Witching Hour

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The weekend passed sinfully quick, taking with it the last of the despair for what came of Monica. The poor whore shall be missed, her actions unfitting for the end she had suffered... oh, and Bella. And her... less than stellar decision. Minos shot the last few tears for the loss of the Fang Monday morning. They were so thin, almost frail compared to the geysers that lead up to it, all in remembrance of the dear girl’s favorite trade. His head hung in mourning, slipping out of Samantha’s embrace at last, leaving her to weep them in her own fair of despair. But she wouldn’t let him go that easily, reaching out and taking it into her hands, rubbing, consoling it still, much against his will (but not want).

He kissed her, wrapped his arms around her, and flipped her on top. Her stomach gurgled in protest, emptied yet bloated. They seemed to glow in the twilight of the room, the lights outside the door just starting to warm, the dawn finally seen in those halls.

Minos groaned, and reached down, taking her hand away from him at last. He clasped it, weaved his fingers through hers as he continued to kiss her, shuddering, quivering with hellish pleasure. Samantha opened her eyes, though only a touch, closed again as she flipped on the light... but still managed to glare at him.

“That all you g-” she tried to say, but was unable to finish it. No matter how many times she repeated it, panting, moaning too much. Minos rolled his eyes and reached for the nightstand, pulling out a familiar water bottle. He sprayed it only three times, but each one made her yelp, rising to shrieks. Her very being tensed, keeping as flat as a board, yet still propelled her up into the air, holding there a moment before she fell. Onto the ground beside the bed. She sputtered, grumbled, ranted, trying to remember the English language again, and finally sat up, giving Minos a dirty look as she wiped the cold water off her face. “Hey!”

“Mrow!” Minos said, chortling between pants, himself. “Settle down, kitty. There’s always later.”

“I know... but I just...”

“Do you always get this horny after somebody dies? Does your grieving stages go acknowledge, panic, shock, throw up, contemplate, then fuck?”

She rolled her eyes- and it took what strength she had mustered, knocking her flat on her rump again. Which only made him laugh harder. She clawed at the side of the mattress, fueled on by fresh rage, and slowly, shakily, clambered onto the bed, once more on top of him, faced towards his member. She lifted it, making him tense and wince and hiss as she gave it a long, lavishing lick, tasting the both of them still on that limp love stick. It twitched in her hand, engorging fast, rising as she started to close her mouth on the t-

Shot into the air again by another blast of ice cold water. This time, though, Minos caught her as she dropped, turning her around to face him.

“Bad kitty! Bad!” He said, smacking her rear with each statement, making her mewl and moan. She rose her ass after his palm, waiting for another... but received another cold wash, instead. She glowered at him through half-lidded eyes, all the while he simply smirked. “It’s always about sex with you, isn’t it?”

“We’re both naked and in bed, aren’t we?”

“You never know. It could be right after sex, too.”

“Which means even more sex.”

“Or a break and, you know, talk about stuff.”

“Stuff? Like what?”

“Like stuff... and things... and things and stuff.”

“But what kind of things, and what kind of stuffs?”

“I unno. Last time we went any deeper than superficial, you said your dream was to be a serial killer.”

“I said when I was young, dammit! That was a long time ago.”

“Yeah. It was. You upgraded to a tyrant and a master of genocide. You’re covered in the lives of millions.”

“Please... don’t be so melodramatic. They were already dead.”

“Omae wa mou shindeiru.”

“Nani!” Samantha grabbed her head... but huffed, pouting at him. “You lied. My head didn’t explode.”

Minos blinked, a little shocked. “Huh. Never took you for a weeb. Considering you’re... well, that’s not important.”

“Blame Lola. Fist of the North Star was basically a staple any time we stayed in. That and Ninja Scroll... Don’t worry, though. I don’t have a pussy python, a vaginal viper, a twat taipan, or a cunt cobra lurking anywhere.”

“Well, you do, but it’s sort of out of commission at the moment.”

“Because I actually did blow its head... Looks like I’m the real Kenshiro in our relationship.”

“Still. At least it’s a better hobby than thinking of ways to kill people. Why didn’t you bring it up before?”

“Could’ve sworn I did. And you called me a nerd.”

“If you did, it was sort of lost in the whole, you know, wanting to plot a perfect school shooting conversation after- and this sucks as pillow talk.”

“Who cares? I’m starving. Carry me to the dining room.”

“Whatever you say, mistress. Crack that whip, burn that c- ah.”

She gripped his ear, twisting it a touch as she wrapped her legs tight around his middle.

“Less talky, more foodie.”

He continued to wince. Samantha was unyielding even as he stood, and even drew a bit of blood as they lumbered into the kitchen. He eased her onto a stool. Only then did she let him go, watching after his fine, toned ass as it waltzed around the island, seeming to be pulled by her gaze as he bent over for the freezer. With the dragon still perched above. Her mind was lost to the lust, still swirling, pulsing in her heart and mind, keeping the dreaded thoughts at bay.

But... not ever truly away.

Even as she sat there, she could feel the walls of carnal bliss eroding away to the clawing, scraping hands underneath. They wanted nothing more than to pull her back into the despair –and not only last nights. No, it was manageable if only ’twere the weekend, but it wanted to dredge up last week- the previous month and all the dread that overshadowed all. After all, she never did get to the bottom of the acid and why it affected Ayn but not Lilith, nor why the others were spared... and why Ayn was beat up. Did it coincide with her own issues? Was it all, in truth, a race thing? Was Lucille, if not Lilith, racist? How would she even approach that? ‘Hey, Lilith, is the reason why you are ignoring me because you hate the color of my skin?’ No... At this rate, it seemed that Lilith hates everyone, regardless, so it can’t be a skin thing. What about Lucille? Did the French have heavy bias? I mean, if she could read her mind now, she could probably leave another lovely note and cupcake explaining that she does not- and what about this whole ordeal with Lisa? It’s obvious Lisa wants Peter more than simply a friend, and she matches Peter’s type to a T; surely she would have stepped in on that already.

Samantha succumbed to the storm of questions while she sat there, wondering it all, pulled into that maelstrom. She didn’t even noticing as Minos had straightened and crossed over to the microwave, still staring at the fridge. She didn’t notice as he waltzed back over, depositing three corn dogs beside her... along with a small dish of honey mustard, heating his next before swapping hers with the fresh, hot ones. The plastic of his crinkling finally pulled her back from the gales of doubt and worry, glowering at the steamed packets beside her.

“For breakfast?” She grumbled, and he seemed to watch, with intent, as she pulled one free. That she did notice, and gave him a dirty look. “Oh, grow up.”

She brought the corn dog up to her lips... and opened her mouth wide. Her tongue lulled out, lapping at its cornbread skin as she gently carved the top away, exposing the pink dog inside. She lapped at it, moaning, and slowly pushed it inside, cupping its “balls” as it went in with ease. She didn’t even gag as it went passed to her throat, only the stick kept at bay. She opened her eyes, winked at him as she even bobbed on it, sucking, slurping, but was careful not to rip any more of the skin. She grabbed the second, making it a bit harder on her now, drooling as both were pumped into her mouth-

Minos grabbed the back of her head.

“There we go! This looks much better,” he said, thrusting up at her. His member started to stir again, thrumming against the sticks, slapping those poor husks into her maw. She wrenched away and pulled out both, limp on their sticks and coated in saliva. She gasped, panting, giving him such a dirty, haughty look, which he simply shrugged off as he sat beside and dipped his corn dogs into the honey mustard. “What? I don’t wanna grow up.”

“Good. I like you this way.”

He kissed her, still chuckling, and waved his empty stick at her.

“Well then maybe I should grow up... So, when do you start teaching again? After you contact Lilith about this new job of yours?”


“Well then maybe you should hurry up and eat so you can call her... or, you know, risk going up again.”

“I’ll give her a call... or twelve. If she doesn’t answer by the twentieth, then I’ll just let my presence be known again.”

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Lilith answered by the second. Samantha sort of hoped she wouldn’t, but it seemed the succubus was going to annoy her one way or another. How she sighed, again and again, mumbling and shuffling papers on her desk. She crackled a little on the phone, making Samantha’s temple twitch with each, passing second. Samantha teetered in her desk chair, rapping her fingers on the arm, simply. Waiting... Minos watched her on the bed, drinking a cup of tea. From an actual tea cup, no less. Its matching kettle hanged off his horn, its end still steaming, preparing a fresh batch of Lisa’s mix. The cup’s saucer sat pretty on a baby blue doily in the center of his horns, matching Samantha’s on the desk before her. Truly it was all a comical sight to behold, but Samantha wasn’t really paying attention, still listening, waiting for Lilith, each, single second pure agony and irritation.

Lilith sighed again-

“Well?” Samantha exclaimed at last. Making Lisa jump. “Sorry!”

“It’s okay-” Lilith began.

“Not you! You better be sorry.”

“... I forgot you were on here, Sammy. You are but one of many on the line. As you can expect, this weekend has been nothing but paperwork.”

“No pressure.” Her tone said otherwise.

“I know. You are a well of patience. It’s one of the qualities that made you, and your mother, magnificent teachers. Regardless of your many other flaws.”

“F... Thank you.”

“Now, you say you are ready to teach? A little quick, don’t you think? It’s only been a week, and what happened during, from what I’ve witnessed-”

“I am certain.”

“I did say to give an answer post-haste, but I did not-”

“Lilith. I’m accepting your offer.”

“Really? Well, why didn’t you say so earlier in the call?”

The phone cracked a little. Samantha’s hand shook, trying so hard not to crush it –further.

“Must have slipped my mind.”

Lilith hummed then sighed again, rustling through papers again, making Samantha’s phone crunch and start to squawk, begging, pleading Lilith to simply give her a-

“In that case, I shall be there within the hour... Until then, Sammy.”

“Later- fuck you! Fuck you in your greasy weaselly fucking cunt, you fucking piece of fucking shit of a fucking cum dumpster!” She lobbed her phone at Minos. And hit the tea kettle. Him and Lisa screamed as it spun, dousing his chest in hot amber liquid. The Fang managed to snag the kettle from him before he jumped off the bed and bolted to the restroom, leaving a trail of it and shattered porcelain behind. Thankfully, though, Samantha’s phone was still in one piece.

She creased her brow, fixing it and straightening the walls again. They twisted free and wound their way towards her, now returned to their flat sheen. She glowered at the dragon on her arm, hissing at her, just as angry, as perturbed, though was quick to slumber once more. How lucky for it; she slammed her right hand down on the desk.

“Fuck! How does she do that? How does she get perfectly under my fucking skin in that one fucking area to set off every fucking alarm bell and... agh!”

“I don’t know, but do you have to take it out on me?” Minos grumbled, returning from the bathroom. His chest was blistered and boiled, almost making a cross hair over his heart. Samantha groaned she lumbered over to him, green flooding from her hand onto it, soothing away the pain. “The perks of dating a witch.”

“You say perk when it should be a curse.” She tittered as she nipped his right nip, biting her lip after. “Think of how much I can actually do to you and heal. There won’t be any physical scars, but plenty of mental.”

“It’s like dating a Fang,” Lisa added, giggling.

He chortled, and gripped her shoulders, rubbing them.

“It’ll just be adding to what is already there, so I say... bring it on!” He grabbed her by the middle and roared as he lifted her up, making her squeak and cackle as he spun her around, sitting her on the bed. She wrapped her legs around his middle, nails digging into his shoulders as they kissed, moaning into each other’s lips... but Minos had to break it. For Lisa’s sake. “Don’t you have to meet Lilith soon?”

“Why did you have to remind me? I would have preferred to have my brains fucked out again than go see her.”

“There’s always later.”

“Fine.” She exhaled sharply and let him go, pushing him aside as she made her way to the chest of drawers. Her bottom half would be easy, a pair of white slacks with her throw-on sneakers, but she was having trouble choosing between the lime green tube top or the cherry red slip... She had to. She couldn’t believe but, she had to ask... She turned around, holding them up for Minos. “I’m torn. Which one?”

Minos lumbered over... and pulled out a simple, blue t-shirt, instead. “This should do.”

“Good choice,” Lisa said.

“Thank you.”

“Really? Huh... Well, if Lisa agrees,” Samantha mumbled. “But I thought you wanted something a bit more... showy.”

“For me, most definitely. For Lilith...”

She scoffed, and slapped his shoulder, giggling.

“If I didn’t know any better, you don’t want me to flaunt it in front of anyone else. Jealous, much?”

“Isn’t that what a boyfriend does?”


Silence fell in between the three... Lisa collected her effects and left, leaving Samantha to get dressed. She checked the time, and scowled at the missed call. Two minutes ago... She shot Minos one last glance. He was back on the bed, his gaze matching her heart... both hating that she needed to go. That was a topic for another time. Lilith was a larger focus, and she needed the fire primed and ready to be stoked.

Of which was easy enough, considering the succubus was waiting at the entrance of the Black Halls.

She was in a white dress, its sleeves embroidered in dark blue lines, crisscrossing all the way to her shoulders, where they joined and melted into a bright sapphire. Her hair was tied back, held in place by a pair of stilettos, matching so well with the blue ones on her feet. She smiled at Samantha, offered her hand... and stretched the fabric enough to show the guns hidden on her waist. The fabric seemed to give enough to reach in and pull if necessary.

“What’s with that get-up?” Samantha said, and the door behind her hissed shut, leaving her with no choice but to follow Lilith, already beginning to meander down the hall.

She tittered as she gestured to herself.

“Oh. This? My love told me I wore too much black, so I thought I’d try something new. He said it’s definitely not my color; makes me look like a ghost, though he did say the gems were a nice touch.”

“So... maybe a bright yellow dress?”

“Yellow? Ew.”

“Hey! I like yellow.”

“Yes, but you have the... well, tone for it. On me, I’d l-”

“Just do it. Once. If you give up on a bright color now, you’ll never get away. After all, once you go black-”

“Oh, I know from experience that’s a lie.”


“Samuel. 1784. Sweet guy, but selfish, naive... close-minded. Called me a whore for wanting to try pleasuring with my breasts. Had a nice cock for it, too. Not too long, but it had plenty of girth. Then there was Jaqual. 1928. War veteran, but such a coward in bed. Wish I could say he had a nice one, but... Micheal. 1980. Premie. Shortest of them all. Thankfully, he was a sweetheart otherwise, but still. Then there was your mother-”

“You don’t need to say anymore. Trust me. Ron was incredibly bad in bed, himself.”

“Then there was the whole cheating thing, right?”

She opened the door to Scarlette’s hall. Her heels echoed off the metal, hammering into Samantha again and again until the last swing struck before the skull. Lilith plucked it up by the sockets, gouging them, making them bleed as she replaced Scarlette on the switch and lead Samantha down the stairs and to the elevator again. “So, how many?”

“Along with the others in the Black Halls-”

“O-oh... Oh my... I thought you knew.”

“Knew what?” The elevator opened, and they got inside. Lilith pressed the button for the same level as before, such a sad smile playing across her lips. “Lilith? Knew what?”

“Well... your time with them is... done. They don’t need to be taught anymore.”

“What? No! They are not done!”

“But they are. Your services are no longer required in that series of Black Halls.”

“Like Hell they ar-”

Speaking of Hell.

The elevator reached B6 again, and the world rung in Samantha’s ears. It clawed at her brain, tore and sheared it away. Inch after inch after inch. It shrieked so much, so long- so loud against her skull. She wished for the storm of thoughts once more, to save her from the cataclysm that ravaged her whole body- soul- self. Her heart wanted to die yet fought for its life inside its cage, bruised, aching against the force pushing down upon it before it all faded into one, tiny, tinny, minuscule ding. Samantha held her chest, panting hard, and glowered at Lilith’s hand as it loomed before her.

“It’s still one helluva ride,” she grumbled, taking it.

“You’ll get used to it. At some point... You were saying?”

“What I was saying was I cannot abandon them. They are my students, my... my family.”

Lilith sighed, weary, and opened the door to the hall again.

“Oh, Sammy... I warned you not to get attached. It was always temporary. Your time with them was limited.”

“I know, but I still can’t leave them behind... Not after... everything we’ve gone through.”

Lilith hummed, and took the first step into the hall. Samantha followed after, heart settling at last, and welcomed those dark cauldrons, those voids off to the edges of sanity, reaching the computer and the manila folders. Lilith picked up the first four, wheeling about to her, and still harbored that sad, pitying look.

“How about we start with these four. They can stay in the Black Halls with you, so you may stay with your... ‘family’.”

Something... snapped in Samantha when she heard her say that, with how she said it. It was almost undetectable, just... lingering underneath, but Samantha had heard it. She had felt it, and now rage welled in her.

“You’re not going to,” she said.

“Beg pardon?”

“You’re not really going to let me stay there. You’re not going to let them stay there... You’re going to kill them!”

Lilith’s smile faded to a frown, though it was a scowl for a brief second.

“I knew it was too soon,” she said, and sighed, putting down the folders. She touched Samantha’s shoulders. “Sammy-”

Samantha shrugged her off, growling.

“No! Don’t you try to pull this shit!”

“I’m not trying to do anything, Sammy. Are you feeling all right? You look rather p-”

“Shut your fucking whore mouth and listen!” Lilith opened her maw, ready to retort... but shut it again, giving Samantha a bored look. She nodded, and rolled her wrist to Samantha, giving permission to the witch to continue. And Samantha knew it. “I’m fucking sick and tired of this, Lilith. I’m so sick and fucking tired of being toyed along. I’ve done my part. I held my end of the bargain. I taught those students and showed you I had the capability to do it. Hell, I taught them in ways I didn’t think I could! I gave Monica hope. I showed Junmei the joy of monogamy over polyamory. I even cured Peter and helped him form a healthy relationship with someone other than his keeper... Actually, yeah! A healthy relationship. Period. Now, I need you to promise me... PROMISE ME... that those left in the Black Halls will be spared. Even if it isn’t me teaching them, those that are left don’t deserve to be there. They don’t deserve to die... Let them go. Let them live, Lilith... please?”

Lilith... heaved a heavy sigh.

“All right-”

“No! Actually mean it.”

She blinked. “I am?”

“I can still hear it! That... that underlying, lying tone. That hatred. That... conspiring lark!”

“I can assure you, by my word, I, Lilith, am telling you the whole truth, am saying the truth, and nothing but... They will live, Sammy... but I can’t entirely fulfill your want.”


“Minos... is still not allowed to leave. He is forced to stay down here.”

“Then let him stay with me.”

“Is it because you love him? Like Norman wanted you to? As Norman stated in the hall Christmas Eve?”

This froze the air in Samantha’s chest... She had completely forgotten that night... but... now, now that it had been brought up-

“It’s all happening as he said it would,” she whispered, now feeling very small underneath Lilith’s gaze. “Oh, my gods... but... but I never-”

“No. You didn’t.” She tittered as she poked Samantha’s chest, smirking. “So that burning sensation in your chest is very real... I’m sorry, Sammy. I sort of... had a bit of fun with you in this respect... The job offer is real, of course, but I couldn’t help but play-”

“You fucking bitch! Do you have any idea how much that fucked with my head? This was entirely not cool.”

“Sorry... I sort of... was trying to be your friend. I... don’t necessarily have many. Not from lack of, but because the friends I do make... tend to die very often. You, though. You aren’t even in the System. Well, the Archives, anyways-”

“Wait. So I am in a system?”

“Well, what happened with Hurricane Katrina, you sort of had to be.” Lilith gasped as Samantha’s heart froze once more. “Oops. I wasn’t suppose to let that slip.”

She giggled, patting Samantha’s head.

“See? I’m trying to be more... what’s the word- open! I’m trying to be more o-”

“Demented bitch of a dean says what now?”

Lilith sighed, leaning back on the desk.

“This is going to put a real damper in things, as the kids say.” She reached into the desk drawer and retrieved a separate manila folder, one that Samantha hadn’t seen. She cleared her throat, and Samantha couldn’t help but notice that she shifted enough for her gun to be exposed, resting just below her hand. Lilith opened it... and began to read. “‘Name: Samantha Coffey. Age: 28-’ 29, now. If you don’t mind, I’ll be jumping a bit down here- ‘Witch. Specialty: digital stimulation. Consequence: metal binding. Date of sentencing: 20 August 2017’-”

“S-sentencing? Sentencing!”

“’Date of execution: To. Be. Determined... Samantha Coffey is charged with mass murder, property damage, murder of a fellow witch and staff member of Vereor Nox Academy, as well as adding more chaos to an already chaotic event.’” She huffed, and lobbed the folder onto the desk, continuing to give Samantha a bored look “Did you really your mother’s death would be kept ‘under the rug’? You see... we know you... amplified the hurricane. We know you brought such... destruction to New Orleans, but the fact no one suspected witchcraft was enough to let that slide... You killing your mom, however, we could not.”

She tittered, patting Samantha’s shoulders again, each heavier than they were a moment before.

“Thankfully, I got to know and see that you are a wonderful addition to our family. No reason to squander such talent, am I right? Now, I wanted to be your friend here. I listened to your demand... Now listen to mine: Shut your mouth, get in line and teach more kids... or spend the rest of your days in the Black Halls, as the true, thirteenth attendant... or I can take care of you right now. I’d rather not squander your talents altogether, but if I must do my actual job, so be it.”

Samantha... gulped, hard, and looked up at Lilith. Anger burned in her eyes, making her entire body shudder and tense, racked with the pain of keeping it together.

“So... when do I begin?”

Lilith smiled, and Samantha felt more than saw Lilith draw her gun. It barked by her ears, pressed against so she can feel the metal heat, feel the force of it as one left the chamber, echoing, clanging away in the room as they ricocheted between the vats... She holstered the gun again, waiting for Samantha’s ears to stop glowing green, for the ringing to stop, giggling the entire time.

“Choose.” She said. “Four, minimum... and thank you for being amicable.”

Oh, I’ll show you just how ‘amicable’ I can fucking be. Just you wait.

For now, though, Samantha simply nodded, clenching the desk hard as Lilith sauntered around the room, returning and discarding the bullets on her picture in the manila folder left open the entire time. What were friends for, after all?

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