner-”

“You would be dead, too.”

“But...” He huffed and laid back down. But Samantha didn’t, standing and retrieving her clothes. He didn’t seem to notice her at all, simply staring up at the ceiling, letting the tears streak down his cheeks in complete silence. “I know... I know it’s silly, because I had the chance to meet you, but... that was a long three years after. We weren’t allowed out unless there was a supervisor, so I couldn’t really talk to anybody. The chatroom wasn’t a thing until late last year, and, even then, they started to avoid me... They acted as though I was the cause of all this... If it wasn’t for Ayn-”

“Wait. What?”

He blinked, smirking at her as he let his head fall her way. “Oh. She never told you... figures. Ayn and I used to date. Well, less date, more hate fucked. We fucked away the pain as much as we could... until she started showing feelings. I wasn’t exactly looking for love at the moment, s- wait. Where are you g-”

The door screeched behind her, slammed and melted shut as Samantha bolted to Ayn’s. She tossed the door aside. The metal walls inside were already leaping to life, lurching towards the succubus on the bed as the dragon roared and soared from her thumb. Ayn jumped to her feet, still hopping, leaping from the tendrils under, trying so hard to grasp and mold her into the floor.

“What the fuck, b-” Ayn began.

“Shut the fuck up!” Samantha shrieked, slapping her across the face. Ayn went still a moment, the metal finally meeting its marks, holding her in place. Wind whistled, rose to shrieks through the room, whipping at the succubus, cutting her again and again. “You used to fuck Minos?”

“Shit, he told you?”

“This whole time I let you stay in my bed, and you didn’t let me in on that?”

“It’s ancient history. Barely more than a fling.”

“But you still did it!”

“So? He also fucked Bella and Monica, and there was a lot less emotion th-”

Samantha slapped her again, leaving three, long, thick, jagged gashes in her cheek.

“You actually were falling for him... Do you still love him?”

“N... No... I couldn’t. I felt... pity... empathy. We were the same; we would never have true love. It would be robbed from us no matter how hard we tried to hold on!”

“And you think that changed?”

“He has you now. Regardless if it’s true love or not, he has someone else to dote on! So why not leave me alone and go back to your wonderful little fuck toy?”

Samantha held a finger before her, shaking, twitching with the fire in her heart.

“He is not a toy.”

“Then what is he to you?”

Samantha scoffed... and stormed back to the room. She ripped the door aside, tearing the wall with it, resealed as she closed. Minos had started to get dressed, but stopped seeing Samantha enter.

And cried out as she pushed him down onto the bed.

Wind enveloped them, metal tearing away at both of their clothes as Samantha took him in a deep kiss, her moans lost to the gales around. The past was just that. It had to be just that. Samantha had her own secrets buried there, but what was important now was what could be done. She would make him hers, and hers alone. She would forge them a better future, and Lilith had given her the tools to do it. For now, though, she had a lot of anger to fuck away, and what better way than to show that a week was nothing to her. No frost giant was going to show up a witch. No succubus or drider would ever show up a freak like her. Ever.

For the record, Monica is a liar. She knows far more about baking than I do, but her visits weren’t about the sweets. No... Not those sweeties at least. They were her doting over sweet Samantha. Just like when Minos visited. And Lucille for Peter. Everyone has a past, and I take great pride in setting things right. Monica will truly have her just desserts –and her danishes are to die for! --Norman

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